[UPDATED] Gay Porn Star Sebastian Young Convicted Of “Disorderly Conduct” For Threatening To Murder A Police Officer

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sebyoungmugUPDATE 12/19/17:

Sebastian Young’s upcoming trial on felony charges of raping his daughter and possessing child porn has been granted several continuances, and it’s now scheduled for March 5th, 2018, which is nearly two years after the crimes were allegedly committed.

The original article on Young’s conviction of a related charge, as published last August, continues below.


As previously reported, gay porn star Sebastian Young (legal name Joshua Noles) was arrested last year after threatening to murder a police detective who was investigating allegations that Young raped his own 5-year-old daughter. The felony charges, specifically, are: 1. Felony possession of sexual performance by a child—enhanced (the “enhanced” likely means he was trying to sell the material, he made the material himself, or the material featured his own children); 2. Felony/capital sexual battery on person less than 12 years old. In a surprising development that could be considered good news for Young, the state reduced the third felony charge he was facing for threatening the police officer (felony corruption by threat of public official) to a second degree misdemeanor charge of “disorderly conduct,” and Young pleaded guilty to the charge:

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 3.29.38 PM plea1 ple2 plea3How threatening to kill someone can just be considered “disorderly conduct” is not clear, but Noles likely took the plea because the case and conviction now can’t be used against him in the upcoming sexual assault trial (as noted above). He was sentenced to 60 days for the disorderly conduct, and given credit for time served.

As far as the other felony charges for allegedly raping his daughter and possessing child porn, there have been several continuances and delays this summer, but Young’s trial is now scheduled to begin on October 2nd.

  • Geo Mendez

    This just sad all around…

  • Xzamilloh

    This is one of those bad and yet good things about pulling the mask off of the gay porn industry via social media. You identify people who have unsavory beliefs (Cameron Diggs), people who target young children and teenagers (Mike Dozer and allegedly Young/Noles up there), and effing scammers and murderers (Sean Cody… pick someone) which is the good aspect, but of course the bad aspect, which albeit is a purely selfish one, is that you see who these deeply flawed individuals are and it destroys the fantasy. That poor little girl… with out intense therapy, his daughter’s future does not look good.

    • skye3245

      its crazy. Just miffed and saddened along with you

    • Zealot

      zhere izzzzz, a propensity amongst zhose who perform in ze pornographic movies und ze like to be of a mind zat wilt take ze risk and not care zo much vat uters tink of zhere ektivities. Ja! UNT, because of zhese peoples are zo inclined, zhey wilt alzo take ze risk by engaging in criminal ektivities! But, of course, zhere are zhose peoples in ze pornographic vorld, who izznt zo inclined alzo. Zee? — Isaak Spendergarten-Spetzle, Philosopher/Therapist.


    • Pinko of the Grange

      There is a better outcome for the child…the DA has taken innocent actions, bearskin rug pictures, and because of Noles’ work has decides that the actions must be nefarious.

      Oh and the DA’s gets uncovered as a (insert Perry Mason twist here) during trial.

  • skye3245

    See this is like “how foolish can you be”. A normal thinking human being would know you have certain charges against you so you would act accordingly. He may not be all there. The saying goes “the the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result”. I can’t fathom how someone with his history who ppl have some how forgiven can do the worst things. Its like he’s stepping it up each time. And I agree with @Xzamilloh:disqus i like that the porn industry is being shown. Because they go on twitter and IG and show themselves as celebs and hit up their fans(now with that mobile and Social media fan site) and expect you to give thousands of dollars along with escorting but don’t want you to know who you maybe letting in your home or ass? Nope you need to know if the guy you just paid for the weekend is a racist. Or if your sitting at home enjoying yourself to someone but they are thinking of a 5 year old when acting. The label of celebrity and public figure has changed. ppl keep saying they don’t wanna know/care what these men are doing, yet you have someone like Young who is threatening ppl and possibly(they seem to have loads of evidence) molesting children? how do you think its ok to masturbate to him. I’ll admit a few years ago when he was just a “thug” it was all “fine”. Gave him cred. But this…this is fucked up. Ppl like him should be locked away

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Thug = good or attractive?
      I must be getting old.

      • Pertinax

        I didn’t know either, so I searched at the dictionary : Thug : a violent person, especially a criminal. This was in a ‘ normal ‘ dictionary, but for new slang a good option is to use : Urban Dictionary.

      • skye3245

        Thug as in the perception he was giving off at the time. Nothing that he has been doing these last few years is good nor attractive. Its disgusting from my opinion

  • Mike Julius

    Dead a’ prison

  • OverKill
  • Zealot

    Somewhere in all these arrests and domestic violence reports and the like lurks a porn award category. Thoughts on what that might be folks???


    • Me2

      These days, it would seem that all the existing categories could apply.

  • Dramadyke Beth

    Instead of the faces of deaths the mugshot gallery should be referred to as the faces of meth…

  • Maximus

    As long as the DOJ is going after gay porn stars, I’d like to request that prosecutors also look into Michael Lucas.

  • Star69Me

    Perhaps he needs time to “heel” as our dear president pointed out recently.

  • CamCam

    There are no proper words for this. This is just unbelievably awful and I feel so bad for the 5 year old girl. Damn

  • Scrapple

    Sebastian, as this is probably the last solar eclipse you’ll get to see as a free man, I say you enjoy every second. Stare right up at that fucker and make a memory.

    On a related topic, can studios please stop with the “Tell me about your first sexual experience” garbage in solos? Why do you want a model talking about his underage sexual exploits so you can then comment about how hot it all sounds? That’s gross, especially when some of these guy are talking about being sexualized at a young age. Why would an adult want to listen to a story about how Tommy Turnipseed got his dick wet for the first time the summer of his 14th year fucking around with a neighbor in the cornfields on Old Man Johnson’s farm?

    • Schnitzel

      “On a related topic, can studios please stop with the “Tell me about your first sexual experience” garbage in solos?”

      PREACH! And while they’re add it, quit asking how many times a day they jerk off. We all know the answer will be “At least 5”. Only to have them later say it’s been 3 days since they last came. To which the interviewer says, “So you were saving up for us” Bah!

  • Schnitzel
  • Pinko of the Grange

    “Excited utterance” would be the FCC phrase. Also didn’t he say it to his attorney’s receptionist, and think that privilege extended to the entire office? Maybe the DA is giving him a break for stupidity.


    The DA wanted his butt in jail so he would show for trail, or would come to the conclusion on his own that incarcerated is where he belongs.

  • OverKill
  • Hot Twink

    That’s beyond nasty, and to your own daughter? Well, I always hear that prison mates take real good care of child sex offenders…

  • ItsBritneyBitch

    Everything about this story makes me simultaneously sick & sad. There’s a special place in hell for him.

  • paultacoma51

    “How threatening to kill someone can just be considered “disorderly conduct”…” Simple. He’s a white male in America where someone like him gets watered-down charges. If he were black and did that, he would be put away for 20 years.

  • Devin

    I don’t believe Sebastian has anything to do with child porn and I don’t believe he did anything to his daughter