Grabbys Predictions Part 2: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, And Who Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell

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grabbys 2The 2014 Grabbys will be held this Saturday, May 24th at Metro in Chicago, with returning hosts (for the 800 millionth time) Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West. Joining them as co-hosts are Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Shawn Wolfe, Jesse Jackman, Jason Phoenix, and either Christopher Daniels or Levi Karter (they keep changing the flyer, so who knows).

I’m here in Chicago today through Sunday with live, 24/7 coverage (except when I’m passed out drunk, which will be approximately 80% of the time, so…), and here is Part 2 of my annual predictions for who will win, who should win, and who doesn’t stand a chance in hell. Part 1 is here. Full list of nominees here.

(Note that in some performer categories, The Grabbys select 2 winners.)

thing-of-beauty-12BEST GROUP (3 OR MORE)
Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper – A Thing of Beauty – Cockyboys
Alex Rhodes, Robbie Callahan, Christen Chase – Boys Just Wanna Fuck – Citiboyz

Abel Pozar, Diesel O’Green, Lucian Saints, Milos Zambo – First Time Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
Hunter Page, Connor Maguire, Ray Han Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
Christopher Daniels, Caleb Colton, Collin Stone Grind – Titan Men
Anderson Lovell, Evan Parker, Luke Allen, Chase Young, Jessie Montgomery Helix Academy – Helix Studios
Brandon Jones, Angel Rock, Lance Luciano My Doctor Sucks – Hot House
Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder, Aleks Buldocek Open Road 1 – Falcon Studios
Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria Original Sinners – Lucas
Dolph Lambert, Phillip Gaudin, Florian Nemec Out Of Control – Bel Ami
Darius Ferdynand, Connor Maguire, Lance Luciano, Ryan Rose Plays Together – Falcon Studios
Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Damian Taylor The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
Trenton Ducati, J.R. Bronson, Rod Daily The Sub – Hot House
Zachary Perry, Chris Knight, Joey Hard, Jack King, Jake Genesis Waxed – JetSetMen

Will Win: Colby, Dale, and Gabriel, A Thing Of Beauty.
Should Win: Either A Thing Of Beauty or everyone from that Helix Academy scene
Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Jake Genesis et al in Waxed.
Three pros at the top of their game in the most gorgeously shot scene of the year will win and should win, although watch out for those pesky twinks in that nut-buster of a Helix orgy…they might snatch the trophy. And, like I wondered earlier, can someone please explain to me how Jet Set Men is nominated for any awards?

Dominic Pacifico & Sean Xavier – Deep Dicking – Lucas
Diesel O’Green & Abel Pozar First Time Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
Shawn Wolfe & Hunter Page Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
Austin Wilde & Christian Wilde – Golden Gate 5 The Cover Up – Nakedsword
Trenton Ducati & Shawn Wolfe – Hung Americans Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
Trenton Ducati & Landon Conrad – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
Lucas Knight & Hunter Page – Off the Hook – Buckshot
Jesse Santana & Jake Genesis – Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
Jessie Montgomery & Chase Young – Out in the Open – Helix Studios
Harris Hilton & Mick Lovell – Perfect Match – Bel Ami
Bryce Evans & Topher Dimaggio – Silence of the Cams – Dominic Ford
Christopher Daniels & C.J. Madison – Teddy Bear – Channel 1 Releasing
Christian Wilde & Max Ryder – The Haunting – Cockyboys
Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi – Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios
Will Win: Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi
Should Win: Tommy & Adam, Christian & Max, Austin & Christian, Hunter & Shawn
Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Jesse Santana & Jake Genesis
As one of my readers pointed out earlier, not even the Grabbys would be clueless enough to award someone as crazy as Genesis (although, they did nominate him??), given how he exited the industry. That’s too bad for all of the hot scene partners he nominated with (especially Jesse Santana), who did great work despite being cast with an insane person. I’d be happy with any of the others winning, but the hottest pairing is clearly Tommy Defendi and Adam Ramzi.
ryan rose jimmy fanz
Jessy Ares
Boomer Banks
J.R. Bronson
Jesse Colter
Dale Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Jimmy Fanz
Brandon Jones
Levi Karter
Colby Keller
Connor Maguire
Angel Rock
Ricky Roman
Ryan Rose
Kevin Warhol
Shawn Wolfe
Christian Wilde
Will Win: Ryan Rose and Jimmy Fanz (alt: Shawn Wolfe and Tommy Defendi)
Should Win: Ryan Rose and Tommy Defendi
Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Johnny Rapid
An internet twink has never won the Grabby for Performer of the Year, and I don’t think they’re about to break tradition with Johnny Rapid, so he’s out. Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano won last year, so you can cross them off, too. You have to figure that one of the winners will be from Falcon/Raging (since they’re not winning Best Movie—see below), so my best bet is Ryan Rose (or Shawn Wolfe). Then again, Tommy is long overdue, and so are Colby Keller and Christian Wilde.
Kristen Bjorn – First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
Steve Cruz -Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios
Tony DiMarco – Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios
Dominic Ford – Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studios
Luke Hamill – Perfect Match – Bel Ami
Jake Jaxson – The Haunting CockyBoys
Chi Chi LaRue – The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F – Channel 1 Releasing
Marc MacNamara – Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
Jasun Mark – Dick Danger – Titan Men
Christian Owen – My Doctors Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
mr. Pam – Frat House Cream Nakedsword
Max Phillips – Off The Hook – Buckshot
Alex Roman – Helix Academy Helix Studios
Christopher Steele – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
Will Win: Steve Cruz
Should Win: Alex Roman or Chi Chi LaRue
Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Christopher Steele
It’s been four years since Chi Chi LaRue won a Grabby for directing Taken, and The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F. is, in my opinion, her best work since, so it’d be a well deserved surprise if she won. Helix Academy has to win something though, and this might be it. But, given all the nominations for Timberwolves and the Grabbys’ love for Steve Cruz, this is his category to lose.

America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios
Dick Danger – Titan Men
First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn Video
Frat House Cream – NakedSword
Helix Academy – Helix Studios
My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
Out of Control – Bel Ami
Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studios
The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F – Channel 1 Releasing
Timberwolves- Raging Stallion Studios
Will Win: Frat House Cream
Should Win: The Haunting
Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Silence of the Cams and America’s Next Hot Bottom
Even though The Haunting is the best of the nominees, CockyBoys won this award last year, and the Grabbys simply don’t hand out Best Movie awards to the same studio two years in a row. Frat House Cream had a great cast and a good enough story to stand out from the other nominees, so it’s a deserving winner.