Gay Porn Star Jake Porter Quits Andrew Christian Underwear, Bashes Leftists Over Trump Impeachment Inquiry

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7881f4a1ef9fb29e78b7d8f0b5f186e7Sean Cody got rid of him, Men got rid of him, and now, Andrew Christian has gotten rid of alt-right underwear model/gay porn star Jake Porter, too. Porter—a proud Trump voter and right-wing misogynist who supports white supremacist trolls—took to Twitter over the weekend to repeatedly claim that he quit working for the underwear company, starting with this tweet:


Which was then followed by this video announcement and an “official statement”:

As if that weren’t enough, Porter went on to share a note he says he wrote two weeks ago. He really wants you to believe that he was not fired, I guess:

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And, he wasn’t done yet. Porter then tweeted yet another announcement, repeating everything in the video announcement and previous tweets:


In the midst of his Andrew Christian damage control, Porter also shared his “thoughts” (i.e., regurgitated talking points he heard from Tucker Carlson or Judge Jeanine) on the Trump impeachment inquiry, reminding fans of just how willfully ignorant he is:


For years, Porter has been open about his love for Trump, his hatred of the left, his support for racist cops who murder people of color, and his belief that mass shootings are false flag operations, so his stance on the impeachment is no surprise. What’s fascinating is that people like Porter who support Trump and the Republican party’s bigoted and corrupt policies—policies that are actually designed to harm the very people who support them—are so eternally clueless about their own well-being. It’s almost as sad as it is shocking, but then again, you can never underestimate the extraordinary stupidity of a Trump voter.

In other Porter news, he still has one job left, and it’s at NextDoorStudios. Here he is in this week’s update, with Leeroy Jones.

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