WATCH: Big-Dicked Josh Brady Fucks The Cum Out Of Tristan Adler

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josh brady fucks tristan adlerJosh Brady fucked Tristan Adler once before during their three-way with Ashtin Bates, but now they get to enjoy each other one-on-one in Helix’s new duo scene out today, and it’s called “Hunk Spunk”.

Note that Helix has changed their release schedule this week and released three scenes instead of two: Johnny Hands fucked Pheonix Fellington back on Tuesday night, Max Carter and Andy Taylor’s fisting scene was released on Thursday night (instead of the normal Friday night release), and now there’s this extra third scene being released on a Saturday.

josh brady fucks tristan adler josh brady fucks tristan adlerFor some reason, Josh Brady’s dick looks even bigger than usual today. Maybe fucking Tristan’s ass just got him extra hard in this scene.

joshtrist1josh brady fucks tristan adler

All the fucking positions in this scene were good, but I think the best one has to be this sideways position. The way it was shot, you get a full view of Josh, Tristan, and the penetration. Perfection:


Josh fucks the cum out of Tristan at the end of the scene, and then he cums all over Tristan’s hole while sliding his cock in and out. As mentioned above, these two have fucked before, but it’s great to see them together again, and given the natural chemistry between them, it’s obvious why Helix paired them up one more time. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady Fucks Tristan Adler Bareback]

  • CamCam

    Helix: The Great Comeback Story of 2019

    • B.C.

      And to make this year magical I think Josh Brady one-on-one with Ashton needs to happen.

      • CamCam

        That would jack everyone up and I would be there for it!

      • Ty Huber

        Shivers up my spine on that option. Especially with Ashton on top (better yet – a flip).

  • Luke

    Wasn’t expecting another Helix release this week so was very pleasantly surprised to see my favourite twink bottom Tristan back in action. I could watch him get fucked 24/7 and seeing Josh Brady as a dominant top is even hotter after watching him bottom so much recently. As CamCam says, Helix have really turned things around this year after it looked like the company was spiralling out of control in 2018. Tristan and Josh are a big part of that and this scene shows such good chemistry I’d actually like to see them paired a few more times

    • Ty Huber

      I’m up for repeated pairings in general (Lord knows other studios do it). The key is to give us a contrasting scene. Switch up the roles, change the tone of the scene, different setting, etc. I also enjoy seeing repeated pairings after some time has gone by.

  • vabballfan

    Great look – especially with Josh being so aggressive. I do love it, though, when Josh gets fucked. He is stellar in flip-flop fucks.