Diego Sans’ Real-Life Sister Walks In On Him Fucking Paul Canon

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Only Men.com would hire a gay porn star’s real-life sister to play his wife, and only Men.com would then have that wife/sister (sisterwife?) walk in on her brother/husband fucking another man in the butt, and only Men.com would hire Paul “No Coloreds” Canon to play that other man.


Here’s Str8UpGayPorn’s Gay Porn Star Of The Year Diego Sans, his real-life sister Dora (the explorer?), and Paul Canon in another one of Men.com “Stealth Fucker” scenes, where a woman (in most cases it’s a girlfriend or a wife, but sometimes it’s someone’s mom) nearly catches two men having gay sex. Because the only thing Men.com loves more than family members fucking is suspicious ladies walking in on family members fucking.

14 18 23Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Diego Sans Fucks Paul Canon]


  • Ben

    When will this white trash go away. Diego is too good for him

  • McM.

    Yep. Diego and Dora are related. They have the same eyes and nose.

    I’m sure they could have found another woman to play Diego Sans’ wife.

    Makes it kinda creepy, but fitting for MEN and their incest fetish.

    • FrenchBug

      I actually don’t blame men.com for that one. WTF is up with DS and his sister going along with this?

      • Mike Julius

        There’s enough blame to go around. Abomination of a scene.

  • FrenchBug

    I ask again: when men.com invests whatever money they paid Dora, do they really think there is one man out there who would NOT have purchased or jerked off to this scene without the wife part and decided that because they included a fake-wife-story and showed the fake-wife, it would suddenly make the scene arousing?
    How about spending less money on this crap that no one buys into (I mean, for those sad sacks who fantasize about straight guys, Sean Cody is there to offer the real tragic thing) and paying your performers better instead? You might actually end up attracting hotter performers, which is a much surer way to get people to subscribe to your stuff.

    • sanfv

      Diego Sans + Sister/Wife = instant boner killer. Who is still buying men.com memberships? Just the other day Will Braun was dressed like colonel Sanders…

    • moondoggy

      Well, let me put it this way. Stories about getting caught do turn me on. And Diego is knock down, drag out hot. And I know there are 99 reasons to dislike Paul Canon, but his body ain’t one.

      I do try to give MEN credit for the things they do well so that I can hate them the other 30 days of the month without guilt. Like doing a fair and balanced sit-up before drinking a hatred milkshake.


    • brock

      Exactly! Men gets some SUPER hot performers, but the lengths they go to keep up these ridiculous “fantasies” really take me out of the mood when I’m watching the videos. Like, I’ll go from reading about the 105th cock thats entered Johnny Rapid to trying to get off to a video of him talking about how he’s never been with a guy before while getting fucked. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the setup, but they insist on acting and keeping up with these ridiculous scenarios even while they’re fucking. In terms of performance, I’m looking for enthusiasm, lack of inhibition, being able to give/take it, etc., not whether you can convince me that you’re into your stepson/neighbor/prison guard/boy scout troop leader/girlfriend’s brother/burglar etc. Live up to your name and just give me hot men fucking each other!

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      I think you’re wrong, sorry. Men just cranks out random crap and when a scene catches on they do 100 copies of it. Hence all the variations of Johnny Rapid getting raped in a shower. If all these creepy interruption scenes weren’t selling, they’d stop making them. Then again, they make about once a week so maybe they haven’t figured out that they aren’t as popular as the one’s with hotter men.

  • zipperpull

    the new working title, “Lemony Dickit’s A Series Of Unfortunate Tattoos”

    • Ben Avram

      You guys are giving me LIFE with all your quips! Keep them coming guys!

  • sanfv

    Oh men.com…

    Next video series “Partner walk-ins”

    Next we’ll have Damien Kyle walk in on Paul Canon as his brother/husband/fiancée and beat him up. Only for Kaden Alexander to break it up. Will end in a 3some btw

    After that a surprise visit from Owen Michael’s ex(std free) fiancée.

    Lastly we’ll have Vadim Black’s girlfriend walk in and walk the runway while he gets gangbanged so she can add it to her “acting” résumé like she did the mtv travesty.

  • Norminah

    My sister and I are close, but we ain’t that close…

    • Maximus

      Right?! How was Diego able to get and maintain an erection when his sister was waiting in the wings?

      • Norminah

        I can’t even pee if I think someone’s watching me, so to actually have to convincingly fuck on camera like you’re not aware that your sister’s waiting for her cue outside?! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/601e243ec893f616458e94eb5f7d1c14a8544abe0764426c499fd97fd301faca.gif

        Like what kinda Meryl Streep/Daniel Day Lewis acting challenge is that!?!

      • n24rc

        They shot around her scenes, so she didn’t see him fuck at all. It’s called editing.

        • Maximus

          That’s certainly what I would expect a normal, competent production team to do, but this is Men.com.

        • RavensNationFlacco05

          Do you know this because……

          • n24rc

            Common knowledge of film productions.

    • Wynne Richport

      Mine is fucking 12, so I hope we’re NEVER that close…. O.o

  • Boots

    Wait, I thought beastialitality was illegal….

  • Maximus
  • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

    This is all I have to say about seeing Paul’s cracked out looking ass again…

  • Todd

    Dear Mandate Magazine …. I never would’ve believed this, if it hadn’t happened to me … but it did. I was right in the middle of fucking a racist prick (I mean trick) when ….

  • Clusterfuck

    First, Brooklyn Beckham shoots Burberry campaign.

    Now we have Dora doing a cameo in a gay porn video with her brother.

    Nepotism strikes again!

    • RavensNationFlacco05

      Burberry’s way of getting the Tween Fan Girls who defend every so called “Cute Boy” who will eventually become a douche, to buy their products. (Rich tween girls, cause you know the 99% can’t afford Burberry)

      • Clusterfuck

        Props to Burberry for thinking long-term commercially, I guess. Artistically is another thing.

  • OverKill


    Diego is in a lose lose situation, not only is he fucking ugly ass ignorant Paul Canon, but his sister stars in a porno with him. Hope he was paid extra for having to deal with all that. Almost as bad as watching a porno with your parents starring in it.

    • God of knowing…..

      Diego is far from ugly…..

      • OverKill

        When did I say Diego Sans is ugly?

      • slipperyslope

        I think you misread “Diego is fucking Paul Canon (who is ugly)” as “Diego is fucking ugly”.

  • hotdickcum

    This falls under the genre of comedy, right?

  • royalwatcher

    Sister? With those arms and thighs?

  • Trepakprince

    I don’t know which is worse, adjacent incest or Paul Canon?

  • Stanford White

    Lol jk
    I just wanted to use this gif.

    On a serious note, she’s quite pretty.
    That family was very fortunate at the genetic lottery.

  • Zealot

    Now THAT’S one meeting I wouldn’t have minded setting in on:
    MEN.com Big-Wig: We’re doing another “husband gets caught butt-fucking another dude by wife” scene with Diego and Paul.
    Peon 1: WOW, great idea, Boss! Those sell memberships like hot cakes!
    Peon 2: Y’know….stay with me, coz I’m spit-balling here….is there any way to make that scenario a bit more creepy….?
    Peon 1: Hmmmmm…..wonder if Paul or Diego have an actual relative who might want to make some extra cash?
    Peon 2: Hey, I think Diego’s body-builder sister might just need some protein powder, or steroids this week…..
    MEN.com Big-Wig: Get Diego in here!
    Peon 1: I believe this just might work….I’m hoping that sister is OK seeing her brother “in action” if you know what I mean! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Peon 2: Well, money talks… I’m SURE you know what I mean
    Peons (together): HAHAHAHAHAHA
    MEN.com Big-Wig: That’s why we make the big bucks boys! Now let’s get down to some REAL business….anyone want to hit Hooters with me for lunch?

    • Okosan

      So accurate.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Off topic, but when the hell did Paul Canon get so hot? He was always cute, but now he’s fine AF. He’s even bottoming like he should be whenever on film.

    As for the incestuous angle, well I’m grossed out by it anytime it isn’t two male twins. Hypocritical? A bit, but oh well.

  • n24rc

    Well, maybe Paul’s brothers should be there too!

  • n24rc

    Well, maybe Paul’s brothers should be there as well!

  • n24rc

    Maybe Paul Canon’s brothers should be there instead!?!

  • Spencer87

    Paul Cannon is fucking below average,but thinks he is too good for “colored people” (AKA black and perhaps Asian because I’m sure he couldn’t wait to get his funky ass on Diego’s cock)I wish TimTales hired exclusive models,that’s the only website doing for me at this point.

  • Gangbang in Monaco


  • andrew

    Except for the tacky bit with the sister/wife, this is a hot scene. Both Diego and Paul are at the top of their game. Looking physically beautiful and makin hot lovin. Diego has morphed into a freakin porn god and I love the mostly top man role he’s been playin lately. Paul is a great combo of cute and sexy. I’ve been a Canon fan since his earliest days at BSB.

  • mtxb2010

    Too bad for her the Academy is only nominating white folks these days… She’d be a shoe in with that performance if nominated… If only

  • Xzamilloh

    Sister… Paul Canon… And. I’m. Flaccid.

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Well if this isn’t a fresh idea for gay porn……..Then again there is as much originality in Hollywood as there is in the Porn business.

  • So we got Dora the Explorer watching her older brother Diego Having sex? Well Dora & Diego are suppose to be cousins on the show but this hoodrat behavior is close enough. Men.com You need to get it Together.com I am not paying 20 a month for some incest storyline fetish you guys seem to have. I understand & enjoy Step-brothers storyline, or step dad. But this is just ratchetness. And Everyone knows Hoodrat behavior and ratchetness is a choice.

  • lordgabux

    Well, I’m surprised they haven’t used the pizza delivery guy scenario. Perhaps they’ve done it and I simply don’t remember…

  • JT

    Diego is latino right? So Paul isn’t REALLY “no coloreds” just no blacks?

  • Scrapple

    I’m sure Paul gave Diego pointers on how to deal with being in the same room with a family member who is watching you fuck a guy on camera.

    Does Marc Cherry need to find a stunt double for Ana Ortiz on Devious Maids? If so, someone needs to slip him Dora’s number.

  • Wynne Richport

    To be fair, the thought of getting caught does turn me the fuck on. Me and my boyfriend have almost gotten caught by his dad a few times. That being said, why does it have to be a woman always waiting in the wings instead of a hot male, preferably one of their performers? And why does it always have to be someone cheating on someone else? What if you just have a friend over and you and your man get in the mood? Though… This scene was hot as fuck. The sister thing is awkward, though.