When Was He Hotter: Adrian Hart Moves From Randy Blue To Falcon

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49506_07Falcon is now 2-for-2 in terms of releasing hot as fuck scenes from their brand new “Falcon Edge” line. The first one was with the absurdly perfect Sean Zevran and Adam Ramzi, and now this second one is with the insanely gorgeous Landon Conrad and Adrian Hart.


Landon-Conrad-slams-Adrian-Harts-hungry-hole-in-the-gay-porn-film-Ready-To-Fuck-by-Falcon-Studios-449506_06Perhaps not coincidentally, this is the second Edge scene featuring a former Randy Blue model, as both Sean Zevran and now Adrian Hart started out at that L.A.-based studio. Which former RB models will Falcon Edge director Nick Foxx (who’s formerly a Randy Blue director) snatch next?

Trailer for Landon Conrad and Adrian Hart in Ready To Fuck (watch in full here):

[Falcon: Landon Conrad Fucks Adrian Hart]

I’d ask “when was Adrian Hart hotter,” but I think it’s pretty clear that he’s equally hot both then and now. Falcon shot on the left, Randy Blue on the right:

falcon adrian hart randy blueAND:

A friendly reminder of one of my favorite Randy Blue scenes of all time, and one of the Most Masturbated-To Scenes of 2013, the three-way starring Adrian Hart, Robert Craig, and…Sean Zevran:

3WAY-21 3WAY-24 3WAY-131

[Randy Blue: Adrian Hart, Robert Craig, & Sean Zevran Three-Way Fuckfest]

  • NG212

    I preferred his haircut at RB, and Falcon seems to have gone a bit crazy photoshopping his dick.

    I’ve never seen that threeway. I should really get on that.

    • Zoompietro

      I was thinking the same thing about the haircut, the one in the RB pic is much better but that’s a simple fix thankfully.

  • GN
  • sxg

    He really hasn’t changed much at all.

    And damn how terrible is Randy Blue being run that they’ve been losing all these models to other studios? Adrian Hart, Trevor Tripp, Travis James, Sean Zevran, Josh Connors, Jake Andrews, Levi Michaels, Chris Bines, Braden Charron, Jaxton Wheeler, Joey Carter and Nick Sterling just in about the last year are gone. I’m not all that disappointed Braden Charron or Chris Bines left I always found them to be the most boring performers, Jaxton even said that his scene with Braden was one of the worst lol. And I know why Travis is gone from the studio, and probably Nick Sterling as well. Sean Zevran, I have my theories.

    And in the midst of all this, they’re starting to pick up models that other studios no longer want. Lance Alexander, Justin Owen, and Jarec Wentworth are a couple. Tyler Wolf surprisingly did not get more work, which is odd because he’s so hot and he was so good at Falcon. Also Jimmy Clay as well, he’s filmed a solo so maybe duos are still to come. And Jimmy Fanz and I think Lance Luciano have open contracts, so they’re not RB exclusives and are free to work at other studios.

    • zach

      Studios “no longer want” Jarec Wentworth?! I’d say that was the biggest casting coup in recent memory.

      • sxg

        I don’t believe the whole story that Jarec was let go from SC because he just “ran his course” at the studio. Something happened with him and the studio owners I’m sure, and from what I’ve heard, I think I know what it is.

        And as much as I still like a lot of Randy Blue material, I’m not as enthusiastic about Jarec’s move to the studio. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to him barebacking and it just seems odd to see him wearing a condom again, but his scenes are just nowhere near as exciting at RB as they were at SC.

        • robirob

          “Something happened with him and the studio owners I’m sure, and from what I’ve heard, I think I know what it is.”

          I would be interested in your theory. While Jarec isn’t exactly my number one favorite Sean Cody model of all times I thought he must have been pretty popular with the other members of the site for being in so many of the SC clips. And with the steady stream of new models the site is smart to pair them up with already established / fan favorites from the site than just pair newbies up with other newbies.

          However in my opinion the Randy Blue clips where Jarec is paired up with Cobly Keller (who started his porn career at Sean Cody) and Justin Owen are pretty good.

          • Estelle

            Jimmy clay has been gone from shooting porn for over a year. Justin owen and lance Alexander were busts at Dylan lucas along with the rest of the pacific blue models

    • keldommage

      Also Lance alexander is one of the hottest and best bottoms ever. Is Jake Andrews shooting for someone else?

      • sxg

        He’s hot in a different atypical of pornstar kind of way. His performances could be better. And yes Jake Andrews barebacked at Lucas, which is pretty sad I must say for him to fall that far down.

        • Estelle

          Jake Andrews was actively looking for a sugar daddy not too long ago. He also barebacked on jake cruises site with an ugly little troll named ali.

          • sxg

            Yea he barebacked with duckface of all people, and I was told by someone who knows him is he did it because he was desperate for money. As far as sugar daddy goes, who knows if he’s still looking for that. He’s currently dating some hot little Latino guy. Jake has a things for Latinos. I think he lives in FL now.

  • Odetofear

    Since i like RB more than Falcon, i say Randy Blue.

  • keldommage

    He is hot as ever but preferred him beefier and less cut in the RB promopic

  • Diesel Washington

    Let me see Landon has fucked Trelino and Tyson Tyler and Adrian Hart all super hot Black models of color.

    Marc Dylan he is not…

    Hes hot and has good taste in Men…. Now THAT is a Star #TeamLandon

  • Randy Blue wins!

  • Dakota

    The side by side above makes it look like he had a penis reduction. I’m hoping EDGE doesn’t equal interracial and thats just been a coincidence in these releases scenes

  • Spencer87

    Equally hot.I love him more when he is hairy.I wish he was more versatile.Such a big juicy dick going to waste. I miss Robert aswell.

  • James Withers

    Randy Blue. Falcon. Don’t really care. The real problem is he’s not sitting on my lap.