Julian Bell Announces Departure From Helix Studios—Making Him The 5th Exclusive To Quit In The Last Two Months

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hx124_scene72_007The mass exodus from Helix Studios continues today, with yet another former exclusive performer announcing that he’s quit working for the Las Vegas-based studio. Twink sensation Julian Bell—the only 8teenBoy performer to cross over and also appear on partner site Helix—shared the news with his followers today:

julian2Julian Bell—who had an impressive Helix debut being fucked in mid-air by Corey Marshall in Helix’s Vegas Nights—joins the growing list of former Helix performers that’s getting larger by the day. In addition to Julian, several of the studio’s biggest stars have all quit working for Helix in recent weeks: Joey Mills quit two days ago; both Angel Rivera and Blake Mitchell quit on the same day last month; Tyler Hill and Landon Vega quit late last year. Str8UpGayPorn has reached out to several of these models and Helix Studios for comment and explanation, as there is clearly something causing all of these resignations. This is a developing story…


  • Mr.Varric

    I couldn’t help but think of queen Another one bites the dust when reading this.

  • paul fletcher

    Been a fan of Julian for a while. He is quite a good operator and I had high hopes for him when he ‘graduated’ to Helix. But sadly as Mr. Varric says ‘another ones down and another ones down and another one bites the dust’.

  • Scrapple

    I’m waiting for all these models to collab on a book of their own…

    • Shawn

      I pretend to be above drama, but I would lowkey love something like that

      • Scrapple

        I’ve already mentally pre-ordered it on Amazon.

  • Devin

    He’s cute asf in that particular photo

  • Stevo Walker

    Damn, the faces of Helix leave first and now the face of 8TeenBoy is gone. 8TeenBiy didn’t ever make great porn in my opinion but this is the guy I associated with the studio. HS needs to get their shit together fast. I predict Corbin Colby will be next. Haven’t seen him in a minute anyway…

    • Zachery Binx

      Corbin Colby did some stuff with other studios before becoming a Helix exclusive (Guys In Sweat Pants, ColbyKnoxxx) so if he decided to leave and start venturing out to other companies, I wouldn’t really say it’s due to whatever is going on recently.

  • B.C.

    Damn shame. He was starting to grow on me. I hope Julian reconsiders his decision to not work for other studios.

  • sxg
    • Casey Scott

      LOL pretty much. I’ve no clue who this is and I recognize most Helix models by name or face.

  • CamCam

    There must be something in the air in Vegas that’s causing models to leave in droves. This is so unusual but yet it’s very fascinating to watch lol

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    How many of these guys are gonna be even slightly prepared they get the tax bill for their OF revenue?

    • McM.

      These OF guys charge as much per month as studios for shorter, shitty content. I won’t feel one bit sorry for them should they mis-manage their taxes.

      • Zachery Binx

        I mean, if they don’t know how to plan ahead for their financial tax burden, it sucks and will hit them like a semi when they discover it so I would kinda feel at least a little sympathy for them discovering that managing all of that on their own can be difficult.

        However yeah, I totally agree that 99% of all the Only Fans crap I’ve seen is short and shitty. Personally I prefer watching guys live on sites like Chaturbate because at least there they can’t really do a quick 3 minute cumshot, they have to interact and perform for a while if they want to earn anything, so you don’t feel like it’s been a complete waste of your money. Blake Mitchell, Tyler Hill and Landon Vega all do some pretty great cam shows over on CB when they perform.

        • Galaxy_Scribe

          Ironic, sice Blake and BF have a terrible OF

          • Zachery Binx

            Well, Blake hasn’t done any cam shows with the BF yet that I’ve seen. He actually has kind of slowed down the amount of cam shows he performs in the last couple months which I’m not sure if it’s because of his recent move or what. He would pull in thousands of people on Chaturbate but then suddenly started camming a couple times over on Flirt4Free (which I’m absolutely sure F4F paid him to do for the exposure) but I didn’t watch any of those.

            I have heard from tons of people that the Blake / Chad OF’s is trash with a bunch of terrible short clips that are supposed to pass as “videos”. Hell some of them can just be fucking GIF’s with how short they are from what I’ve been told.

          • stamenpistil

            There are a few Blake and Chad OF clips on Pornhub. They’re short and not very well filmed, but Blake is getting kind of rough, which is a direction I approve of!

        • OkButActually

          The overlap between guys with decent studio presence and good only fans seems smallish
          Like Gabriel Cross from what i’ve bumped into is decent
          Austin wolf is consistent if you’re into his content
          Griffin Barrows is pretty decent too.

          There are some standouts and I’m so glad a lot of POC have good onlyfans,
          The tough part is very few of them are good at marketing and content scheduling, never mind the tax aspect.

          You can’t charge studio rates and release a solo scene of you taking a shower once every 2 or 3 weeks,
          You can’t get people to sign up with only solos, teasers and a twitter feed full of “I HAVE A NEW SUBSCRIBER”
          In my opinion pirated content and random clips posted on tumblr (RIP) helped me discover more good onlyfans accounts than the actual people making the accounts.

          • Shawn

            100% this. Blake and his BF are banking on Blake’s name recognition, their actual content is terrible (seriously, a single fuck vid split in to several pieces released over 4 months?). It’s probably difficult to produce content together regularly considering the distance between them, but that just smacks of greed. I love Blake, but I almost instantly unsubbed when I saw the quality and frequency of the stuff they were uploading.

            But again as you say, there are some people who treat their subscribers right and produce quality content consistently. I think once the goldrush of onlyfans is over only these decent ones will remain standing. As soon as they add some kind of quality filter the low-effort accounts are going to sink like stones.

  • OkButActually

    I know people may have loved some of these twinks but this might be the perfect time to make helix diverse in terms of body types and racial make up. Twinks and more built guys make for great scenes, and having the muscular guy bottoming? Even better. And whoa here me out here, twinks and average bodied guys

    Unfortunately if they’ve been fucking up behind the scenes with management then it might be too late to get interesting.

    • Ty Huber

      I so hear you. A particular scenario I enjoy is when the smaller/younger guy gets to top the older/bigger fellow, and that happens on occasion but is pretty unusual (and very unusual at Helix, especially recently). But I think studios are in a no-win situation. Whatever they post, they’ll outrage part of their audience for trying something new, thereby messing with the tried-and-true formula, or alienate the rest by producing more of the same ol’, same ol’. With SO much porn out there I don’t know how anyone makes a buck anymore.

  • Shawn

    Ah damn, he and Tristan are my faves of the 8Teenboy models.

    I honestly don’t believe this is the ‘end’ for Helix, they’re just steering the ship through some turbulent waters right now.

    If it really is a management thing then I hope they get it sorted fast, toxic management is one of the quickest ways to kill your brand. I did my Masters thesis on that very subject for my MBA (I’m super exciting irl) and sometimes there’s reluctance to remove the problem person as they’ve been there a long time or provide a very specific skillset that can be difficult to replace.

    If it’s top level management then other senior people (who generally know and do more work than top level guys anyway) should split off, start their own studio and ride the wave. It’s clear there’s a lot of talent in Helix production, recent lighting decisions not withstanding, so they could make that work.

    Also ew onlyfans…

    • Iain Gardener

      I think the ships sprung a leak

  • PaulieP

    i’m guessing he read the article in the NY Times recently and thinks he’ll cash in by going to onlyfans. Won’t happen.

    • Ben

      Absolutely this. They all think they are going to make a mint on OnlyFans, and not have to share the profits with a studio.

      The sheer amount of OnlyFans performers demonstrates this is highly unlikely.

  • Ty Huber

    Twink sensation Julian Bell—the only 8teenBoy performer to cross over and also appear on partner site Helix

    My records show Jared Scott and Dylan Hayes also crossed over to Helix (Dylan seems to have made the bigger splash). Trevor Harris moved the other direction (and, coincidentally, has fucked Julian Bell twice on 8TeenBoy and they’re quite the look-alikes). I think it’s the only time so far 8Teenboy has paired the same couple (not counting 3-ways). And when 8TeenBoy first spun off with new content around Dec 2016, it seemed like every other scene included Grayson Lange, a Helix superstar cross-over. Several candidates that seemed like a good match for 8TeenBoy went straight to the big site (Collin Adams, Leo Frost, Danny Nelson come to mind). I hope these two sites continue to evolve and find an audience, cross-pollinating as needed, and I hope this batch of departures is making way for fantastic new content. Take a stroll down memory lane and wade through the Helix models pages. My god there’ve been so many amazing guys through that studio, and nothing lasts forever.

    Here’s Trevor.


    • Zachery Binx

      Eh, maybe Zach just forgot about the other guys going from 8TeenBoy to Helix. He’s got a ton of stuff going on daily, I’m not gonna fault him for possibly making a small error like that. I mean lately it seems like he has to post a new story every day about a Helix model leaving so lets cut him some slack ;-P

      That being said, am I the only person who just doesn’t really like the vibe from Dylan Hayes? IMO, he comes off as trying way too hard to be the Gay Kardashian that nobody has asked for. I mean, props to him for having ambition, but it feels as though nothing he does comes off as natural, it all appears very forced. I don’t know, not gonna hate on the guy for doing what he does, or the people that absolutely lust after him, there’s just something about his online persona that doesn’t sit right with me and it affects my ability to enjoy any of the scenes he performs in.

      • Ty Huber

        Certainly no ill will toward Zach, just bringing some more information to the discussion. Re: Dylan — I mainly like him a lot because I hanker for pretty-boy androgynous types and he scratches that itch (and those lips…) But I share your response to his performances so far. Very, very Porn Acting 101.

  • Zachery Binx

    Well considering that the owners of Helix are the same ones that have been there for years, I don’t get all the posts where people keep saying it’s all due to “bad management” lately.

    Unless there has been some new management hired within the last year since they moved to Vegas, the management is still the same. That being the case, it really wouldn’t boil down to bad management overall, but would come down to a bad management decision that’s upset multiple people. When it comes to people the main thing at work that can piss everybody off instantly usually revolves around money.

    Ryan Bailey went off on Twitter recently about how in the past, he was receiving a W-2 from Helix for his taxes, but that this year instead he got a 1099 and was labeled as an “Independent Contractor”. Other than Tyler and Landon, all of these other models have suspiciously decided to leave starting around the time they would have received these 1099’s and found out that they were now considered as “Independent Contractors”, and based on what Ryan stated on Twitter, this was something that nobody told him and came as a surprise.

    The only other thing that would make sense is that the models started talking about how much they get paid per scene, or for exclusive contracts, and some people are making vast amounts more than others… OR… Helix is going to drastically drop the amounts they pay per scene or for exclusives.

    As far as the “Independent Contractor” thing, personally, I think it does sound pretty shitty. I can understand them doing it for models that appear in a scene here or there (such as say Logan Cross), but if they are considered an exclusive to Helix Studios and don’t perform at any other studio for a contractually obligated period of time, then how in the hell could they NOT consider them employees and claim that they are “Independent”? Being bound to a contract to guarantee that you will only work for that specific employer is absolutely not the definition of Independent in any way.

    That being the case, if any model was contractually forbidden from working at any other studios based on their exclusivity, then I would say they absolutely have a case against Helix for wrongfully listing them as “Independent Contractors” and could petition to have the State / Fed waive their tax burden personally and go after the studio to become responsible to pay it.

    If Helix is going to list them as “Independent Contractors”, even if they are exclusives, then it makes sense for them to get upset and leave. I mean if you’re going to be responsible for figuring out and paying all of your income taxes alone, then you might as well just do Only Fans, Premium Snap Chat and Chaturbate. At least that way you can work from home, doing whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it and make the full income from the content you produce instead of letting a large studio make all the profits off your image and only pay you a small percentage of what gets brought in.

  • Seth Sexton

    So what’s the typical trajectory for these porn guys? Do they secretly become escorts? Can their OnlyFans accounts sustain them financially?

  • The fact that Blake becomes rude is understandable in a number of circumstances…..