Billy Santoro Is Now Involved In The Deranged Michael Lucas War Over Josh Moore, Because Of Course

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bifBilly Santoro dealt with obsessed psychopath Michael Lucas two years ago, when the deranged studio owner tried to claim ownership of Santoro’s husband, Seth, after he contracted chlamydia on a Lucas film set and escaped Lucas Entertainment by working with other studios. Today, Billy Santoro is dealing with Duckface again.

As most know, Lucas is currently stalking another Lucas Entertainment escapee, Josh Moore, by threatening competing studios, threatening affiliate blogs who receive commission payments by promoting Lucas content, and threatening both Moore and his boyfriend, all via disturbing voicemails and emails obtained by Str8UpGayPorn. Thankfully, despite Lucas’s threats and possibly illegal interference with other people’s businesses, Moore has been able to find work with other studios, first with UKHotJocks and, as Billy Santoro revealed in a comment here last week, now with MenAtPlay:


Because Billy Santoro loves causing drama almost as much as he loves to pretend that he doesn’t have anything to do with any drama, he took to Twitter to share this news, without tagging Michael Lucas (“ML”), of course:

bm1Thankfully, for all of us who enjoy watching porn people fight publicly, lunatic Lucas (who has actually started to make nutjob Nica Noelle appear moderately sane?) saw Santoro’s subtweet, and he responded directly by bringing up that bogus, unenforceable contract:

bm2What’s craziest here is that Michael Lucas has now publicly admitted that he has gay affiliate blogs (and that obviously means QueerMeNow, QueerFever, probably The Sword, and any other blog that doesn’t cover Moore’s work with MenAtPlay and UKHotJocks) doing his bidding. All these bloggers are tools, of course, but if Michael Lucas being able to control any blog coverage doesn’t enrage other studios who have their own content to promote, they might as well just shut down their studios and give the fuck up.

The fight went on a little longer:

bm3 bm4 bm5You know things are getting wild when Str8UpGayPorn is #TeamSantoro.

  • NG212
  • Greg Snyder

    I know what this is….it’s Bravo’s sly way of promoting it’s newest show..”Real Gay Pornstars of St. “Peters”burg……LMAO

  • Marik Ishtar

    Remember that time she said she was going to stand up to abuse and would not work for Icon Male again. Then slithered right back to Nica’s tits and apologized.
    All credibility (he never had any to begin with) is gone. Miss Thang will find any excuse to be a cunt. This time it’s aimed at someone neither of you like, but be careful with “Enemy of my enemy” scenarios. Alliances built on shallow grounds can be crumbled just as easily.
    It’s funny how people never want to chime in on petty issues but never discuss: sexual racism, homophobia, steroids, and drug use; or stay away from controversial topics like, is it okay for neg to paired with pos, hiring men with sex crime records, producers/directors sleeping with their talent, using no condoms in private but promoting condoms in porn, telling performers to “act straight”, assimilating trans porn into gay porn, quality versus quantity and what should be expected by paying customers, and fetishazation of ‘taboos’ like underage, bug chasing, and rape.
    But I won’t ask too much from you, I know how hard it is for you to think and hold in cumfarts at the same time.

    • Porn Star

      You are so dumb LOL!! And PLAYED!!!

    • Ceecee

      Riiiight I forgot about that. I was trying to remember why I didn’t like him again, I forgot he was a bit of a Nica apologist. Still, never too late to see the light.

    • Paul J

      I’m pretty sure Billy Santoro is a “He”. I’ve seen his rather delicious looking cock.

      • Maximus

        Some individuals—including many who regularly comment on this blog—eschew the concept of gender by using gender pronouns interchangeably. It’s a small act of protest against patriarchy and its oppressive binary gender norms.

        • Paul J

          How pompous.

          • Mike Julius

            Your post strikes me as ironic.

          • Paul J

            in that case you really need to look up the meaning of “ironic”.

          • Mike Julius

            In this case, the irony I’m referring to is you calling his post pompous when you yourself come off as pompous in your condescension. It’s called “situational irony” and you can look it up on, Merriam Webster’s site online.

          • Paul J


          • Mike Julius

            I didn’t offer advice.

          • Paul J

            Again, take your own advice. And, for your information, I don’t give fuck what you think.

          • Mike Julius


          • McM.

            It’s not pompous, it’s accurate. The mixing of gender pronouns is a remnant of Polari/lavender linguistics and was purposely done for the reasons @disqus_idRbXNsMaI:disqus described. You are on a board with gay men, so expect to run into different aspects of gay culture.

            Billy Santoro is secure enough in his masculinity to be referred to by feminine pronouns. He does it as well to other men.

            @disqus_iSvngWMJfn:disqus is not trans, so it’s not like we are misgendering him in that respect.

          • Paul J

            It is pompous. I am well aware that some gay men like to refer to others as “she” and don’t need any lessons in gay culture. You may think you are challenging patriarchy or whatever. I think you are being demeaning and rude. I am also entitled to give my opinion without being patronised.

        • Billy’s voice is not the most butch, he sounds what some would call gay so it is common to use she when referring to a gay many who sounds stereotypically gay. Amongst friends it can be endearing. Similar to when black people call each other the N word.

          • Maximus

            I’d say that gay men calling one another “faggot” is more analogous to black people referring to one another by the N-word. Switching pronouns can be done independent of personal characteristics.

          • Mike Julius

            Is it analogous, though? There’s no soft A. The -er drops and the -a is added with the n word; nothing like that happens with the f word except shortening it which usually sounds just as jarring.

          • Yeah that is true but it was the analogy that came to mind at the time.

          • Paul J

            And here is the reason why referring to gay men as “she” is demeaning. Billy’s voice isn’t butch enough so it’s fair game to call him she. We all have to be “straight acting” and if we are not sufficiently so, it’s fine to draw attention to that by calling us a woman. It’s not endearing. It’s oppressive.

          • You are too sensitive.

          • Paul J

            Thanks for the unwanted advice.

          • You are more than welcome since it was “unwanted”.

          • Paul J

            Telling someone that they are “too sensitive” is advice. You don’t understand the difference between disagreeing with another’s opinion and making a personal attack. And as I’ve said to others, I don’t give fuck what you think, so stop wasting your time.

          • Whatever, it is still not advice. Did I suggest anything you might do to not be so sensative? No. That would have been advice. I simply stated something, which you don’t agree with but that does not make it advice.

            BTW here is the definition of the word advice;
            guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative.
            “she visited the island on her doctor’s advice”
            synonyms: guidance, counseling, counsel, help, direction; More
            a formal notice of a financial transaction.
            plural noun: advices
            “remittance advices”
            information; news.
            “fresh advices from Europe”

          • Paul J

            Telling someone they are too sensitive is advising them to be less sensitive. Here’s some advice for you: Being able to cut and paste does not make you intelligent.

          • And being a bitch does not make you right.

          • Paul J

            No but being right does.

          • Right wing is about the only thing right about you.

          • But your alternative facts don’t make you right they just make your right wing.

  • Ceecee

    Fuck Lucas is a goddamn wingnut. Surely there’s like an amulet or something out there that we can use to send him back to whatever hell he came from.

  • Xzamilloh

    This is what their Twitter war looks like in real life

  • Xzamilloh
    • C3xxx

      Hypoxia™, the brand of losers.

  • Cosmic

    Whoever wins…we all lose.

  • Zealot

    Lacey Marie Tennerschmidt, avowed contract specialist for Lucas Entertainment, reports that Mr. Michael is “seriously very mad” at Josh and has asked the playground monitors to make sure he doesn’t be mean or shove him or stuff. Mr. Michael is so angry at Mr. Pooh-Pooh-Head Josh that he’s going to tell on him and get him in real trouble.

    • Pertinax

      Oh! How a good scratcher this lil’girl is. Is she drawing a blue ass’ crack ? If this angel were doing it with this smile and looking at me, I swear I would kill her.

      • Zealot

        I think she’s drawing a rendition of the blue streak ML cursed when Joshie took his toy and moved to a new playground.

  • Blacharrt

    Zach, you are in the upside down. You better come back before those long dick monsters have babies inside you.

    • Mike Julius


  • sanfv

    Nica Noelle is #teamsantoro as well and says hi from the dumpster she shares with the Sanitation couple.

  • OverKill
  • Estelle

    Could someone please post the Billy Santoro/Baba Booey pic for old times sake!

  • Dulcis Memoria
  • FooFight
  • Scrapple

    Zach’s use of that old Red Alert boxcover is fucking hilarious. Can someone mail a copy of that dvd to Trump and get the deportation ball rolling?

    Billy and Michael, you guys need to squash this beef. You’re both already destroying the world. Why not team up? Think of all the damage you could do together.

    Think of the fear infection you could unleash upon the world. We all know you share similar stances on infections.

    • edginghours

      Upvoting for the Langoliers gif.

      • Marik Ishtar

        That movie….Dear god, it was horrible and yet the best thing ever at the same time.

    • McM.

      Red alert! Red alert! It’s a catastrophe
      But don’t worry, don’t panic
      Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but history, yeah
      But it’s alright, don’t panic

      (Basement Jaxx – Red Alert)

    • Mike Julius

      As if Trump would deport a Russian.

      • Scrapple


  • Martin

    I love how he starts drama and previously talks about speaking up about being “outspoken” in porn but he’s too cowardly to speak up to the person he directed his post too. I love femmes but he is the main reason as to why I absolutely hate bitchy (and I mean the ones that are for no reason) femmes along with that introverted ass crack of a face he has.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Lucas looks gross in that box art. I thought Falcon was famous for only putting the hottest guys on their covers?

  • FrenchBug

    The only thing that surprises me in all of this is to realize that studios are still hiring BS.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    ML take a page for Donnie, get off twitter it does MLE no good for you to air the company’s dirty laundry. The days of any publicity is good publicity are gone.


    I am going sit this one out because these 2 scum bags R cut from the same cloth

  • R.A.M.J

    This is the gay porn version of two hobo’s fight in the street.

  • blkrys

    This scene was released just yesterday by one of my favorite sites. I LOVE the write up for this scene. Nothing but pure class at timtales. Looks like Josh is doing just fine.

  • Mike

    According to QP, Billy Santoro is filming new scenes for LE. It’s all very confusing! LOL!,