Johnny Rapid Rides Owen Michaels’ Big Gay-For-Pay Cock

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If a scene featuring just one gay-for-pay porn star with a girlfriend isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, this one has two!


Last time we saw Donald Trump supporter Owen Michaels, he was on national television telling the world that he got an STD on a gay porn set and then gave it to his girlfriend. Today, he’s fucking Johnny Rapid, who had his own notable incident with a girlfriend last year.


Say whatever you will about these two, but this is actually a good sex scene if you judge it based on Johnny’s deep-throating and Johnny’s signature cock-riding skills:


And for those keeping score at home, Owen Michaels is the 104th man to fuck Johnny Rapid (ICYMI, the full stats on Johnny Rapid’s Countdown To 200 Cocks is here).

0015Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Owen Michaels Fucks Johnny Rapid]


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