Wesley Woods: Jerking Off To Colby Keller Indirectly Supports His Trump Vote

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kewwEarlier this month, gay porn star Wesley Woods wrote an open letter calling out Colby Keller and his vote for Trump (not to mention Keller’s ongoing failed attempts to “explain” that vote, which have only made things worse for him). Now, Woods is speaking out to IntoMore’s Kevin O’Keeffe (below) to provide further insights, and to clarify that his letter comes after Colby Keller’s ideas, not Colby Keller the person.

Also, Woods reveals the backstory on one of his letter’s most popular lines (“your orgasm is not neutral”) and reiterates a point that has to make gay porn studios nervous about hiring Colby Keller: Jerking off to Colby Keller is indirectly supporting his ideas, his politics, and his vote for Trump. Via IntoMore:

Colby Keller is next scheduled to appear in Raging Stallion’s upcoming Trapped, directed by Chi Chi LaRue and Steve Cruz, and Raging Stallion has put him on the box cover:

DKTeijSVYAAAGejTrapped was filmed in July, and co-star Tegan Zayne made light of the Keller outrage by tweeting photos of Keller eating his ass. It’ll be interesting to see how (if at all?) Raging Stallion promotes Keller in the upcoming feature given public perception of him, the fallout over his vote, and Wesley Woods’ high profile, well-received open letter. CockyBoys and Men have released Colby Keller scenes of their own over the last few months, and viewer response to those scenes has been overwhelmingly negative.

  • wdeee

    It’s really not that deep IMO.

    • TheSagaOf

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m still gonna wank it to Colby Keller. I just don’t care about any porn star’s political affiliations or stances or personal lives at all.

      • Xzamilloh

        I’m pretty sure I’m gonna still not wank it to Colby Keller, but I agree that it’s old now. Colby Keller is still a pseudo-intellectual and will still have a fanbase furiously starting fires with their foreskins in jerkoff sessions

        • Zoey

          “To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”.

          • Xzamilloh

            “I meant what I said, I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, 100 percent.”

            -Dr. Seuss

            I can quote shit, too… it doesn’t make me sound deep.

      • wdeee

        Exactly how I feel.

      • Zoey

        Way to go. Side with the oppressor and be just like Keller. Nazi.

        • McM.

          Um, yeah. You can disagree with him. But don’t call people Nazis when actual Nazis march in the streets without condemnation.

        • Xzamilloh

          “Side with the oppressor”… girl, this is porn. If you want to be an activist, take your lazy ass off of the internet and go make a difference in your local community. Otherwise, I’m gonna need to you take it down a notch with the “Nazi” bullshit, because you sound stupid.

      • Népissinguois
    • Marik Ishtar

      It’s just too easy. I can’t.

      • Zealot

        Oh, DO IT! You know you want to!

  • AsherStClaire

    He deleted my comment on his page where I called his letter disingenuous, self-serving and faux radical. At this point, for him to keep harping on this is kinda proving that point.

    He says “attack the idea, not the person” but you if you’re only talking about one person in conjunction with this idea….Yeah this guy is full of shit.

  • Scrapple

    Wesley, staaahhhhhhpp! He’s already dead!

    Also, that Missing poster of Tegan is fucking hilarious. In between the laughter I’m humming “Have You Seen Her” by The Chi-Lites.

    • McM.

      Can you post the Missing poster of Tegan Zayne?

      • Scrapple

        It’s on the boxcover.

        • McM.

          I didn’t even look that hard. Thought it was something created and circulating around facebook.

          Don’t pay much attention to boxcovers b/c we get (semi related) scenes now instead of whole films.

  • Miloš Del Rey

    I’m waiting for him to publish a book and spill the tea on The View. Or maybe he will start selling merchandise next?

  • Xzamilloh

    Tired of hearing about Colby Keller. He thinks he’s Rembrandt the artist, but he’s Rembrandt the toothpaste. Wesley Woods means well, but that last line he said about comedy lost me. Comedy is about pushing boundaries and genius comedians can make some of the most fucked up things in life funny, and that takes talent.

    Something tells me that Wesley Woods has that Tumblr-esque conscious comedy that is less funny and more preachy. Which isn’t bad if there’s a niche for it, but making people uncomfortable is a staple of humor. Partice O’Neal said it best: When telling a joke, half the audience should be laughing and the other half should be horrified.

  • Schnitzel

    Says Wesley in his Ivory Tower interview

  • OverKill

    Why don’t we all:

    Everyone should do this to Keller:

    He’ll probably STFU. His words won’t mean anything if there are people who don’t give a rat’s ass. Don’t give him any more coverage or talk about him. We all know his stance and we been pretty clear on how we feel about it. Just ignore him.

  • Michael Regan

    This is just the typical queenie, bitchy crap in the gay community that made me stop wanting to be a part of ‘the community’ and just stick to a few friends from it.

  • DudeBornIn67

    Colby Keller is a wood killer for me now.

  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    OMG no one cares what porn stars think, just fuck and be husks of human beings for god’s sake like the women do. Also Wesley Woods is not funny in the least bit, I should write a few jokes for him, he could use the help.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      “…just fuck and be husks of human beings for god’s sake like the women do…”

      Wow condescending misogyny that is so…str8.

      • Drunky McDrunkerson

        women pornstars. Not civilian women

        • Drunky McDrunkerson

          and yes… I know… and yes, I did it purposely

    • planetwingnuttia

      really some of us have a 3D view so speak for yourself.

      • Drunky McDrunkerson

        3d view of what? that sentence doesn’t even make sense.

    • “OMG who cares what porn stars think”, says man who clicks blatant link about what porn star thinks.

      • Drunky McDrunkerson

        yeah specifically to complain about it. Not to see what insights he has. I read the title and that was enough. Go start a gofundme to raise money for the “give a damn” that I’d need for this.

  • sxg

    All you bitches here flapping your cunts over this try-too-hard fake intellectual trumptard when you haven’t even said anything about my sexyass bestie Kurtis Wolfe doing this film cover justice???

    They should have pushed the trumptard and the psychobitch way to the back and brought Jason Vario and Sean Duran closer to the front, they’re far sexier than those two flaming hobos.

    With that said, Wesley Woods does have a point. As long as view counts to his scenes, or even subscriptions to studios he works with don’t drastically diminish, studios will still continue to hire him. Gay porn studio owners and directors are like the FOX “News” Channel. They don’t give a shit what their employees do until they start receiving financial backlash over what their employees do. Bill O’Reilly wasn’t let go because what he has done was so immoral, he was let go because the station was losing ad revenue.

    And wrong Wesley, we should very much attack Cunt Keller as the person, not just his fucking stupid ideas. We don’t just blame Christianity for denying us the right to marry all these years, we blame the piece of shit Christians who voted against our rights no matter if they were asshole people or not. We don’t even give special treatment to those dumb fags who are registered Republicans. So no, Cunt Keller deserves no special treatment and every part of him should be attacked, from top to taint.

  • Zealot

    I don’t know the point of any further outrage over Keller. In the end it’s not going to make any difference. If RS hired him in July, they’ll hire him again. Porn producers are either straight (so they don’t give a fuck anyway), or they’re counting on our short memories, or worship of someone enough of us find hot to keep them in the black (that’s “balance sheet black”). If the openly bigoted, convicted felons, wife/boy and girlfriend abusers can always find porn work….why the hell not Keller? I don’t see enough people suggesting a boycott of porn with Keller in it, and just enough of us who believe he’s right to keep him busy. But while I deplore him, and will certainly not purchase this title, there are as many if not more to whom that is a non-issue.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Exactly! Where is this “outrage” and open letters and public condemnation when porn studios consistently hire racists and bigoted performers (felons I can absolve if they’ve paid their debt to society. Hey, a bitch gotta make some coin somehow). No one says a word. There is no public pressure (from their contemporaries and porn media at large) directed at that those performers to convey that those views are hurtful and wrong. There is no call to boycott said performers scenes. So, until THAT happens, all this outrage over Keller (who I still loathe) from the porn community is very disingenuous.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Sometime interviews with porn performers is like watching hot dogs being made.

    • CA

      I mean…I lost more brain cells than smoking up last night watching this clip. I mean, he seems like a smart guy and more informed than your average porn star, but I mean…the bar is so low. I don’t think he would last two minutes in a real political debate with someone who actually knows what they are talking about and I don’t have the energy to try today.

  • edginghours
    • bloody mary

      She’s cancelled.

  • peter

    Maybe he’ll be able to scavenge together the dregs of a career on Fisting Central and drinking Deviant Otter’s repurposed beer.

  • bloody mary

    I’m jerking off to Wesley Woods to show my support.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Jason Vario should have gone Rosa Parks on Keller and Zayne’s ass. He’s too hot to be playing second fiddle to them. Kurtis Wolfe, however, can stay as the sexy bus driver. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c47c40d7213233abb20d4e53bc1e2300256e01a364dc9666ad8625b66c946c6.gif

  • Ninja0980

    While it’s nice to see Wesley speaking up about this, can’t blame Colby Keller for thinking it was okay to do what he did.
    Not when the industry keeps hiring Gay4pay performers who spew homophobic all day long or guys who could make a KKK Wizard blush.
    Glad to see him speaking out but there are other Colby Kellers in the industry.
    And they make up more of it then not.

  • JP

    What the hell has my jizz to do with politics? How is me jerking off to Colby supporting his vote? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4d9640b7fe65e44b3d912396a48bd52c6dee54b4e0593086078a7358af94028.gif

    • It’s not your jizz, it’s the money you pay to get to that jizz and what that money tells Colby (and the studios hiring him) about the behaviour you’re willing to overlook – and I think you know that.

      • JP

        Well good thing I don’t pay for porn then. But seriously. Are people really that pressed about who Colby voted for? I’m sorry but he’s Hot to look at and to jerk off to. That’s all

        • TrueWords

          Paying for porn is as silly as Colby Keller’s words and actions….

        • Clearly some of us are, even if some of us aren’t, so to those of us who are, it’s worth talking about.

    • Link Nla

      I agree w/ JP–> i think the argument of who you choose to jerk off to has any indication on your political leanings is a bit of a slippery slope, in fact it’s dumb as hell. People pay for porn based on who they are attracted to as well as what’s going on in the scene. The idea that I need to vet the political leanings of porn stars is asinine. We’re not dating them and we’re also not supporting their political candidacy. If you want stop “supporting” them financially to make a statement about your standings, that’s on you, and I’m good with that, but the expectation that the rest of us are supposed to just fall in line with what you believe is highly egotistical and arrogant. If Colby Keller gives you a hard on, he gives you a goddamn hardon, not “oh snaps he got me hard”- “wait! he’s a republican”- “oh snap, there goes my chubby..” -_____-

      I believe not writing about Colby Keller’s controversial views and voting history is a far more effective way to combat the spread of his ideas, b/c nothing we do here is going to change the way he votes. Moreover, it’s the lack of people voting that put trump in the White House, but a top brand porn star is a far more exciting discussion than low American voter turnout.

  • JCub

    Does anyone else miss the good old days, when pornstars were just objectified & we didn’t know if they were drug addicts or murderers or child molesters or racists or pretentious pseudo-intellectuals?

    • CA

      This is why being nosey is so ruinous. So now we know all about porn performers lives, surprise! They typically come from difficult life experiences and as a result act out negatively and are engaged in questionable life choices…like performing in porn.

      • peter

        The things I wish I didn’t know about favorite porn models, like all those Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody models who it turns out really are straight :( My fantasies were so much hotter. And of course then there’s the right-wing white-identity politics so many of them espouse as a compensatory defense for having taken it up da butt for money.

  • Trev Nich

    I support Colby voting for Trump. He did it because he knew Trump would be a fucking disaster and that’s what he wanted to happen. None of it would have mattered if you fucking keyboard warriors hadn’t been such stupid cunts and voted for Hillary instead of sucking Bernie’s dick. Constantly going on and on about Colby voting for Trump is the kind of bullshit that got Trump elected. Liberals who are just a bunch of stupid cry babies. Get over it. He’s not a Trump supporter. He’s not out there defending Trump.

    Honestly, you all are fucking idiots and I hate you all.

    • Zachary Sire
      • Drunky McDrunkerson

        I’ve used the .gif so much as it’s the best thing evarrr but I don’t want to be all about offending people with meme and .gif cultural appropriation so I’m trying to find the white cis gendered version of it but hell, there is nothing that compares to this one. #blackgirlmagic

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Oh no more birthday bj’s

      But really honey to assume that we are all BernieBroz is just hilarious.

      The current resident of the executive mansion won by less than 80,000 votes in three states. Those states would of tipped left if 70% of the people that voted for Obama had just shown up to the polls. The election was lost by apathy. The same reason state houses have shifted right.

    • peter

      No, I’m mad as hell at the DNC for failing to seek out an alternative to a candidate everyone knew had more warts than than a toad. “It’s Hillary’s turn!” and “women have waited too long!” Throughout their careers the Clintons have demonstrated a disregard bordering on contempt for appearances. I’m grateful to Sanders for reawakening the Progressive Left, and for reminding us that 300K speaking fees from Goldman Sachs aren’t the sort of thing that has traditionally gotten Democrats elected to national office. Still I held my nose and voted for her.

      Yes, Kolby Keldeshian knew what a train-wreck Trump would be, especially for Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Queers, women, which only makes what he did all the more despicable.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Wesley has gotten a lot more woke since being with his partner. Lol

  • AsherStClaire

    Ok, having read Keller’s Op Ed piece. I get what he’s saying. It’s really really really fucking stupid and misguided, but I get it. Long story short, he’s a butthurt Bernie Bro who decided to vote for the Anthropomorphic Cheeto out of frustration he felt when Hillary won the nomination. He did something incredibly stupid and shortsighted but at the very least he’s upfront and honest about it, as opposed to someone who actually endorses Trumps ideals. Now if he would stop being so defensive about it, and own up to the fact that what he did was stupid, that would be great.

    If you’re over Keller that’s perfectly fine and your business to do so, but I personally think this would be a great opportunity to remind ourselves how to have actual constructive dialogues that allow and encourage people to grow and learn from their mistakes. But that being said, pitchforks and torches can feel a lot more cathartic sometimes.

    When you engage with Social Justice circles for a while, you learn how to spot someone whose legitimately invested in the concept and someone who’s simply their for the accolades and the “Woke Points”. That’s what Wesley Woods is giving me right now.

    He’s not legitimately invested in Social Justice as a radical concept (and if he’s an actual radical, then I’m the Prime Minister of Thailand), he’s doing it because it’s a trending topic. He doesn’t engage in actual discourse, he falsely believes that intentions don’t matter when it comes to votes (if you want those same people to keep voting in ways that hurt your interests, keep thinking that way) and he has shown no actual commitment to any of these beliefs that he’s lauding outside of these rants against Keller. All he’s done is jack off to Social Justice buzzwords, and profit off of the attention, and coin a new catch phrase.

    He’s quick to talk about Keller’s White Privilege but ignores the fact the both of them are both lacking Straight Privilege. They’re both sex workers (a group that has historically been marginalized and criminalized, like, how many commentators have dismissed Keller as just a “whore”). Like, this stuff is basic when discussing social justice.

    He talks about how he’s motivated by his relationships with “those who are socially disempowered” and accuses Keller of living in an ivory tower without any “minority friends” (again, he’s talking about a Gay man, specifically another gay sex worker) and yet there is nothing and I MEAN NOTHING
    on any of Wood’s social media to indicate that he actually engages the communities that he accuses Keller of disregarding.

    “You and I will never know what it is to live a life of oppression”, like really bitch? It’s only been two years since we got marriage equality.

    Lawrence vs. Texas was just 14 years ago.

    Matthew Shepard was murdered in 1998, and Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes have been on the rise.

    Like, if you’re trying to do an actual, responsible take-down of Keller’s ideology, then actually do it. Don’t post lips-service to boost your own profile. Stop being so lazy and stop co-signing this laziness.

    • CA

      Yeah, it’s a lot of easy political grandstanding by Wesley, “Trump voters are evil” talk is an easy win. I like him, but he’s not helping the current state of society by attacking Keller. If anything, he is creating a greater divide.

      Wesley shouldn’t be having interviews about his feelings on a Trump voter–why ever they voted for him–but he should be talking with them to help educate them on policy and community issues to help promote society rather than point fingers saying…you people are the problem.

      Anyway….I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

      • Maximus

        I don’t think that’s fair. Wesley’s contention that he’s attacking the idea instead of the person is an attempt to avoid the type of ad hominem that prevents dialogue. Furthermore, how do we know that Wesley isn’t engaging people about these problems on the ground?

        • CA

          That may be his attempt and what he thinks he’s doing, but it failed. I do not believe that we should attack people for who they chose to vote–that is where I fault him. I know he says he isn’t attacking the man, but he is. His whole platform is that Colby Keller is a white men of privilege–which is true–and Wesley’s point is to address how irresponsible and careless Keller was/is. But the conversation should not be about who Colby Keller is and what Keller did, but how there is an inequality of access and rights to people of color and white men need to be the ones to stand up to that inequality. The interview should have addressed what the facts are on the actual social injustice.

          But like I said, I like him. I get that he would not be in the “news” if he wasn’t attacking Keller, because that’s what people like to see/read and what blogs like this like to report on.

          I do not know what Wesley does as far as engaging in these conversations in real life, my comment is to only say that if he is, he shouldn’t be running around pointing the finger at Trump voters in that conversation, it needs to be about the actual issues.

          • Maximus

            Uh, of course we should criticize people who voted for Trump. Voting for that man and for the GOP is morally reprehensible. Republicans are not shy about their evil policies, and Trump’s flaws were blatantly obvious to anybody who paid attention.

          • CA

            You can criticize them if you want, but it won’t make anything better. I’m sure it makes people feel better, but it solves nothing. That is my point about comments that only create a deeper divide and don’t work to resolve any issue.

          • Maximus

            I’m not entirely sure that deepening that divide is a bad thing. Maybe we’d be better off as two independent but allied nation-states with a free movement of capital, goods, and people treaty like the EU has.

          • CA

            Well, that doesn’t make much sense, but okay.

            I stand by my original comment you responded to.

          • Maximus

            It makes plenty of sense. The country is divided between left leaning individuals and right leaning individuals, between blue states and red states, between the former Union and the former Confederacy. Why not create two countries with two separate federal systems?

          • CA

            Because that isn’t true. The country is not divided by states. We are divided by counties and cities. Obviously that isn’t even micro enough. Presidential Election Results, 2016:

          • CA

            Not to mention Obama 2008 contradicts the severity of the divide…I stand by the reason Trump won is because Democrats supersede their own voters with Super Delegates and they didn’t let their own party members choose who they wanted without influence. The Republicans didn’t want Trump, but they let their people choose. Hilary is not that strong of a campaigner–why she lost to a junior Senator 8 years ago–as a result the Democrats didn’t come out and support her. All she needed was to win a few more counties in key states like Obama did and she would be President.


          • Maximus

            What are you talking about? Hillary won the popular vote in the primary. She didn’t need the super delegates. Oh, and I call bullshit on the assertion that Hillary isn’t a strong campaigner. That’s a narrative crafted and perpetuated by pundits to the point that people just started accepting it as fact. I have always found Hillary to be incredibly impressive and inspiring, particularly in debates. I also call bullshit on the notion that Trump won. We still don’t know whether the vote tallies were changed in any of the 39 hacked state election systems, and we still don’t know the full extent of the Russian social media disinformation efforts or the extent of the Trump campaign’s involvement. Clearly you’ve been exposed tk the Kremlin/WikiLeaks lie that the Democratic primary was somehow rigged against Bernie, despite there being no credible evidence of anything other than shit talking among DNC staff.

            I am aware of the rural-urban divide, thank you. In my hypotheticsl scenario, one country would be for liberals and left-leaning moderates, and one country would be for conservatives and right-leaning moderates. Populations would migrate accordingly, such that the rural-urban divide would disappear. The blue/left/liberal country could just import agricultural goods from the red/right/conservative country if it turned out that all rural farmers would rather live in the red/right/conservative country..

          • CA

            I know all about the places Hilary wants to point and say it was their fault and not her’s–I’ve watched all the interviews these past two weeks–but the reality is she has lost two bids for the Presidency. Russia and Comey are why she lost the first time too? Just because you, and apparently Hilary herself, find her to be a great campaigner doesn’t mean she is. She clearly is not the worst campaigner, she does well, but there are people better than her and that is why she loses. She is smart, educated and prepared to lead, but not the best campaigner. .

            In reference to Super Delegates, the way they hold power and decisive direction in early voting states, they are very influential. We know that once momentum begins in a primary, it is hard to change, which is why the GOP landed Trump. I just feel that the DNC didn’t even provide a full roster of candidates because it was deemed “Hilary’s” time. As a result, the true democratic process did not play out in the Democratic Primary, as I se it. As a result, when it was time for the DNC to call their fans to the game and vote on general election day, they weren’t inspired to do so. So we lost. Hilary blames the Electoral College and asks for it to repealed, but she says nothing of the similar process–even more rigged IMO–within her own party that she can far more easily work to dismember. She won’t do that because it is power that all of her friends own and they don’t want to give that power up.

            How does the DNC call itself the party of the young and people of color and send up two old ass white people on the ballot and then tell all those young and brown people to come vote for them…they represent you. To those less engaged in the process, they seem like the status quo of the old party line DNC and they weren’t interested. I just think the party is out of touch and that is why they lost. Not because America is any more divided or racist–and it is racist–than it was back in 2008.

            The reality is that most people are not the extremes they espouse. They may say it, but then red counties love their schools, police, firemen. Liberal states still ask for less regulation of property and a cap on taxation.

            Because we have this silly team mentality, we can not get beyond our differences to see how similar we are. We need farms in this country. We need blue collar workers who tend to be more conservative. They need educators who tend to be more liberal. I realize you are talking in hypothetical terms, but it speaks to the problem. That the “other Americans” are the problem. That is what the allegorical system wants people to believe. They like the system as is and the hoi polloi bickering amongst themselves is perfect in their plan.

            Bringing it back to porn, that is why I find it useless to point at Colby Keller as the problem. He is not the problem. Hilary as President would not solve the problem. What Colby so inarticulately was trying to say, is that the status quo changes nothing and Hilary is the status quo. That was the Bernie campaign, that was the Obama campaign, that was the Trump campaign.

          • Maximus

            But that’s just not true, hun. The super delegates supported Hillary early in the 2008 primary but switched to Obama when the electorate’s preference for him became clear. Don’t you see how dismissing Hillary’s criticism of the electoral college but validating Bernie’s criticism of the super delegates is unfair? It’s also a false equivalence. If not for the super delegates, Hillary still would have won the primary. However, if not for the electoral college, Hillary would NOT still have lost the general.

            I reject the notion that a politician has to be a person of color in order to represent the interests of people in color. That’s not to say that we don’t need more people of color and other minorities in elected positions—we desperately do—but Hillary was still an advocate for minority groups’ rights (just ask Maxine Waters).

            Being anti-status quo is cliché and myopic. The fact of the matter is that Hillary was the best positioned to deliver relatively small but meaningful change.

            Please watch Thursday’s episode of PBS Newshour to learn how Russian trolls and bots influenced the election. Also, please read about how Jared Kushner recruited Cambridge Analytica to microtarget users on social media with fake news.

            The point is: We’re all doomed.

          • CA

            I’m not dismissing Hilary’s criticism of the EC and validating Bernie’s criticism of the SD, I am saying Hilary is doing that. She continues to call for abolishing the EC, but she supports the SD. I’m okay with them both SD/EC staying to be honest, I just think she is being hypocritical. I also stand by my point that the DNC took active efforts to suppress others from running in the primary and declared Hilary their choice before voting began. By them doing that, they never gave their members a real voice in who they wanted and when it was time for them to vote for her, they didn’t show up.

            I will watch the PBS special and I have no doubt that foreign agencies had their fingers in the election, America does the same thing–as we should. I think when you have a vulnerable candidate like Hilary who is the establishment of a government that people are unhappy with she had plenty going against her outside of Russian bots. The reason Trump won his primary was a clear ejection of the government. The reason Obama won, was a rejection of the establishment. The DNC was out of touch with that and sent to the national election a nominee who was saying the same stuff she and her party have always said. Well…then Bernie who is not a DNC member came along and forced her to start to change her platform by pushing her to the left that felt disingenuous.

            I do not think that a candidate needs to be young or a person of color to represent those populations–Bernie was not young but he resonated with young people. My comment about the aesthetic of Hilary/Kaine on the ticket only served as a phenotype of how out of touch the DNC is. Not to mention the Clintons have struggled to reconnect with the African American community since their support of unbalanced drug laws and their attack of Obama when he ran against her 8 years ago. She should have chosen Corey Booker as her VP, I don’t know if that would have helped, but that’s just my opinion.

            I just think the Hilary comes off as a politician and people do not want politicians to run government right now. I think the DNC was out of touch with a large population of Democrats and for that reason we lost.

            Ans I do not think we are doomed, he’s only a President and luckily we live in America where that position is only as powerful as the country and other government officials allow it to be. Trump eager to make enemies with people will be the thing to prevent him from getting anything significant done.

            Anyway, we could go on forever about this but I appreciate your opinions and insight.

  • Goodboy

    Who fucking cares. I don’t support Trump but it’s his right to vote any way he wants. Get a grip queen.

    • peter

      You’re missing the point: it wasn’t simply that he voted for Trump, it’s that he grandstanded, turned it into this big publicity stunt, touted it as an original ‘revolutionary act’, and in doing so demonstrated a complete lack of regard for all the people of color, immigrants, queers, etc. who are getting screwed-over by Trump’s white nationalist agenda. It was pure narcissism, and a cheap way for a porn star of a certain age to generate continued interest.

  • a b

    Only if you are paying for the porn :)

  • Kanaka

    Team Wesley here. Cute, funny, smart, versatile, out & proud.

  • xmiro

    keep whoring and stop telling people what jerking off to Colby Keller does

  • kireb

    Does not being attracted to Wesley Woods mean that i am a Trump supporter?

  • Cosmic

    I tend not to take advice on politics from bareback porn stars.

  • Baradude
  • Maximus

    Y’all bitches are a bunch of capricious hos. Everybody here was ready to suck Wesley’s dick from sunup to sundown not too long ago. Why all the hate for him just because he agreed to do a short interview? I get it, we’re all officially over Ms. Colby Killery and her shenanigans, but there’s no reason to take it out on Wesley. Calm the fuck down and focus your ire on the people who deserve it most. Hating on people for merely existing is MY gig.

  • mikehdg

    This whole thing with Colby Keller is totally surreal. I just have a few things to say.
    1 Porn is fantasy
    2 Porn is fantasy
    3 How can you be all up in arms about discrimination based on race, sexual orientation and gender identity and be all for discrimination based on political views?
    4 I don’t see much difference between saying “I am a religious conservative and if you don’t agree with me you are evil and not entitled to your opinion” and “I am an enlightened liberal and if you don’t agree with me than you are evil and not entitled to your opinion”
    5 Porn is fantasy

    • CA

      That’s the whole thing. Once one side isn’t listening to the other, then the conversation ends…if it ever started. But people find it hard to listen and put themselves in the shoes of other people.

      The divide in this country is based on one thing Economics. Jim Crow was established to make sure poor white men didn’t befriend poor freed black men and it would keep the poor masses from revolting against the 1%. It was a master plan that still works post-Jim Crow.

  • Greg Snyder

    I am so tired of people, especially in our community, that say that performers should just shut the fuck up. The truth is, elections have consequences and therefore, so should the vote that you cast. I personally will not watch a Colby Keller video or purchase from a site that even sells his videos. As Michelle Obama said this week, “women who voted for Trump, voted against their own voice”, well, boys and girls, Keller voted against his own voice and our voices. He should not be rewarded for this. He basically took a huge shit on the community from which he makes his living. The only way we have to show our outrage and disgust towards him is to boycott his videos and those that purvey them. This issue is not just limited to Keller. I have stopped supporting any company or celebrity who supported Trump because the only way we have to show them the error of their ways is through their wallet. I was never a huge fan of Wesley Woods. I honestly found him attractive, but very much the one of a thousand that fit that mold in the gay porn industry. Listening to him and hearing him back up his position on this important issue has made me a fan…not just of him as a porn start, but as a gay man and a human being. I know most people who watch gay porn are thinking about nothing more than their dicks, but there are people attached to that dick. Would you be in a relationship with someone who shares Keller’s views of Trumpism and white supremacy? If you would, then you are part of the problem that has infested this country of ours. We have worked so hard for the rights we have and it is not to our advantage to support those who would take those rights away.
    I know I will get a lot of nasty bitchy comments for this, but that is life. I appreciate the fact that there were those who came before me and laid their lives on the line at Stonewall and in the Castro so that I could express myself as a proud gay American male and I truly feel I would be doing them a disservice if I did not speak out against those that cause harm to our community. I recently told a straight friend that a gay person voting for Trump was akin to a black person showing up at a Klan rally. And, I believe that with all my heart.
    There are heroes out there in gay porn. They may be few and far between. One in particular is Rex Cameron (Cory Frederick). Cory blogs and tweets and promotes social equality and makes his voice heard every day on the assault that Trump has started on our community. I think, just maybe, we LGBT community members ought to think with our brains for just a moment and give credit where it is due. Cory, along with Wesley, are trying to stand up for your rights and deserve your respect. Your vitriol should be aimed at those with beliefs of Keller who gladly take your money while laughing at you.