MAGA-Endorsed Madison Cawthorn Defeated By GOP Rival In North Carolina Primary

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Madison Cawthorn apparently went too far when he revealed that Republicans enjoy hosting coke-fueled orgies in D.C.

Cawthorn lost his primary election tonight, and the GOP has successfully defeated one of their own after leaking a series of drag queen photos and simulated gay sex videos meant to discredit and humiliate the hunky himbo.

Speaking of humiliating, Miss Madison even received a last minute MAGA endorsement from the orange ghoul himself just yesterday, but that clearly didn’t help. Sorry, Maddy, but even support from Trump won’t do you any good once innately bigoted Republicans have seen you in lingerie and pretending to fuck your male cousin. (A female cousin probably would’ve been OK.)

[Madison Cawthorn during happier times]

Incumbent Madison Cawthorn was beaten by another Republican clown-fuck named Chuck Edwards, who’ll be on the ballot in November running for the House seat in North Carolina’s 11th District. Via CNN:

Rep. Madison Cawthorn conceded his race in the GOP primary for North Carolina’s 11th District to opponent Chuck Edwards in a phone call, Cawthorn spokesperson Luke Ball said. Edwards confirmed the call in remarks to supporters.

“I received a call from Congressman Cawthorn just a few of minutes ago. Just as I expected, he presented himself in a very classy and humble way and offered his support to our campaign in absolutely anyway that we can use him,” the state senator said.

Edwards was one of seven candidates looking to oust the Trump-backed Cawthorn.


Madison Cawthorn will be just fine, of course, and I’m sure we’ll see him working as a Fox News contributor (maybe they’ll even give him his own show) once his term is up in a few months. Or, maybe he and his cousin can start an OnlyFans? Like most straight OF models, they could sell the full version of this clip as a PPV:

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