Slow News Day Thursday: Ryan Rose, Chi Chi, Paul Canon, Nutjob Nica, And More!

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kylesleep1Welcome to Slow News Day Thursday, Str8UpGayPorn’s weekly feature rounding up the tips, tea, and tweets covering stray news items, industry drama, random pics/videos, upcoming events, and other assorted treats to get you through a slow news day.

Without further ado, it’s Slow News Day Thursday!

The king of gay porn is currently on loan from his home studio (Raging Hot Falcon) to shoot for NakedSword and mr. Pam in San Francisco (with Draven Torres). The scene will likely be part of the studio’s upcoming “bad boy”-themed feature, which also stars Vadim “I Hate Fags” Black. I guess for mr. Pam, Vadim’s anti-gay hate speech constitutes being a “bad boy.”

Cf5_pH4VIAAg6g2—Speaking Of Vadim…
He’s into transsexuals now, because he’s pansexual. Or something.

—Prowler Awards
Don’t forget to vote for Str8UpGayPorn in the “Best Online Media” category.

—Grabby Awards
Don’t forget to get your Grabbys tickets here. The show is on May 28th. Also, don’t forget to vote in the fan-determined category for Best Gay Porn Star here.

Also during Grabbys weekend in Chicago, CockyBoys fans will enjoy multiple events and meet and greets with nearly a dozen of the studio’s biggest stars—including brand new exclusive Boomer Banks. Exact locations and times of events forthcoming.

Move over Fabscout Howard—there’s a new gay porn agent in town! (Also: Porn stars still use agents?)

Y0TZYHTP6s—Nutjob Nica’s New War
As if being accused of abuse by nearly a dozen different gay porn stars wasn’t bad enough, rape apologist Nica Noelle is now unleashing her crazy on a blogger. The Sword recently speculated that IconMale might be replacing Nutjob Nica with another straight female director, which forced the perpetually embattled lunatic into defense mode on Twitter:

defenseThere was a lot of talk at the Phoenix Forum about IconMale’s sales being in the toilet, so replacing old Pepperoni Tits with someone slightly less insane seems like the only move that the straight-owned and operated studio has left.

—Take Paul Boulon For A Spin
Paul Boulon, my favorite gay porn star who has never actually done gay porn, is now on Rentmen, so if you want to sample him for yourself, here’s his profile. And that’s him above, obviously.

Cf94oHbUUAAXCNe—Tom Faulk’s Hog
All his fetish porn and bareback gangbang orgies finally paid off, as the stoner hunk now has his own Harley. Congrats, Tom! Please ride responsibly.

—Paul Canon’s Tanning Booth Mess
I don’t think you’re supposed to have your eyes open in these things, but God bless Paul Canon for being willing to sacrifice his vision in order to share this cum shot with his fans.

—Kirkland’s First Gay Blowjob
Speaking of cum shots, this one comes gushing out of one of the largest cocks you’ll see this week (or month). Kirkland’s first gay blowjob is now playing on ChaosMen.

—Quick Reminder From Tegan Zayne
Finally, some helpful advice from my boyfriend (yes, we’re dating—he just doesn’t know it yet) Tegan Zayne.

  • sanfv

    I can’t wait to begin feuding with the new icon director!

    • McM.

      Does Nica Noelle act as director for the fucking part of scenes? Got the impression she is there for the acting part to make sure everyone delivers lines as she envisioned while writing the script, but then leaves for the action.

      • sanfv

        Ha! That never came to mind. Watch her be grossed out by man on man.

        Nica ” I hate fags” Noelle.

  • Dale Bergman

    Tegan Zayne…

  • sanfv

    Zach, you know Pam. Why do directors and studios continue to fail gay people by employing homophobes, liars and scammers.

    Did everyone forget all the scams? With proof!

    I guess my final battle with Miss Katelin has to happen soon. Alas my training is not complete, a la the empire strikes back.

    • AussieB


  • Odetofear

    I’m still such a sucker for Paul cannon

    • Hereweare

      Same here! Sexy is sexy, regardless of the crazy going on upstairs.

  • Maximus

    Play it cool, Zach. You can’t let Tegan know that you’re watching.

  • Todd
  • Dana Rimons

    I had to stop reading as soon as I saw this… “The king of gay porn” when referring to Ryan Rose. Good grief.

  • OverKill

    Ryan Rose “King of Porn”

    Is that an official title or self proclaimed title? Because it doesn’t make sense as to why he would be “King of Porn” because when Jesse Santana and Flex Deon Blake called themselves the “Prince of Porn” it was because of their prince albert piercings.

    Nica Noelle:

    Vadim Black:

  • AussieB

    Tegan is very handsome. Who did Pierre Fitch just work with that the model who has spent half his life in porn is going bonkers on Twitter about being mistreated by a studio

  • Xzamilloh
  • Zealot

    Random musings about the slow news day items:
    1. Ryan Rose “on loan”? Sounds like someone’s either selling themselves too cheaply or you’re doing a friend a solid and paying an outrageously out of control bar tab with your sexual favors! Ryan..WTF. You should be paid for your hard work, hon.
    2. Maybe if Paul Canon’s corneas are trashed, he won’t mind having sex with men of color now. I mean, don’t we all look the same in the dark Paul?
    3. Porn stars and their toys. Not to be a downer on such an otherwise sunny day-before-taxes-are-due-day (actually it’s the 18th but I’m a rule follower and traditionalist)– but the “I earned this motorcycle from my porn work” didn’t work out so well for poor Leo Ford. Wear your helmet hon and keep it within the speed limits. We’d really miss your lil stoned face around pornville.
    4. Vadim Black. Pansexual. I mean, I can get as excited as the next gay man over a sapphire blue Le Cruset dutch oven– but to limit one’s sexual proclivities to cookware! Balderdash! The attached picture came to mind and now I can’t think of anything else:

  • Pertinax

    Good slow news day. Very entertaining…

    • Pertinax

      …and relaxing.

  • Pertinax

    Good slow news day. Entertaining …

    • Pertinax

      …and relaxing.

  • Scrapple

    Paul Canon dumped a load in a tanning booth. This is why we can’t have nice things. Your work day isn’t complete until you’ve had to chisel fried splooge off hard surfaces.

    Why is Nica lying? It’s obvious Dana is the Jacqueline Follet to her Miranda Priestly.

    In honor of Mr. Zayne, I feel like I must listen to Tegan and Sara’s “Boyfriend.”

  • Stanford White

    I love Tegan and his Tumblr is quite glorious.

    • sanfv

      He’s up there with Cartner Dane in my opinion!

      • La Bambi

        Tegan is funny though, which can make a guy sexier.

        • sanfv

          I know! That and personality go a long fucking way with me.

      • Stanford White


  • WhimsyCotton

    The “King of Gay Porn?” Yeah, no…

  • Mr. Copper

    Funny that Nica accuses Zach of having fake commenters on his site when she has built an ENTIRE gay blog with the help of a straight man and posts stories there about Nica/Icon Male as if they are objectively reporting “news” on her and Icon. In reality, it’s pretty much just them talking about themselves in the third person.

    All Nica does is deflect. She doesn’t comment on the fact that she DOES employ outright homophobes (Vadim), that she DOES create completely heteronormative and toxic gay content, that she DOES have a lengthy history of ex models complaining of abuse and poor working conditions.

    Her responses all sound like she suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder since she turns everything into a personal attack on her: rather than addressing any real issues she just deflects and triangulates.

    She seems to imagine herself some artsy intellectual type and even complained of how hard it is to create original artistic content since ideas get stolen by mainstream producers. Ummmmm…since when has Nica EVER produced ANY original artistic content? Her content is ALL based in antiquated, played out, unimaginative themes. She seems to be in complete denial that SHE is one of the mainstream producers that can’t create original, subversive, imaginative content and simply regurgitates old ideas and story lines. I guess she thinks her ability to write dialog means she is somehow uber-artsy.

    No, Nica. Your stories are old news. Boring. Heteronormative. Insipid. Anodyne.

    Perhaps instead of creating a fake news blog Nica could’ve spent time trying to think up some original stories that don’t have anything to do with straight identified men dabbling in gay sex (or father/son relations or religious situations).

    • sanfv

      Nica and folks don’t even know who they’re talking about on that ridiculous “blog”.

  • Ed Woody

    * I imagine transsexual porn must be the ideal option for your genuine bisexuals. I mean, it’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it? A lot of ‘mostly straight’ guys who love women’s bodies but are still fascinated with dicks go for transsexuals. (I have my theories about how that whole “I don’t love men, I just love cocks” thing works btw.)

    * These pictures of Nica are just reaching abuse levels now. It is unfair of you to inflict them on us.

    * I wouldn’t have known who Paul Boulon was by name, but I definitely recognise that face / body. Drool…

    * I have to ask – why are there so many gifs from Supernatural? I mean, I’m pretty much completely over the entire gif-fest anyway, like use WORDS people. But it’s seems like 80% of the gifs are Jared/Jensen/Misha, and I’m just wondering why them?

  • 1234

    Give mini muse our warmest regards

  • Scott Rose

    I don’t know. I watched 15 new porn scenes yesterday…maybe review them properly?

  • Scott Rose

    More of the same blah blah blah. Over to Queer Me Now where he actually reviews content.

  • kkdd1

    I could not figure out why I was suddenly smelling fish until I scrolled down and there was Nica with her fish market wide open and everything else was self explanatory from that point on LOL !

  • nick