Blake Mitchell Announces Departure From Helix Studios: “Leaving Helix To Spread My Wings Is What I Need To Do”

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hx123_scene73_011[Update: Blake Mitchell’s first new scene since leaving Helix Studios is here, and it’s with CockyBoys!]

Well, the day of departures isn’t over! Earlier today, Angel Rivera announced that he was leaving Helix Studios, and tonight, another star—perhaps the studio’s biggest star of the last four years—has revealed that he too is leaving the studio. Blake Mitchell has just released the following message announcing that he’s quitting Helix Studios:


Blake Mitchell was noticeably absent from the studio’s last big movie, Vegas Nights, which led many to believe that something might be changing, so today’s news isn’t exactly a surprise.

Mitchell has starred in over 75 scenes for Helix since 2014, winning multiple industry awards (including Best Supporting Actor for his work in Lifeguards) and amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on social media along the way. Last summer, the studio’s publishing company, 13 Red Media, released a semi-nonfictional novel about Mitchell, His Own Way Out, written by Taylor Saracen. In October, Mitchell co-hosted the Str8UpGayPorn Awards in Los Angeles with Bianca Del Rio and Boomer Banks. When reached for comment, Blake Mitchell declined to say whether or not he’d be shooting for any other gay porn studios, or how he might be continuing his adult career.

Following Evan Parker, Landon Vega, Tyler Hill, Angel Rivera, and now Blake Mitchell, Helix has seen the departure of several high profile stars over the last year, since the studio relocated from San Diego to Las Vegas. Mitchell himself recently moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles, California, and it’s unknown as of post time if he has any unreleased scenes with Helix scheduled for release.

Following the resignation, studio owner Keith Miller shared a farewell message and gave thanks to Mitchell for his work over the years:


This is a developing story…

[Update: Blake Mitchell’s first new scene since leaving Helix Studios is here, and it’s with CockyBoys!]



ICYMI: Blake Mitchell’s in-depth interview with Str8UpGayPorn last April:

[Update: Blake Mitchell’s first new scene since leaving Helix Studios is here, and it’s with CockyBoys!]

  • Caesarimp

    I disapprove of this. There are few studios out there right now that’ll make Blake look as good as Helix does.

    • FrenchBug

      I agree and I don’t like Helix’s direction right now or Blake Mitchell. But it is a material fact that no Helix headliner has gone on to do well outside of Helix.
      Some Helix alumni, yes. But the guys who felt like stars at Helix have felt like an afterthought at other studios or, worse, lost their appeal with their movie choices (and aging!).
      He should retire altogether and stay as a fond memory to his fans.

      • Shawn

        I feel like Sean Ford was *huge* when he was at Helix, but now that he’s over at CockyBoys it seems you never really hear about him anymore save for some publicity stills. The same can be said of other Helix -> CB models.

        I will miss Blake at Helix, I think he was a perfect fit there. He has a great personality and the work enviroment at Helix (encouraging social media use etc) was great for showing this off. I wish him luck in wherever he goes next but as we both said in a different article ex-Helix models tend to vanish once they move elsewhere.

        I hope Helix can replace the talent they’ve lost recently. I know you aren’t a fan currently FrenchBug but I’ll still keep my sub rolling for a while, I still believe they’re the best in the Twink category.

        • Alison Smith

          Putting in my tuppence worth – I think Helix models seem to be ‘huge’ while they are at Helix mainly because of the ‘super’ fan accounts who seem to endlessly promote everything Helix. Some of these fan accounts have almost as many followers as the studio itself! Once a model leaves Helix you dont see half as much promotion and i feel this gives the model an unrealistic idea of exactly how popular they actually are. Once they leave Helix they either settle in at another studio (CB!) with moderate fanfare or disappear. Not saying that other studio fans are any more keen but they dont seem to be quite as prolific on line as Helix fans! I think Blake will probably do well for a while – him and his new BF seem to put a lot on line

          • Shawn

            Right, but where did those superfan accounts come from in the first place? Helix is such an outward facing company that if you’re a fan you can see a ton of behind the scenes stuff and follow the models on a more personal level. Helix have cultivated this presence that allows for these super accounts to pop up.

            Conversely, places like CB and others are just faceless corporations. I know the names of some of the people who work there, I’ve no idea about anything beyond that. It’s hard to be a fan promoting stuff when the company themselves don’t do much to promote it. The last promo thing I recall from CB was a trailer that seemed less like it was for porn and more like someone’s film school project (just with a bigger budget).

            I feel like I have to clarify I don’t hate CB, I’ve been subbed there on and off over the years, it’s just a studio that doesn’t seem to know where it’s going.


            I think this is very true. Helix does a great job at this.

          • Mark Hornsby

            And I see Angel Rivera and Joey Mills are also with Matt Lambert. It seems to be the common thread with the models leaving Helix

        • J. 🍂🍃

          Well said. Well said

        • Mark Hornsby

          It kind of depends on if the field of vision only includes porn. Sean Ford’s profile may not be as high as it was in porn; but perhaps that is very intentional. Freed from his restrictive Helix contract he has been able to explore further opportunities in Europe with Matt Lambert (the film maker who made ‘Flower’ for Helix in 2017) and work with luxury fashion labels in London, Paris and Madrid as well as with Matthew Mumford (art director at Calvin Klein).

          He has become hot property because his ‘pretty boy’ looks (with a hint of genderfluidity) and involvement in porn appeals to the edgy provocateur attitude of luxury fashion and the Dazed and Confused generation.

          I don’t think it is any coincidence that Blake Mitchell (who was also in Matt Lambert’s Flower with Sean) and Angel Rivera talk about wanting to explore their porn in other directions .. they are savvy and aware that they have a very limited shelf-life as porn models, but are still young enough to cross over into the edgy side of mainstream, just as Sean Ford has done … but not whilst they are under the heavy stick at Helix.

          Blake has already been the subject of serious and sympathetic profile pieces in the British press (conservative reactionary press at that) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a similar path to Sean’s.

          I realise such things aren’t necessarily on the radar of many porn consumers, but a lower profile in porn doesn’t necessarily equate to obscurity.

          • Shawn

            Were you paid to post this cuz it reads entirely like PR/Marketing fluff

  • Zachery Binx

    I thought when Blake re-signed with Helix he said it was a two year contract. Wasn’t that just like a year ago?

  • M__M

    What’s gonna happen next?!

  • Silver64

    Having trouble thinking of a Studio worthy of Blake. MEN, Nope…Sean Cody, Hell No. I could maybe see him heading over to Falcon, though it’s not as it once was. If I was to pick though, I wouldn’t mind seeing him head over to Corbin Fisher but I think he’d fit in better at Cocky Boys.

    • FrenchBug

      My advice to BM: retire from porn. Just go. There is absolutely no Helix headliner who went to another studio and came out of it better. None. Some alumni have done well but the headliners have all felt like they went from star to afterthought or worse.
      Quitting now means you are quitting on top: you did your thing, you will be fondly remembered by those who liked you, you filmed a whole lot of scenes without quite reaching the stage where everyone is sick of seeing you. Retire on a high note. Move on with your liffe.
      Leave it while you are still one of the rare performers who has attained a certain “status” without being tarnished (and I don’t even like him that much but I recognize him that).
      He won’t listen to me because ATTENTION!, but he should spread his wings in a different field of work.

      • Ninja0980

        I agree.
        Better to go out on top then wash out.

      • bubblebuttass

        wow very well said, love u

  • FrenchBug

    Titbug, who has been telling you for several months that it sure feels like things are going awry at Helix, be all like.

  • stephen
  • doodlebug

    This is probably nuts, but if he has any talent, he may be the ONE to be able to cross over to the more “legitimate” side of the business. It’s bound to eventually happen, what with so much product being produced for all the streaming services, cable channels etc., it’s not beyond the possible. He’s very attractive and has a charming personality, so who knows.

    • Estelle

      Sasha grey and James Deen would like to have a word with you.

      • FrenchBug

        Brent Corrigan is crying in a corner at the gym.

        • Baradude

          I hope this is just winter fluff cuz Brent doesn’t look good with weight on him. And I love beefy boys. He needs to get back to that jj knight fucking him by the pool body

          • Ninja0980

            He and JJ are done so if he does,it will have to be with someone else.

    • McM.

      Legitimate side in what capacity?

  • danny

    I hope this doesn’t mean he’s quitting the biz. He’s one of the few performers who always does a great job. I think leaving Helix will be good for him. He would be great at Corbin Fisher, Bromo and maybe even ChaosMen. Whatever he decides, I wish him the best.

    • Estelle

      Lol to all of those! They all suck

    • Zachary Sire

      Corbin Fisher will probably be sold to Mindgeek before they’re able to bring on any more than the 5 models they currently have.

      • McM.

        Please let us know if you have knowledge of that happening. I will buy a membership and grab what I am able before MG makes all the content streaming-only.

        • Ninja0980

          Have they done that with Sean Cody?
          I haven’t resubscribed since they made you pay for individual scenes.

          • McM.

            As you know people who had a membership prior to MG buying Sean Cody could still download scenes. Those joining after pay for scene downloads on top of their monthly subscription. For the second group, it may as well be streaming only.

        • Ty Huber

          That’s what I’m doing right now. CF’s 15 year anniversary special is still up ($15/30 days) and I’ve been on a downloading bender going back a couple years since my last sub. Best part was getting some archival releases with my boy Travis. Some other “CF Select” offerings remind how good production standards USED to be. And those Max and Elian scenes are worth having. Newbie Jack showed promise. But the combination of a small stable of models and increasingly crappy productions do not bode well.

          • FrenchBug

            I have been really tempted to do that myself. Is it easy to uncheck automatic renewal?

          • seeker630

            You can cancel a day or 2 after you join & your subscription still lasts for the full 30 days – that’s what I often do, to guard against forgetting to cancel later.

          • Ty Huber

            What seeker630 says. There doesn’t seem to be a non-recurring membership available (and the $15 special renews at $35, so you want to be all done downloading in 30 days). I’ve joined and canceled CF several times, never with any problem. And while it’s generally true that memberships remain active to the end of your signup term, I’m skittish about canceling WAY early only to find out that “due to the special discount nature of your membership, your access is discontinued immediately” or bullshit to that effect. So I usually wait until 7 days (or so) before expiration and then cancel. By then I’ve usually downloaded everything I want, and if they DO cut me off I’ll only miss the one or two remaining new scenes. Check the TOS, as many sites require advance notice to cancel. Another side note: even though you’ve canceled through the billing company you get, the porn site itself may not cut you off for a while. It’s stealing, I guess, but I’m generally willing to keep logging into a site after I’ve canceled as long as they haven’t locked me out. I won’t name it, but I’ve had full access to a site since I canceled in March; sadly the site SUCKS.

          • FrenchBug

            Insight is MUCH appreciated. Thank you.

          • Ty Huber

            Glad to help. Another thing — I’ve been pretty happy with download speeds at CF, especially when compared to some other sites. I have only BARELY high speed internet but it’s been pretty easy to download five scenes at a time. That usually takes about an hour, then load up another five, rinse and repeat. I also did binge downloading last month at Staxus as they are discontinuing downloads for 30 day accounts. Much slower downloading, really could only do one at a time without crashing, and often crashed with only one. If there’s a fire sale rush at CF, it’s reasonable to expect that downloading might be slower than usual, but I’ve had no problems this month.

          • McM.

            How long does the anniversary sale last?

            Thank you for the downloading and other information.

          • Ty Huber

            Not sure how long CF’s 15th anniversary price will be available. I don’t think CF posts a deadline for their discounts, but this one has been up for a solid week (maybe two…) If they keep it running it probably means they’re pretty hard up for revenue, which would be sad but not surprising.

          • McM.

            One more question. The site used to have a catalog for scenes; ACM0100, ACS0200, CFS0300. Some of my old files have them. Are those still used?

            SC had it’s own catalog (sc1000) but I saw MindGeek came along and fucked it up.

          • McM.

            One more question. The site used to have a catalog for scenes; ACM0100, ACS0200, CFS0300. Some of my old files have them. Are those still used?

            SC had it’s own catalog (sc1000) but I saw MindGeek came along and fucked it up.

          • Ty Huber

            Hmmm. I don’t know. Their website has been redesigned a few times over the years. The catalog you mention doesn’t sound familiar to me.

          • FrenchBug

            They stopped releasing scene codes for new scenes several years ago, I think, and with the redesign (now that I did get weak and signed up for that one month) I can confirm they removed any reference to scene codes whatsoever on the site. I checked after reading your comment and I can’t see it anywhere, not even in the page html.
            I have a file somewhere listing all the codes from back when they had them if you are looking for a specific info but scenes from the past few years don’t have any that I found.

          • McM.

            Subscribed a few days ago. Finding the download speeds pretty good, except if done through a browser. Can simultaneously DL 8-10 files with a high transfer, though if I line up another batch of 10 the number of slots steadily drop to 6 and so on until 1 at a time. The transfer speed also lowers with successive batches. Half a day later the high speeds and multi slots are back.

            Found a way around this by using jDownloader. Instead of “save as” select “copy link address”, and if the program’s clipboard observer is enabled the file will show in the linkgrabber tab. Can consistently grab 10+ without affecting speed or slots. (The program does limit simultaneous downloads to 20.)

            I am experiencing a little bit of a problem and trying to see if I’m being “capped” somehow. Have been on a download spree – not ashamed about it whatsoever – and got files in 1080p. Now some scenes which I know were previously available in 1080 from an old brief membership only the 480p file is available.

            Can you log into your account and check something? Click “View All Episodes” at the bottom, on page 47 open Kellan Fucks Zack. Hovering over “download” do you see 720 and 1080 options?

          • Ty Huber

            Re: Kellan/Zack — I only get the 480 choice. And I’m impressed by your downloading acumen. Your hints re: jDownloader are helpful. I haven’t explored any of that downloading software and still do it old school — “Save link as.” But it gets the job done (eventually). And a side note: the “new” scenes since I signed up seem to be getting even worse. I really hope it’s just a rough patch for CF and that they’ll rebound somehow to the glory days…

          • McM.

            Thanks for checking on that. Emailed support about integrating 1080p vids into the redesign; response said they are working on it.

            I hope CF rebounds too. Overall I think the site needs to focus on retention. Also Kellan, or whoever’s behind the camera, has to work on technique and knowing their equipment. Such as capturing the best angles or learning how to fix white-balance to get rid of the yellow/orange ting in scenes. People stagnate when they believe everything is fine. His best resource is actually studying glory days scenes. You can pick up a lot by observing.

            Unnecessarily long addition:
            Not ‘effin around with getting scenes. Eight days and already acquired 45% of the library (sans Logan and other deleted scenes). Look into download software, you won’t regret it. Also brush up on keyboard shortcuts. Hold ctrl and click a link opens it in a new tab. For multiple tabs, ctrl+tab moves forward one tab, ctrl+shift+tab moves back one tab. Right-click a download link and press “O” copies the address to the clipboard. Ctrl+W closes an active tab, ctrl+shift+T reopens recently closed tabs. With this you can open tabs for multiple scenes, zip through them, and have the links appear in jDownloader ready for transfer. Just remember CF links don’t stay valid for long so you can only grab them in batches.

            Ctrl+Shift+Tab fun fact: If using Chrome and you accidentally close the program, just open it back up (you’ll only see the default page) and do the keyboard shortcut to open recently closed tabs. All the tabs from the closed window will pop back up. It also works if you turn the computer off and boot up hours later.

          • Ty Huber

            Hey McM.– thanks! This is very helpful, and no apology needed for the lengthy addition (I assume most Blake Mitchell fans have already had their fill of this thread and won’t be bothered by our sidetracking it). I’ll definitely look into jDownload as I have some catching up to do th‬is spring at Cockyboys, Freshmen and 8TeenBoy. March is going to be all about Freshmen (and Feb is still about CF and BelAmi, although I’m due to cancel CF in a few days). I’ve browsed the jDownloader homepage and notice v2 available — any thoughts on that? And I presume it’s a safe to download re: viruses, etc. It will be nice to streamline that downloading process.

            I’m accustomed to using multiple tabs to open several scenes. Your other keyboard shortcuts will be useful, especially the fun fact about Chrome (which is my default browser). A related tip I’ll share is that I usually use a site’s “Favorites” function to flag scenes that look promising and I’ll get back to, time permitting, to check out for downloading. This was crucial in a recent 30-day membership at MEN where I was working through thousands of scenes to cherry-pick the few that might be pleasing.

            A few other items:

            1) My protocol in downloading scenes is to give each a file name in the format “TopModel.BottomModel” instead of accepting the often meaningless string of characters the website provides as a file name. That way I can see right on my hard drive who’s in the scene fucking whom (of course 3-ways, orgies, flip-flops etc. will vary). Will jDownloader allow that? My basic file structure is to store scenes according to studio/website. The single term I most frequently search on is model name, especially for guys who get around the various sites (Justin Matthews and Michael DelRay, to name a couple recent favorites), so it’s critical to have that functionality if I want to watch these boys at different studios.
            2) Do you have any tips re: download crashes on Chrome. Doesn’t happen a lot, but sometimes there will be a network error or whatever and a download will crash, and I don’t feel like there’s much notice of that (I need the whole screen to start flashing, sirens going off, etc). If I’m right on hand and notice a download has been interrupted I can often click “Resume” and all is well, but more typically I’m away from the machine and the crash cannot be corrected and I’m timed out; I must start over from scratch.
            3) I’m wondering how you organize your porn library. My collection is right around 11K and they’re all in an Excel file sorted in a variety rotation (and each scene has a hyperlink to launch). This allows me to cruise through them all if I choose (takes a few years) or launch any specific scenes I’d like based on model name, studio, even location (in this Polar Vortex deep freeze it’s comforting to invoke all the poolside fucks I’ve downloaded). Each scene is ranked on my personal 5-point scale so I know which ones are wank-worthy (4-5) and which ones are just appetizers. But maybe there’s a better way. BTW: the only CF scene in the last year that I awarded 5 points was Quinn/Baker. 15 scenes got a 4 (meaning they’re likely to get me off if I’m properly warmed up). Most (109) are 3’s, a handful of 2’s (solos, chick scenes, etc.). If a scene isn’t at least a 2, I delete it (so probably I should rethink the scores as I no longer have any 1’s, but this system works well for me. I’ve not figured out, though, how to use this as a playlist to set up 5-6 scenes that will play automatically in succession; I have to launch each scene individually, which can get messy after a certain point (too much lube on the mouse–ewww).
            4) FWIW, I’m currently limited to hard drives for my porn library as opposed to a Cloud-based approach. For part of the year I live in an area with really poor internet access, and streaming is out of the question. My library has filled a 2 TB drive and I’m on the way to filling a 4 TB. A trade-off I’m happy to make is lower resolution downloads v. huge file size. I know you prefer the highest definition files, but are you aware of any way to compress files during download? I’m thinking especially of GISP, where the only file size available is the largest. Those are some hot scenes, but IMHO don’t require that huge size. This is one area where BelAmi excels: their smallest file size is still pretty watchable, even on a large screen, and a 20 minute scene comes in at around 150 mb (as opposed to a similar length at GISP, easily 10 times larger with only marginal improvement in quality).

            Wow … that’s a lot! Thanks in advance!

          • McM.

            jDownloader 2 is the stable version of the program. It should be safe to download but my antivirus program notes it as risky. Free programs often have bundles and add-ons you have to opt out of during installation. That could be the issue though not sure. Right click the “contact” link bottom of the page and obtain the email address for questions about this.

            Your system for cataloging files is WAAAY more sophisticated than mine. I go by two/three-letter site id, date, scene name, performers (if necessary), then file resolution. CF-2016-12-22 – Barron’s First Time – Barron, Hugh 1080p. With jDownloader you can rename a file anything you want prior to download. That suits your naming system. In addition, you can create if/then rules to sort downloads in specific directories. A keyword in the source url can have CockyBoys filed in it’s own directory, Freshmen to another, and so on. Helps to keep things tidy. For searches I utilize libraries in windows. It will pull up names, studios, keywords placed in a file’s metadata, or a combination. (Corbin Fisher files already have metadata so “CF Kellan straight” will pull up Kellan’s straight/bi scenes, and not the gay.) Do you have a lightweight media player like PotPlayer? Right-clicking and adding local files to a playlist sounds easier than individual launches.

            Sorry, no clue about Chrome DL crashes. They happen sporadically and about as often as pages loading slow.

            When it comes to file size, a video editing program can render scenes to smaller sizes or different resolutions. Better to go down, 1080p to 720p, than up with the last. I’m okay with large file sizes, but I know HitFilm Express (free program) can do it. This also does visual effects and requires a fast CPU to handle it even for editing. If you’re not adding VFX do your own scenes (titles and effects in RS’ Three Wishes, or the beginning of Men’s Justice League series), I’d go with ShotCut for direct editing and rendering files to desired sizes.

      • Estelle

        I’m surprised he hasnt sold out sooner as the company is continuing to lose value with less frequent updates, overuse of models and a significant drop in quality control. Not to mention the rise of cam shows and self produced content. He’s going to do what Sean Cody did- sell to the company that contributed to its devalued state through ripped off content.

        In other news jake cruise shut down his just for fans page because there were no takers. Sorry no sympathy for that flabby old cunt and the cuck boyfriend.

        • FrenchBug

          I didn’t even know Jake Cruise was still around!!!

          • His sites are still there, but no new updates for a long time.

  • Lightdagger

    I’m going to miss seeing Blake in action. But has Evan Parker officially retired? I know he hasn’t had a seen in a while but i never saw any official statement. Sad that all my faves are leaving.

  • Es Kay

    I personally think Cocky Boys would be a perfectly logical next step. Seeing Blake with a guy as equally as jacked as him would be a treat. I could even see him stepping into producing his own porn, too. He seems like a genuinely good guy and I wish him well!

    • marcuz86

      A flip fuck with Boomer Banks 😍

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    More time for 30 second clips on OnlyFans!!

    • FrenchBug

      LOL at the well-deserved OnlyFans shade and, yet, somehow, the handheld camera videos filmed in a regular house filmed at night without a crew or a director will STILL have better lighting than 95% of what Helix has released in 2018.

      • Galaxy_Scribe

        My shade is strictly because, as a porn veteran, it’s especially shi**y of him to have a page where they release about 2 min of content a month.

        • Ninja0980

          Corbin Colby actually has a decent one with his bf but the updates are few and far between.

        • McM.

          Did some quick mental math with @disqus_ry5M5hNwZX:disqus ‘s conservative $10/mo. and your 2 min/mo. channel output.

          At that rate, people are literally being nicked & dimed! Who the fuck pays 12 times more per minute than a studio charging $35/mo. for 90+ minutes of content?!

          • Shawn

            Don’t get me wrong, there is some decent content out there, but when I signed up for Blake’s it was really lacking. They split a fairly short single fuck vid in to like 4 parts and released it over the course of 2 months. I adore Blake but I’ll just stick with regular porn, I’m not *that* thirsty.

    • Shawn

      For real, I think it’s great that OnlyFans have created a platform where sharing this kind of content is easy and allows the creators to make some money from it but if I’m paying you $10 a month (or more for some people) I want to see more than you just jerking it half heartedly for 9 seconds.

  • Default_User

    Someone made a massive poach against helix, it seems.

    Poaching Angel (and by extension, Joey) and Blake is not easy. Helix is not men. It is a reputable studio. I am going to guess that a studio with the initial CB did the deed (they did poach Sean Ford and Calvin Banks a while back).

    • JacquesLeDit

      Do you think Joey will follow Angel out of Helix? Now that would be interesting…

      • Default_User

        Not immediately. I think Taylor’s next book (based on Joey) is coming next month. So he might stay a little longer for the book tour/promo.

        • JacquesLeDit

          Emphasis on a “little” longer. Angel may have the last laugh in the end. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Joey dumps Angel and moves on.

  • Dave Netherton

    Who’s going to be next Kyle Ross??? Not sure what’s happening at Helix but it doesn’t look good. Losing Blake is huge, they need a serious influx of hot new talent.

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      I can hope!

      • Dave Netherton


  • Galaxy_Scribe

    While you’re at it, you should retire from filming yourself while driving before you cause an accident.

  • marcuz86

    Please Blake, do not enjoy Men. com!

  • a b

    Get him to bottom now

  • Zachery Binx

    Between Tyler, Landon, Angel & Blake I would have to say that there are pretty high odds that at least one of them does work for GISP and that one of them ends up as another CockyBoys exclusive. Interestingly enough, the only one who seemed to leave the door open for a Helix return was Tyler as his announcement said that he was done with Helix “for now”.

    Not gonna lie though, the possibilities of seeing Blake paired up with Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks, Cory Kane, Levi Karter, Jack Hunter, Ricky Roman, Carter Dane, Jacen Zhu and Josh Moore does make me kind of hope he passes through CB. However, I would gladly give CB all my money just for the obvious shade if they brought on Blake then went out of their way to make a new series called “Former Co-Workers” and all of it’s scenes were just of Blake paired up with Grayson Lange, Sean Ford, Cole Claire, Calvin Banks, Ben Masters and Liam Riley.

    Helix better step up their recruiting game if they want to bring in high caliber models to start replacing all these exits, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a couple other exits happening soon (keeping an eye on Joey Mills, Corbin Colby and Luke Wilder). My guess though would be that Johnny Hands and Dylan Hayes are gonna start to get a major push as the replacements for Tyler / Blake, so prepare to start seeing them in like every other update from now on.

    • Del

      I’d love more Johnny Hands but I’d rather he stay as the spanker they go with over anything else.

  • Alan Song

    Good luck and see you around.

  • Drew Kingston

    Will Blake Mitchell do straight porn?
    Will Helix shut down?
    Will Helix be sold?
    Will Casey and Alex stay?
    Is there still enough money to produce Gay porn?
    Was moving to Las Vegas a good idea?

    • JacquesLeDit

      Most would disagree with me but I believe moving to Las Vegas was a bad idea. However, I do not think these departures have anything to do with the move (I could be wrong), as most of these guys would travel to San Diego from wherever they are based to film their scenes, when Helix was in SoCal. Moving to Vegas was a tax-savings move for the company, and a smart one at that. I do believe, though, the quality of their product has significantly diminished since the move. Yes, Vegas Nights was beautifully shot (Alex Roman can do no wrong) but the dialogue was awful and that ending left much to be desired. Still, that is the one highlight I can point to since the move.

      Oh, as someone wrote on another site, I also think Julien Bell will make the transition from 8Teenboy to Helix in the not-so-distant future, so Tyler/Angel can be replaced. I’m not sure who can replace Blake Mitchell at this point.

      Interesting times in the house of Miller, that’s for sure.

      • FrenchBug

        I absolultely 100% agree with your first and main point. Moving to LV was when things really started to go seriously wrong. But I include – as have been repeated here many times – the shooting style that has been adopted roughly around the same time. Alex Roman can do wrong and has been doing very wrong for a while now. But I associate that with the move and the loss of the studio.
        Where we disagree is that I think all the move to LV might have already been a consequence, rather that the only trigger, of other things going wrong.
        8Teen Boy continues to still feature some very cute twinks. So we know that whatever was at the core of the old Helix is still somewhere in there. But the strategic choices have been absurd. And I suspect turmoil behind-the-scenes has been a lot worse than the petty personal drama we have been privy of.

        • Drew Kingston

          It seems also, that the production designer, Brian, was one of the actors of the quality scenes in San Diego.

        • JacquesLeDit

          FrenchBug, you are correct – Alex hasn’t been at the top of his game for a while, and this certainly may be because of the move and the loss of the studio. I’m getting tired of seeing the guys fuck in the living room of the Helix mansion with the brick wall and leather sofas. Brian, their production designer, as Drew mentions below, was a big part of why the scenes looked so different/interesting when they were in SD and had the studio space. You can’t do much if you are using the same rooms in the same houses with the same furniture. And before anyone tells me I’m crazy, the setting does have a lot to do with how the scene works (or doesn’t work, in these cases).

          As for the behind-the-scenes turmoil, I’m sure there is a lot going on that we don’t know about, and that is affecting the company. Keith stays out of the politics, but they need someone to put the company back on the right track. As of now, I don’t see this happening, and the company will continue to lose models (for whatever reason), and the quality will suffer.

          One final thought… how interesting is it that Keith wished Blake luck after Blake’s announcement (I want to know what Blake meant by “in all capacities”) and yet remained silent on Angel’s announcement.

  • JacquesLeDit

    I disagree that Blake’s absence from Vegas Nights was a sign of things to come. Retired Tyler Hill was in the movie, and Blake will be in Winter Getaway for 8teenboy. However, I also do not find this surprising.

    One has to wonder what is going on at Helix these days, with the departures of Tyler, Angel and Blake. When employees leave a company in succession, you have to start questioning what is truly up.

  • Votan

    A flip scene with Austin Wilde would be awesome.

  • Seth Sexton

    I say he should go over to Guys In Sweatpants and let Austin pound that hole to smithereens. Then let Dax Daniels mount his ass in an epic raw beat down. I’m only interested in him as a bottom cum slut.

  • Tom

    So how long until he appears at Helix 2…..I mean Cocky Boys

  • James Johnson III

    As a Blake Mitchell fan, this breaks my heart. I hope he has great success no matter the direction he chooses. He truly seems like an amazing individual. So grateful for all of the incredible scenes he’s done….but, with this departure, I’m struggling to find reasons to care about Helix now

  • Al Johnson

    Big deal … Now probably the porn industry will die?

  • Checkedout

    Unpopular opinion: I never found Blake Miltchell that impressive. He’s a so-so performer with a cute young face.
    He stood out at Helix with his boy next door sort-of-masc look and twunk body.

    He can’t fuck like anyone at TimTales. He isn’t a sex hound in the way that Vander and some others are. And he would be a weird too anywhere but Helix. Cockyboys? Maybe. But he wouldn’t stand out compared to the likes of Calvin Banks and others.

    So I wish him luck and hope he films more scenes but I think a lot of Helix models are overrated because the production values there outclass other studios and they produce content more regularly, with cute boys to boot.

  • This is disappointing, Blake has always been a big favorite. If he follows others to CB, I’m afraid he will find his star diminished.

  • CamCam

    That’s a big loss for Helix. I haven’t liked the last few films Blake has done but he’s been a mostly solid performer and truth be told, I can’t see him with any other studio. It’s bad enough that he hasn’t been sucking dick much in the last year and if he goes to another studio, he’ll probably turn into Austin Wolf and never suck dick again. He’d be better off retiring than to join a studio where he won’t be doing all that he should be doing in a film. Whatever he decides to do, I wish him the best.