ChaosMen Has Brought Back That Guy With The Confederate Flag Tattoo, And He’s Performing With A Black Model

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2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_007When ChaosMen’s “Basil”—who has a racist Confederate Flag tattoo painted on his upper right arm—made his debut last week, I never thought we’d see him again. Today, not only are we seeing him again, we’re seeing him in a scene with Jerome, who ChaosMen identifies as half black and half white on his profile page.

2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_005 2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_009 2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_015Str8UpGayPorn reached out to ChaosMen last week asking why they would put a racist symbol on display in one of their gay porn scenes, but the studio did not reply to my request for comment. As you’ll recall, rival studio Sean Cody recently pulled down content featuring a Confederate Flag tattoo after Str8UpGayPorn discovered that the studio had tried to blur out the tattoo in post-production. ChaosMen, however, has never tried to hide Basil’s Confederate Flag tattoo, and it’s unclear what (if any) kind of message the studio is trying to send by pairing Basil with Jerome.

The other thing that’s unclear? Of all the people willing to jerk off on the internet, how hard could it possibly be to just not hire someone with a Confederate fucking Flag tattoo?

2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_017 2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_027 2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_054 2334_chaosmen_basil_jerome_serviced_hires_043In this “Servicing” scene, Jerome and Basil oil each other up and then suck each other’s cocks, with the bright red Confederate Flag tattoo visible in multiple photos and throughout the video. As bad as this is, there are obviously more important and more horrifying things going on in the world today—particularly in Texas right now, where this scene was filmed. Still, a tattoo that’s symbolic of slavery and white supremacy should not be normalized or somehow made to be “acceptable” in gay porn (or anywhere else) in 2019, no matter who’s sucking the tattooed person’s cock.


  • Jay

    Yuck on so many levels.

  • Ben_thecoolhobo

    Lol at least Mindgeek aka the straighties tried to cover up the tattoo and took the down the videos. Here, Bryan, openly gay man, pretended the tattoo like it’s not there for everyone to see and had the nerve to pair the guy with the confederate tattoo with a black guy.

    Gay white privilege at its finest.

    Also the guy is not even that hot. mess.. this is the hill you wanna die on, bryan?

  • Scrapple

    The fact that Bryan put these two together at all is bad enough. But he released this scene several days after what was most likely a racially motivated mass shooting. He has a biracial man oiling up and servicing a guy with a confederate flag tat two days after Toni Morrison died. There are so many levels to this disrespect. But where’s the surprise? This is America.
    And this is gay porn.

    • John

      Lmao, really? “two days after Toni Morrison died”? Who gives a fuck? The black/biracial/whatever guy going down on a definitely not white guy shouldn’t really make news, “But where’s the surprise? This is America.”

      • Scrapple

        Let me take a moment to breathe out so I can get through this as nicely as possible.

        Okay. I mentioned Toni Morrison because her literature primarily dealt with the interpersonal relationships between Black and White people as a result of slavery, as well as the experience of Black people losing and regaining their identity in the US post slavery. Mentioning someone who addressed those themes was relevant to a conversation about haphazard displays of a symbol which harbors a history steeped in violence and racism. If you don’t give a fuck about the relevancy of Ms. Morrison’s passing, or the production and release of this video, great. But don’t expect other people to treat the matter so flippantly.

  • Quinton Jackson

    He knew what the fuck he was doing when he paired them together. The fact that he even brought this fugly man back in the first place should be consider an attack on us gays that support his ass, but then, you brought this fugly man back – knowing his ass has a confederate flag tat and also knowing the hate behind it?

    I hope this lil bit of attention you clearly wanted was worth it Ms. Ockert. I will now cancel my membership and illegally download all the good videos. Bye crusty.

    • trumn10

      Perfect comment!

    • Xzamilloh

      Get the old Vander ones. They’re all great.

      **You know where to go**

  • Knightgee

    It’s actually wild that the scene featuring a damn confederate flag tattoo also still ends up being more diverse than like 90% of the blinding white scenes that come out of most of these types of porn studios.

    • WashSpinDry

      Until gays themselves get over racial boundaries (the segregation with the gay community is pathological), and why they are only attracted to certain races, the porn scene will stay segregated.

      And that’s a whole bigger issue itself, and unfortunately its not even restricted to us gays.

    • trumn10

      If you want something different then your are obviously subscribing to the wrong sites.

  • funster

    Jerome deserves so much better 🤮🤮

    • marcuz86

      Jerome is also wasted in serviced scenes.

      • Jay

        Let’s get to the real meat.
        SERVICE SCENES are dumb.

        • trumn10

          But it’s Wednesday on ChaosMen. That is the schedule, that has been the schedule for a long time. No need to complain it isn’t changing. Though I do agree he shoudn’t wte any of his potentially hot pairings on a Wednesday, since he won’t use those same guys together again in a Friday scene.
          Chaos is what it is, and an apt name– todays scne can not be ratioanlized though. Just unacceptable.

  • Dkingz33

    Poor Jerome he doesn’t deserve this. At least SC had the guts to pull their model off their site.

    • trumn10

      SC obviously isn’t as desperate as Bryan.

  • Dave Morozkin

    ChaosMen has always been a low-class joint as far as studios go. Haven’t watched one of their scenes in years, but I remember finding it creepy how the owner would put himself in scenes, especially ones where he “services” the young twinks.

    • Jay

      That’s like 30% of the content being produced in gay AND straight porn.

      • Dave Morozkin

        What? Don’t ever remember seeing a middle-aged flabby guy have his way with young models under his employ on any other site except the real sketch ones like Daddy Mugs or Jake Cruise. Sean Cody did a few back in the day, but they’ve vanished from the site.

        • Jay

          They’re out there. You’re not looking for them specifically. And that’s fine. It’s not for you. But just because you don’t know of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And given your volatile reaction I don’t really want to reveal any more to you.

          Just be aware that this is part of porn, and tends to happen with small studios that aren’t retaining models and prepared to get those same models to engage each other.

        • trumn10

          Not a big deal, but Sean Cody was not a flabby middle aged guy, and although older, Bryan at Chaos was in good shape (not that I liked seeing him in scenes . Also many of the Edged scenes with Bryan were hot.

        • Dee Jay

          That creepy guy on Blackboyaddictionz has sex and services his models all the time, too.

  • Default_User

    I am trying to figure out what the rest of the tat looks like. It obviously mirror an American flag (the real one) and anchored on something.

    He also don’t look particularly … how do it say this …. caucasian? He looks Latino/Filipino to me for some reason.

    Also want to point out that while the timing of the release might be unfortunate, the scene was probably filmed a while back. Studios stockpile scenes for a rainy day.

    • Kanaka

      American flag, confederate flag, a bear holding a wad of cash, the words moments, memories, pain, happiness. Plus a musical symbol and 4 other symbols.

      • Default_User

        Yeah i cant understand the overall meaning of it. Looks like something personal.


    This scene may have been shot a while back but you think they would have pulled the scene considering what happened at the garlic festival in California & at a Walmart in El Paso Texas and the senseless slaughter in Dayton Ohio

  • Todd

    Maybe he is doing scenes with black guys so he can save up for a tattoo removal. LOL

  • Formerpornproducer

    I know what the confederate flag stands for, for most people that hold it in high regard. But, sometimes, it really is just a southern/Texas pride kind of thing. Especially, this guy looks like he might be descended from Mexico or some other Hispanic country?
    His face is not all that attractive, hot body tho, I’d imagine that maybe he’s just ignorant to what it means?

    • Formerpornproducer

      I once went to the Atlanta suburbs to meet a financier, and when I got there I was like “uh oh”, he had the American flag and Georgia state flag(which at the time was basically the confederate one) flying on his mansion. I thought I was going to be killed… Turned out, he just loved his state.

      • <– Texan here. Please don't use us as a justification for racism.

        This is what the Texas flag looks like, by the way. You can easily show your fondness for Texas without showing your fondness for slavery.

        • Formerpornproducer

          I suppose I should not have used Texas as the example of racist massacres… Oh, wait?

          • …what?

            That’s not what you used Texas as an example for at all.

          • Formerpornproducer

            I only used Texas because you just had a man massacre people because of Mexicans.

          • No… you used Texas as a justification for wearing the confederate flag. Incorrectly.

            Are you under the impression we can’t scroll up a few inches and see your comment…?

          • Formerpornproducer

            I suppose I did, I stand by the rest tho

          • Formerpornproducer

            And I’d imagine, I’d find some of those flags there

          • Which you wouldn’t mind, apparently. Because you say it’s just southern pride and not just blatantly racist.


          • Formerpornproducer

            I said sometimes, not always, if you knew how to read…

          • Formerpornproducer

            There are certainly people who use it, ignorantly as southern pride

          • pornastro

            You mean like how the Civil War was about “States Rights?” “Southern Pride” is code for the good ‘ole days when we could own people.

          • No.

            No. No. No. No. No.

            It’s not “sometimes” racist. It’s a racist symbol. It always has been a racist symbol. It’s really that simple.

          • Formerpornproducer

            I’m a MA liberal… In my life, I have voted for Obama twice, and Hilary Clinton once

          • Cool. Me too. Not sure what this has to do with your comment confusing which flag was which, but that’s neat, I guess.

          • Formerpornproducer

            Oh, and Ted Cruz, and the death penalty, and the blatant racist way its used, etc etc

          • Kanaka
        • Jeremy Cadrette

          I’ve been to Texas and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

    • Chad Stace

      No it’s not a southern thing. I’ve seen that flag in Canada and West Virginia ya know the state that literally only exists because they didn’t want to be a part of the Confederate States and broke off from Virginia. As a person from Texas I’ve seen people claim heritage for a country that existed for 5 years when their family arrived in Ellis Island in the 1920s. Texas used to be apart of Spain and France, I’ve never seen their flags flown in Texas.

  • He’s pretty swarthy for a white supremacist! 😂👅

  • CamCam

    This is gay porn in 2019 smh

  • Roberto

    NO fucking?

    • Tempest


  • rcdcr

    I miss the good old days of gay porn when it was so wholesome, woke, and family-oriented?

  • pornastro

    It’s bad enough that this guy looks like a brown Goldie Hawn at the end of “Death Becomes Her,” but this “see, he can’t be racist because he’ll allow himself to be paired with a black guy” bullshit is simply beyond the pale.

  • Jeremy Cadrette

    People calling him racist but in the same sentence call him ugly. Not just a little hypocrisy there?

    • sxg

      How is that hypocrisy? His looks have nothing to do with racism. You can be a fugly piece of shit like Donald Trump or a wet dream for conservatives like Tomhi Lauren and be racist.

  • Alex Lawson

    Jerome just have no dignity.

  • JT

    Servicing scenes are great for those of us who love/live to suck cock and swallow cum, especially on a cute guy like Jerome. But why in the fuck this ugly troll is in the scene with Jerome is beyond me. Nevermind the tattoo, because seriously, who gives a shit, but the guy is not even remotely attractive and has a gross vibe overall. It’s one thing to get a white trash/red-necky thing going by hiring a model like this, but this guy is just disgusting on all levels. He was probably hired simply for his muscles and straight guy appearance.