United Passengers React After Chihuahua Shits In Cabin Mid-Flight

Posted February 8, 2024 by with 14 comments

Some people are drunk and naked in airports around the world, while others are pissing and stripping in aircraft cabins. Sides of planes are falling off mid-flight. And now, Chihuahuas are straight up shitting on airline passengers’ laps. In what universe does someone need to put on a hazmat suit (as seen above) to pick up poop from a Chihuahua? It takes all of five seconds to pick up dog poop in a baggie, tie it up, and walk away, but the United Airlines flight attendant is acting like they’re cleaning up after Chernobyl. Who knows, maybe the Chihuahua had explosive diarrhea or something. Even if it was diarrhea, I’d rather clean up dog shit over human shit any day. Also, I know this might be too obvious a question, but why the fuck is the dog owner not cleaning up her own dog’s shit?? Via WGN: