Now Billy Santoro Is Whining Over TitanMen Filming Tex Davidson

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0074If it’s Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or…), it means grainy cell phone sex clip peddler Billy Santoro must be creating fake social media profiles, threatening people or fighting with gay porn studios on the internet. Today, Billy is reacting to the fact that gay porn studio TitanMen and big-dicked hunk Tex Davidson are working together, and he seems upset.

It started when Billy saw this tweet from Tex, which was RT’d by Titan this morning:


A simple tweet giving thanks to Titan, director Joe Gage, and co-star Luke Adams left Billy Santoro bothered, which resulted in this response a few hours later:

titan2If Billy Santoro wanted “queens” Titan and Tex to “go away,” maybe he should’ve tagged them in the tweet (instead of using a pointless hashtag). Then again, maybe he was too afraid to speak to them directly.

He followed up with further explanation, in yet another tweet:

tian2Whether or not that “stance” was part of Titan’s official policy is irrelevant today, as they’ve been hiring performers (including Tex in previous scenes, Bennett Anthony, JJ Knight, etc.) who’ve appeared in bareback content elsewhere for at least the past year, and clearly things can change as the industry transforms. The one thing that hasn’t changed, apparently, is that TitanMen still won’t ever hire Billy Santoro, regardless of whether he’s been in bareback videos, condom videos, shitting cum on desks videos, or videos in which he publicly threatens to commit a felony by publishing someone’s sex tape without their consent.

Neither Titan, Luke Adams, nor Tex Davidson have responded to Billy Santoro’s tweets, but they did remind fans that the Luke/Tex scene will be out later this year.


They also linked to a previously released scene featuring Tex and Luke, from “Say Uncle“:

[TitanMen: Tex Davidson Fucks Luke Adams]

  • Zealot

    Yet more meaningless drivel (read: buttquiefage) from El Santoro del Poop-a-dora.

    Pictured: Gay men to Santoro, “don’t speak”!

  • OverKill

    Studios hire those who do bb. So what? As long as performers are safe that’s all that matters. Don’t know why studios continue to hire that damn loon? Sure as fuck ain’t eye candy.

  • cainenyc

    Titan is guilty of blacklisting models and they have for years. Industry standards may change, but being a company that blacklists? Good for Billy for calling them out on their bullshit.

    • Zachary Sire

      Who exactly has been “blacklisted,” and what exactly were the reasons? If you don’t provide proof or any evidence, no one has any reason to take your comment seriously.

    • sxg

      Please name names who you think Titan has blacklisted.

      • FrenchBug

        Loving the use of the conspiracy word “blacklisted” to make them sound like a big evil company.
        Saying “We won’t work with you” does not mean you are blacklisted. How many of the people who think they were blacklisted were simply too ugly to work with them?

        • cainenyc

          2004 LA Times article – this was followed by Michael Lucas and Chi Chi LaRue issuing press releases that they were going to join Titan and not hire models who did bareback porn. And yes @frenchbug:disqus THAT is blacklisting. Younger porn models were pressured to not appear in bareback videos. Guys like Mark Dylan even issued public apologies. I believe Titan genuinely thought they were going to help HIV prevention by only depicting safe sex in their movies. Other companies were just trying to protect their bottom line. I am not sure if links are allowed here, so I will post it separately.

          • Scrapple

            Are you really trying to pull a receipt from thirteen years ago? Way back before major studios were turning out bareback scenes? Chi Chi doesn’t even adhere to that anymore and Lucas makes bareback movies now. Using them as examples doesn’t prove your point.

          • cainenyc

            Sorry – I disagree with all of you. The 3 of them blacklisted an entire group of models. You can call it “hiring practices” but I prefer to call it what it was: blacklisting in attempt to save your dwindling condom porn sales. And yes @disqus_6nRkGdeR7U:disqus this is historical porn industry fact and to get back to what started this, I believe what Santoro’s tweet was referring to in the first place.

          • Scrapple

            If it hasn’t been a fact in many, many years, then his statement has no relevance.

          • Maximus

            What you referenced are hiring policies. Blacklisting involves using one’s industry clout to ensure that a particular individual is unable to get hired within that industry.

          • Marik Ishtar

            Having a hiring policy is not blacklisting. Blacklisting is targeting a person and encouraging others not to hire them.
            What Michael Lucas did to Josh (ride her) Moore is blacklisting.

          • sxg

            What TitanMen did was not blacklisting. As many have already mentioned TitanMen for a long time had two company policies when it came to its models. One, which is no longer really policy, is to hire models that have never done condom porn. And another is to hire models that identify themselves as homosexual.

            For the most part these two were mostly met. Of course there was the whole Marc Dylan scandal where he did barebacking porn around the time he also did condom porn and he never mentioned it. TitanMen has also hired a couple of G4P models as well, like Leo Giamani and Ricky Decker. Ricky mentioned on cam that he was a last minute replacement and was recommended to Titan by Fabscout Howard. Titan didn’t know he was G4P until they already picked him up at the airport and on their way to the set. They went ahead and shot him for the 2 scenes he was booked for but they never used him since.

            HOWEVER, what Chi Chi and duckface did was actual blacklisting. They not only publicly shunned and blacklisted performers from being nominated for gay porn awards across all award shows, they also blacklisted studios who filmed barebacking porn from these award shows for a long time. And look at those two cunts now, hiring barebacking pornstars and filming bareback porn.

          • FrenchBug

            ChiChi irks me on this issue even more than Lucas (while being a better human being overall) because he never acknowledged his hypocrisy and then his change of heart. Back in 2006 already, he was filming someone like Jarod Steele that had been doing almost exclusively A LOT of bareback porn until then (including with SX), called him Carter Longway and pretended to go on with that bogus policy.
            Many of his big stars of the mid-2000s had done bareback porn – Brent Everett of course, Josh Vaughn…

          • moondoggy

            That was asinine of him, but since he’s letting hot guys fuck raw now, I just overlook it. See, I can admit my own hypocrisy! lol

          • FrenchBug

            Also: 100% behind them on the only-gay thing. I am not mad that sometimes things happen and someone slips through the filter but it is a great policy as a principle

          • moondoggy

            I have no opinion on the use of the expression “blacklisted,” but I DEEPLY resented Titan for their nonsense back in the day. The whole goddamned point of condoms is to ensure the safety of this specific encounter. The idea of using that as an excuse to try to police their actors’ sexual habits outside of the time they were paid to be there was repugnant to me. I suppose it would be different if they were paying their actors enough to justify being held to a morality clause (as if Titan were Wheaties or Walt Disney World).

          • sxg

            Yes, heaven forbid that Titan tries to do something a little extra to protect its models from catching something that condoms can’t always 100% prevent.

          • moondoggy

            Oh, this is about what the heaven forbids? I thought this was an argument about science. Either way, what’s the position of the heavens on unprotected oral sex? How is Titan’s record on that? In full OSHA compliance, are we?

            You know what 100% prevents disease transmission? Not having sex with strangers for a living. Don’t try that safety argument with me, Rose Nylund.


  • Eric

    Loved reading this post…factual and humorous!

  • asby
  • asby
    • FrenchBug

      “He doesn’t fit Titan’s aesthetics” is the nice way they’d put it.

  • sam my

    No Pug face, they just didn’t want some infested, ugly, shrimp dick, annoying, fake, try hard bitter betty attached to their name.

    @Titan never hire that thing, EVER!!!

    • FrenchBug

      One day, I will want an explanation of why he has been kept around the porn industry and hired so much for so long. Without repeating some of the nasty truths you list, it defies explanation that his attitude only – let alone the rest – didn’t warrant some, get this, blacklisting.

  • sxg

    Didn’t Tex already retire? Lol this is old news that Santoro is throwing a shitfit over (which I’m sure he’s filmed and put it up for his site which is in dire need of new content).

    I think pretty much every studio has dropped that no barebacking performers stance because it’s extremely hard to book anyone who hasn’t barebacked anywhere.

    But from what I heard the main reason they avoid Billy Santorum like a vagina during its menstrual cycle is because he’s a massive drama queen and his thirstyass harassing their models during last year’s Grabbys. Billy kept trying to convince their exclusive models to do some work for his shitty site and telling them it won’t conflict with their exclusivity, which is a lie.

    • nodoubtfan

      I thought Tex had retired too. Can’t keep a good whore down, I guess.

  • stephen
    • McM.

      I’ve been looking for this gif.

  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

    Having a BB blacklist seems outdated. Nowadays with all the accurate testing that’s available, a BB blacklist is unnecessary.

    • FrenchBug

      Without deciding how I feel about it – since it is a moot point – worth pointing out that it was never necessary – it was more of a slightly self-righteous symbolic move than anything. I understood that stance and respected it but it wasn’t about safety.
      If it had been, they would have needed to avoid models that barebacked in their personal life and we know for a fact some of their biggest stars back when the “ban” was in effect were not being safe outside of their Titan work.

    • sxg

      Your statement would have more meaning if most studios actually tested, and most don’t. The Raging Falcon Naked House doesn’t, and probably Titan doesn’t either. I think all condom-only studios don’t test because they think a condom is good enough.

      And of course even barebacking studios don’t test, like duckface, Raw Fuck Club, TIM and Dick Wadd/Raw & Rough studios

      • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

        Yikes, I’m surprised some BB studios don’t test! That’s very dangerous. A condom being good enough is also wrong. Condoms do rip, and if only the tip rips, you won’t notice right away that it ripped. I’ve had two condoms rip on me. One ripped and it was obvious. It ripped all the way to the bottom. I pulled out quick when I noticed. The 2nd time though, it was a tear near the tip. The rip did not go down the condom. It stayed just a tear near the head, for that reason I didn’t notice till after I was done. It felt like I had a condom on because almost my whole dick had one on, but that small tear near the head was enough for me to breed the guy on accident. I was very worried. He wasn’t a guy I knew well, it was a hookup that I only was cool with doing safe sex with him. Luckily, I got nothing from him. But this goes to show condoms are really not enough. I’m now on prep to fell more safe. These porn stars should be on prep or the company should be forced to do a NAT test if they are going to BB. In fact, that would be a good law to pass. One that forced gay porn studios to NAT test if they are going to BB.

        • Maximus

          It’s a good idea in theory, but how would the government enforce such a law?

          • Nate

            Simply check the files of that show that a test have been conducted by a certified clinic.

          • Maximus

            For every instance in which a studio employee picks up a camera and films some dudes having sex? Not possible. Besides, whether an STI test was done doesn’t tell you whether the person has any STIs. What’s the point of confirming that performers are being tested if they and their employers could just be disregarding the results? The government can’t coerce people into divulging protected medical information. The best approach would be for gay porn performers to unionize and negotiate employment contracts that guarantee STI testing. It could also be explicitly incorporated into existing tort law, perhaps under provisions that allow employees to sue their employers for dangerous working conditions.

  • Trepakprince
    • robertdude

      LOL hysterical!

  • FrenchBug

    Maybe BS is upset because this means he can’t blackmail David Benjamin anymore (remember that mess of a story?).

    • Marik Ishtar

      Benjamin quit a while back.

  • Dave

    Who cares? Titan’s product stinks and is bland and boring. Snore…..

  • Marik Ishtar

    Dear Billy,

    You promulgate that models should band together to stop abuse but your vitriolic behavior dismantles any and all integrity a garden-variety troll could have. If you want the porn industry to be better, then be a better person, Santoro.

    Remember when I suggested that we begin a fresh start this year? You just could not let the past die even though we have all moved on. My point is you are only letting yourself down. But who is next for you to disappoint? Your Fans. Your Husband. Your Family.
    Tweets, comments, blogposts- none of these things matter. You owe the people who have stuck with you all these years better.

    • FrenchBug

      Gotta love the press release from the crazypants brigade about their attempted call for a boycott of the Str8upgayporn awards that quotes him of all people on a high horse about Zach “attacking” individual porn performers.

  • Scrapple

    Billy Santoro stays jealous and thirsty. He’s jirsty.

  • Maximus

    I’m looking forward to seeing Billy further embarass himself by posting an idiotic comment on this story only to be dragged and shaded by other commenters.

  • Rob36

    The only problem I have with him is that I struggle to tell the difference between his see it from the moon-never want to stop punching it gayface, and his paddled out butthole

  • PaulieP

    if there was ever a reason not to watch porn it is Billy S.

  • Cosmic

    Go home Billy, no one wants to play with you…well no one with a healthy level of self esteem and common sense.

  • sanfv

    Good, good! Snatch all those team B Wigs Zach! Let me know when Messy Nica has a story up!

  • czer

    Billy Santoro is pathetic.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Didn’t the whole Titian has to back track on its no BBer’s policy to remain competitive blow over three or four years ago?

  • GuruMike

    I like it when they cry.

  • RBLover

    I feel I have to chime in because otherwise it’s like a Facebook wall…choir preaching to each other and everyone agreeing which creates a self-affirming social media bubble: Not everyone here thinks lowly of him — I am a fan of Billy and his cheap cell phone porn. I think he’s really caught on to a niche market that is underserved. As a big time porn lover, I do get tired sometimes of these beautifully filmed studio videos with everyone fucking so sterilely (who fucks sideways with their bodies turned out toward a camera??). I think dirty, grainy, REAL sex is supremely hot (not matter how “staged” it is). I like dirty people and dirty minds. That video of Billy “shitting” out cum will be forever ridiculed here but I thought it was a little funny and SUPER hot that for the entire duration of the video he was carrying that up his ass. Sorry haters, there are dirty people out there like me and we love dirty porn!

    • FrenchBug

      Congratulations, Maximus! It finally came! Have your fun!

      • RBLover

        sorry to disappoint…I”m not Billy

    • R.A.M.J

      But why pay for 30 seconds of his content which is basically him and his husbands random fucks when there are longer BETTER amateur footage on pornhub.

  • StayKlassyBitch

    I always found him weird-looking. He is beady-eyed, has a big mouth that shows too much teeth and a voice that will make your balls shrink.

  • Like that is going to get Titan to change their mind about filming with him.

  • Devin

    Luke Adams and Tex Davidson? Who is checking for this scene?

    • R.A.M.J

      I am.

  • Marke Smith

    retire billy you old fuck!!!

  • R.A.M.J

    Oh shut up Billy. When you get a dick like Tex’s maybe they’ll hire your ass. Then again, they probably dont want you shitting you years old cum stash on their set. You fucking walking hazmat situation.
    Billy Santoro = one of several porn performers that other performers needs a hazmat certification to work with.