[UPDATED] Matthew Rush Fails To Appear At Drug Court, New Arrest Warrant Issued

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falcThis story has been updated below.

Gay porn star Matthew Rush had been arrested and charged with felony methamphetamine possession last September, as first reported by The Sword. Then, in November, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia. Per the court’s docket, Rush didn’t respond to subsequent court date notices to resolve the misdemeanor charge, and a capias warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this month. Then, this week, police caught up with Rush in Florida and re-arrested him, for the third time since September.


And, Rush’s new mug shot from Wednesday night:


The good news is that, following the arrest, Rush went back to court, and the drug charge appears to have been resolved. Court records show that Rush has been ordered to enter a drug diversion program, and the case has finally been disposed.

diverRush’s next court date is set for February 14th, where there will likely be a review of his progress in the diversion program. Let’s hope he sticks to the program and makes it to his next hearing.

statusUPDATE 2/20/18:

Matthew Rush did not appear at his court date last week, and a new warrant was issued for his arrest on Valentine’s Day. As of post time, that arrest has not yet been made, but when it does eventually happen, it’ll be Rush’s fifth arrest in the last year.



  • King

    Good. Maybe he will finally get the help he needs.

  • Schnitzel

    So wish him to get to a safe place in his life.

  • James Johnson III

    May he finally get to a place of health and wholeness in himself and his life

  • Maximus

    Good. Incarcerating nonviolent offenders is unnecessary and not conducive to reformation, and treating individuals suffering from substance use disorders as criminals is immoral and ineffective. Get the man into treatment, address the root causes of his substance use, and give him the tools necessary in order to become a productive member of society.

    • TalkDirtyToMe

      I thought these acts of kindness was very progressive, especially considering it’s in Florida. But then I noticed they list his race as white. Now it kind of makes sense.

      • Hereweare

        Because if he leaned more black, he would have been armed when he was picked up. See? We can all make random racist comments.

        • nick

          I don’t think that’s what he was getting at

          • TalkDirtyToMe

            Actually that’s exactly what I was getting at.

        • Casey Scott

          The point he was making is that if his race was listed as black, the Florida justice system would have thrown the book at him and charged him with the maximum and pursued giving him jail time. Not a racist comment, just one pointing out the racism within the system that has helped Greg avoid jail time because his race is listed as white.

      • jpinphx

        I don’t know about Florida, but in the state that I live in currently, they don’t have a bi-racial box at the DMV… it says I’m white also.

      • Baradude

        I thought that was weird to cuz he usually goes by black but as I could be that don’t have the mixed option. For a while I’m Michigan it was listed as other?

      • C A

        What happened to the “One Drop” rule? I guess he would already convicted serving life if he put African-American on it.

    • c_find

      Sadly not many people/ law makers believe in harm reduction policies.

  • scooternva

    It hasn’t been that long since he left porn. I thought he was in his 20s when he was active… I had no idea he was 44 years old.

    • Eric from Sweden

      He sure as hell doesn’t look 44!

    • NotAnLMD

      What struck me most from the booking report was listing his weight at 175. Yikes, that’s a serious drop from when I met him. I hope he gets the help he needs and can get his shit together.

  • OverKill

    I’m right behind him to get better and get his life back on track. He’s above all of this.

  • TheLisp
  • Mister Sterious
  • DumDumBonerMaker

    The report lists his race as ‘W’.
    I guess that’ll be a relief for all those white guys who claim they just ‘happen’ to not be attracted to any non-white guys when they get the tingles looking at that damn hot bi-racial dude in those top 2 pics.

    • cryptogay

      wow some people, it really is all about race with you…

      • DumBone

        Ha. Nope. It’s literally NOT about race with me.
        I’m attracted to all sorts of people no matter their race.
        Whereas people I mocked in my original comment? Race is the main qualifier on their scale (and.. psst.. that means it’s all about race for THEM).
        So take your scammy twist on “who the real racists are” elsewhere dipshit.

  • Ninja0980

    Hopefully this will be the wake up call he needs to get clean.
    Wish him the best.

  • joeguy45

    Great to hear He will get support to move forward in his life.. Its so easy to get caught up in stuff and lose our way. We all deserve 2nd or more chances . Bless you Greg

  • Michael Regan

    I’m glad he’s finally entering the program and getting the help he needs. I’ve been real worried about him, and hope he can finally get his life back in order, no drugs, and hopefully patch things up with his ex. Poor Greg :(, big hugs <3

  • Parker Lewis

    unfortunately, unless he changes his environment he’ll just revert back to the same thing. It’s like my fucked up ex who went to drug rehab during the day then go home at night and do the same ole shit.


    • Michael Regan

      His environment was living alone, I’m willing to believe its not the environment, but his mental state that caused him to look for drugs. We all need a roof over our heads after all. Maybe if people step in to support Greg now he’ll have the strength to quit.

  • Hereweare

    I saw him in a regional play a couple years ago. Although he may not have been as polished as some of the other actors, he did remember all of his lines and he didn’t screw anything up, proving that he has talents & abilities beyond porn. I hope he gets well, so he can enjoy everything his life has waiting for him.

  • Will Cobb

    He doesn’t even look like the same guy~ shameful :(

    • Guest

      Really? It’s “shameful” that he doesn’t look like his former self? Shallow much?

  • emercycrite

    He used to be so hot

    • Goodboy

      I think he still is but I get it. He was insanely hot back in the day.


    Pleased to see that he is being given a Diversion Program as his sentence or disposition. It would be a shame to put him into the prison system for drugs (non violent). I hope this guy gets better.

  • Ari Gold

    Everyone keeps saying they hope he gets the help he needs/deserves and he needs to get better. But he was caught with meth. Exactly what help does he need? We don’t know he’s an addict and it’s not like he was arrested while causing a disturbance on a bender.

    • Michael Regan

      consider what you just said, he had meth on him, and that stuff isn’t something you find by accident, you go through channels to get it. If he felt the need to get ahold of it, its a case he could be a user, meaning he needed the help to get him off it before he started using on a regular basis.

      • Ari Gold

        Big wow. He knows where to buy meth. His using doesn’t mean it will turn into a daily thing or an addiction. We don’t even know how much he had on him. My whole point is just because someone had drugs on them doesn’t mean you should automatically assume the worse and say they need help.

        • Michael Regan

          I’d sooner there be an intervention before it gets worse, and don’t confuse the use of pot to the use of meth, pot works as an anti depressant, meth just fucks you up.

          • Ari Gold

            I’m very aware of pot and meth. No confusion here. What’s your point?

          • Michael Regan

            A lot of people do pot, if not done to excess it can have some health benefits. There is no health benefit to meth, it eats away at you. The point being people don’t get ahold of meth by accident, he may have been at a stage in his life he either started using it, or contemplated using it. And I love Greg Grove, I don’t want to see him go down that road, that’s why I’m glad he’s getting help now.

        • Michael Regan

          Also you understand they can run tests on people today and find if they have drugs in their system?

          • Ari Gold

            What does a drug test have to do with anything?

  • Hopefully he is successful in the program. He is looking healthier in this most recent mug shot.

  • goosegui
  • John

    I have known too many gays with addiction problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad.

  • paultacoma51

    The road to recovery is a long and twisting thing with plenty of hills & valleys. But if the desire is there, he’ll reach it. If not, he’s in for a miserable time. I just wish we didn’t put people in jail for drug crimes, but all the programs in the world won’t help without a real desire to recover.

  • TheThom

    He fell hard. Like, he hit every step.

  • Maximus

    No! What are you doing, Greg?! You can’t default on your status hearings! This is going to make things so much worse for you!

  • Ninja0980

    Have a feeling this time he won’t be getting out of jail.

  • Elias Claveria

    poor guy

  • Ricky

    So where is he? Is he still “on the run”? Or is he in some squalid residence?

  • disqus_da0zdCZOpz

    Matthew Rush was, and still is, a gay ICON!
    He is a LEGEND, there was no one else like him during the early 2000s, which was the last era of the Golden Age of porn. Before the internet became more than AOL and AIM, and with more tube sites.

    Most don’t know, or remember, but circa 2002 or 2005 even as far as 2011 ( I would say), Matthew Rush was so BIG! You dont understand, bigger than Johnny Rapid, Lucas, Sagat, you name it, he was bigger! It had a lot to do with his unique and perfect facial features. He looks like no one.
    And also he was making inroads for other people of color (probably without realizing it) when most big studios with 99% white.
    He was a Falcon Studio exclusive! Back when being signed to a major porn studio meant something. Now everyone mostly works as a free agent. But saying you were an exclusive to a large legendary porn studio, like Falcon, was a big deal. He even crossed over to professional athletics (Gay Games) and mainstream acting, granted it was mostly LGBT independent film, but that industry already knew Rush so he was treated like the Icon he was. And when he participated in the Gay Games I even bought some sh!tty DVD documentary just to watch the scenes he was on.

    But then around 2010 came, and he got out of the Falcon contract, he did that bottom scene with an elderly actor and started doing scenes for random websites. He didn’t know how famous and legendary he was. Then the tattoos and nipple piercing followed.
    Then he got into meth and just became this juiced up steroid meth guy. It is sad.
    I have been jerking off to him since I was 14 (actually watched Bounce the other day), I still follow-up to make sure Greg (real name) is still around. My heart broke when I saw that mugshot. A flush of 15 years of admiration flashed before my eyes. It still doesn’t seem real for him to look like that.
    I’m 29 now and and his influence still lives with me. I workout, and got really fit because I promised myself I wanted to have his body when I was a younger.
    I’m writing not as a comment to a news article; but as a concerned, crestfallen fan.
    It is a shame that Matthew Rush never fully realized his unique porn legend and iconic status. But I hope this “long” comment could serve as a soliloquy to a Legend! I want people who read this to know how respected Matthew Rush was, and how he earned the legendary status.

    If I could say anything to him I would say this: If you are still living and breathing, there is still hope to change your life.
    Matthew Rush will always be a legend to me. I wish I can help him.