Michael Lucas Admits To NBC News That He Lied To “Feces Mansion” Owner

Posted March 9, 2016 by with 50 comments


Unless he’s able to settle in arbitration before this summer, disgraced bigot Michael Lucas will be in federal court this October facing a half million dollar lawsuit for fraudulently renting a California mansion and desecrating the property by leaving it covered in urine, semen, and fecal matter. And at the trial, the plaintiff suing Lucas might want to play the below interview for the jury.

Here’s a segment that aired on NBC news in Los Angeles last week, in which Lucas is asked about his alleged misconduct at the Airbnb property. Surprisingly, the bareback gay porn producer openly admits to lying to the homeowner, saying he “didn’t tell her” that he’d be using her home for a porn shoot. Without consent (which Lucas admittedly did not seek and therefore was not granted), commercial filming at a rental property is strictly forbidden by Airbnb:

By publicly admitting his blatant deceit ahead of a federal lawsuit, Michael Lucas is either the most shameless or the most stupid person on earth. It’s probably a mix of both. And Lucas admitting his lies on tape doesn’t just hurt his individual chances in court, as Lucas crew members and porn stars who were on set are being dragged into court with him as co-defendants in the lawsuit.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine anyone who would be willing to work with Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment, given the very real physical and financial risks.