Gay Porn Star Jake Porter Quits Andrew Christian Underwear, Bashes Leftists Over Trump Impeachment Inquiry

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7881f4a1ef9fb29e78b7d8f0b5f186e7Sean Cody got rid of him, Men got rid of him, and now, Andrew Christian has gotten rid of alt-right underwear model/gay porn star Jake Porter, too. Porter—a proud Trump voter and right-wing misogynist who supports white supremacist trolls—took to Twitter over the weekend to repeatedly claim that he quit working for the underwear company, starting with this tweet:


Which was then followed by this video announcement and an “official statement”:

As if that weren’t enough, Porter went on to share a note he says he wrote two weeks ago. He really wants you to believe that he was not fired, I guess:

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And, he wasn’t done yet. Porter then tweeted yet another announcement, repeating everything in the video announcement and previous tweets:


In the midst of his Andrew Christian damage control, Porter also shared his “thoughts” (i.e., regurgitated talking points he heard from Tucker Carlson or Judge Jeanine) on the Trump impeachment inquiry, reminding fans of just how willfully ignorant he is:


For years, Porter has been open about his love for Trump, his hatred of the left, his support for racist cops who murder people of color, and his belief that mass shootings are false flag operations, so his stance on the impeachment is no surprise. What’s fascinating is that people like Porter who support Trump and the Republican party’s bigoted and corrupt policies—policies that are actually designed to harm the very people who support them—are so eternally clueless about their own well-being. It’s almost as sad as it is shocking, but then again, you can never underestimate the extraordinary stupidity of a Trump voter.

In other Porter news, he still has one job left, and it’s at NextDoorStudios. Here he is in this week’s update, with Leeroy Jones.

[NextDoor: Leeroy Jones Fucks Jake Porter Bareback]

  • Mokojojo

    Bitch, Please. Trump is only president because an arcane constitutional mechanic (the electoral college) overruled the will of 65,000,000+ people. If another constitutional mechanic (Impeachment and Removal) ousts him, it will be more than a fitting end to his disgraceful presidency.

    The only person that turned the EU backed firing of a corrupt prosecutor that wasn’t even looking at the corruption that occurred years before Hunter Biden joined Burisma into an impeachment level scandal is Trump when he tried to leverage that conspiracy into electoral gain..

    • trumn10

      “arcane constitutional mechanic”
      Seriously? The electoral college elects the president. Trump won. He is “only” President because he won. It’s simple, those are the rules, the other major candidate lost. Period.
      Impeachment is also an option, and possible removal after impeachment could be yet another. Those are yet to be determined.
      That said, this guy is just a porn performer, what he says has no importance. Nothing to get excited about.

      • WB

        Yes the arcane constitutional mechanic designed to benefit slave owners.

        • DCGuy

          Ummm no The electoral college was designed to allow rural states a vote in an election Without it texas, California, New York, and Florida would decide all election. Out system of government works because it has checks and balances on power. Hillary lost because she ignored the Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennyslvania Trump won them. So he won.

          • WB

            Yes you’re exactly right. It was given as a way to hold together the original states as a way to compromise so that the rural slave holding states could inflate their representation by including their enslaved population so that the white arostocracy could remain on an equal footing with the non slaveholding urbanizing states. At it’s core it is an instrument of white supremacy

          • Chad Stace

            No, if we had a true democracy every vote would count. The large states votes would count the same as everyone else’s. Also as we are now it’s the swing states that have all the power.

        • trumn10

          Stop the nonsense.

          • Chad Stace

            Learn your history, it was to benefit slave owners. If we had a true democracy do you think slaves would have counted as 3/5ths of a person?

    • I call it the outdated electoral college aka GOP’s election steel.

  • Geo Mendez

    Girl please .. You’re a fucking porn star remember that.. Who the hell is going to take your ass serious??.. You’re not a scholar or a respectable member of society .. Go back and do porn until your time is up and become a has-been like the rest of them… Dilutional queen don’t forget your place …

    • erexshawn

      or he could not do porn and just fade away. that might be the best for both parties

    • C A

      Porn Star? He’s not even that. Just a dumpster that’s all unclean.

      • mtopndc

        Now now… I DON”T approve of his Trump support or anything about his politics, however he is still a human being and as such should not be marginalized and called just a cum dump.

        • C A

          I didn’t call him a cum dump. Just a dumpster where all trash goes to die.

    • darkflameboy

      This comment is just awful. Being a porn actor doesn’t mean you don’t have a valuable, smart opinion that’s worth taking seriously. Plenty of pornstars are academics, and even if they weren’t, that wouldn’t make their opinions worth less. Jake’s opinion’s utter toxic bullshit, but that’s why it’s worthless, not because he does porn. Don’t paint everyone in the sex industry with that brush. They’re allowed to be people outside of just being bodies fucking on camera.

  • Keir Grey

    Miss Porter is insufferable. He didn’t deserve gorgeous LeeRoy Jones’ dick and hole.

  • FrenchBug


    • Northboy AE

      A pretty one. Sexually skilled one. But, yes –

      An Imbecile.

  • Silver64
  • FieldMedic

    Oh dear, he doesn’t know that She won the popular vote and that he only won because of an archaic and antiquated system? Well I’m not going to tell him, that would require me to interact with him and since there’s no way in hell that’s happening I guess he’ll have to live on in ignorance. C’est la vie.

  • GayhawkAZ

    It’s a beautiful day!

  • Regardless of my personal feelings towards Mr. Porter (which aren’t flattering for multiple reasons) the whole idea that any Trump supporters think an impeachment is a Democrat only thing blows my mind.

    They don’t realize that if President Cheeto does in fact get impeached by the House, then it has to be a Bi-Partisan effort (meaning Republicans joined in) simply because the Dem’s don’t have enough votes on their own to push the measure through.

    Then when it goes to the Senate, which is completely controlled by the Republicans, it would take a rather large majority of them again siding with Democrats to finally remove Orangeade-In-Chief from office. There is absolutely zero possibility of this being completely orchestrated and fulfilled only by Democrats.

    Seeing a President dangle MILLIONS of dollars as a carrot to a foreign leader looking for a team-up effort to pull dirt on at least two political rivals (Biden and Clinton) to help influence a National Election, giving all of this sensitive national information to his absolutely not security cleared cousin fucking lawyer, then attempting to cover everything up after the fact while calling not only for the execution of the person that leaked the information but also condoning the idea of a Civil War, does seem pretty damning. If even a tiny whisper of something like this had come out about Obama, the hard core Right would be calling for a lynching on the Capital lawn without even caring about having an inquiry or following due process.

    Personally, I think Dem’s will be lucky if the House can convince enough republicans to vote for the Impeachment to even get it to pass in the first place. They’d need to have some serious irrefutable evidence to even pull that off. However, once it reaches the Senate, McConnell will kill it ASAP because of course he will.

    Hopefully, this just adds to the building resentment most Americans are developing for the Republican party. Especially if this inquiry does turn up some undeniable truths but McConnell shuts it down, they might just get one hell of a backlash come voting time they weren’t expecting.

    Regardless of what happens, this should be an eye opening situation for America as a whole. The idea that any party or politician could get away with all of the bullshit and loop-hole abusing that we’ve seen within this administration should be absolutely terrifying. No matter your political beliefs, no arm of government should be able to have this much unchecked power; while seeing the party with all that power just let it completely corrupt them ethically and morally is abhorrent at best.

    • rcdcr

      Intelligence isn’t exactly what trump supporters are known for. Most of them wouldn’t get through sentence 3 of your comment before wandering to the kitchen cupboard for a handful of Cheez-its.

      (They love Cheez-its cuz it rhymes with Jesus.)

    • Mokojojo

      Impeachment in the House is a simple majority. If the Democrats want to impeach him, he will be impeached as they are in the majority. It takes 2/3rds in the Senate to remove him which will probably fail.

    • 1. The House CAN pass articles of impeachment over the objections of the Republicans and refer to the Senate for trial. Regardless if there exists no evidence of an impeachable crime being committed, or not.

      2. The Senate will THEN conduct a trial.

      There WILL be a vote.

      And, the Republicans WILL vote unanimously, along with a small number of Democrats, to NOT convict President Trump.

      Legally, it will all be over at that point.

      But, it won’t be over, and now comes the good part…

      3. During the trial, and this is what NO ONE is thinking about right now, the President’s attorneys will have the RIGHT AND OBLIGATION to subpoena and question ANYONE THEY WANT!


      This is different than the special counsel investigation, which was very one-sided.

      So, during the impeachment trial, we WILL BE hearing testimony from James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Donna Brazille, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Pelosi, Biden, EVEN Barack Obama, and a whole host of other participants in this whole sordid affair and the ensuing coverup activities.

      A lot of dirt will be dug up & a lot of truth will be unveiled – ALL being made FRONT & CENTER for the entire WORLD to see.

      Finger pointing WILL occur. Deals WILL start being made, and suddenly, a lot of Democrats will start being charged and going to prison.

      All this because, REMEMBER, the President’s team will now, for the first time, have the RIGHT to question all of these people under oath – and they, the DEMOCRATS, will really start turning on each other.

      • jacob221

        oh look

        someone studied law and got their law degree off of youtube

        please keep your day job

      • Kanaka

        In other news…STFU.

      • Paul J

        I thought George Dubya was bad, but Trump has plumbed new depths. Clearly, many Americans are unhinged.

      • GayhawkAZ

        Somewhere, a bridge is missing its troll. Best get back there before they miss you. 😉

      • NoMoGay4Pay

        As delusional as Jake is. 🙄

    • JCub

      There’s a very good chance that some of the Republican leadership will take this as an opportunity to get out from under Trump’s thumb and get rid of him in a way that shields them politically. President Pence. Let the full horror of that idea sink in….

      • trumn10

        That’s why everyone should be careful of what they wish for.

      • zit_remedy

        the good thing about this, though, is that pence was in on that phone call. i’ve criticised pelosi, but she’s not dumb. pence is involved/implicated in this! 🙂

      • Default_User

        Pence would be a caretaker president at best. He can’t propose legislation (Perlosi would smack him down) and the entire government would be in chaos. All that within months of his national election with the presumed GOP candidate destroyed and himself tainted by scandal.

    • zit_remedy

      if/when this makes it to the senate, at least representatives will be on record as for/against impeachment and the evidence will be laid out for all to see. sorry, but anyone who *doesn’t* think trump has been flouting the emoluments clause (amongst other things) is either blind or corrupt or a fucking idiot.

  • rcdcr

    You can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the boy.

  • jacob221

    who knew he was a AC model

    please let him keep his porn job
    he can’t do anything else

  • jacob221

    he’s one the reasons why a lot of people think porn stars are dumb and stupid and can’t do anything else with themselves

    • darkflameboy

      A lot of people in these comments seem to think that too, despite being on a blog that frequently shows the opposite to be true.

  • boyzzboy

    . . . because nothing the GOP has done during this presidential term has been extremism. Shut up.

  • JCub

    Leeroy looks fucking hot in that preview.

    No further comment at this time.

    • DanielA

      Exactly if that was me,and not that Jake person, I would do exactly what Jake did Leeroy is soooo sexy,and hot and just so so yuummm good I will even ignore those tattoos,for now

      • B.C.

        I can’t. He is BelAmi beautiful, but when I saw him naked…why, oh why?!

  • Jace

    Bless his little heart for thinking anyone, literally anyone, gives a fuck that he ‘quit’ his job with a skeevy underwear line.

  • C3xxx

    How Hayden Brier is with this guy is mind boggling. Oh well…..

    • GayhawkAZ

      Misery loves a Trumptard.

    • Steven

      Have you seen Hayden’s twitter? He’s just as worthless as Jake. They’re birds of a feather.

  • Scrapple
  • massivemeat5

    it just goes to show you that a fucking bigoted moron can be wrapped up in very pretty little package. It’s amazing how he can support the very people that despise him. Seems he can’t seem to maintain any sort of working relationship with the companies and studios he works for….maybe he can get a job at the white house…oh that’s right they just PAY OFF porn stars, they don’t hire them…altogether unpleasant person

  • Kanaka

    He is still making cell fone vids with Billy Santorum and Leaky Loaders. (I only know this from another site). He’ll wear out his welcome at ND then fade into obscurity. Also ITMFA!

  • CamCam

    Supporting Trump makes Jake Porter nothing but hot garbage covered in maggots. Totally CANCELLED!

  • Deep Dive

    Go home porn actor. You’re drunk.

  • grrr-_-argh

    great! now, when will he quit life porn?

  • DarthKitsune

    I hope he realises that the official stance of conservatives and moral busybodies, of either party, is that porn is harmful and destructive and indeed, a public health crisis. Right-wing “people” like him get butthurt so easily and take everything so personally.

  • GN

    I’ll pray for him through gritting teeth as Hillary says she’s allegedly doing now for Pennywise

  • Kevin Jones
  • joshnatl
  • txsaneman

    The masochistic queens that seem to dominate the gay world will continue to worship creatures like this, so he will continue to have relevance. Case and point, even after Zach reported his insane, illogical and offensive ideologies; an underwear company that markets to and is heavily supported by the gay community hired him as a spokes model/ambassador. Racist Paul Canon is still one of the top rated models in the gay porn community despite tweeting some pretty abhorrent language (“colored”????)

    For all the outrage of the educated minority; the completely superficial, uneducated majority will insure that no matter what logical objections we have, such people as Jake Porter will continue to be relevant and find work easily.

  • Caesarimp

    Lol what a moron

  • Devin

    They got tired of his antics on social media and fired his ass Lol Do you want to be a right wing political activist or a Gay Porn Star? You can’t be both, Jake. I never understood people who fuck up their own check. Is it really worth it? I would never fuck up my own money by having a bad case of Twitter fingers

  • Devin

    Side note, who is this chick Amy_S‏ @Amy_S_0401 on his Twitter feed? I had to click on her Twitter because I was so confused. I’m like is she his bestie? She tweets about him everyday. Then, I saw that she is just a fan….a highly obsessed one. He calls her his #1 supporter and actually retweets her comments about him. That is super unhealthy. You’re not supposed to encourage your stalkers. That woman is bat shit crazy.

  • Happy Camper

    FFS, he wasn’t a political attache. He walked around in a pair of overpriced underwear. And, no matter how good he might have looked in them, the mere fact that he’s a Trump supporter erases anything attractive about him.

    There are still a few idiots who will worship him because they think he’s attractive. There are plenty of other cute guys in porn…and most of them all look alike.

  • GuruMike

    Hey Jake, your mom’s on the phone, she doesn’t give a shit about this either.

  • Jake Porter can go away totally. He’s so generic looking.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Good riddance! The bigot trash won’t be missed.

  • Ninja0980

    Does anyone care what this racist piece of trash thinks?

  • Aaron Boone

    It’s nice to take a break from the unholy cringe-fest that is British politics and sample a different flavour of inane, politically illiterate bullshit. Brexit’s got a bit stale.

  • Ronin
  • He needs to resign from NextDoor Studios like his lying Trump should do from the presidency then the world will be a better place.