[UPDATED] Ricky Larkin Allegedly Blackmailing Director/Girlfriend mr. Pam After Contracting Syphilis On Gay Porn Shoot

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This story has been updated below with additional details.

Original story as published on 6/21/2021:

After multiple gay porn retirements (during his first one in 2013, he blamed HIV-positive performers for “hiding” their statuses), unretirements, being a brain dead covidiot, and single-handedly canceling himself from most of the gay porn industry last year when he announced there were “not that many good looking black guys in gay porn,” gay-for-pay ghoul Ricky Larkin has once again made a grotesque fool of himself in public (something that, admittedly, is not hard to do), this time by outing a male co-star’s alleged STD test results, and then accusing a director of not disclosing those results to Larkin prior to filming. Incidentally, that director was his girlfriend, mr. Pam.

In a tweet posted this morning, Larkin said he contracted syphilis during a shoot with another male model (whose name I’ve obviously redacted due to privacy and the unproven nature of the accusation) last week, and Larkin blamed his girlfriend/director mr. Pam for not “checking his talent test prior to the shoot”:

As most know, Ricky Larkin and mr. Pam have been romantically involved for over a year now (Larkin has a habit of dating female directors, as he was previously involved with disgraced former Icon Male director Nica Noelle), and since being blacklisted by some studios for his racist statements and behavioral issues, Larkin’s primarily only worked in productions shot by mr. Pam. This syphilis accusation has no doubt created a rift in both their personal and professional relationships, so if he wants to continue performing in studio scenes, Larkin will presumably need to make amends with mr. Pam.

Whether or not Talent Testing (one of the industry’s STD testing services) had not cleared Larkin’s co-star for work, whether or not the co-star really had syphilis, and whether or not mr. Pam failed to check the test are all merely accusations from Larkin at this point (so, in other words, it’s all probably complete bullshit). mr. Pam has not responded to a request for comment as of post time, but this story will be updated if more information becomes available.

UPDATE 6/23/2021:

According to a trusted source close to those involved, Larkin’s positive syphilis test was only the beginning of the drama between him and director/girlfriend mr. Pam. Str8UpGayPorn has learned that Larkin allegedly blackmailed $15,000 from mr. Pam in exchange for him keeping “quiet” about contracting syphilis, which Larkin (as his original tweet stated) blames on mr. Pam. My source goes on to reveal that a contract was actually drawn up between mr. Pam and Larkin, and it stipulated that after mr. Pam paid Larkin the $15,000, Larkin would agree to keep the syphilis test under wraps. That agreement obviously went out the window on Monday thanks to Larkin’s tweet (which he later deleted), but it didn’t end there. Larkin then went on to “kick holes in walls” inside the Las Vegas house he shares with mr. Pam. Larkin and mr. Pam were said to have broken up as of yesterday, but by now, who knows, they could already be back together. (mr. Pam has still not returned Str8Up’s request for comment.)

Here was the statement from Str8Up’s source, who also briefly mentions videographer and former friend to mr. Pam, Leo Forte, who apparently had a fight at some point in the recent past with Ricky Larkin, which may have contributed to Forte’s falling out with mr. Pam:

I got all the dirt that went on with Ricky. First, he’s a fuckin’ bonkers nut. He’s using Pam beyond belief. Here’s the worst part…after the syphilis results came back, he blackmailed $15,000 from her to keep it quiet. They signed a contract, saying that ‘here’s the money, you stay quiet.’ He violated the contract, kicked holes in walls, etc. and that whole Vegas thing out there with him and Leo [Forte] is so beyond belief. Pam is so nice and giving, and Ricky is a total piece of shit.