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disaster1Back on March 15th, Sean Cody released a good scene that was properly filmed on high quality cameras and looked great. At the time, I foolishly believed that that scene signaled an end to the “awful” Sean Cody videos we’ve been dealing with for almost two months. I was wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 5.36.58 PMMore awful videos were released after March 15th, and tonight we have yet another one, this time with Randy and Nixon. By my count, this is now the 15th awful, unwatchable, and disastrous Sean Cody video since this mess started in early February. In the disclaimer they run (seen above) in front of some of these scenes, Sean Cody claims there are “a few” of these self-described awful videos, but exactly how many is “a few”? To me, three would be a few. Not 15 and counting. I guess you have to admire the brazenness of this studio, not just by continuing to release these horrific scenes and willingly destroying their own brand, but also by expecting people to actually pay for them! Also, I love that these scenes are “not up to their standards,” but they are releasing and promoting them anyway? Earth to Sean Cody: By releasing scenes that are not up to your standards over and over and over again, you are literally admitting that you have no standards.

disaster2Str8UpGayPorn will no longer cover the Sean Cody scenes that appear to have been filmed on flip phones in morgues. If and when they return to consistent high quality (which they’ve shown they’re capable of), I’ll resume coverage. Until then, I’m done wasting my (and your) time.

[Sean Cody: Randy/Nixon]

  • Dana Rimons

    How DARE they film my baby daddy Nixon with this horrendous picture quality. I’ll still download it. I’ll still satisfy myself to it. Nixon will still father every future child of mine. But Sean Cody… you disappointed me and I’m mad at you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e86fc9a25c22d4be5e374a876033086db730beb27a4e77b62fea9d5ac1132a59.gif

  • La Serpenta Canta

    what’s flip phone about it?

  • La Serpenta Canta

    deal with it, it’s what digital crap is and you see it even on big budget superhero films.,

  • sxg

    Video quality aside, damn do these two look hot together! And Randy has been leaning out and it looks good on him! Although I do prefer him with more muscle mass, he is still hot! I think he could stand to take more dick than what Nixon has to offer, but looks like it’s getting the job done.

    • Kevin

      He has taken more dick, from Jess and Sean.

      • Zachary Sire

        He has taken more dick pretty much every other time he’s bottomed.

        • Kevin

          I know, that’s why this update is such a fail.

    • Dale Bergman

      Nixon topping Randy in this scene is a joke. Randy should have pulled out his dick when they were comparing muscles and Nixon said he was “bigger” than him.

      Randy does look really good in this scene. He’s been Sean Cody’s best all around performer for 4 years now. I want to see him top Brysen and Deacon.

    • Al

      I noticed he was looking leaner. Like you I prefer him with more mass. But hes still looking mighty fine.

  • Felipe Pinafi

    Is not the end of the world…
    The only problem I see is Nixon in a scene with Randy and he’s not bottoming.

    • Al

      Randy should have topped!

    • Jon

      This. I don’t get the overreaction to the quality, as if it’s some 3gp mess.

      The more pressing issue is the casting.

  • Dale Bergman


    Another disappointment. I wanted to see Randy top Nixon. Sean Cody should be called out for these technically botched scenes that customers are paying for. It’s a disgrace.

    • Alfredo Martín Villanueva

      Why could it not be a flip fuck.. for those who like them both in whatever role ???

      • Dale Bergman

        That’s a good question. Sean Cody should have had Randy top Nixon throughout their scene.

        A flip-flop with Randy and Brysen would be very hot.

  • Denis-Adam Pompa


  • Tktai Kamilla

    I give up.

    For some comments that I read, mediocrity is not only in Sean Cody (the one of now), but also in its subscribers, incredible as they see the shit that this study has become and I continue reading comments of people “satisfied” by the scenes … Unbelievable.

    But, whatever … If they continue like this, I hope this studio will soon go down in history (like Randy Blue or Lucas Kazan …).

    Meanwhile, I’ll wait for the old Sean Cody to be reborn by his old owner.

    Until then.

    And yes, thank God it’s just porn. Bye.

    • hatefulmoz

      It was no question between deciding whether to renew SC or not.

  • lukaeber

    fuck you sean cody

  • lukaeber

    how the fucking fuck did it take them so long to figure out how fucking shitty their fucking videos were turning out. what a bunch of fucking incompetent fucks. fuck them!

    • TalkDirtyToMe

      Easy they are run by MG. They still haven’t figured out how shitty their scenes at Men.com or Bromo are.

  • Pertinax

    Maybe ” not up to their standards ” will be a collectors’ item in the future and highly valueted like Bijoux’s stuff today. A new trend or something. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66bd66cb2d63be4f7f3ee3aecce6b8f841a85e52b8c6c0988409bc7e1724f688.gif

  • Ceecee

    How DARE they ruin a Randy scene.
    Fucking porn cardinal sin. Bastards.

  • JP
  • Scrapple

    The camera issues are bad enough. But they put Nixon in a scene with Randy. And had Nixon top.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    2017 and now they are having compression issues? And honestly do we need 4k porn slowing down the intertubes?

  • bobby durst

    Well, at least they’re still updating. I see Guys In Sweat Pants is still paying for ad space here. Last time they had a new scene, Hillary was basking in the October surprise and preparing to take office. Kinda pathetic. Put up or shut down, Austin.

  • DaveAtom

    Yes, enough is enough. If you see your crew can’t figure out how to use the new equipment properly, STOP DOING IT! Go back to your old shit until they master with the new technology.
    This makes me think is not happening the reason they’re claiming.

    Nixon is gorgeous. Love the fact he’s topping Randy. But should be a flip fuck. Nixon deserves to be fucked in every scene he’s in.

  • emercycrite

    Lol that’s why I wouldn’t pay for porn from SC.

  • Jean-François Martel

    it’s embarrassing they would even release those scenes smh

  • David Lundquist

    Oh geeze its not that the Sean Cody site is a platform for trading equities, its dealing porn. Who cares?

  • Drew Barrymore

    Just whisper Nixon to me and I cum anyway

  • Jay Last

    Good grief, if this is the biggest problem you people have in your lives you should get down on your hands and knees and thank the Lord for being so good to you.


    one other thing – does it look like they dragged Randy in from the street? disheveled is one thing but he looks like his girlfriend kicked him out and he’s been homeless for a week. and THEY NEED NEW MODELS! F U C K !!! Isn’t this one of the more moneyed sites? I can’t believe I got the one year subscription about 6 weeks ago when they had some hot models that turned out to be one hit wonders.

  • Maximus


    Perhaps MindGeek is trying to foster a deeper appreciation for SC amongst its fans by forcing them to experience life without the usual high quality scenes. Seems like a strategy that could easily backfire, but who knows? People are pulling some crazy stunts these days.

  • Donttryit

    I used to LOVE Sean Cody. Now the site has almost single-handedly diminished my interest in watching white gay porn at all. LOL

  • Jon

    I must be the only one (or a few) who couldn’t care less about quality, as long as I can make out the actors in the vid, I’m fine.

    The more disturbing thing here is why Nixon who I don’t think has had a good vid so far keeps getting vids.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Let’s face it, the consolidation of gay porn is not making it better but rather making it worse. We have one last chance to get the porn we like. We need to ban together and support a gay owned and operated studio and then demand from them the porn we like. If Bryan at Chaosmen had any business sense, he would be capitlizing on this drought and start producing some better porn, with hotter guys and less bj scenes.

  • Connor Basilomar

    Camera issues and casting are the least of SC’s problems.