2015 Cybersocket Awards: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, And Who Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell

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Here we go again. It’s an annual tradition for me to try and predict the basically unpredictable Cybersocket Award winners, so let’s get to it. The winners are usually based on a combination of two things: 1. Which studio spent the most money buying ads in Cybersocket magazine, and 2. Which performer/studio actually got the most fan votes.

Sometimes the wins are legit, and sometimes they make absolutely no sense. And sometimes, even the nominations make zero sense, as Colby Keller, Tommy Defendi, Austin Wilde, and even Paddy O’Brian were all snubbed this year.

That said, the Cybersockets are always a fun event, and it’s a great opportunity for a bunch of insane people to get together and get blackout drunk (myself included). Follow Str8UpGayPorn on Twitter tomorrow night for drunk tweets from the show until either I or my phone dies.

As I say every year: I’m usually about 99% wrong, so keep that in mind. “Who Will Win” is based on who I really think will win; “Who Should Win” is who I think is most deserving of a win; “No Guts, No Glory” is who I think doesn’t stand a chance in Hell.

Best New Site
Euro Boy XXX
Gay Hoopla
Gay Pawn
Gods of Men
Jet Set On Demand
Joe Schmoe Videos
Male Reality
Mr. Man
Sketchy Sex
Thick and Big
UK Hot Jocks
Wank This

Who Will Win: GayHoopla.
Who Should Win: Sketchy Sex. They aren’t necessarily the “best,” but they had a lot of people talking this year (probably for all the wrong reasons).
No Guts, No Glory: Jet Set On Demand. LOL, this now defunct studio hasn’t made a movie in years, so how was their streaming site (featuring ancient content) even nominated? Your guess is as good as mine.

Best Personality
Buck Angel
Chi Chi LaRue
Chris Crocker
Christian Owen
Diesel Washington
Dominic Pacifico
FabScout Howard
Jeremy Lucido
Johnny Hazzard
Jonathan Agassi
Marc Macnamara
Michael Brandon
Michael Lucas
mr. Pam
Scott Boardman
Sister Roma
Steve Peña
Topher Dimaggio
Zach Sire

Who Will Win: Has there ever been a category filled entirely with people who didn’t deserve to win? Just kidding! This could go to mr. Pam, but since she’s hosting the show, that might seem like favoritism?
Who Should Win: Sister Roma.
No Guts, No Glory: While it’s a joke that I’m nominated here, it might be an even bigger joke that Chris Crocker and Michael Lucas are, too. Any one of us winning would be embarrassing, and it’ll never happen.

Best Video Site
Active Duty
All Australian Boys
Bait Buddies
Bear Films
Bel Ami Online
Blake Mason
Broke Straight Boys
Cazzo Club
Channel 1 Releasing
Chaos Men
Cocksure Men
Cocky Boys
COLT Studio Group
Corbin Fisher
Dallas Reeves
Dirty Boy Video
Dirty Tony
Dominic Ford
Factory Video Productions
Falcon Studios Group
Fresh SX
HDK Central
Helix Studios
Hot House
Icon Male
Jet Set Men
Kristen Bjorn
Lucas Entertainment
Lucas Kazan Productions
Manville Entertainment
Naked Sword
Next Door World
Pride Studios
Raging Stallion Studios
Randy Blue
Sean Cody
Stag Homme
Suburban Boys
Tim Tales
Treasure Island Media
William Higgins
You Love Jack

Who Will Win: BelAmi.
Who Should Win: Sean Cody. They didn’t have the best year, but I still love them.
No Guts, No Glory: Dallas Reeves.

Best Porn Star
Adam Killian
Adam Russo
Andrew Stark
Antonio Biaggi
Billy Santoro
Boomer Banks
Brad Kalvo
Brent Everett
Casey Williams
Chase Young
Christian Wilde
Colby Jansen
Damien Crosse
Dean Monroe
Evan Parker
Hans Berlin
Jake Bass
Jimmy Durano
Joey (SeanCody)
Johnny Rapid
Jordano Santoro
JR Bronson
Kevin Warhol
Kirk Cummings
Kris Evans
Landon Conrad
Leo Forte
Levi Karter
Levi Michaels
Marco Rubi
Marco Sessions
Max Cameron
Max Carter
Max Ryder
Nick Capra
Paul Wagner
Race Cooper
Ryan Rose
Seth Fornea
Tomas Brand
Trenton Ducati
Tristan Mathews

Who Will Win: Ryan Rose or Jake Bass or Jimmy Durano or Boomer Banks. All deserving. And given that all four of them are attending the event, one of them is going to win. (Winners are notified ahead of the event to insure attendance.)
Who Should Win: Ryan Rose. Like him or not, he had the most solid, “busiest” year in gay porn.
No Guts, No Glory: Seth Fornea. He’s never even done gay porn.

Movie of the Year
Bareback Sex Fest Lucas Entertainment
Battle Of The Bulge Active Duty
Breeding Marcus Issacs Treasure Island Media
Choir Boy Eurocreme
Frat House Cream Naked Sword
Fucking Builders After Hours Series Blake Mason
Jake Jaxson’s Answered Prayers Cocky Boys
Marc D’Angelo – Pure Power Bear Films
Meat Packers 2 Raging Stallion
Pits And Pubes Alternadudes
Pure Chaos Chaos Men
Sentenced Channel 1 Releasing
Stepfather’s Secret  Men.com
Strangers In Prague Kristen Bjorn
Toy Stories UK Hot Jocks
Velo Helix Studios
Welcome to L.A Randy Blue

Who Will Win: Stepfather’s Secret. Men.com has MindGeek’s money, so they could have picked themselves up an award with this controversial movie, featuring Dirk Caber’s triple-penetration scene. The movie was also a fan favorite, so a win could actually be deserved.
Who Should Win: Answered Prayers. Even though the complete feature hasn’t even been fully released yet, there was no higher quality movie that generated more buzz and acclaim than AP.
No Guts, No Glory: Breeding Marcus Issacs. I dare the Cybersockets to give an award to a studio known for its snuff films.

Best Newcomer
Abraham Al Malek
Brent Alex
Brian Davilla
Cam Christou
Colton Grey
Corbin Riley
Dato Foland
David Benjamin
David Lambert
Dennis Vega
Hans Wunderkind
Jack Radley
James Castle
Jason Phoenix
Liam Riley
Luke Adams
Lyle Boyce
Marc Ruffalo
Mark Sanz
Markie More
Rex Blue
Rhys Jagger
Rocco Steele
Shiloh (ChaosMen)
Tayte Hansen

Who Will Win: Tayte Hanson. A no-brainer. His fans are insane, and their frenzied voting probably crashed Cybersocket’s website.
Who Should Win: Liam Riley and Colton Grey. Liam Riley was a true breath of fresh air in 2014, and then Colton Grey’s hotness took my breath away. Alternates: Luke Adams and Rocco Steele.
No Guts, No Glory: Hans Wunderkind!


  • sxg

    Abraham and Brian Davilla newcumers??? They’ve been around awhile. Although Abraham did take a couple of years break from a scene or 2 at Staghomme and came back in full force last year!

  • McM.

    I have never heard of Mr. Man. Looked it up and it’s celebrity nudes; not sure why it is up for a porn award.

    For best newcomer, it’d be nice if Liam Riley could win. I’ll be upfront and say he is not my cup of tea, but from the scenes of his I’ve seen, there’s no denying Liam Riley is a great performer. On top of that, I’ve noticed he is very sensual and connected to his partners, which is refreshing because that element is missing from a lot of porn today.

    As for best video site, there’s a lot of others who should win over Bel Ami. Sure, they have hot guys, but they’re all starting to blend together. If you showed me a video/scene, I’d have trouble telling you if it was released three days ago or three years ago.

    • ted cox

      Mr. Man is listed on the event poster as a sponsor, so there you go.

  • dave1984

    Bel Ami guys are hot, the fucking is fucking boring!!!

    • sxg

      Yea Czech and Hungarian guys are the most boring guys to watch have gay sex. FAR better gay porn come from German and Spanish models they are just better at sex.

  • Guest

    WOOPS nevermind, wrong topic lol

  • andrew

    My choice for best site: #1 Sean Cody #2 Bel Ami Online. Best Porn Star #1 Ryan Rose #2 Kris Evans #3 Joey of SC. Best newcomer: Dato Foland.

  • Colorful Kent

    If Hoopla wins, I’m done with Cybersocket. It’s an embarrassment to GAY porn. Should be disqualified for not meeting the definition.

  • zombieking

    I wondered why Seth Fornea is listed as well. Guy is hot as fuck, no denying that, but he hasnt done anything remotely hardcore for gay porn and it doesnt seem like he will

    • Luca

      you wonder ONLY about Seth Fornea? 😀

      Frankly, more than half nominations in each category are travesties. I really would like to see a porn award with 6 nominations maximum, for once!

  • It’s also a joke that I was nominated.

    • Just to clarify, my up-vote is not a sign of agreement. I just like humility.

  • Todd

    “And the winner is ….ZACHARY SIRE !!!”