CockyBoys’ Le Garçon Scandaleux Concludes With Levi Karter And Sean Ford, Plus European Gay Porn Stars Chris Loan And Paul Delay

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garconThe final two episodes of CockyBoys’ Le Garçon Scandaleux were released this week, with part four featuring Levi Karter cruising the sex club (where Carter Dane was just fucked in part three), and part five featuring Sean Ford fucking Paul Delay. This of course means that Sean and all his friends were able to fulfill the mission Sean set out for them back in part one.

dg1a8546Here’s the preview for Levi’s episode, in which he eventually gets fucked by European gay porn star Chris Loan back at his apartment.

dg1a8703 dg1a8721 dg1a8767 dg1a8799 dg1a8862Note that this is an extended trailer featuring other plot points as the story plays out, and Levi’s sex scene with Chris doesn’t begin until after the seven-minute mark (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys Le Garçon Scandaleux: Chris Loan Fucks Levi Karter]

And, here’s Sean Ford and Paul Delay in the finale, where we learn a lot more about Sean’s character as the series concludes.

dg1a9030dg1a9173Despite his facade (in previous episodes, he came off brooding and aloof), it seems Sean made a real connection, and he might have actually fallen in love with Paul?

co2a9426 co2a9449

Given the open-ended finale (and given all the great acting in each episode), I would love to see a sequel, and I’d love to see all these characters again (including scene-stealer Damian Grey, from part two) in a new setting. Also, I may have spent way too much time making Sean Ford gifs, but can you blame me for wanting to watch Sean Ford raising his eyebrows on an infinite loop all weekend long? No, you cannot.


Note that Sean and Paul have a two-part sex scene, with an oral session at night (Sean shoots a huge load in Paul’s mouth), and then the fucking (Sean tops Paul) in the morning. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys Le Garçon Scandaleux: Sean Ford Fucks Paul Delay]

  • Kanaka

    Ooh LA LA!

  • holgerson

    Sean and Paul just hot.

    It would be nice to see Paul more at CB.

  • Baradude

    The only thing that got my attention was that Chris loan…..Good Lord thats a sexy slab of beef

    • Chris Loan


  • PaulieP


  • Ty Huber

    YES on Sean’s eyebrow gif. Mesmerizing.

  • Scrapple

    I feel like I’ve seen Chris somewhere before. And I feel like I need to see him a lot more.

    So after that bookstore tease, Carter didn’t get to jump on Cory’s dick? Rude.

    I can’t believe Cocky Boys finished this series in a timely fashion. Meanwhile All Saints…

    • B.C.

      Jake Jaxson is going for life time achievement award with that supernatural porn soap.
      And yes, very rude. Carter only gets mediocre French roll after eye tasting Cory’s giant sausage.

      • Scrapple

        Hey, you put that roll with the sausage and you’ve got yourself a good meal.

    • Alpio A.

      You may have seen him in some frenchtwinks scene, he has worked there for years. I think he should get more exposure ( pun intended ).

  • Stevo Walker

    I watched this series. Nice and erotic. It could be better if showing Sean Ford getting more sex or bottoming scenes.

  • Alpio A.

    Chris is one of the most beautiful guys I have ever seen … and he performs acorddingly, Cocky Boys or GISP would be perfect for him. He’s flawless !!!

    • Chris Loan

      Thank you ☺

      • Alpio A.

        Merci a TOI, Chris !! I also was going to write:”·I had him as a contact on FB years ago and I can say that he is such a beautiful person inside as he is hot and sexy on the outside .. ” . But in this context.. who cares for that?LOL Of course you won t remember me anyway I want you to know that I now see a look of achievement in your eyes instead of a beautiful melancholy, and that I DO know this is the first step to the fame you deserve, in this activity, or whatever you choose to do now or next ….Tu es un GRAND mec !! ALFREDO

  • Alan Song

    looking good