[UPDATED] Tegan Zayne Lashes Out At Str8UpGayPorn, After Previously Apologizing For Lashing Out At Str8UpGayPorn

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co2a5331Str8UpGayPorn was always a fan and a supporter of Tegan Zayne, having covered his work at Raging Stallion and CockyBoys throughout 2016, and even nominating him as Best Gay Porn Star Of 2016 at the end of last year, in a poll voted on here by Str8UpGayPorn readers. That support continued through March of 2017 as Tegan Zayne continued to perform, and Str8Up continued to be a fan. Tegan Zayne and I exchanged friendly messages and tweets on social media regularly, but then in April of this year, Tegan Zayne decided he did not like me or Str8UpGayPorn.

Tegan Zayne had apparently taken issue with some of the nominees at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards (which is, of course, his right to do), and he posted several disparaging tweets about the event:

teg00000After seeing his tweets against the awards show and Str8UpGayPorn—which continued throughout April, May, and June—curiosity got the better of me, and I reached out to him to find out if there was something specific I had done to provoke his animosity. Below is our exchange of Twitter direct messages, in which Tegan Zayne explains his issue with the awards show. We had a civil discussion, which ended with Tegan Zayne actually asking to be a part of the show, then apologizing for “lashing out” against me, and then thanking me after subsequently attending the show in New York, where he was given a comped ticket and a VIP seat. Here is that complete exchange (one message, from me, has been redacted because it includes my phone number), with my messages in blue on the right, and Tegan’s on the left:

teg1 teg2 teg3 teg4 teg5 teg6 teg7 teg8

And here was Tegan Zayne, who came to the Str8UpGayPorn Awards and walked the red carpet in drag:

IMG_0105I had no further contact with Tegan Zayne after his last message, in which he thanked me for having him at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards.

Then, on July 7th, Tegan Zayne again initiated a confrontation with me by making another false allegation, this time by responding to a story about racist gay porn producer Michael Lucas, who had been accused of abusing another one of his models. Tegan Zayne (as seen in his tweet below) responded to my tweet about that story by defending Michael Lucas and making a false statement about Str8UpGayPorn:

teg10 teg11At this point, I blocked Tegan Zayne on Twitter and stopped engaging with him, as it was obviously pointless.

Which brings us to today. Yet again, Tegan Zayne has initiated another attack on me and Str8UpGayPorn, this time by making another false statement and tagging my personal Twitter account. Tegan Zayne responded to a tweet from Phillip Henry that linked to a Mic article in which I was interviewed about the recent controversy over the GayVN Awards “ethnic” category:

hug teg0As a reminder, Str8UpGayPorn has never “defamed” Tegan Zayne, or anyone else. And, ironically, Tegan Zayne publicly making false statements about me and this website—by responding to a journalist’s tweet that had literally nothing to do with him—is the only thing that could be considered actual defamation.

As necessary as it is to defend one’s self against false accusations, Tegan Zayne’s continued attacks are a reminder that there’s ultimately no point in trying to make sense of someone who—for inexplicable reasons—just doesn’t like you. And, while he won’t be invited to the next Str8UpGayPorn Awards, I still wish him well.


Tegan Zayne has responded to this post with more tweets, first by claiming that he does not care about this post, and then, in an additional tweet, by stating that Str8UpGayPorn is a “joke” that “doesn’t deserve his energy.” He also accuses Str8UpGayPorn of “trying to make me look crazy.”

tg1 tg2Then, in yet another tweet, Tegan Zayne says that Str8UpGayPorn “proved” that he is “reactionary,” which he says is beneficial because it “starts debates about racism within the gay porn community.”

tg5It’s not clear what “debates” have been started by Tegan Zayne’s so-called “reactionary” behavior, or what any of that has to do with his false statements about Str8UpGayPorn “defaming” him (which is what prompted this post).

Despite not caring or wanting to give any energy, Tegan Zayne went on to post another tweet, this time using an altered version of his red carpet photo from the Str8UpGayPorn Awards. He captioned it with statements that contradict his previous messages to Str8UpGayPorn last June (he appears to contradict himself in all of his communications, with everyone) by falsely claiming that he “didn’t even want to go” to the ceremony:


Here again are Tegan Zayne’s messages asking to be a presenter at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards, expressing interest in attending by telling me, “I still want to go,” and then, hours after the show ended that night, thanking me for having him at the show.

teg5 teg6 teg8


  • The Porn Emperor

    Zach must think this is actually interesting to his readers. ZZZzzzz….

    • Zachary Sire

      Someone is using a public forum to say things about me, my job, and this website (my business) that are not true, and this is the best way for me to respond. So, for this particular case, I don’t care if this is interesting to you or not.

    • Ceecee

      Tegan Zayne did receive like a million compliments and fan articles on here, so I’m like mildly interested.

      Tegan isn’t attractive enough to forgive for defending Michael Lucas tho, tbh. My body is READY for him to be on the “drag on sight” list.

    • richard_eater

      I found it interesting

    • McM.

      It is interesting.

      Str8UpGayPorn isn’t limited to promoting scenes/studios, it also reports on the industry as a whole including exchanges and changes between performers, studios, other media outlets, and fans.

    • The Porn Emperor

      You all really think a Twitter bitchfight between a porn blogger and a minor performer deserves a huge banner headline and massive documentation like it’s Watergate? LOL Zach can discuss whatever he wants on his website, but it doesn’t make it important news.

      • Me2

        Well, if you’re going to head down this particular road, there isn’t anything about porn that is particularly important news and that begs the question: why are you here?

  • Deviancy Behavir

    I saw the writing on the wall from Tegan over 8 months ago, I was following him on Twitter and then all of a sudden he start talking about being persecuted and how he was misunderstood. He’d post about his hatred of the porn industry, but then kept posting videos of him having sex and promoting the product and industry that he said he hated. Then his alter-ego/split personality Sissy starting coming out, he was doing make-up(badly), wigs(terribly) and I’m like what’s going on with him.

    I don’t care if one does drag and does porn, I’m not hating on him for that, but he went from a mellow, happy go lucky guy to someone who damn near said people were out to get him at every turn. He reminded me so much of Micah Brandt, another person I unfollowed because of his persecution complex. Social media isn’t Dear Diary, talk to your girlfriends, get a therapist, but stay the fuck off social media with this depressing shit.

  • DudeBornIn67
  • Zealot

    Then let’s remedy Tegan’s complaint by creating, “Most Tired Drag at an Awards Red Carpet”…or the Zealot Memorial (I’m not dead yet) “Who’s She?” award…or the “Michael Lucas Apologist of the Year” award sponsored by Chap Stick or Burt’s Bees!


  • Scrapple

    Tegan, Tegan, Tegan.


    Spent all that time calling the award show trash, but complained you weren’t nominated. And you wanted to come. And announce a winner. You’re tweeting about Zach and his site in relation to an article about racial issues in gay porn. But you’re not talking about the issue itself. And you’re a man of color, who does gay porn. And you defended Colby Keller. And Michael Lucas.
    So maybe you shouldn’t.

    • Johnny

      He’s a man of color? I thought he was just a white guy with brown hair and a weekly visit to the tanning booth. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aca2d482101ec19f557c7d78aa253a560756337b604d250ef8f283ded8a7612b.jpg

      • WhimsyCotton

        You sure? He looks of Middle Eastern descent to me.

      • synnerman

        Maybe Bulgarian….

      • Greninja

        I follow him on tumblr, he is middle eastern, but also recognizes his “white passing” privilege.

        • squash4dave

          There are 3 main divisions of humans, with subdivisions those 3. All humans on the planet fall into one of them. (Of course there are multiracial people, but for this discussion, I’m not including those. And yes I know that there is no “pure” racial or ethnic group. This is just about a general division.) The 3 main groups are Caucasian, sub-Saharan African (including Melanesian

          • busmans

            This is complete nonsense.

            Lets put your made-up classification system to use, shall we. All human beings fall into one of the three? Which one does Barack Obama fall into?

          • squash4dave

            You obviously didn’t read what I wrote, carefully. I clearly stated that there are mixed races and that there is no such thing as a pure ethnic group. I am talking about the evolution of human beings over the past 100,000 years or more, when there wasn’t much intermingling of the different main groups. It’s only been in the last 500 years or so, maybe a case could be made for a somewhat longer timeframe, but until the technological advances, most people lived within 25 to 50 miles of there birthplaces, which permitted these main human lines to develop. Genetically, all human DNA can be traced to these lines. Barack Obama is mixed race, but he still comes from 2 of the 3 lines, Caucasian and subSaharan African (Negro). As for Tegan Zayne, being Middle Eastern puts him in the category of Causcasian (white). The shade of his skin doesn’t change his genetic lineage.

          • Johnny

            This ain’t wikipedia gurl.

          • squash4dave

            First of all, I ain’t no “gurl”. Maybe you are, and that’s fine, but don’t go dissin’ on me, thank you. Now as for the other thing. I know honey, but when people just make up stuff and don’t know what they’re talking about, it makes my hair kurl. (finger snaps-sorry there’s no emoji for that- dissn’ you right back) gurl. If you’re not interested in what I’m saying, then don’t read it.

          • Johnny

            Okay gurl

          • squash4dave

            There is an emoji for that.???????????gurl.

          • Johnny

            Calm down gurl.

          • Greninja

            Ok… I’m not reading all of that. What I said above were HIS words that’s how he identifies himself. Go post that essay on his tumblr.

      • Scrapple
      • Baradude
    • backhand

      im sorry, why do you consider him man of color? i thought he was as white as one could be… confused

  • Dramadyke Beth

    Well Tegan Zayne has a point but at the same time its not the studios fault they know what their audience wants, the audience being older white men who crave underage looking white twinks. Sad! This was nowhere near as interesting as a classic Killan James Meth Meltdown.

    • moondoggy

      What’s the basis for the claim that the audience for porn is older white men? Playgirl used to pretend that their audience was overwhelmingly women, and although I have only anecdotal evidence, I don’t think anyone really believes that anymore.

      • Baradude

        Nope I think women could care less about playgirl. Which is made obvious by the fact they keep getting gay porn stars to do shoots for them

  • Schnitzel

    There was a time as I recall that Zach had a bit of a thing for Tegan. Mr. Zayne has proven himself not worthy of that attraction. Moreover, Tegan continues to tweet some of the most bizarre comments. He has proven himself to be about as unstable as the POTUS

  • FrenchBug

    I think we have all been around the gay community long enough to figure out the likely explanation when someone we know who used to be friendly rather abruptly changes personality, becomes aggressive and paranoid in between bursts of normal behavior and somehow regularly finds himself defending unsavory characters. I wish him the best.

  • Danny Boi

    Does he even get work anymore?


    Zach, i’m not trying to be a dick but why is this story from last summer just coming out now? I mean, I see that he’s commenting NOW, but he seems like a nobody (in the grand scheme). I wouldn’t even bother with giving him copy.

    • hatefulmoz

      It’s fitting that Zach decided to present the full context of the issue because it shows that Tegan has previously vocalized issue with the blog, and has done so recently.

      It’s timely, and salient. I also think it appropriate for Zach to have a chance to defend himself against Tegan’s (obviously subjective, and fallacious) tweet.

    • Deviancy Behavir

      Easy, Tegan started it, Zach spoke to him privately about the issues that Tegan had with him, but kept the receipts just to be sure that Tegan didn’t say he said something he didn’t. He thought the issue was resolved and now Tegan is trying to clapback at him out of the blue calling him trash. This would annoy me or anybody if you think that the issues you had were resolved and then they comeback and start shit all over again with you for no reason, especially if you didn’t bring them up. Now he released the receipts so people can know what kind of person they’re dealing with. Sounds and looks reasonable to me.

  • Badger

    Why can’t these dudes just shut up, fuck and only open their mouths when the scene calls for it?

  • OverKill

    Oh Tegan:

    Just one of those people that needs to be seen and not heard.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Wow Zach. You must have been on some heavy sedation during that exchange. I don’t put up with that kind of special little girl bullshit. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7596ab5180a544c1480d7df3b98267c2cb8f6191cc95196a281d20b4c3cb0f8.gif

  • KingBeaArthur

    What ‘talent’ was Tegan going on about? It’s porn, not Broadway.

  • peter

    I could give a tinker’s fuck about Tegan Zane. I’m mad at Zach for getting me all worked up for all of 30 seconds that Tyson’s first scene was with a guy. Alas, we’re stuck with the Battle of the Barrons

  • Nate

    Well… “web diva tegan”. What did you expect?

  • White Canary

    This is so petty and dumb.

  • YandyDandy

    Here we go again, another deluded LOSER who had no other career options and becomes a porn performer, within a few months thinks he is SOMEONE . Note to all porn performers. Keep your MOUTH shut unless its to suck cock and remember in a couple of years when you are flipping burgers for your career NO ONE will remember you from porn.

  • Buzzaki

    I’m truly impressed with Zach’s attempt at conflict resolution in his series of PMs. If only our president could do the same.

  • Get_Loud2

    or maybe he just sick of all “negative” news that you made for Mr. duck, or he has a plan to work with Duck?, who know???????

  • Kanaka

    Didn’t he start his “career” at CM? When he was cute and Nice?

  • Baradude
  • Kevin Jones

    Some people are just meant to be ignored.

  • backhand

    you seem to have a negative opinion about him. whats the problem if he has one about you, too?

  • Jon

    He was cancelled in my mind after that nonsense with Colby Keller, but I guess there’s no limit to how many times a person can get cancelled. So, he’s cancelled, AGAIN.

  • spartan546

    Tegan Zayne has a screw loose somewhere.

  • Nordschleife

    So is it safe to assume that a porn performer is indeed gay if they use the term no tea no shade?

    • Baradude

      No tea no shade no pink lemonade but he’s gayer then a Disney princess at a pride parade ?

  • peter

    The Conchita Wurst impersonation is so original

  • BoomPow
  • gaycuckhubby

    OT… any news on Jessie Colters alleged attempted murder by white supremacists? Police reports, dept updates etc?

    • BoomPow

      Only news on him is that he is now bareback bottoming for TIM & Dark Alley. Looks high as fuck in both scenes I watched.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Serious question: Does Tegan have any mental health issues? Like these exchanges seem odd

    • I was thinking the same thing – he really seems unwell.

  • Maybe he went crazy because you’ve been criticising his kidnapper Colby Keller. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome… 😀

  • Hereweare

    Wow, I never knew as 1 of the 10 commenters on the irrelevant Str8upgayporn that I had the power to make Sandra Bernhard host the awards show. I wonder if she’ll host my dog’s next birthday party?

  • YandyDandy

    I think he needs to put that Meth pipe down, look in the mirror and have a word with himself. As for looking flawless – absolutely said the blind man.

  • Cosmic

    I’m sorry, who?