Sean Cody Returns To The Morgue With Another One Of Their Self-Described “Awful” Scenes

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lanenix1And I thought the Brandon/Joe, Randy/Joey, and Jess/Shaw scenes were horrific. Tonight, Sean Cody is releasing another one of their self-described “awful” videos, and this one stars Nixon and Lane.

lanenix2Despite admitting that these new scenes filmed on “updated” cameras are “awful” and “poor quality,” Sean Cody is still expecting you to pay for another one, and the video playback, colors, and camerawork here are all atrocious. Nixon and Lane look like blurry corpses, which I guess makes sense, since this scene looks like it was filmed in a morgue in the 1970’s.

lanenix3Sean Cody’s insistence on releasing their unwatchable scenes—despite after admitting publicly that they were all mistakenly filmed on “updated” cameras that weren’t “adapted” to their “filming needs”—is one of the stupidest things a gay porn studio has done to their loyal fans/members (and Sean Cody fans/members are very loyal) in recent memory. From a business standpoint, it’s inexplicable. According to Sean Cody, there were “a number” of these scenes filmed (and probably more set for release), but as we all agree, every single one of them should’ve been trashed. Seeing fan favorites like Randy, Jess, Joey, and even newcomer Nixon like this is insulting to paying customers, not to mention the models themselves.

lanenix4It seems the new Sean Cody owners truly do not give a fuck, and I have to wonder what the original Sean Cody owner—who sold his studio in 2015—is thinking as he watches his iconic gay studio die.

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