Sneak Peek: Sean Cody’s Brysen Gets Fucked Again—But Who’s His Top?

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brysBrysen’s second bottoming scene for Sean Cody will be released this Friday night, and while this might sound like good news, I wouldn’t get too excited. Remember how disappointed we all were once the overhyped and ultimately boring Daniel/Randy scene came out last month? Also, Brysen is a great top and probably my favorite current Sean Cody model, so I’m happy to see him doing anything in any scene. We already know he’s a good performer, so he doesn’t have to bottom to prove anything to me, tbh.


That said, Brysen already admitted in the Puerto Rico series that he’s a “big ol’ bottom bitch,” so if he wants to bottom again, I support that. Live your truth, Brysen!


So, who will be Brysen’s top on Friday? Based on the tiny glimpses we see in Sean Cody’s teaser below, there’s no way to tell. Maybe it’s Dean? I know for sure it’s not Randy (he’s in tomorrow’s video), and it doesn’t appear to be Jack either (the arms are too small). Does the studio have any other good tops? None come to mind for me. Added: I stupidly forgot about Jess! If it is Jess, this obviously could be great. Or, while he’s more known for being versatile and not necessarily a strict top, we haven’t seen Curtis in a while. Maybe it’s him? That could be great, too.


The full video will be here on Sean Cody on Friday night, and stay tuned for updates.


Back in September, Brysen showed off his epic topping skills in one of the best scenes of the year, when he slammed the fuck out of Blake bareback:

[Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Blake Bareback]

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