Now Billy Santoro Says People From European Nightclubs Are Calling Him To Ask About Dolf Dietrich

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billy11Just how many lies can Billy Santoro tell? Last week, the proven liar (who’s gone on several libelous tirades against studios, performers, and yours truly over the years) tweeted that he told someone they’d need to lose weight before he’d ever film with them, because he didn’t like looking at their “fat body rolling around all over Twitter.” After being called out for body-shaming, Santoro deleted the tweet and admitted that he made the whole thing up in order to provoke performer Dolf Dietrich (yes, “pretending” to body-shame someone on Twitter in order to piss off another porn star is how Billy Santoro spends his days). Now, Santoro is hoping to piss off Dolf Dietrich again (which is not hard to do, given all the social media wars Dolf Dietrich has had), this time by making up another phony scenario on Twitter.

Santoro claims that a European nightclub called him on the phone last night to ask his opinion on booking Dolf Dietrich for an upcoming event:

bs1If the phone call came in at 10:56 p.m. EDT where Santoro lives, that would mean the nightclub in Europe called him at 4:56 a.m. European time?

As noted last month during Santoro’s previous fake scenario: People who have no power will often conjure up imaginary situations to make themselves feel like they’re an authority, and people with severe self-esteem issues will often insult other people (imaginary or real) to try and inflate their own deluded sense of self-importance. So, to be clear: No nightclub called Billy Santoro asking his opinion of Dolf Dietrich at 5 a.m., 10 a.m., or at any time at all. Period. A man who is over 40 years old making up phony phone calls to try and get a rise out of one of his enemies on Twitter? This is the behavior of a 14-year-old girl (no offense to 14-year-old girls).

Another example of Santoro’s penchant for telling truly bizarre lies happened around the same time as his fake body-shaming last month, when Santoro claimed that a friend of mine randomly approached him in a bar and told him, “I thought you hated me”:


Putting aside the fact that I have never attacked Santoro’s mental health or his marriage (I have, however, reported on the proven fact that he’s a pathological liar, and on the fact that his husband has accused him of violent physical assault multiple times), I do not have any friends who have ever approached or spoken to Santoro anywhere. So, this is yet another lie to somehow help Santoro feel better about what kind of person he is. (Also, why in the world would anyone, friend or not, think that Billy Santoro “hated” them personally because of news stories about Santoro that were written by someone else? This makes absolutely no sense.)

After the lie about the European nightclub and Dolf Dietrich, Santoro continued his claims that he’s asked “daily by studios and clubs” about who to book. Again, this is something that does not happen. Santoro has been blacklisted by most gay porn studios and has little to no involvement in the industry, with the exception of the cell phone sex tapes he sells, “hundreds” of which are alleged to have been filmed without people’s consent.


  • Aspiring_daddy

    Bless poor Wee Willy Billy. It must be that small cock syndrome. We all know the type. Big talk, small cock. His Twitter feed is basically the equivalent to the Tennessean small cock truck.

  • FrenchBug

    At this rate of delusional ego-self-boosting and lying, he’ll be claiming his father was born in Germany soon.

    • Scrapple

      I heard Angela Merkel used to be his wet nurse.

    • nick

      that or he will become president

  • Scrapple

    Billy isn’t just known in North America, he’s International! I bet he has his own wing at Frogmore Cottage for when he comes to visit Harry and Meghan.

    Kind of makes you wonder why someone with so much global clout and influence is filming porn scenes on a Nextel Push to Talk phone. You also have to wonder why, if he’s in such demand, he has the time to engage in all this social media fuckery. And since when do international celebrities fight slander with Twitter rebuttals? A real rich bitch would leave that to their attorneys. Given all of Billy’s legal issues one would think he’d have a whole team on retainer.

  • CamCam

    This dude is better off in a mental institution than in a club or porno. Billy is batshit crazy smh

  • Mr.Varric

    I’m surprised nightclubs are asking him for anything.

    • Zachary Sire

      as the article states: they’re not.

      • jimboivyo

        That’s untrue. They’re asking him to go away. 😏

        • Mr.Varric

          To a Galaxy Far Far Away.

  • Kanaka

    “People always tell me…”
    “I get asked all the time…”
    What do Trump and Santoro have in common?

  • Kevin Jones

    Billy proves that he is porn star that should be seen and not heard.

  • Todd

    An up and coming porn studio owner asked me about signing Billy Santoro to a multi year multi million dollar contract. I said ‘ I don’t know her …and you don’t want to either. ‘

  • Ed Woody

    Billy Santoro versus Dolf Dietrich is such a dilemma – I despise them both so it’s really difficult to pick a side. Maybe they can just both be put in a room somewhere where we don’t have to see either of them and they can cat-scratch each other’s eyes out in privacy?

    I will say, though, that if he wanted to call somebody fat, Dolf was not the one to choose. That’s even less logical than most of his fantasist nonsense.

  • Address Me Now

    Who lies more? Billy or Trump?

  • Iain Gardener

    Has anyone else noticed that the only time people are talking about Billy is when he says something stupid or inflammatory on social media? Could they possibly be connected?

  • Shawn

    I really enjoy how you use that picture at the top of every article about him

  • czer

    Saw Billy in DC recently, the poor thing is not aging well at all.

  • erexshawn

    why do the porn blog sites continue to give space and attention to this trash. he wants attention, so ignore him.

  • Mister Sterious
  • nodoubtfan
  • Devin

    Why would anyone call him regarding who to book for scenes? Is he a talent agent? And why would someone approach him in a bar to say “I thought you hated me”. So random. Why? Because it’s not true!

  • TheLisp
  • CosMcG

    I feel like if you were to look deeply into Billy Santoro’s eyes you’d be able to see the sparks from all the loose wires in his head.

  • Darian

    Bizarre. Why would a club owner on another continent ask a two bit hustler in the U.S. who is not even signed to a major studio nor is a major draw about booking talent for a night or weekend?

  • Kenny Johnson

    The steroids, the socks, the desperation, and the inane puffery. Tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  • Billy is behaving like Donald Trump so pathetic.

  • StayKlassyBitch

    He looks repulsive. Also I find it hilarious that he’s always trying to act like Alpha when his voice sounds like a gay chipmunk.

  • Diesel Shnookie

    Billy should focus more on filing down those hooves with a good pedicure

  • Gustav19

    His personality is as ugly as his face. And he has a really ugly face.