LOOK: Even More Mick Lovell Photos Leak

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When it rains, it pours.

Last week, BelAmi released one of the last Mick Lovell scenes it has in the vault (there are at least three remaining, so stay tuned for more)—a bareback scene in which the God-like gay porn legend is creampied by Claude Sorel. Today, BelAmi treats us to a little more Mick by way of a previously unreleased photoset. (Almost exactly one year ago, BelAmi surprised members with the release of multiple new Mick Lovell photosets, so maybe this will be an annual tradition?)

If you can’t get enough Mick, these are for you.

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See the entire set of new photos and watch all of Mick Lovell’s bareback videos on BelAmi.

[BelAmi: Mick Lovell’s Complete Filmography]

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  • Erik

    Yes, Mick is a God-like gay porn legend! I appreciate the intro-text above very much. And you really chose good pics from the many pics in the photo shoot from Budapest. On the two pics where Mick is holding a branch on a tree (or what ever it is), you really see how fit he is. Wonderful torso.

    As I have written before, Mick left way too early. We miss him a lot.

  • Alan Keddie

    I said hot damn his gf is one lucky biatch!!!!!!

  • Porn Star

    He is very VERY pretty

  • Todd

    Oh boy, here we go …. Zach’s got his obsession on again. Can’t wait for the upside down Mick pics, the sets that look like school photos that you used to cut out and give to family, etc ….. Glad Mick has return to you, Zach. Your life is complete again ….and the restraining order is in the mail, no doubt.

  • moondoggy

    “If you can’t get enough Mick.” LOL

    If you can’t get enough muscle, creamy skin, beautiful blue eyes and bareback fucking … I’m sorry, what was the question?