Surprise: Corbin Fisher’s Marco Makes Bottoming Debut Being Fucked By Roman

Posted November 11, 2021 by with 11 comments

I don’t think anyone was expecting this (please don’t lie and say you were).

Corbin Fisher’s Marco had an incredible gay sex debut as a top back in April (at the time, I wasn’t expecting that, either), and today he’s taking his next big step with Roman, the co-star who first introduced Marco to gay sex all those months ago.

This time, it’s Marco being fucked (and fingered!) by Roman, and this is the muscle hunk’s bottoming debut.

While Marco isn’t coming for Noah’s crown anytime soon, this is a solid bottoming debut, and I appreciate that he stayed hard for most of the sex and experimented in multiple fucking positions.

Also, I like how Marco encouraged Roman to keep stroking him and fucking him harder (note his hand motions in the below gif), so that Roman would end up fucking the cum out of him. A powerbottom in the making?


Maybe in his next scene, Marco will be DP’d? (Don’t hold your breath.)

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Roman Fucks Marco Bareback]