Sebastian Young Makes Gay Porn Comeback With Bottoming Scene (But For Whom?)

Posted January 31, 2014 by with 11 comments

seb bryanStr8UpGayPorn exclusively broke the news late last year that convicted felon Sebastian Young had been released from prison and was shooting a bottoming scene for Now, we have our first look at a trailer for the scene, in which Sebastian Young gets plowed by horse-hung, southern fuckstud Bryan Cavallo!

The last time Sebastian Young bottomed was in 2008 (over FIVE years ago!) when Phenix Saint fucked him on CockyBoys (watch trailer). (Bryan Cavallo, meanwhile, was last seen begging people to suck his huge cock on MenOnEdge.) Needless to say, Sebastian Young’s butt looks better than it ever has before. This is an ass:

seb assMan Musk—in which Sebastian Young says things like “I stink!” before sitting his hot, fat ass down onto Bryan Cavallo’s thick dick—will be released Wednesday on

[ Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young]

#FunFact: After filming their scene, Sebastian Young and Bryan Cavallo were rumored to have gotten into a huge bar fight in Atlanta when Cavallo boasted to a group of female admirers that he had fucked Young earlier in the day! Oh, straight guys.

  • JoshChicago

    Watching someone get fucked, someone who you know really doesn’t want to get fucked and is obviously not enjoying it – is almost as awful as being stuck in an elevator with Michael Lucas overnight during a power outage. Obviously this was for the hype and hope for an audience but for me it didn’t work.

    I hope SY gets his life together and finds a healthy path and foundation to build his life upon going forward. Porn is obviously not going to get him there and the influences around him are not going to help him either. I really liked SY for awhile when he was first starting out but he needs to find another way to express his life and support his family. Hopefully.

    • Bull

      Well, guys like him need to be power drilled. He’s a wife beater(arrest record) and rumored fag basher(I read that on a blog post….so take it with a grain of salt) And as much as I don’t like him, I think Spencer Reed should do the honors. Rafael Alencar would be a good choice too.

    • Estelle

      He’s a 31 year old multiple convicted felon with more than a dozen public mugshots of him to view online. He has no education and has a very public record for domestic and elder abuse. This is about as good as it will get for him now.

      • JoshChicago

        yeah, that’s a tough reality to overcome.

      • DeanD

        Which is why he should be putting his ass to good use in porn since it’s his last resort. Yet we get another lame performance for a man who doesn’t deserve the spectacular ass gifted to him.

      • GN

        Indeed, I am willing to bet that if they pay him in meth, he’s willing to do scat porn, at this point.

  • Zoompietro

    Too bad didn’t record and release the bar fight, I’d rather tug to that.

  • DeanD

    I thought the top was supposed to be someone Sebastian had a public beef with ala Diesel Washington or Trevor Knight? I’ve never even heard of Bryan Cavallo. Shouldn’t Sebastian’s big return to bottoming be with someone at least well known? This looks so mechanical and joy-free. Never thought I’d say he should take lessons from Paddy O’Brian on how to bottom but at least he put some energy into getting fucked. And since Bryan is straight, will there be any rimming? What a wasted opportunity. Sebastian’s ass does look great and for his fans he should’ve put it to better use.

  • GN

    The bar fight was prob more watchable than this scene. Oh and I love how Wifey McBeatty got upset because you announced his gay proclivities in front of a group of straight women, which he no doubt wanted to fuck (and beat-up on) after a few drinks. Is he punching other women behind his wife’s back? What an all-around prince.

  • dvlaries

    I don’t get it. Cavallo doesn’t look particularly retarded, so after they’d both done their jobs, why would Cavallo choose to socialize with Young anywhere?

  • dawghorn

    What a douchebag. Bryan only topped Sebastian because of the studio and pay, not because he’s hotter or better than Sebastian. He had to try to use having the pleasure of sampling Sebastian’s ass to get himself laid by those girls (and try to turn them off Sebastian). Those girls should be able to figure out that Bryan’s gay for pay and a douche.