Liev Or Arthur (a.k.a. Ricky Decker) Is Coming Back To Sean Cody

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Based on the promo image that Sean Cody just released, either Liev or Arthur (a.k.a. Ricky Decker) is coming back to Sean Cody this Saturday. As indicated above, the date of the “cumback” model’s last appearance was 10/31/2013, and that’s the same date as both Liev and Arthur’s last scene, which was obviously together:

[Sean Cody: Liev Fucks Arthur Bareback]


If the returning model is Arthur, it would be an even bigger flop than Brandon’s bottoming debut, given his prolific career outside of Sean Cody over the past two years at NextDoor, ChaosMen, Falcon, etc. (He’s never gone away, so how can he “cumback”?) And given his admission that Donald Burns was one of his “biggest clients,” I doubt Sean Cody would want anything to do with Arthur/Ricky again.

Liev was a good top (something Sean Cody desperately needs), so his return would be a nice surprise. Of course, the way Sean Cody has been doing things lately, they’ll probably have him bottom for Porter.

Here was Liev’s best Sean Cody scene, with Curtis:

[Sean Cody: Liev]


  • Todd

    Live … or Arthur …. or Ricky ….

    • Okosan

      Ahh I still remember when Smosh was good.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Wasn’t that like 10 years ago?

  • Jax

    Liev’s scene with Brandon is one of SC’s all time greats.

  • trekord

    Liev is the better choice for a cumback! That big uncut cock and that beautiful smile! It better not be Arthur/Ricky.

  • andrew

    Great news, if it’s Liev. One of my all time favorite SC models. Such a great top man. Just what SC needs more of. Loved all of his scenes especially the one with Charlie.

    • Really hope is Liev. I know not everybody might find his face attractive but I liked him and his body and big uncut cock were perfect. He was also a pretty good bottom and, if I remember correctly, he didn’t mind eating some cum.

      • sxg

        Facewise he certainly isn’t the prettiest, but he’s far from ugly. He’s goofy hot! And with a hot body and delicious uncut dick, I can overlook his face shortcomings!

        • Mihcael Davies

          Commenters are exaggerating way too much and some are total hypocrites. Liev looks way better than Randy facially and I see lots of positive comments in regards to Randy all the time. Now all of the sudden Liev is the seed of Chucky? Oh Please!

  • sxg

    It HAS to be Liev coming back! Ricky Decker already has worked for Men, which is another Men entity. If anything Ricky Decker/Arthur would come back on the barebacking side of Men, which is Bromo.

    Although I like Ricky and find him hot, his return after working at other studios after leaving goes against everything that SC has tried to do, and considering they canceled Clark’s solo because he already had scenes released with GayHoopla and replaced it with Bennett’s solo, they look like they’re serious about keeping their model roster exclusive, despite previously releasing Felix’s solo lol. Note to porn studios: Don’t hold on to scenes for too long.

    So I am excited that Liev would come back! He’s a great top, as well as a great bottom! The sad thing is that there aren’t many current performers who could match his great performance. Fingers crossed that he’s doing a scene with Randy! Same with Brodie as well, but he’s already having a scene released this week.

  • Ben

    Meh. Only thing about liev is his dick. Meh….

    • andrew

      Get yourself some glasses. Liev’s big cock happens to be attached to a beautiful muscular body.

      • Ben

        Body like his dime a dozen in the world of gay porn

  • Trepakprince

    Liev’s family back in Russia must be freaking out about these oil prices too. Make that coin Hunty!

  • joe campbell

    Bring David Back

  • Stanford White

    I hope it’s Arthur/Ricky Decker, my Colombian bae<3

    • karlk

      You can see him elsewhere, don’t need him at SC.

  • DPS

    I’ma beLIEVer!

  • john

    Either way….Yeah!!

  • Aunt Porcus

    Sorry, but incorrect. Best Liev scene was with Landon.

    • Russell47

      + 1. Loved Liev & Landon

    • Mihcael Davies

      both great performers so it made sense their scene would be fire. Going to rewatch it now

    • Al

      That was a really hot scene.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Gods, YES! I always loved Liev. Nothing like a fantastic bisexual(?) Russian. I’d like to thank Putin for his shitty polices fucking up his economy and forcing Russians everywhere to resort to gay porn.

  • FooFight

    If it’s Liev, that’s something worth celebrating!

  • Scrapple

    Please let it be Liev. He was an energetic little horndog.

  • Zealot

    Who’s “Team Liev”???? MEEEEEEE!!!!

  • JT

    ugh neither please. there are so many other better models to bring back…

    • karlk

      Agree, “neither”, although not an option, is the best choice, but Liev is the better of the two.

  • 白王子

    I really hope it’s Liev. I’ve had dreams about his beautiful penis.
    I also wish sawyer would come back.

  • robirob

    I hope it’s Liev, but fear that the new management fucks it up like they did in the past (Abe returning, Brandon bottoming, Dean coming back with dirt smeared all over his chin and calling it a beard or scruffy).

  • karlk

    Of the two, hopefully Liev. Although I don’t like either guy.

  • paultacoma51

    I hope it’s Liev. I never took him for gay, but he definitely seemed bi. He may have even said as much, but it’s been too long to remember. He always seemed equally comfortable topping or bottoming and was a top rate performer. I also thought he was too cute.

  • Billybbb

    If I have to hear Lane say “it feels so fucking good” one more time ….