Here We Go Again! Jake Cruise Vs. Michael Lucas Round 2

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23Two months ago, Jake Cruise’s released and then immediately unreleased the now infamous bareback scene between real-life lovers Billy Santoro and Seth Treston. As you’ll recall, Jake pulled the scene after being allegedly threatened by Michael Lucas, who claimed Seth Treston was his exclusive model—until 2016! (LOL)

Back in January, Jake’s explanation was that Seth Treston had been “dishonest“:

Yesterday I sent out the weekly Jake Pays newsletter with the latest Cocksure Men scene: Billy Santoro and Seth Treston. Unfortunately I just discovered that Seth Treston was not truthful on his online application when he stated that he was not under contract with another studio. He is, in fact, under contract with Lucas Entertainment. When I shot the scene I trusted Seth was being honest with me. I am honoring Lucas Entertainment’s investment in Seth Treston. If you have a post for this scene, please remove it ASAP.

Well, Jake Cruise has apparently had a change of heart, because today, CocksureMen has re-released the Billy Santoro/Seth Treston bareback scene (curiously, they use Seth’s original last name—Treston—as opposed to his recently-adopted “Santoro”), which could be seen as a giant “fuck you” to Michael Lucas, if you choose to see it my way, which you should!

Seth Treston gets the cum pounded out of him and shoots a huge load on himself. Billy bends over licking up his lover’s sweet mess. Billy Santoro shoots his cum on Seth’s balls and shoves his raw cum-covered cock back inside Seth, seeding his hole. He plays with the hot splooge and fingers Seth’s stretched hole seeding it even more. Billy licks Seth’s cummy ass and goes in for a wet kiss.

Congratulations to Jake Cruise for standing up to Michael Lucas. Maybe he was inspired by Kink’s similar refusal to let Lucas bully them? (The SF-based mega studio has released multiple Seth Treston scenes despite Lucas’s ownership claim.)

Here’s the trailer for Billy Santoro and Seth Treston’s bareback flip-fuck (click here for full scene):

[CocksureMen: Billy Santoro & Seth Treston Bareback]

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