Billy Santoro Uses Fake Commenter ID To Compliment Himself: “Billy Santoro Is Fucking Amazing!”

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0074Billy Santoro, a gay porn star and the owner of the soon-to-be launched website (where he’s promised to pay other gay porn stars $50 for their bareback home movies shot on iPhones), has been a frequent commenter on Str8UpGayPorn for the past two years. His commenter name, as many will recognize, has been “Porn Star,” and this is his Disqus profile:

billy7Of the dozens of comments that Billy Santoro has posted on Str8UpGayPorn since 2014, several have included his own insider knowledge of how the gay porn industry operates, as well as tidbits about his experiences within the business.

Here, for example, was Billy Santoro last July, calling for a boycott of Icon Male due to director Nica Noelle’s abuse of model Colton Grey:

bill99Here was Billy Santoro three months ago, telling Vadim Black that he has “1000 times more” impersonators than he does on Twitter:

billyvadimHere was Billy Santoro two months ago, commenting on the success of gay porn studio FraternityX:

fratxAnd here was Billy Santoro earlier this month, reminiscing on last year’s Grabby Awards:

bgrabbyThe screenshots above are how Billy Santoro’s comments appear on Str8UpGayPorn. In the Disqus admin panel, however, Billy Santoro’s email address and Washington D.C. IP address are included each time he leaves a comment:

bill55bill8Billy Santoro has been clearly comfortable commenting under his own name for years, but early this morning, something changed. Now, Billy Santoro is commenting under the fake name “Scott Rose,” and while he’s tried to mask his identity with a different user name and email address (“”), his IP address ( shows that it is still in fact the same Billy Santoro leaving these comments on Str8UpGayPorn.

Billy Santoro (posing as “Scott Rose”) on Sean Cody:

bs1Billy Santoro on not being able to “belief” [sic] what he reads on Str8UpGayPorn:


Billy Santoro on Sean Cody and BelAmi models:


Billy Santoro dismissing the power of gay porn power couple Calvin Banks and Troy Accola:


Billy Santoro on why he prefers another gay porn blog because it “actually reviews content”:

bs5Billy Santoro weighs in on the Diesel Washington/Billy Santoro feud…by announcing that he’s just followed himself on Twitter:


And finally, Billy Santoro on how he would like to fuck himself, because he is a “dirty cumdump” (which, as he is quick to remind himself, is not an insult):

bs3So, will Billy Santoro pay himself $50 when he fucks himself in one of his iPhone clips?



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  • stephen

  • yaoirabbit

    This story pretty much vindicates me. In the past, someone here accused me of also going by the name “Jordy” and they falsely stated I discriminate against bisexual porn stars. WTF? As I said back then, you’d be able to spot if I was using multiple accounts here and this story proves it. I doubt the asshole who made those claims would come back and admit they were wrong.

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  • sanfv

    I expect nothing less from someone from Icon’s stable.

    It’s been quite the week for lunatics and moon isn’t even full.

  • Jer

    Billy is picky? I didn’t realize picky meant having sex partners numbering in at least three digits. I guess if you only take loads from 49% of available men that means you’re picky?

    Also lololololol at the time he responded to my comment at MenofPorn when I commented on how I would never want to have sex with a porn star because I don’t want STDs and he responded via video that “there are pills for that.”

    It’s really sad that a 40 year old a) can’t realize how fucking dumb they are and b) is still that conceited and making no meaningful contribution to society. And Queer Me Now is fucking AWFUL. I fucking HATE sycophants and that’s all he is, just salivating for anyone that spends more than an hour a week at the gym that will show him their dick. It’s pathetic.

    How Billy sees himself:

    • sanfv

      4 digits darling.

      • Jer

        I was practicing generosity.

        • sanfv

          You are too kind! But alas we will have to find all his victims once he’s designated patient 0.

        • sexnando

          were you being sycophantic?

          • Jer

            If facetious means sycophantic in whatever universe you’re living in, then yes, I guess?

          • sexnando

            i live in the Chilean universe where english is not our languaje… anyways i was just *trying* to joke.

          • Jer

            Haha, I gotcha. En Chile, donde está que vives? A mi me gusta mucho la lengua español, pero no tengo oportunidades practicarlo.

          • sexnando

            En Antofagasta LOL right in the Atacama Desset, but there’s beach all along the city :)

            maybe you should watch some scenes and lear how to say “¿Qué grande esta tu polla, tío! Me encanta AAAAH uuuh Joder” lol

          • Jer

            lol, I do watch timtales. I definitely already know about sex talk in Spanish though, haha. I have had lots of Mexican/South American coworkers over the years and they’ve taught me all the naughty slang.

          • sexnando

            have you been culiado by one of them?

          • Jer

            Unfortunately no.

    • Jer

      And how we all react when he acts that way:

  • sxg
    This syphilitic, herpetic beehive-fellating cunt has the goddamn nerve of using MY screename in his fake profiles!!! I’m fucking suing! My lawyer and I are coming for you Billy Santorum!!!

    • Jer

      Let me grab my wig so I can serve up some Viola Davis realness. I’ll also need a race transplant.

    • sanfv

      Now they’re dragging you into this?!

      Dare I saw it, is it time for the two camps of Str8upgayporn and Icon Male to meet?

    • Hereweare

      I did notice that.
      Billy…….is that you??

    • Pertinax

      Sure. Your lawyer and you are cumming…

      • sxg

        Oh god, hottie ginger Kennedy Carter and hot daddy Samuel Colt! No clue who the one on the bottom of Samuel is, and no idea who is the bald guy is on the far left but I want him!!!

        • Pertinax

          I think he was Ivan, the Puerto Rican who was Carter’s boyfriend in that time.

          • sxg

            You’re right! I wouldn’t have known because the pic gives him a darker complexion and he’s a bit lighter than that. He is so fucking beautiful! I follow him on instagram!

          • Pertinax

            Sure…Your lawyer !

        • WhimsyCotton

          Oh god, Kennedy Carter’s legendary orgasms.

      • sexnando

        is that porn scene or just a live performance candid?

        • sxg

          I think it was at Folsom street fair, or maybe IML.

    • Maximus

      Bitch stole your look! Is this his way of coming for you? Oh no, what did you say this time?

    • snoopyfo

      the fucking gifs LMAO, perfection!!!! LMAO

    • moondoggy
  • OneOfTheManyChris

    Hey, proves nothing!

    It’s the guy who’s been living in his laundry room for six weeks. Billy is too nice to get rid of him. Also, they fuck.

  • Kevin

    Everytime is see a pic of him the image of a beaver pops up in my head.

    • FrenchBug

      Are you saying you think he resembles the animal or that he is so unfortunate-looking and trashy that you would rather think of vagina?

      • Kevin

        The animal.

  • Corax95
  • DeanD

    It’s the internet which means at one time or another we have ALL posted under a different name than our primary/established account to further a cause or agenda. Even on this site. And I’m sure he’s not the only porn star to do so either. I like Billy physically and I like his performances. That’s all I care about.

    • Hereweare

      Sincerely, DeanD

      • DeanD

        If you’re saying I’m another sock account for Billy Santoro, well…

    • Xzamilloh
      • DeanD

        Judge as you might but there are plenty of people on the interwebs who have responded to their own comment on message boards, liked their own pictures on Facebook, etc., all for a little extra attention. I grew out of that in my 20s but it’s still a thing that happens often today for that little bit of justification they can’t get anywhere else in their lives.

        • CBW

          Honestly never knew that’s a thing. How…odd.

          • sexnando

            not a lot of people, just the desperate.

    • Goodboy

      I think if you’re known name it’s pretty stupid to try to be anonymous with different screen names on a site where the owner has access to your IP address which of coarse never changes.

      • von schlomo

        It doesn’t? I’m no expert but he’s likely on a dynamic IP…which means it can change. Maybe people on Fiber have static IP’s? I do not know. Generally, you pay extra for a static IP.

        However, I read that he’s not very smart but how smart do you have to be to Google ‘how to change my IP”? Course, I guess you’d need to know that you have an IP. At any rate, he could have phoned a friend and they could have told him about proxies and VPN’s. Hell, for what he’s doing a free service would work just fine, but $8/month buys you a choice from dozens of IP’s.

        The more ya know…

        • Goodboy

          Yeah, I see your point. I guess it can be done. I’m still learning stuff about the interweb.

          I think for most of us it’s not an issue though. Like no one out there really cares. However, if they did I’d sure be looking into it and not leaving it up to fate. So yeah, google. That much I at least know.

      • gaysiantwink

        You can easily change your IP, Billy just…didn’t.

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  • ToxicBrew

    BUSTED! and we are not talking about your hole Billy. Hahahaha

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  • Andrew S.


    • sexnando

      omg i saw that episodeeee

      that bitchhhhhhhh hhhhnnnnnnggggg


      this is catfish, right?

      • Andrew S.

        LOL, you know it! And who could ever hope to be as iconic as Mhissy except for ‘fat kelly price’

        • sexnando

          i don kno nutting bout no fat kelly price

          Mhissy kween tho

  • Todd
  • Maximus

    Wait… So Zach knows where each of us lives? What else does he know?…

  • snoopyfo

    this is hillarious and sad but mostly hillarious…
    and i feel intimidated but at the same time slightly aroused that zac knows where we live <3

  • Damn… Private investigator much Zach? Lol

  • czer

    To me, Billy appears to be a seriously insecure person and pathetic individual. How long has he been touting this website?

  • Marcus Collack

    this is why you always use a vpn, or jack another ip, especially if you comment a lot, because these websites log your ip. I don’t know zach, posting someone’s ip address might have some legal ramifications, be careful.

  • bloodyhell

    Gurl, or should I say hurl?

  • But seriously tho, Ms. Santoro gives a bad name to all porn queens. She seems to think that being a sociopath is cute, but it’s not. I used to find her semi-attractive, in a daddy kind of way, but that was like 1400 whores and seven years ago. Next.

  • RaJ

    Is it that serious though?

  • WhimsyCotton

    Why is he calling out all the so-called “old men?” Isn’t he, like 40? Not everyone gets to be eternally 12 Billy.

    • Jer

      I’m 10, but only in my mind. Try explaining that to parents at Pokemon conventions :(

      • sanfv

        You’ll probably run into Johnny Rapid. He plays a mean card game.

        • Jer

          Is that why he’s fucked over 100 guys? To buy Pokemon cards? It seems like a noble cause. “Bottoming for Pikachu!”

          • sanfv

            You said it. Not I. ? I have kids in my family that like to compete with the card game. It moves very fast with expansions ( rotates like every other month) and you need to buy soooo many boxes of cards to make your game viable. I know I joke about it but he does place well for the adult leagues so it wouldn’t be too farfeched to say that he does bottom for pickachu lol.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Easy. Just tell them you’re a first generation Pokemon Trainer, and, as such, you have a lifetime pass to enjoying Pokemon. The same logic applies to the world of Harry Potter.

  • Magic Mike

    anyone whos ever seen billy on periscope KNOWS he is a total douche bag. hes so far up his own ass it unreal and he gets snotty at others for asking questions, not have any clue that some just joined and have no idea what hes already said. I thought he was cute but after seeing the real him there, no thank you. what a scum bag

  • Myko

    I love that everyone is hating on boring Billy . I have hated this cunt for years .
    Just shows the majority of the porn performers have no fucking brains .

  • RaJ
  • sexnando

    i’m the 70th comment lol





    I CAN’T



    • sexnando


  • moondoggy

    Zachary Sire is … The Closer. Tonight on TNT right after CSI: ATM.

  • moondoggy

    Ouch, so busted. But I still want to fuck him, and am a little turned on that this sting operation happened because of things he said to me.

  • Um…Queer Me Now doesn’t review content.

    • R.A.M.J

      Queer Me now is the ass kisser of gay porn.

  • Xavier


  • GuruMike

    What a butter everything.