Disgraced Former Congressman Madison Cawthorn Weighs In On Fired Staffer’s Gay Senate Sex Tape: “I Told You”

Posted December 16, 2023 by with 9 comments

In what is obviously a response to the now fired senate staffer who filmed a gay bareback sex tape in a senate judiciary hearing room on Capitol Hill this week, disgraced former North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn took to his Twitter account today and wrote to his followers, “I told you”:

Cawthorn, who allegedly misspent campaign funds and couldn’t afford to repay donors, is hardly one to talk and is in no position to take any moral high ground. Even before he was primaried out of office last year, the admittedly hunky yet douchey right-winger was seen on video letting his own male staffer touch his cock, and he also appeared drunk while dressed in drag at a raunchy lingerie party, as seen in photos below:

With regard to his toldja! tweet today, Cawthorn is referencing the many instances in which he’s talked about the sexually perverse nature of Washington D.C. “The culture in Washington is corrupt,” Cawthorn tweeted last year. “Human nature is fallen. Compromising activities occur because when other people can place you in compromising positions, they control you.” Cawthorn’s complaints were about high-ranking people in power in D.C., but the behavior obviously trickles down to low-level staffers. Here was an interview Cawthorn did in which he talked about D.C. depravity:

MAGAts and right-wingers are conveniently acting as if these sexual antics only exist within the Democratic party, but there are horny sluts in all political parties. Remember, Cawthorn’s former Republican colleague Lauren Boebert was on video three months ago screaming at a pregnant woman while giving a man a handjob in a crowded public theater surrounded by children, and just last week, the Florida GOP chair admitted to having a gay three-way with his wife and another woman, whom he allegedly raped. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a serial adulterous whore who most recently cheated on her husband by fucking a tantric sex guru. Donald Trump was literally found guilty of sexual abuse after sexually assaulting a woman in a public dressing room. Matt Schlapp, the leader of the American Conservative Union, is being sued for sexually assaulting a male aide to former Senate candidate Herschel Walker. And who could forget congressman Gym Jordan, who permitted the sexual abuse of college athletes while he was the school’s wrestling coach.

The difference between the Democratic senate staffer and all of the Republican freaks, of course, is that the staffer’s sex tape harmed no one else and involved no one else (except for the consensual big-dicked top who was fucking him).