Str8UpGayPorn Hacked As Nica Noelle, Jake Cruise, Michael Lucas, Howard Andrew, And Treasure Island Media Call For Boycott Of Blog

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Earlier today for a period of roughly two hours, Str8UpGayPorn was hacked. During that time, I was locked out of the WordPress admin, several posts were deleted, and the site’s URL was temporarily redirected to another gay porn blog: QueerMeNow. It was crazy! While new security features have been installed and this shouldn’t happen again, two questions remain: Why was Str8Up hacked in the first place, and why did the hacker point the site to QueerMeNow?

Last night, I published an article shining a spotlight on the blogger behind QueerMeNow, who made his first public appearance on camera at last weekend’s Grabbys. This was his “coming out” moment—I and dozens of others in the audience recorded his speech—and in light of the occasion, I posted photos and his name (viewable on either of QueerMeNow’s two public Facebook pages, which are linked to from his blog), a guide to how and why he makes his money as one of the gay adult industry’s longest-running and most successful affiliate blogs, and why his role in the gay adult industry is so significant. The person who hacked Str8UpGayPorn, deleted posts, and redirected the site to QueerMeNow did so in obvious “retribution” for this post. This person has been identified and is being pursued legally.

Reaction to the post here in the comments was evenly divided—some thought it was “shady” of me to post a blogger’s name (even though he has already publicly published it himself); others felt that his going on stage in front of an audience (and by extension the entire world, via social media) meant he and his extremely successful business model were worthy topics of discussion. Regardless, the post was deleted and the site has now been restored to its last saved version from over 24 hours ago, so I won’t try to recreate the post or re-publish his name, which was the main complaint some readers had. This is not because I believe it was “wrong” to publish his name—this is a grown adult with two public Facebook profiles and a decade of work in the adult industry who just made a public appearance in front of dozens of cameras—or because of any specific request to remove the name, but because of the false allegation being made that the sole intent of the post was to get the QueerMeNow blogger “thrown in jail” in Thailand. That was not my intent, and I do not want the QueerMeNow blogger to go to jail. Despite QueerMeNow’s choice to become a blogger in a country with complex internet censorship laws, I didn’t and still don’t believe there is any possibility that posting QueerMeNow’s name (which, again, he has already made public) would have resulted in his arrest.

That being said, I will name a few of the highly irrelevant yet extremely loud voices calling for a “boycott” of Str8UpGayPorn in the wake of the QueerMeNow post, as the hypocrisy on display here is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Some took to an adult industry message board to express their faux outrage, one posted an open letter on his website, and some even signed a petition to effectively “shut down” Str8UpGayPorn, which is so absolutely and pathetically fantastic, I almost can’t even be mad at it?

First to that message board, where Treasure Island Media marketing employee ScarletFaux (surely you remember Scarlet?) was “pissed off”:

Ugh, this pisses me off. When he outed my legal name and ruined the Google search for my mainstream work and personal life I was pissed, but at least my life wasn’t in danger because I live in the US. DavydDixon, how can you live with yourself for owning a site that lists people’s real legal names like that when we have lives outside of porn? It is disgusting. Take down Tai’s post and stop allowing our legal names to be listed on your smear blog.

Funny how Scarlet has elected to be so angry now, while her work promoting STD transmission via the use of “200 loads of HIV-positive semen” and movies with men injecting themselves with methamphetamine doesn’t cause her any concern at all. Also funny is Scarlet’s misuse of the word “outed,” when in fact—identical to the QueerMeNow blogger—all of her public information was easily located through a simple Google search.

Next up, “innovator” Dominic Ford (in a response to Str8Up’s Davyd Dixon, who was on the message board explaining his role as co-owner of Str8UpGayPorn):

David, thanks for joining us here…

No one cares how successful your blog is. Hitler was really successful and must have been a great leader. And cancer is a really successful virus. That has nothing to do with the morality of the content on it or the real-life danger Zach is putting people in. Protecting our anonymity is the one holy thing we have in this industry. Zach can hate on me or anyone all he wants as long as he maintains this code we all share. But he has broken it, it’s personal against Thai, far from your header that states “no agenda,” and affects people in the real world, not just the fantasy porn world.

You know you’ve really made it when someone compares your blog to both Hitler and cancer. I guess that makes the actual blog post about QueerMeNow the “9/11 of blog posts”?

First I’m Hitler, and then someone named “RawTop” doesn’t want me to win any awards. Can today get any worse?

Can someone get the Grabbies [sic] to sign and vow that Str8UpGayPorn is permanently barred from even being nominated? Ditto for the other awards sponsors?

And here’s Dominic Ford again, calling for Str8UpGayPorn to be removed from Google and all affiliate lists:

I am doing my best, via Porn Guardian, to get this removed from Google. I have also put Thai in touch with lawyers in the industry I trust. Everyone needs to REMOVE Str8UpGayPorn from their affiliate lists now. I don’t care how much money they make you. He has reduced himself to worse than Porn Wiki Leaks. If he gets away with this, who is next? By his logic, he can out anyone’s real name who appeared on that stage.

He has broken our sacred code of ethics: we do not out each other’s real names. And certainly not in this malicious “I want to ruin your life” way. Davyd Dixon, as you say, is the owner, and if he doesn’t clean this up the blood is on their both their hands.

Long before the 2015 Grabbys and long before the launch of Str8UpGayPorn, I’ve always believed in and called for full transparency when it comes to bloggers working in the adult industry. Gay porn stars work under pseudonyms because they’re performers putting on performances intended as fantasy, and not publishing their names (a practice I adhere to, unless they’re someone like Jarec Wentworth) is indeed part of the so-called “sacred code of ethics” to which Dominic Ford is referring. Bloggers, on the other hand, are definitely not part of that code, in my view. Bloggers are creating very real forums for discussions, critiques, and sometimes outright hate speech directed at performers, and for that reason, I believe should be 100% open about their own identities. If you choose to be a blogger—whether you’re from Thailand or the United States—and you refuse to hold yourself accountable for what you publish on your website, you’re a coward, and you have no place running a business that is fully dependent upon public discourse.

Speaking of “sacred codes of ethics,” does Dominic Ford or anyone else in the gay adult industry follow any sacred codes when it comes to protecting gay porn stars? Where are the calls for a “sacred code of ethics” when studios film movies and profit off of men injecting themselves with crystal meth? Where are the calls for a boycott when studio heads are repeatedly accused of sexual harassment, abuse, and dangerous working conditions? Where is the moral outrage and the message board thread when gay porn studios continually put lives at risk by hiring convicted murders, wife-beaters, drug addicts, and serodiscordant models to perform with each other in bareback scenes? Speaking of bareback, the Grabbys have a strict rule against awarding bareback studios, but apparently that rule doesn’t apply to bareback blogs like QueerMeNow, whose homepage right now features such headlines as “Eli Hunter Gets Fucked And Creampied In Deep Seeding,” “Tyler Sky Gets Gangbanged Raw,” and “Hunky Bottom Brendon Gets Fucked Raw By Pete.” Oh well.

Selective outrage and convenient hypocrisy can be fun, but the feigned disgust from Dominic Ford and others is also outrageously ironic, given that these same people are working in an industry that has allowed horrific companies like DallasReeves, TreasureIsland, and LucasEntertainment to thrive while they commit the most egregious, illegal, and immoral acts that threaten the health and very lives of every gay porn performer working today.

Speaking of Lucas (whose #1 affiliate and moneymaker is QueerMeNow), he’s posted an open letter on his site and a flurry of tweets calling for a boycott of Str8UpGayPorn:

lucastweetsFunny seeing someone like Michael Lucas use the word “danger” so flippantly, considering this is the same person who stands accused of harassment by multiple performers, has hired people who have murdered their family members, and has frequently tried to film models with serodiscordant statuses together in bareback scenes.

Finally, Dominic Ford took a time-out from filming more content that no one will ever pay for to post a petition to He’s accusing me of trying to ruin QueerMeNow’s business, and yet also trying to ruin my business at the same time by asking all advertisers to stop working with me:

We need to stand together NOW and take action. Cut off all revenue streams to We don’t care how much money you make from his blog. None of it is worth sending a message that this is OK in any way, shape or form. We hope you decide to do what is right here and cut all ties with this man and his blog.

So far, there have only been 63 of the 100 signatures needed to…fulfill Dominic Ford’s meaningless fantasy? Here are a few people who’ve signed the petition and left comments. It’s a who’s who of you-know-who!

Nica Noelle:

nicaJake Cruise:


And even agent Howard Andrew:


Really, Howard? This time was too far? I guess the time I posted those exclusive photos you sent me of Ryan Rose’s ex-boyfriend Bobby Hart in the hospital with a battered and bloodied face wasn’t going “too far”? I guess I didn’t go “too far” when I declined to run the story after you called to tell me exclusively that one of your biggest models was arrested? And I guess I didn’t go “too far” when I ran story after story after story about all the drama on Nica Noelle’s sets—based in part on information you delightedly served up for me in emails and phone calls and texts? Oops, sorry Howard. Have I gone too far now?

As a blogger, my real name and identity is on everything I publish, and I’m always willing to be held accountable for everything I’ve said and done. Can those leading a so-called “boycott” to censor me say the same? Selective outrage and convenient hypocrisy over stories on Str8UpGayPorn only inspires me to work harder at what I do and call out even more examples as they occur. So thanks for all the fun today, keep sending me all your tips (even you, Howard!), and stay tuned for much more.


  • THAT guy

    you mad?

  • loyalty888

    I’m in the “this was pretty shady” camp, but this is pretty transparent on their part. They don’t like Zach so they pounce on the first opportunity they have to tear you apart. Keep doing you Zach, people make mistakes but we still love you.

    • Zachary Sire

      I didn’t make any mistakes, but thanks!

      • Mike Julius

        I think you made one: Publishing his full name.

        Granted he had put it out there himself, but it was just the distraction they needed to smokescreen everything else: His influence, the fact that he left a lucrative career to focus on this because he was making so much money as a shill–all of that was relevant and now it’s gone because the people that were using him can’t afford for him to lose the kind of seemingly benign showcase of their “talent.”

        It’s your blog, obviously. But everyone makes mistakes. I get that you feel that you did not here, but I think in order for the industry to take a step forward from this smokescreen, you need to apologize for publishing his name.

        That’s not because it was wrong to expose him, but because it gave them the opening to do exactly what they managed to do; the article is gone. Many still think what you did was merely petty sore loser stuff.

        I feel passionately that you should prove them wrong by apologizing for the mistake and republishing that entire article without his name.

  • THAT guy

    oh dear

  • theo775

    You posted his full name 28 times. You knew exactly what you were doing, and it was obvious to everyone.

  • FrenchBug

    I thought it was a mistake on your part but the post won’t go back up and that’s enough for me to move on.

    That some of the business personalities you have criticized the harshest would jump on the bandwagon brings a shrug and a LOL.

    Can we have a bit more information on who hacked the site? Was it a random person or someone linked to someone in the industry?

    • Zachary Sire

      It’s an ongoing legal matter, so unfortunately no.

      • theo775
      • daniel harcourt

        I believe a deliberate hack and redirect of a website is a felony under US law, If Queer Me Now was responsible this past weekend would be his LAST Voluntary trip to the USA

      • Todd

        No doubt when you ARE able to ….. you’ll be the first to break it exclusively. 😉

  • Denis-Adam Pompa

    Earlier Zach wrote and threaten to ban me from his site for only making a few comments about his site, I did not believe that my comments were awful, okay I said that he sometimes trashy things on here, well maybe it’s not trashy, but who cares who is having Twitter fights and all that mess. Just show the porn stars and the movies that they are making and what’s coming soon. No need for all that crap. Queer Me Now and Chronicles blog movies with pics of the porn stars and all without mess and all. If you cannot take the criticism then you in the wrong business. I was trying to tell what many of us want and your site could be so successful, but now you have all these folks mad at you for outing the the other blogger which is wrong, but only right had you asked him first and he said sure then this wouldn’t be a big deal. I believe all bloggers should work together and all to ensure the right stories and all are being told correctly, it should not be a competition. PEACE

    • FrenchBug

      If you want to “just see the porn stars and the movies” there are plenty of blogs out there for you to read. Some people – I included – enjoy what Zach does which includes casting a harsh light on some of the pettiest less flattering aspects of the industry.
      As I commented yesterday, arguing there is room for both QMN’s style and Zach’s style works both ways. BOTH should continue what they are doing and cater to their audience. No one is forcing you to come here to read about the Twitter fights.

      • Denis-Adam Pompa

        FrenchBug – yes your correct, good points, again though not a lot of folks like all the harsh light about the lives of the porn stars and their private business. I believe that both sites are good sites don’t get me wrong, but you put out someone’s name without asking them first, that’s not good in my opinion. Anyway everyone will survive this and move on, because their are more issues that are so more important going on right now, were flooded in TEXAS and many have lost their love ones, family, etc.. homes and all. I am thankful that I am my family survived, feel bad for the others who lost love ones – it’s sad – very! Peace

        • n24rc

          @Denis-Adam Pompa You implied that this was a gossip blog – which is slanderous. Tabloid media pays for sources, thus lack credibility. You speculated that Zach lies, which is untrue – he has proof from social media and other sources of evidence to corroborate. There is nothing wrong removing users who lie.

          The blog here only shows porn attracts bad elements of ego driven types who cannot conduct business professionally. Both talent and management. It is a stereotype, but it is true. The amount of apathy and antagonism has reached a point, that I think none of these people should work in this industry anymore.

          Remember when I posted a video from youtube showing two prostitutes arguing over a purse? IT has since been taken down because of it’s questionable ethics. Porn is no different than that video. Porn used to be considered an artform, and a expression of sexual liberation. But with the corporatization of the industry(early 80s), it has become a soulless machine of human degradation. Churning out content, becoming congested with it, and in efforts to stand out from predecessors content, making performers perform in an unsafe manner. You wanna know why condom mandates in California happened? It was self induced. While I think Mike South is somewhat homophobic, he is correct on a multitude of fronts about the current issues in porn: the use of talent that have questionable backgrounds, the lack of cohesiveness on the communities part to regulate properly, and the lack of interest in the well being of performers have created a malestrom on multiple fronts. The issue of illegal downloading was a problem ten years ago, and none of the companies would collaborate on how to deal with the issue to where it is now. Likewise, the use of condoms and the favoritism of certain content over others will destroy this industry.

          The issues here are apparent given the situation porn is in. No one would work together in a professional manner for mutual growth. Had the three of these individuals collaboratively wrote a professional letter in response on some other adult publication, rather than passively contributing online, they could have garnered some serious thought on the matter of revealing the bloggers identity.

          However, given that the bloggers behaviors were inconsistent with the understanding of what anonymity seems to imply, Zach is in the right to have divulged his identity. If he shows up to awards and publicly acknowledges his win, and he has other social media fronts that link to his gay porn blog, then this was a straw man issue for these people to take out their personal vendettas. Despite working in porn, these individuals often shout the first amendment as a right to show their work. But they often overlook the underling point of the law. You wanna know what freedom of speech is? It is a freedom of shared expression, therefore no one is exempt from criticism!!!!

          But they botched their own agenda with tactless social media posts and hacking -these behaviors do not demonstrate civility from which the first amendment was created for. Note in one of the forum posts at Gay Demon, ONE of those individuals clearly stated the legal identity of the blogger, thus inherently undermining the argument. They don’t have the mental forethought to their actions or care about the performers they employ. They are self-absorbed people who cannot accept the fallout and bad PR from their unethical business dealings. More power to Zach for only showing how they are shady and bad for the industry.

    • Alan. P. (Hansen)

      Zach’s karma has come calling. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Carlos Santerro

    Yeah, watch out guys. Seems Zach is in a tizzy about this. I wrote a comment that was respectful but critical of his actions and my comment was removed. Seems that he can dish it out, but he ain’t so good at taking it.

  • Oh FFS.
    You attacked an innocent person, giving out his private information on a blog while KNOWING that he could face imprisonment, and you did it all for nothing more than attention. What you are seeing here is not some kind of “conspiracy” against you, it’s people knowing right from wrong and calling you a cunt for being a cunt. You really are a fucking sociopath, you know that right?

  • G Sas

    you’ll show them when u win the pulitzer for the jarec wentworth story

    • audiosf228

      FYI they all take steroids…

      • G Sas

        not everyone’s face gets destroyed and bloated like brandon’s did.

        • audiosf228

          of course not. depends on what kind of steroid they took for the bloated face to happen

  • Jamie


  • Lacourse

    Zach, I honestly think you’re a talented writer and blogger. I read the original post and, your stated rationale notwithstanding, the phrase that comes to mind is: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

    • andrew

      Judge Judy uses that phrase.

      • Mike Julius


      • FoineThen

        Lacourse probably IS Judge Judy.

    • Mike Julius

      It’s not pee; it’s leftover fake cum from a LE production.

  • Todd

    *cough* ….. bullshit …..*cough*
    Is this guy the only blogger that wasn’t self identifying himself ? Dewitt from Manhunt blog ? Was that his name ? Approx. what did he earn.
    Move on ……. it was what we all know it was.

  • CA

    *grabs popcorn and watches the drama*

    I’m not sure what’s more interesting/disturbing…seeing how the porn world attacked this blogger or how the blogger is attacking his readers. Critical comments are pulled down as fast as they go up in real time of me reading them.

    *eats more popcorn and sits back*

  • Todd

    And apparently now you’ll be spending a lot of time deleting posts like the one you just did. THAT is why it shouldn’t have been posted to begin with. NOTHING vanishes from the internet. Your talents are much better spend writing than monitoring all of the comments on you posts and having to delete them QUICKLY.

    • Mike Julius

      In hindsight, while I think publishing his name was a mistake, the rest of it was not. But hindsight is 20/20.

      I still think an edited/redacted version of that post should be restored on this site, though I would understand Zach’s reluctance to do so.

      • Todd

        I’m not planning to comment on it anymore after this. I’m over it all. The whole thing was a clusterf*** ………… and maybe it was timing after all ……..but if Zach and the QMN guy had *tied* and both accepted the award together ?? Who knows how yesterday might have played out. I always love Zach’s 2o question posts ….but usually the subject is involved in them. ALL DONE

  • Zealot

    This would have to hit 2 days after breaking my right arm! I’d begin by calling out all of those who screeched loudest about Zach posting the name of the owner of the “Queer Me Now” blog. Anyone with two cents worth of common sense could drive a truck through the holes in their logic. Secondly use of the term “sacred code of ethics” by Dominic Ford could only have been more ridiculous and laughable had this been said by Michael Lucas or TIM media. REALLY, DF?? The only thing “sacred” in porn is the almighty dollar. Aren’t the folks carrying the torches demanding the “monster’s” head the very same who pair sero-discordant models, fail to properly test, fail to pay their talent timely…or emotionally and physically abuse actors– along with any number of other atrocities? I’m glad Zach exists to shine a light on their bullshit practices. Of course they want this blog shut down. It’s the one place that calls them out on their hypocrisy and not just provide them with free fluff pieces about their product. If I were a betting man I’d suspect that TIM, DF, and Duckface read STR8UPGAYPORN regularly. They may clench their teeth the whole time, but how else they gonna know what’s being said over here unless they’re nosing around? They have the option of ignoring Zach’s site and going on with their shady dealings, but I’m thinking he must be hitting the right nerve to warrant this level of response. Fuck ’em!

    • Mike Julius

      Yup, they probably each visit more than Zach does. How else would they find this golden opportunity to strike except whomp waaaa, people with sense didn’t buy it for a second or are waking up right…about…

  • Nic

    This is a hot mess…the original post wasn’t putting QueerMeNow in any danger that he hadn’t already done himself for the last 10 years, and more obviously by attending a public event and accepting an award. He’s a doctor who makes 6 figures writing/posting about sex…he isn’t dumb!
    This, though- responding to all the vitriol isn’t wise or recommended…it’s just fanning the flames of a whole lot of jerks, who collectively may harm str8upgayporn in the long run.

  • Stanlee

    This is not about Lucas and sadly that is where Sire believes all fault for everything lies. He revealed personal information about a colleague that did not want the information shared. Justify it all you want. Everything else is an incredibly childish attempt to put blame on anyone but himself.

  • TK

    Hate those guys all you want, what you did was bizarre. It was so over the top you can’t help but wonder if there is more involved here. Another blogger won a meaningless award and you lost your shit for some reason. A GRABBY! A FUCKING GRABBY! It’s just this fluff award show. The repeating of his name so many times, stating his non-blogging career, how much money he makes — it was just so angry. Like what you just did with Howard above, it’s counterproductive to your blog.


    • Mike Julius

      It goes to the transparency of the industry (or lack thereof). Maybe my faith is misplaced, but you said it yourself. “A GRABBY”? No, the financial aspect is fascinating, especially the way this rogues’ gallery of predators jumped to this “nice guy’s” defense.

      Maybe I’m being naive in defending Zach, but you are DEFINITELY naive to jump on this wagon they set up.

      • TK

        There is no wagon. I don’t care what the reaction to this was from industry people. His original post about the QMN blogger was bizarre. It wasn’t necessary, nobody was wondering about the guy or hoping to get more info on him. It was clear Zach was hurt by not winning. He felt he was a more deserving nominee and wasn’t a gracious loser. It accomplished nothing.

        • Mike Julius

          You REALLY think the Grabby mattered that much to him? Okay, let’s put that aside for a second.

          “Nobody was wondering about the guy or hoping to get more info on him.” Well, a person could argue, EXACTLY!

          Here is a person wielding a great deal of influence. Someone collecting money hand over fist so much so that he left a relatively lucrative career to focus on wielding that influence. He is a showcase for many studios whose mediocre/unethical porn would otherwise have less visibility and yet, as you yourself say, no one is checking for this person.

          But, yeah, maybe it is just about a Grabby. Zach is a bitter, sore loser, who outted this guy cause he was so jelly.

          Never mind the fact that he outted himself when he stepped onstage with linked personal facebook accounts to said blog he was accepting awards for. If he wasn’t worried about exposure back home, why are you?

          But there’s no wagon, right? K.

          • Kandel

            QMN guy probably moved to the US, thus attending the awards and accepting on stage and whatnot so he probably doesn’t have to worry about Thailand. But I’m just assuming…

          • Mike Julius

            Who knows, but that seems a strong possibility.

          • Alex Norman

            Sorry for being an idiot, but where’s the linked personal FB accounts on his blog? I checked and they’re all under QMN, not the guy behind the blog.

          • WhimsyCotton

            While I’m sure Zach appreciates your loyalty, no likes a kiss ass. You’re ignoring Zach’s tweets after the loss and him up voting TK’s comment on him being mad over the loss on the original post.

          • Mike Julius

            Ignoring for a moment the points I made to point out that I didn’t ignore those things. How do you ignore something you never saw? My points remain while observations remain irrelevant.

        • GoGo

          I just wanted to look at the face of the guy who doesn’t allow negative comments to be posted in almost any LE post, and now i know why.

          • sxg

            Why is it that people have this issue at that site but not me??? Or are my posts actually deleted and I’m the only one that doesn’t notice that? lol

            I constantly call him duckface, bring up his donation and political support for Mitt Romney, and how he outed Trenton’s HIV status in almost every post I can, yet I still see my posts lol

          • GoGo

            My comments never appear and they’re usually negatively directed at LE. I’ve just given up commenting. Besides this blog is far more superior and without censorship.

          • sxg

            Maybe it’s a bit too many curse words? I noticed that a couple of my posts did get deleted and I remembered I cursed a bit more than usual in them.

          • GoGo

            No i try to stay away from using curse words. It usually deals with the fake cum, fake internals, floppy dicks, you know the kind of things that LE wouldn’t be too fond of.

          • sxg

            Yea I posted those too in fact a ton of comments were allowed on that! I really don’t understand how a few people can get away with writing almost anything (like me) and then I hear stories of people getting banned for posting comments that don’t differ at all from the rest of us.

          • GoGo

            No idea. Well I did post a comment after i realized that it wasn’t posted, and bitched at him for catering to some of his affiliates.


          • Mihcael Davies

            Like me, I had to use a totally new email and screen name to be able to post again on that shitty blog. I never even wrote outright offensive posts either, hardly any cursing or anything and he would just delete my damn comments and never reply back as to why he deleted my comments. Yet that troll bitch MarcoManuel is allowed to comment from January to December?!?!? UGHH It pisses me off tbh.

          • Trey LEone

            lol i remember Marco!!!
            is that gurl still sitting on the keyboard???

          • Mike Julius

            I mean, I’ve seen that happen elsewhere, so I know it happens but swear words censored on a porn blog…


          • sxg

            Remember he’s Asian, and even though he’s from Thailand of all places, they’re still kind of built to be conservative. QMN blogger allows only a certain amount of cursing in each comment, and if it’s excessive then he deletes it. Yes I know it’s ridiculous. But hey his blogs his rules.

          • Dazzer

            I think they’re genuinely scared of you, sxg.

            I know I wake up in a cold sweat and screaming for my Mother after dreaming about some of your posts 🙂

    • sxg

      Actually the Howard thing is interesting. He had Zach publish what he didn’t have the balls to publish himself, and it’s funny that he thought his hands were clean and let Zach take the fall for making him look awful and desperate for posting the stories. Instead, we didn’t see Zach as awful and desperate, we actually saw him as a credible person who we can turn to for information on what exactly the industry is hiding from its consumers.

      And you know I can only imagine how much more Zach has on Howard and that I hope we get to see him in his true colors. Perhaps you should have thought twice before joining in the Klan of Zach haters and remembered that you were Zach’s accomplice some big-time stories about the industry! I wonder if your clients can find you trustworthy now knowing you love to dish all their dirt to whoever is there to listen!

      • Mike Julius

        I’m just sorry he had to burn a source. But it’s worth it to think of the rest of them realizing who was betraying them from the inside.

        • sxg

          I would have burned the source as well. I’m sure Howard wasn’t the only source that Zach had about the beatdown, he was just the one who happened to have the pictures of it.

        • John

          Never good to burn a source, when someone gives you exclusive shit to post and you out them when things get hot, good luck getting anything exclusive going forward…..sometimes you have to resist the burn the bridge strategy and live to fight another day…..Zach is wrong in this situation and needs to stop digging….

          • Mike Julius

            I think when the bridge has the very real potential of spreading to the bridges between your enemies, it’s worth it. Sound strategy.

          • JustJim

            dont worry! Howard is such a whore he will be kissing Zach’s ass in no time. It is common knowledge in the industry that he was he was the primary source for DK.

      • Luca

        oh PLEASE do you really believe Zach is -that- upset for a stupid Grabby? He said it himself, gay porn bloggers, especially popular ones with affiliates, make a good amount of MONEY. Do you think they care so much for a ridiculous award? Also, Zach doesn’t have a great string of wins, so why should he be so especially upset this time?!

        It’s a completely different issue and definitely not related to the Grabby.

  • I’m still being redirected to QMN from the homepage? I only got here now because of the link you posted on twitter

    • Todd

      Resave as a favorite from that twitter link.

    • sxg

      Clear your cache, and your cookies just in case. That’s what I did and the site worked fine

  • James Vilar

    #TeamZach if you need some money for any legal bills, remember to start a gofundme page. Lol.

  • sxg

    So what posts were deleted? And were these posts in the comments or full stories that were deleted???

    • Todd

      in this new thread, someone reposted Zach’s entire thread from yesterday. I was responding and calling them an asshole and when I tried to post my reply, that post had already been deleted. It’s a shame someone has to pull that kind of bullshit. LET IT GO.
      From when it was hacked ? I have no idea. I’m sure Zach will share if he ever can after any legal pursuits.

    • Zachary Sire

      Technically the posts weren’t “deleted,” but rather they were “lost” during the hack. When tech support went to restore the site and take it back from the hacker, they could only restore to what it was well over 24 hours ago (the last time it was saved). The original QMN post, the GoFundMe post about Brandon Hawk, and several links from other sections on the blog were all lost.

      • sxg

        ah yes the Brandon Hawk Gofundme! Well as mentioned below, it still is in existence on the Disqus app, at least through my Windows phone. Not sure if it’s the same thing through the Android and Apple app.

  • Male Magazine

    OMG,,,what a “Blood”bath!!!

  • Duncan

    Anything that pisses off Jake Cruise can’t be bad.

  • DrunkEnough

    I love how the people complaining that Zach named the blogger from QMN have themselves posted his real name publicly in complaining about it.

    • I know, right?

    • JustJim

      exactly! trust me they don’t care about mr. QMN/ They are just opportunist.

    • WillG

      Sadly I only had a chance to skim it before it disappeared, but Zach’s post did say Dr. QMN’s own Facebook page, under his real name, links to his blog, right? That seems to have been conveniently glossed over by the Duckface lynch mob.

    • Bob Bilbert

      I was/am curios as to what he looks like. I guess I missed it. Anyone have pics?

  • Oh, girl, you in danger! They’re gonna gang up and form a club so exclusive, you’ll want to get it, but can’t. Then they will stroke their fluffy persians and cackle madly.

    Or they could continue to be disgusting liars and hypocrits that buzz as effectively as a fly.

  • JustJim


    This guy is the biggest scumbag in the business. God I hope Zach publishes the “Howard” files. I’m sure there is some juicy stuff in them.

    I do feel sorry for the QMN guy. First Zach and now being used by Miss Lucas, Dominic ford and now Howard to express their moral outrage.

    • MikeB

      Howard, can’t think of a word strong enough to express my hegative thoughts on that guy. Would like to see an expose there as well.

  • Donkeyteefus

    The original post everyone freaked out over, was a news-worthy and fair game subject. the guy went on stage at an awards show! the post wasn’t jealousy over not winning a Grabby, i think everyone is in agreement they are meaningless and 88 people are nominated for each category. the post was to report on a vapid, innocuous site (which is enjoyable and simplistic!) that is a major industry presence. all of the people freaking out are just using this as pretense. they give a fuck about queermenow because it makes them money. if it didn’t make them $, there wouldn’t me this mass clutching of cyber pearls.

  • Mike Julius

    DAMN, Zach. Go in!

    I was with you from the outset, but have to admit I waffled a bit in between then and now. I thought, “The Thailand arrest angle isn’t something I considered.” But he himself has facebook accounts linked with his blog and appeared onstage to accept the award this year? And then I remembered something else.

    On the original story, I commented that you had his info from when he won the previous year? Did you refrain from publishing his name then because he didn’t seek the spotlight by personally accepting an award on his blog’s behalf this year?

    I owe you an apology for falling for their tactic.

    This is a thoroughly spectacular take down of all the figures that deserve it. Duckface, Nica, TIM’s puppet (whatever your name is), you’re soaking wet:

    Among other things.

  • NG212

    Zach shines a bright and snarky light on the darkest corners of this industry. In the process, he scares people — those who benefit from the status quo lack of transparency. Every week, he catches Scooby Doo villains who ‘would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for that Sneaky Sire.’ Zach is keeping them honest. He’s the closest thing to gay porn’s Anderson Cooper.

    That may sound hyperbolic, but who else is doing this kind of work? Presenting the truth — unvarnished, without spin or bullshit?

    I don’t care for the views shared in this comments section. Zach was clear that he liked his colleague from QMN, and wished him nothing but the best. And don’t get me started on the porn figures covered in
    this post — half of whom are monsters; the other half certifiably insane. Yeah, Nica, I’m lookin’ at you.

  • Jeez this blog just got even more real!

    I saw your original post about the QueerMeNow gentleman. I don’t really check that site for gay porn content so I didn’t really have much of an interest for that particular post. I just remember ‘Thailand, physician, award’. I don’t recall reading the comments for that post either which is weird because some of you are hilarious with the GIFs. Award show details are boring to me anyway. From my understanding, a Grabby is an industry thing. Something a typical porn consumer has no idea about.

    In regards to the outrage, I can see why they are coming for you. They feel attacked and betrayed, I guess. However, did you really reveal info on the QMN gentleman or did you simply compile information on him that was freely available online? Don’t have an active Facebook account but based on what you have stated all this information was accessible from two public Facebook profiles. If the info like his name, location and profession was not obvious then I can understand why a few people are upset.

    Clearly there is animosity. I am mainly interested in quality content among porn studios, models and porn-focused blogs. But if your blog does get shut down, please consider a fun and interesting project with Dewitt Daily.

    I am kind of disappointed though that I was away from my computer when your site got hacked. I was busy sucking dick. No joke.


  • sxg

    Oh and just checked, the story is still alive and well through the Disqus app! lol

  • Jells

    Some might say that the sorry state of gay porn is because there aren’t enough Zachs reporting on the fuck ups and assholes and lackluster performances and same old same old. Keep doing what you’re doing Zach! No matter how “beloved” QMN is supposed to be, the Duckfaces of the world could give two shits about that blog, this is about Zach.

    • Mike Julius

      This SO much!

    • WillG

      This very pithy comment has the most upvotes (as it should) yet it isn’t the first comment. Isn’t that how Disqus is supposed to work?

      • McM.

        On the upper right corner of the Disqus section, below your name is a “Sort” link. Click it and a menu appears with the option to sort by best, newest, and oldest. This will allow you to view article comments in the order you want.

        • WillG

          I’ve always had it set to sort by best, but I shouldn’t have assumed everyone does.

      • TK

        There is no mystery. You may see 21 votes (now 24 at this moment) but you do not see the down votes. The number of down votes lowers a post.

        • sxg

          Yes I miss that I wish we can see the down votes like we used to, but keep them anonymous, OR maybe not anonymous! 🙂

        • WillG

          I did not know that! Thanks.

    • Luca

      QMN and S8GP are completely complementary. The first gives a summary of the scenes appeared on the main porn sites of the day plus some harmless news, the second gives opinions, exposes the questionable or interesting behavior within the industry and makes occasional comedy posts.
      They can perfectly live alongside each other.

      • JJ

        I agree with you wholeheartedly! Yes! We need Zach and QMN!

  • BoomPow

    The cornerstone of the porn industry is the principle of freedom of speech. Hell, publisher Larry Flynt of Hustler fame, survived an assassination attempt and was crippled for life, fighting for the legal right to publish material others deemed offensive. Now the industry leaders want to have their cake and eat it to. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    They want the right to freely publish whatever material that will make them the most money and at the same time silence any voices that don’t fit into their narrow view of the industry. The symbiotic relationship between QueerMeNow and the industry is the classic you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your. It’s all good because as long as QueerMeNow, says and does whatever the industry demands, they all make a lot of money. Don’t rock the boat.

    It’s not as if the QueerMeNow guy doesn’t understand the risk. He knows every time he presses the send button and publishes an article, he’s breaking the law. Yet, he continues to churn out content day after day. Why? Because to him, the reward is greater than the risk. He certainly wasn’t concerned about the risk when he flew to Chicago, got on stage, made a speech, and accepted an award for being the leader in his field. That was his choice. Is everyone now supposed to pretend that didn’t happen?

    The porn industry is a shady one that’s built on lies, and deception. As long as the industry has a mouth piece that will prop them up and do their bidding, they will lend the full force of their weight to protect that mouth piece. In this case, their cash cow, QueerMeNow. The steady stream of customers QueerMeNow generates for the industry feeds the coffers and everybody makes a lot of money. You bet their going to protect that.

    The QueerMeNow guy want’s to hide behind the anonymity of the internet yet reap the rewards. His user base is huge and he’s disseminating a staggering amount of information that effects his readers in a meaningful way. Minimally, the readers have a right to know, who’s voice is speaking to them and the motivation behind his words. In short, Fuck that guy!

    • JustJim


      • BoomPow

        Thank you…

    • steve adams

      Some really great replies tonight. #TeamZach

      • BoomPow

        Thanks…It’s the right thing.

    • DPS

      Your comments are always appreciated but this one deserves applause! Well done mate!

    • Silas Wegg

      This is classic victim blaming. What Zach did is straight up predatory and sociopathic, and you’re making excuses for him.

  • SaintMike

    well shit, sorry I missed it all

  • Nickolas

    People are fucking jealous of you, Zach. You know it. I know it. Your fans know it. When you got up and told The S*ord to fuck off, your fans followed you to Str8UpGayPorn, and we all prefer this place, because you can say and do whatever the fuck you want, and it’s the TRUTH. No one has the exclusives you do, and no one has the talent to make people laugh at the same time.

  • Bruser

    Pleeze we all know QMN is a porn industry shill. His blog reminds me of the old MGM publicists with their fairy tails . He’s the the gay porn blogger equivalent of Larry King. Zach is our Woodward & Bernstein. Keep fucking with em Z.

    • steve adams

      Got it right.

    • sxg

      QMN to me has become a bit like the Access Hollywood of gay porn, too mainstream and doesn’t cover any type of depth within the industry. This reminds me of when Access Hollywood had Katie Hopkins on via satellite talking about her controversial fat remarks about Kelly Clarkson and were (unsuccessfully) trying to heavily criticize her for it, and a week later they had on a comedian that has made a living on racist, homophobic, and anti-semitic remarks and never got criticized for it. In fact, the interview was so chummy it was vomit-inducing. The only way we get any depth out of it is through the comments section, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

      • TK

        Str8upgayporn = occasional interesting news, gossip and some affiliate linking

        QMN = Let me see what’s worth downloading off torrent tonight

        • Trey LEone

          I completely agree with this!!!
          QMN is only interesting to 16-18 year olds who laugh at the word penis and get excited at everything naked.
          I don’t even check his blog anymore as I know he will have NO opinion on anything.
          If his blog was the only exposure I had to gay porn I would think that gay asian and black people did not exist!!!
          However, Zach was definitely a bitter old queen when writing that blog post as he could have given good shade without including QMN real name. Saying that, QMN can’t be that naive as being a well publicised gay porn blogger for this long you can’t expect to stay closeted forever some bitch was gonna come for you, he must have had a back up plan.
          You know duckface pre cummed a bit when he saw this opportunity.
          DIsappointing from you Z…. very disappointing.

  • Kryz

    Keep ya head up Zach because, as we all know, haters gon’ hate!

  • pangelboy

    I glanced over the original post and it did seem a little personal. I first thought it was an interview… The faux-outrage of Zach’s Legion of Awfulness is just so over the top, though. Freely available information should be allowed to be used freely. And I check str8upgayporn an unhealthy amount, so keep on doing you!

    >And I guess I didn’t go “too far” when I ran story after story after
    story about all the drama on Nica Noelle’s sets—based almost entirely on
    information you delightedly served up for me in emails and phone calls
    and texts? *Oops, sorry Howard. Have I gone too far now?*

  • GN


  • GN


  • Todd


    Oh no you DIDN’T, Zach

    (from Dominic Ford’s petition)

    Joey Sire CHICAGO, IL

    I might be just an ugly pet, but my owners behavior was inexcuable, dangerous and reckless.

    I think he needs to be silenced.
    HA HA HA …………this is why I love you !! (and I just tweeted you yesterday asking why Joey had had not posted tweets for so long. NOW I KNOW !! (Fight the good fight, Joey !!!)

  • Myko

    If the porn studios stop str8upgayporns affliliate programs then its bye to Zach (well this site). It will boil down to money over “morality”. Can/will the studios afford to lose the revenue generated from this site, if they cant this will all blow over by next week.

  • Barnaby Gil

    Perhaps a publicist could handle do some damage control over this crisis

  • GN


    • P17C

      lol they’re like the shady gay porn Avengers. Assemble!

      • sxg

        hahaha the shady porn avengers! I love that!

  • Diva

    You know that loud, thundering scream Latrice Royale does when she laughs? That’s literally the sound that is filling my room as I read the “did I go to far now Howard?” part.

    Wonder how Ryan Rose is going to feel about Howard spilling all his tea behind his back.

    • n24rc

      Ryan was probably being a cunt to him that week. He probably wanted to check his ass to show who is boss.

  • GN


  • GN


  • BoomPow

    A tempest in a tea pot! The most vocal of the group calling for Zach’s head are bottom feeders. The business practices some of these trolls engage in are way worse than anything Zach has ever done. They need to clean up their own houses before they point fingers at anybody else.

    Given that what QueerMeNow is doing is illegal in Thailand, the blogmaster of that site is openly engaging in illegal activity. The industry people doing business with QueerMeNow clearly know this yet continue to aid and abet this guy in his criminal activity. With every interaction and every business transaction they conduct with QueerMeNow, they are breaking the law and potentially jeopardizing the safety of the blogmaster. Oh, but Zach is the real threat here.

    Fuck that! I want a list of all the people that have signed the petition and I will conduct my own personal boycott. One more thing. How is it possible that the turgid, pile of steaming shit, Jake Cruise still remains in the industry?

  • JustJim

    Just posted by Howard the Coward:

    Howard Andrew ‏@FabScoutHoward
    “While I believe @Str8UpGayPorn went too far, I don’t think it should be taken down we all enjoy it, but more care should be taken on posts”

    So wait, you sign a boycott organized by Miss Lucas & Dominic Ford saying you want all studios to cancel their accounts with St8up, effectively putting them out of business.

    THEN on the same boycott page you publicly scold Zach for going “too Far”.

    THEN Zach calls you out like the 2Face gutless Agent you are…

    AND NOW you don’t want STR8Up taken down because…….


    LOL! Classic.

    ATTENTION MODLES: This is what he does to you…ALL THE TIME.

  • BoomPow

    A tempest in a tea pot! The most vocal of the group calling for Zach’s head are bottom feeders. The business practices some of these trolls engage in are way worse than anything Zach has ever done. They need to clean up their own houses before they point fingers at anybody else.

    Given that what QueerMeNow is doing is illegal in Thailand, the blogmaster of that site is openly engaging in illegal activity. The industry people doing business with QueerMeNow clearly know this yet continue to aid and abet this guy in his criminal endeavors. With every interaction and every business transaction they conduct with QueerMeNow, they are breaking the law and potentially jeopardizing the safety of the blogmaster. That’s all A-okay though because money, And Oh, Zach is the real threat here.

    Fuck that! It’s egragarious, and unethical, for any journalist, even a blogger, to publish behind a wall of anonimity. How can you stand by your work or be held accountable for anything you write if nobody knows who you are? If Zach were cloaked under the same blanket of anonimity he wouldn’t have to be answer to the charges leveled against him right here and now.

    I want a list of all the people that have signed the petition and I will conduct my own personal boycott. One more thing. How is it possible that the turgid, pile of steaming shit, Jake Cruise still remains in the industry?

    • Dazzer

      What QMN blogger is doing in Thailand isn’t specifically illegal (it depends where his internet servers are). But even if it were illegal, no-one in authority would bat an eyelid. At the very most, he might get a fine. But I doubt that’d happen either. To be honest, so long as he pays his taxes, the Thai authorities are probably just glad that they have a new and growing home-grown industry that doesn’t involve the exploitation of any Thai people.

      And some Thai people are actually going to feel their chests swell with national pride that a Thai national has taken on the rest of the world and won.

  • jacob221

    You are like the “Media Matters of America” of porn

    And what a coincidence
    Your biggest detractor is a republican too

    • Zachary Sire


    • Bull

      lmao! You are so right!

  • Mikey Russo

    I’m sure this will be lost in a sea of praises for Zachary, but I think what you did was wrong. You knew the potential danger you were placing the QMN blogger in by posting about him. You’ll just say “Well he shouldn’t have gone to the event” or “He shouldn’t be openly gay when it’s illegal where he lives” – but that doesn’t take anything away from what you did. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It seems like you lack the ability to empathize (something I’ve noticed from your posts for years). You did the wrong thing. Even if you somehow didn’t know it at the time, you know it now, and you should just apologize.

    Some of the people you’re against, Michael Lucas for example, suck. He’s AWFUL. I get that. But just because you can legally get away with posting people’s personal information, why would you? “Transparency”? Come on. That’s bullshit. We all know that’s not why you’re doing it. You’re being a bully and personal information is the only ammo you have on the internet. Don’t you think it took courage for the QMN guy to appear in public? Despite the fact that someone like you could use that appearance to hurt him? If you don’t want to be that kind of person, I’d really suggest for once in your life – just own what you did and say you’re sorry.

    • n24rc

      His information was publicly available online BEFORE Zach’s posting. So your comment is moot.

      This is favoritism, pure and simple. The blogs that cater to whims of porn productions get their praise. I don’t scold Queermenow for the fact that they are doing an honest business, they are earning money based on the media they post about. They should continue operating at that model. However, they should be considered partial to their client list – and if Zach wanted to bring that point up, then it is valid reason for discussion about what “quality” that blog is from which an award was served to.

      I take umbridge with the group of people calling out Zach as a bully, when they themselves are engaging in that very same behavior.

      • Mikey Russo

        It’s not moot. Zach’s actions could have serious consequences for that man. We should be protecting members of our community who are in scary situations, like living somewhere where being gay is illegal. Zach didn’t create the situation, but he CERTAINLY made it easier for harm to come that guy’s way. He should apologize for that.

        • n24rc

          Your assumptions are invalid. The safety of the blogger isn’t in question. He isn’t going to jail as I see today, May 29th, a posting is live on QMN since the alleged outing!!!!! The blogger hasn’t come forward with complaints or issues dealing with Thailand, and until then you should stop assuming as much.

          Once you appear publicly and online with various points of references to your identity, Zach can hardly be accountable for anonymity.

          • Nick

            I think the name is not the biggest issue here as it’s already out there to begin with. But then again, I would really like to know what Zach’s intentions are for mentioning the name so. many. friggin. times. to the point that I thought maybe neither Zach is a native speaker of English, that perhaps he’s Thai too. He never really addressed why he went OCD on the name–if he has intentions behind it or he just forgot the words ‘he’ ‘his’ and ‘him.’

            I think what’s more worth talking about here is how he pointed out how much Tai earns from the studios for saying nothing but good words in his updates. I mean, it’s not like Zach, with all of the links in this site and whatever he says about them, is working pro bono; and that he has any say on what format QMN employs. Just because Zach would take the trash of these studios out for public discourse doesn’t mean every other blog–the Grabby winner especially–should follow suit and that his is the only way to respectfully earn in their industry. This was very clear from the part where Zach talked about how much Tai earns coupled with the third to the last question if I’m not mistaken (the part where QMN was stressed, and i mean stressed, to be wishy washy, have no opinion, not reporting the negative stuff and so on). And the fact that he did this as part of introducing to us the Grabby winner for best blog doesn’t really send out the best messages out there I think.

          • Mike Julius

            Has Zach ever pretended not to have bias? Has he churned out review after review of only good scenes?

          • n24rc

            Why would it affect that blogger poorly, if he is having strong earnings and makes a great living at gay porn blogging? Zach reported how impressive it was that he made that much. In fact it probably is good PR for his affiliates who make a living from referrals.

            They could have contained this issue with the simple statement, we stand with QMN and support their business because of x,y, and z. Any revenue stream came from referrals and not buying headlines.

          • Nick

            (???) never said anything about affecting his blog poorly. Anyway, what i was saying was the past blog pointed out that QMN’s wishy washy and ever so kiss ass posts earn him 6 figures from the studios. Well this and that his name is Tai, his name is Tai and his name is Tai.

          • Mikey Russo

            Like I said, Zach made it EASIER for harm to come his way. Which is a reckless, unkind thing to do to someone. And it’s my opinion that he should apologize.

        • Mike Julius

          If you can’t see what a distraction the whole “He’s is in danger” thing is, I do not know what to tell you. He owns a gay porn blog with his personal information linked to it and got on stage to accept an award for said blog.

          If he’s not worried, WHY are you? Put down the pitchfork and think for yourself.

          • Mikey Russo

            1) You don’t know me, 2) I am thinking for myself. It’s my opinion that Zach did the wrong thing and he should apologize.

          • Mike Julius

            Then 1) I’m glad because 2) You’re a fool.

            Adios. (That’s Spanish for goodbye.)

            P.S. I agree about the apology, by the way, but certainly not for the reason you say.

          • Mikey Russo


      • Alex Norman

        Where are the alleged linked Facebook accounts on QMN blog, though? Those aren’t publicly available, at least not since I checked 10 hours ago.

        • n24rc

          do your own research.

          • Mikey Russo

            It is wrong to out somebody on a popular blog if they live somewhere where it’s illegal to be gay. 100%. Period. Even if the guy was the grand marshal at a pride parade in West Hollywood – why would you take the step to out his identity online on your site? Maybe he himself has made a mistake posting his information online somewhere, who knows. Why does that make it okay for Zach to do it too? “He’s screwed himself already, so I might as well screw him too”?

  • Bastian

    I find it strange that the author of QMN blog censor comments unfavorable to his affiliate partners, and yet he comes from a country where censorship is an issue.

    Those who should be boycotted are Nica, Lucas, Jake or Dominic Ford for doing a shitty porn.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Zachary Zachary Zachary. You need to get it together gworl. Keep the posts funny, snide, and informative and not emotional like the now-deleted one and this one. Leave the dramatics the basic Weho gays and porn stars and then report on them.

  • Nick

    First, some of the responses could’ve been answered more maturely–responding with “you got shit too” is arguing like a 7 year old. *Rephrase: Some of the responses could’ve been answered.

    Second, the statement: “. . .porn stars. . .not publishing their names is indeed part of the so-called ‘sacred code of ethics’ (a practice I adhere to, unless they’re someone like Jarec Wentworth). Bloggers, on the other hand, are definitely not part of that code, in my view.” Couldn’t be more far off from logical; if not, it’s a perfect example of using double standards. Aliases are used to protect one’s own real identity–his life outside that fronted personality. A blogger has just as much to protect as any pornstar has. And depending on the sensitivity of his blog posts, perhaps even more. Imagine if you’re blogging radically liberal views in China. If you counter by attacking his accountability for not using his real name, well guess what? You can personally choose to disregard his writings altogether. Doing anything beyond that is unnecessary. Plus, his site, as you pointed out, is neutral. There’s no point waving the accountability card if he’s only posting what’s new with the porn sites today. He forwards no opinion that needs to be tied to his personality and credentials to have the semblance of writing responsibly. If his neutral posts generate discourse among readers, that’s beyond him. Granted his name was out there anyway (I even once sent a message to the blog and got a response with his name on it too), the way you wrote it–mentioning his name as if you forgot what pronouns are–is obviously motivated by more than stating a fact.

    Lastly, if you really stand by what you wrote last time, if you can really say with a straight face that there was no bad intent in that post and/or you really think it couldn’t possibly bring harm to another person, then please disregard the backlash and put the blog post back up. If anything, sticking with what you think is right is writing responsibly.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading your posts. I may disagree with some of em, but these are after all opinion driven articles unlike the one’s at QMN.

  • P17C

    This will get lost in the sea of comments but I wrote a good one on the story that got deleted so whatever…

    fuck all these humorless hack ass drama queens. No one was or is in danger. I said it before and will say it again, if the QMN blogger was some sort of ‘brave’ journalist exposing homophobia in a dictatorship anonymously this would be different. If he was in hiding because a fatwa was placed on his head, this would be different. Salmon Rushdie he is not.

    He showed up in Chicago without a bag on his head in front of people who all had camera phones and thanked everyone for WINNING AN AWARD FOR WRITING A GAY PORN BLOG. I always sensed the phoniness of the industry (the way reality TV and Hollywood is, but I think that porn is even FAKER). How so? Because you don’t really see TV producers and stars reacting like this when they are called out. Why so defensive? Because there is obviously truth to what Zach writes.

    All the whiny industry assholes mentioned in this post strike me as pimps at this point. Zach already called out each one so if you don’t get why I use that word then just read what he wrote about them. Exploiting meth, HIV positive semen…Michael Lucas.

    They all want to be able to do and get away with cutting corners and being immoral from the comfort of their little bubble. The fact the QMN won that fake award for being fake to the fake industry proves this. We wouldn’t accept this kind of smoke and mirror from the food industry, the movie industry, the clothing industry, the auto industry etc so why accept it from the porn industry?

    Zach you are the queen! Don’t change…and I’d like to personally THANK YOU for being ‘responsible’ for Brent Corrigan never posting a shirtless pic and for ‘slowing his role’ in porn!

    • Nick

      Zach has shown he’s not afraid of being confrontational from many of the things he had written in the past. But something’s telling me he knows he crossed a line. Direct and confrontational as he is, he opted to not bring back the post which to me is very telling. Hacked or not, I don’t believe the post is lost (come on now!). Danger or no danger, he peppered the post with Tai’s name 28 times like there’s no such thing as pronouns (completely unnecessary and at the very least bad writing) and he in a passive-aggressive way dissed QMN for being a paid PR guy for the studios and topped it all off with what came out as a sarcastic “he’s a nice guy” in the end. I mean, waybig runs in this format way more than QMN and yet Tai gets to be called out of what no one sees as a problem to begin with in the first place.

      • P17C

        Thanks for the response. I respect your opinion but I can’t cosign it because I think you interpreted Zach’s writing one way and I as well.

        I think we should look at it from Zach’s POV. Here he is, writing shit with sincerity and truth regardless of what other’s think and not afraid of higher ups pulling his plug or blacklisting him. All while he is transparent and upfront, his REAL name on whatever he posts. He genuinely takes real risks.

        100% he is not for everyone but I would be ‘pissed’ or at least a bit frustrated to watch some fake vessel for industry praise and exposure make 6 figures and win an award while I put authenticity into my work.
        Not to mention that if all these people demanding Zach’s head were REALLY concerned about the safety of the blogger they would not be perpetuating the issue and bringing more light to it.

        Awards are all about RECOGNITION and if the QMN blogger didn’t want to be RECOGNIZED he shouldn’t have accepted the award.

    • Todd

      Brent’s response was laughable. As if doing scenes and posting pics is for his fans. It is for money and traffic to his social media sites and his website. Many of his followers can’t ‘boycott’ something they didn’t read anyway ……and the whole 50 or so people who favorited his tweet ? Not a big loss I’m sure.
      Looking forward to Zach’s snark on Brent’s next new scene or new shirtless/nude pic

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    You play riotous indignation well.

    searching on QueerMeNow I find no facebook links,

    Unless you KNOW Thai Law your supposition that he wouldn’t be effected is dangerous and potentially libelous, and the act of a jealous small man.

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks

  • pennessee
  • pennessee
  • ethan

    The Big question is this. Did the QMN blogger give Zach permission to use the info? If he did then Zach had every right to use it. If he didn’t then Zach deserves whatever legally comes to him. If he published this stuff with QMN’s permission then QMN knew what he was getting himself in for. Given all the craziness that has unfolded, that probably didn’t happen. Then if that was the case that is just a low and shallow thing to do, especially over an award. If the folks who run the grabbys didn’t have the good sense to give Str8Up an award, then that just shows how worthless the grabbys are. That being said i wish QMN’s blogger nothing but the best.

    • steve adams

      If you had to get permission to publish every blog post there would be no post.

      • Mike Julius

        Right? What kind of logic? When a newspaper exposes a political scandal, are they obligated to get permission from all parties first? That’s news to me.

  • jacob221

    On Another note

    Got caught lying again

    Gay Hotelier Ian Reisner Lied About Cutting Check for Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign

  • Trey LEone

    When Zach had to let bitches know…..
    the pearls gurl,, those muthafuckin pearls

  • Estelle

    What blogger makes $$ off of duckface jake cruise and dominic ford ? They are circling the drain.Nica Noelle burned a lot of bridges in the straight porn industry for pulling the same shit she’s doing in gay porn. Howard got john magnums scene cut behind his back. As far as revealing identies have none of these people looked at the stupid go fund me pages. Btw the porn industry do shit when porn wikileaks came so fuck your selective outrage.

  • Dazzer

    I’m going to be really calm about this.

    But I’m also going to claim the privilege of being a journalist who has been published in Thailand and having had my work commended by the Thai Ministry of Culture (for the very first Bangkok Film Festival) some years ago.

    I’m white British and I live in Britain, but I used to be the London correspondent for an English-language magazine in Bangkok.

    As such, I call complete and utter bullshit over the claims that the QMN blogger’s life is in the slightest bit of danger.

    I know the media laws, I know the general laws and I know the culture in Thailand. Being gay is not a major problem. Dealing with porn – gay or straight – is not a major problem. And it’s certainly not a problem when you’re dealing with Westerners.

    If QMN blogger is saying that his life is in danger because he’s gay and he’s dealing with porn, there isn’t a .gif sufficient enough to provide the eye-roll that I would give.

    Let’s be really clear about this:there is a thoroughly specific list of priorities that will get you punished in Thailand.

    1) Slagging off the Thai Royal Family. Definitely a no-no.
    2)Slagging off the current government. Again, a (current) no-no
    3) Drug-running. No one likes it, it’s a no-no.
    4) Raping and murdering tourists in holiday spots – emphatically a no-no.

    I could enumerate the things more problematic than being gay and blogging about Western gay porn at length, but it’d take me until next week.

    So when Duckface, Orca, or any other pornographers start yelling ‘Racism’ and ‘Life at Risk’, they’re xenophobbic, ignorant, motherfucking obnoxious cowards who can’t be bothered to understand how things work in other countries.

    They are attacking Sire, but they’re attacking from a position of complete ignorance and hoping that everyone is as ignorant as they are.

    And, frankly, most of their fans probably are.

    You probably won’t get this from the way I’ve written this comment, but I’m completely and utterly furious about the way about the way American ignorance of Thailand and Thai media laws are being manipulated to attack an American blogger (Zachary Sire in this instance).

    I’m actually incandescent with anger about this.

    My first reaction was to ring up people in the Culture Ministry and my low-level contacts in the Thai Royal family and say: ‘QMN blogger (real name here) is using the internet to talk about Western gay porn. How do you feel about it? Apart from him being Thai, he doesn’t affect Thailand in the slightest way. Is this a problem?’

    I can guarantee you that the official Thai governmental response will be: ‘We have many more important issues to deal with in modern-day Thailand’. And then you’ll get the totally unofficial governmental response (couched in the most beautiful Thai terms of respect) that will translate into: “Will you kindly fuck off. If he’s not breaking the law, we’re really NOT interested.”

    QMN blogger is not at risk. And unless he comes to this site and explains himself for claiming he is, I am more than prepared to go through official channels to get the guarantees of his safety.

    This is an outright challenge.

    If QMN blogger really is at risk, I’m prepared to nip over to Thailand, marry him and give him the umbrella of EU citizenship.

    It’s never going to happen because it won’t be necessary.

    This whole issue is bullshit promoted by morons.

    • Nick

      The idea was first submitted by Zach himself in the original post if I remember correctly.

      • Benjam

        Exactly. Zach was the one who mentioned the danger of him being a gay blogger and living in thailand…and then he mentioned the guys name over and over and his real life profession. Even if the danger is non-existent, HE thought there might be consequences as a result of the blog post and he didn’t give a fuck. That’s why the post was a shitty thing to do.

        • Dazzer

          @Nick and @Benjam, I didn’t read the original post because the site was hacked.

          To be honest, I’ve been trying to read Str8upgayporn for the last couple of days and thinking to myself: ‘Sire, you cocky swine – now let’s hear more about Manhunt Daily not updating’.

          So please accept my apologies because I suggested that QMN blogger said that his life or liberty was at risk here. I was wrong. I had incomplete information and I went the wrong way with it. So please accept my sincere apologies.

          That said, I’m doubling down on the people attacking Zachary Sire on this issue and calling them bullshit-spouting morons who only confirm their essential ignorance, xenophobia, opportunism, and – frankly – total fuckwittedness as mouth-breating supposedly sapient beings.

          If this turns into a story in Thailand – and that’s a big IF – then I feel sorry for QMN blogger. What he’ll have to deal with is ‘loss of face’. And that’s a big deal because it doesn’t just affect him, it affects all of his family – extended and otherwise. It’ll be excruciatingly embarrassing. I seriously and sincerely feel for him.

          But that criticism will only come from a certain section of Thai society. Everyone else will give that exquisite Thai shrug and basically say: ‘Who gives a fuck? I’ve got more important things to deal with. Now give me the money for that bundle of pak choi you’ve just bought.’

          The loss of face is a big deal, though and it shouldn’t be minimised.

          The attacks on Sire are ridiculous, though.

          They’re pig-ignorant. They’re annoyingly stupid. Or they’re viciously opportunistic. I tend to the former because I doubt that Michael Lucas, Nica Noelle, Dominic Ford, Treasure Island Media, Jake Cruise or Howard Andrew would have sufficient spare brain cells between them to spend the next decade learning how to count up to ten in Thai.

          There’s no argument from me that Zach Sire should reap what he sows. He’s an antagonist in gay porn. And that’s why I love him. He’s no mushroom. He doesn’t passively sit there in the dark and accept whatever shit is heaped on his head.

          The people attacking Sire on this issue are people who know precisely fuck all while still straining their bowels to produce as much shit as they can.

          They have precisely one idea in their microcephalitic heads: crap sells. Both in their produce and their thinking.

          And that’s what they’re doing here. Crapping. And pretending it’s important.

          • Benjam

            You didn’t read the original post so how would you know if the criticism Zach’s gotten from some of his own readers is legitimate? Who cares about the Thai angle or what others in the industry are doing; if you were able to read the comments on that blog post you’ll see regular readers call his motives in question. The other bloggers or directors may have their own agenda in criticizing Zach, I’m sure, but that doesn’t mean Zach’s article wasn’t shady.

          • Dazzer

            Regular readers frequently call Sire’s approach to stories into question.

            That, in itself, is not new or remarkable. Or, sadly, prove your point.

            Given that this story is about how other people in the industry have reacted to Zach’s post about QMN blogger, and how his Thai nationality has been discussed with regard to Thai media law, the points I’ve made are relevant.

            Not relevant to you, possibly, but relevant to the story.

      • Zachary Sire

        No. The idea I put forward is that internet censorship laws are complex/unclear in Thailand, and I believe that many porn sites might be censored/blocked. Before he went public and revealed his identity last Saturday night, QueerMeNow was anonymous, likely because of existing (and confusing) internet censorship laws in Thailand. As I wrote in the post (and I’m paraphrasing here since the person who committed a felony while hacking this website has made the original post—and several others—unrecoverable), “While many porn sites are blocked within Thailand, it’s not clear if there are actual laws about being a porn blogger while living in the country.” Whatever the laws, SOMETHING made QueerMeNow change his mind when he decided to come out and show his face on camera in public, and I was speculating as to what that was in my original post. (Maybe the internet censorship laws in Thailand weren’t as stringent as I thought?)

        And let’s be very clear: Anyone pretending to think that I was trying to get someone “thrown in jail” is a transparent idiot with an agenda against this site and me that goes back years, and it has nothing to do with QMN, whom they could give two shits about. Any further comments suggesting that—which are false and libelous against me—will be deleted.

        • Nick

          Well, then there you go. You may have lacked certainty there but still it suggests the idea at the very least. People would only need to get the sense there’s a potentially illegal act to reasonably anticipate a likely legal sanction. So somehow you set yourself up for the backlash coming in from that route.

          • Dazzer

            Alternatively, people could actually use the internet to sort out their own minds on Thai media laws.

            Before it was called the internet, it was called the world wide web – emphasis on world.

            Clearly, Sire did his research before publishing his post because he admitted it was murky. However, even within that murky mess, QMN blogger would probably only face a fine – at best. (And I severely doubt that would happen. I seriously think that if this became a news story in Thailand, many – if not most – Thais would think that one of their nationals beat the crap out of all the American bloggers – especially since he’s doing it in a second or third language. I know I’m not Thai, but I’m really proud of QMN blogger. He took on the world and he won. That’s something to celebrate.)

            But actual facts and knowledge are immaterial to the wolf-pack after Sire. They want to pick up on innuendo and perception without the santising light of the sun on the issue. They’d rather get upset because of all their ‘feels’ rather than deal with cold hard fact.

            I will go on the record (again) that Sire has excellent journalistic ethics. He generates his own stories and he sticks to strict ethical rules that would shame places like Fox News, Breitbart, WorldNetDaily, the New York Post, or even sometimes CNN.

            He didn’t breach his own code of ethics. Nor did he breach any other code of journalistic ethics that I’m aware of.

            He put out the story and he put out his understanding of the context.

            That’s as much as you can ask any competent journalist to do.

            All those people piling in on him are doing so from a position in which ethics mean nothing.

            If people are going to attack him because of a perceived threat to QMN blogger, then they have the responsibility to do their own research and explain why Sire is in the wrong here.

            ‘Feels’ are not enough.

            And if people question why I’ve come out so strong on this, it’s because this is a freedom of speech/freedom of expression situation.

            Of course, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. But it also doesn’t mean that people like me have to accept that I won’t kick the shit out of people who would profit from Sire being shut down on the basis that he ‘went too far’ or ‘put someone’s life at risk’.

            Because that’s bullshit That’s hysterical, xenophobic ignorance. These people using QMN blogger’s nationality and different set of legal circumstances to cry foul, are probably the same kind of people who’d use an AK47 to stop Mexican immigrants swimming their way into Texas.

            And yes. Zachary Sire is a cunt. He’s been called a cunt on this board so often that his nickname should be ‘Michelle Duggar’.

            But he doesn’t accept the Establishment view.

            He does what a good journalist does: he challenges.

            But he challenges on his terms. His ethical training.

            When QMN blogger went public, he received scrutiny. While he was private, there was no revelation whatsoever on him. Until Sire made his post, I’d always thought he was from Malaysia.

            Make no mistake about this, though. I’m a journalist. In a totally different field than Sire. But I admire him. He’s a good journalist. He does his job well.

            And when the only argument against him the ‘feels’, well, it’s a crappy argument that needs to be put in its place.

          • Nick

            That was extensive. this is probably dragging now but i have to say (1) this is the internet and the subject in question is a porn blog. While it’s good on paper that people would take time to research further on things that they read before commenting on anything, expecting everyone, or even most of them, to actually do so is naivete. (2) I’m not a journalist nor am I aware of the practices in this profession, but at the very least I think prudence would suggest that if you are going to write about something which you yourself are not completely knowledgeable about, you should either change that fact and educate yourself about it or stay away from writing about it altogether. I think it’s the responsible thing to do. Sure, you can set up a disclaimer about it but as what happened showed, it can get lost. So my second point couldn’t be more stressed by the first one. Am I wrong to expect this from a writer–be it a blogger or a journalist? And as I pointed out in my earlier comment, all things considered, be it by innocent poor judgement or intentional prodding of the bee hive for the fuck of it, Zach knowingly or unknowingly had set himself up for the backlash that he got.

          • Dazzer

            Good points. And I’ll keep this response short (as best I can – and we all know I’m not good at it).

            The backlash would have come whatever because there is a section of the gay porn establishment that wanted this fight.

            And they chose to fight on this issue because they’re fundamentally racist and assumed that because they are inherently racist and xenophobic, every other person supporting them should be just as racist and xenophobic as they are.

            God forbid that a lily-skinned, ugly little white Welsh troll like me (and when I use the word troll, I use it in the old sense) should have any knowledge or sympathy with people from different cultures.

            Almost without exception (Robert Axel is the exception), all these pornographers have used the vehicle of a yellow-skinned man (I cringe more than you know in writing that) to silence a journalist who actually represents no real attack on their income streams.

            Their over-weening vanity means that they attack on the basis that some kind of non-existent threat exists because of reporting facts. Facts that are in the public domain.

            Let’s look at Nica Noelle, let’s look at Jake Cruise, let’s look at Dominic Ford, let’s look at Michael Lucas. As far as I’m aware, only Jake Cruise has used a model of colour (the afore-mentioned Axel), and not one of them has used a south-east Asian model. But they’re more than happy to use a south-east Asian blogger to attack someone else.

            And use their ignorance as some kind of ‘brave’ response.

            Yes, I agree. Sire should have known or researched more about the reality of Thai media law before he wrote his post (but, for the record, he still gave infinitely more context than any of his critics have done to date). However, at no point did he lie.

            His critics have lied. Openly, consistently and with a brazen refusal to even attempt to educate themselves in the slightest degree. Sire should have done more, but his critics have done precisely fuck-all.

            And they’d have got away with it, too if pesky middle-aged bastards (well, one bastard – that’d be me) who actually know stuff hadn’t chimed in.

            Aryan-centric pornographers have used a non-Aryan person to attack an Aryan pornblogger who probably has the best track record in the field of promoting non-white models.

            When QMN blogger decides to enter the fray, I might change my tune. But until then, I will adopt the Monty Python approach to the attackers of Sire and just fart in their general direction.

          • Nick

            You totally lost me there, big time. I honestly don’t even know how to respond to that lol. Anyway, thanks for responding i guess

    • Silas Wegg

      No one would even be “attacking” Zach if he hadn’t lashed out first. He bombed Pearl Harbor. And for what end? To expose an innocuous blogger for having allies in the biz and making lots of money. It was a predatory, sociopathic move fueled by jealousy. And by the rate comments of a certain tone are deleted, Zach’s a classic dish-it-out-but-can’t-take-it type.

      I’ve never even looked at QMN — I browse Waybig for that kind of content — and I find this blog pretty entertaining at times. That’s to say I’m not playing favorites, but this was a totally inexcusable dick move.

      • Dazzer

        QMN blogger is a power within the gay porn industry. He has heft.

        While he remained anonymous he deserved anonymity – and received it. It doesn’t matter that he has remained an uncritical propagandist for gay porn studios. He has his schtick and that’s fair enough.

        Once he steps into the limelight to accept his awards, he becomes fair game. He’s openly accepted his place in the sales structure of porn.

        And can I just demolish this idea that Sire is ‘jealous’? Sire has had this information about his fellow blooger for a long time. Were he jealous, Sire ould have revealed this information a long time ago.

        He didn’t. Why not? Because QMN blogger wanted to remain anonymous. And that was respected.

        What some people don’t seem to understand is that Zachary Sire is a journalist. He’s not a public relations shill. QMN blogger is an uncritical propagandist for gay porn. And that’s OK.

        However, the second he goes public, he invites scrutiny. That’s the way journalism works.

        You’re calling Sire ‘predatory and sociopathic’. I’m looking at you and thinking you’re an inadequate fuckwit who’s clearly never read a newspaper in his life. Not even the cartoons. Or sports pages. Or want ads.

        Basically, you’re a Big Silly.

        • Silas Wegg

          Lol — and you’re a dick rider.

          What did QMN do that warrants scrutiny? He gets paid to present an timeline of porn updates free of editorial content? So what?

          From what I’ve gleaned in comments here, he didn’t even accept the award under his name. Who’s STR8UP to decide that performers’ identifies alone are sacred? He outed QMN at an opportune time — and for what end, I ask. The now-deleted post reeked of frothing, premeditated malice. If you didn’t pick up that tone, I’m not sure it’s worth arguing with you.

      • Dazzer

        My heart would bleed for you, but you made a legally defamatory comment.

        Newsflash (oops, sorry, forgot, you don’t do news), any site or publication would delete defamatory, potentially libelous comments. Believe it or not, abiding by the law is part of journalistic integrity.

  • Klaus

    Unfollow the clowns from the article above on all of their twitter accounts……done
    Also unfollow a canadian performer for signing the petition and a directress from SF for retweeting Duckface’s bs….done
    Cancel memberships for iconmale and naked sword….done

    Thanks Zach and keep up the good work! :-))

  • Diogenes Veritas

    can we please just go back to making fun of jed athens’ gaping hole now?

  • Rickster Rickster

    you must be doing something right. one of the assholes invoked hitler.

  • FrenchBug

    I am sure this is proprietary information Zach can’t share but I would be curious to see if *anybody* does drop str8upgayporn as an affiliate in the aftermath of this “boycott”. I can’t imagine any of those buffoons were advertising on here in the first place anyway so who exactly is the audience for this open letter?

  • DPS

    FIRST PIC: “Motley Crew regrouped. World Tour starts in June! Also performing: Parasites and a special appearance by Larry Page discussing how Google search works!”

  • veal parmesan

    I just love zachary !!! his sense of humor just makes my bussy leak with excitement & glittering chaos !!! no joke.. zachary is hot !!!!! my kind of trouble maker !!! leave my zachary alone !!! xoxo you go zachary !!!! I’m rooting for you !!! p.s i know how to cook a bomb delicious ” baked ziti” !!!!!! xoxo

  • DeanD

    You took great pleasure in throwing instant shade at QMN’s win, delighted in pointing out the potential political/social consequences of running a gay website in his oppressively censored homeland, then collected and concisely posted personal information off the basis he personally accepted an award which denies him any anonymity. You reveled in the attention it got whether positive or negative, but as soon as it started fucking with the church’s money you start pointing fingers everywhere else instead of taking responsibility for your own childish and unprovoked behavior. Especially since I remember him posting a message on this board supporting a win for this blog for awards in the past. You can feign victim but let’s not act like you’re the hero in this situation.

  • DPS

    aww, fuck! Ihad a good one for DeanD and you nixed him…

    • DeanD

      Let’s debate!

  • andrew

    It sounds like Dazzer knows what he is talking about and it puts this controversy in perspective.

  • RudyRodriguez

    Don’t fall for the okie doke Zach. This is not about the safety of that QMN blogger. This is about stropping you from being able to expose their bullshit in the future.

  • Bull

    I read the original posts along with all the comments posted at that time. It’s typical Zach. On the edge, but not over it.

    I found nothing wrong, but knew it was gonna cause some serious stink, more than the usual ruckus.

    The ironic thing is most likely the hullabaloo that these people are creating is probably giving the traffic to this site a huge boost. Which I hope creates a legion of new followers. And that puts another thorn in their side as more people read about their shady antics.

    I visit this blog daily, usually more than once to keep up with the comments. I visit MOP occaisionally because I like how he keeps up with the name changes as models jump from site to site. I too followed Zach from his previous blog for the very reason he moved on. I haven’t posted on that blog since, and only visited it a few times.

    I like actual news, whether it’s controversial or not, and I got quickly bored of the long running advertisements of other blogs, not just QMN.

    I’m totally #teamzach on this one. I bet the hacker(s) is/are seriously worried about the possibility of legal action now.

  • DarrenW

    LOL Reading the comments on this post one would think that the overwhelming majority of readers support Zach. Truth is, he has spent most of his energy deleting posts calling him out and actually blocking people who took him to task for the original post. And it was dramatic … two to every one poster disagreed with him, yet within seconds the “negative” posts were removed. Just something people need to keep in mind.

    • BjorkNut

      Sources please!

      • DarrenW

        Simple, I was on the night this was posted and watched as posts disappeared. All the one’s calling him out. Funny that. So I tried posting under another nick … sure enough it was blocked in a minute. I reposted it. Was again blocked right away and my IP was banned from commenting. Had to wait till I was at a friend’s tonight to post a follow-up. So yes, Zach who likes to call people out, is not so transparent when it comes to himself.

      • DeanD

        He deleted my post calling him out (now re-posted on the corresponding thread on The Sword) which is a bitch and cowardly move.

  • BjorkNut

    Wow! This has thread has been entertaining to say the least. Definitely agree with the folks saying you’re in the right. No apologies are needed from you IMO. Outting oneself and then trying to blame another after a change of heart is despicable. Keep on truckin, man. And keep exposing the hypocrites in the industry!