Josh Moore: Michael Lucas Bribed The Grabby Awards To Not Nominate Me

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moorelMichael Lucas and his obsession with gay porn star Josh Moore will apparently never end, as new revelations about the porn producer turned model stalker have been made public today, and we’re once again reminded of just how sick Lucas is. As you’ll recall, Moore quit working for Michael Lucas and “Lucas Entertainment” in late 2016 due to concerns over his health and safety while filming with the disgraced studio, and Lucas has been threatening, harassing, and stalking Moore ever since.

According to recent tweets and text messages sent between Michael Lucas, Josh Moore, and director Marc MacNamara (who is both a friend of Moore’s and a former employee of Lucas Entertainment), Lucas “bribed” and/or threatened producers at last month’s Grabby Awards to not nominate Moore in any of their categories. The sham of an awards show appears to have complied with Lucas, as Moore was in fact not nominated in a single category for anything at the ceremony, despite the show’s producers (Mark Nagel and Stacy Bridges) nominating hundreds of scenes and stars, with up to 30 nominees per category. The Lucas/Grabbys conspiracy revelation first came to light today via tweets from Josh Moore:

jm1 jm2 jm3 jm4Michael Lucas’s harassment of Josh Moore is unfortunately nothing new, as Lucas has been threatening rival studios and bloggers since 2016 over their employment and media coverage of Moore, and it’s all been well documented here. Then, in February of 2017, Lucas was caught on tape in disturbing voicemails making threats against Moore and his ex-boyfriend directly, all because Moore chose to no longer work for Lucas in 2016.

For their part, the Grabbys handed out a “Wall Of Fame” award to Lucas at their ceremony last month, and then they issued a bizarre public apology to Lucas after performer Damon Heart made on-stage jokes about Lucas during his own acceptance speech at the same ceremony. So, the Grabbys’ complicity with Lucas in not nominating Moore is not a surprise, as it’s consistent with their treatment and bizarre support of the reviled bigot. (The only question is why or how Grabbys producers thought appeasing Lucas would be in any way beneficial for them, given that he has no money and holds no power over any aspect of the gay porn industry. My only guess is that they’d do anything to fill up those plastic seats in the audience, even if it means filling them with Lucas and the poor models who still work for him.)

After the tweets, Josh Moore posted this text exchange between him and Lucas, in which Moore confonts Lucas over the bribe:

DfxWG_CWsAEVlhOMichael Lucas, who is illiterate, is referring to Jake Jaxson (“Jackson”) of CockyBoys (where Moore currently films) and Logan Moore (Moore’s ex) in the message above.

So how, exactly, did Josh Moore find out about the bribes? It appears he learned the news from director Marc MacNamara, who had his own text exchange with Michael Lucas, as seen below. Moore obtained screenshots of the texts between MacNamara and Lucas, and he tweeted them out tonight, along with a message thanking MacNamara (Lucas had apparently also tried to stop MacNamara from booking Moore at a recent Fire Island club appearance):


Here are close-ups of the texts between MacNamara and Lucas discussing Moore. MacNamara is the blue, and Lucas is the grey:

mm1 mm2

In this next batch of texts, Michael Lucas says that he is “unhappy in this industry,” and he goes on to admit that he “hates” the industry. MacNamara tells Lucas to stop interfering with Moore’s award nominations, and then he suggests getting a job at The Gap if he’s unhappy in porn:


Finally, Lucas tells MacNamara that he “did what [MacNamara] asked,” although it’s not clear what that was. Then, MacNamara tells him again, essentially, to drop his obsession with Moore, and to not block his award nominations:


As of post time, the Grabbys has not responded to questions over what Michael Lucas gave or offered them in exchange for not nominating Josh Moore, but if they do respond, they’ll undoubtedly deny the claim. As noted here last month, no one took the Grabbys seriously before, and yet again, this proves just how irrelevant and fraudulent they really are.

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