Surprise! NakedSword Removes And Replaces Scene With White Supremacist Cameron Diggs

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NSV045_SD_010Tomorrow, NakedSword was scheduled to release the fourth and final scene from their International Playboy series, starring Mickey Taylor and Cameron Diggs. Teaser trailer, released last month:

Diggs made multiple headlines over the last several weeks, first for his white supremacist tattoos, and then for his disastrous response to the outrage over his white supremacist tattoos. As you’ll recall, Diggs explained:

I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from. its like they say… your a product of your environment. I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture. thats why our parents teach us their values and principals, its a part of your heritage. when it comes to having kids i prefer to stay inside my race. Its nothing hateful towards any race its just what i believe. Why is that so wrong?

In a last minute move that is undoubtedly a response to the controversy, NakedSword has pulled the Mickey Taylor/Cameron Diggs scene from release tomorrow, and they’ve replaced it with a scene that was not shot as part of the International Playboys series. It stars Ken Rodeo and Brute Club, and was filmed just last month in San Francisco, as part of a completely different series. (Good thing these mostly dialog-free scenes can be easily swapped in and out of series without affecting the plots.)

Brute Club and Ken Rodeo were of course never listed as stars of International Playboys, but NakedSword slapped some watermarks on these images and re-cut a trailer just in time for this week’s release.

NSV045_BONUS_BruteClub_KenRodeo_AffilH_4 NSV045_BONUS_BruteClub_KenRodeo_AffilH_7 NSV045_BONUS_BruteClub_KenRodeo_AffilH_10 NSV045_BONUS_BruteClub_KenRodeo_AffilH_11On a completely unrelated note, is Brute Club still threatening lawsuits against people who use his full name, Brute Club, which he claims was “sold” to a “music group”? For NakedSword’s sake, I sure hope not! Maybe Brute Club’s fantasy copyright law only applies to dumb bloggers. :-(

[NakedSword: Brute Club Fucks Ken Rodeo]

Despite being replaced by Brute Club and Ken Rodeo, photos and a description of the Cameron Diggs/Mickey Taylor scene are still up on NakedSword, as are Cameron Diggs’ two previous NakedSword scenes. Following the white supremacist tattoo controversy earlier this month, CockyBoys removed the one Cameron Diggs scene they had on their site. It’s not clear if Diggs has additional unreleased scenes with NakedSword, Raging Stallion, or any other studio.

surprise1surprise2NSV045_SD_107NSV045_SD_011 NSV045_SD_106

  • Todd

    Good riddance to tattooed rubbish.

  • sxg

    Brute Club?
    Don’t think that was much better lol

  • FieldMedic

    I’ll miss not seeing Mickey Taylor, but cockrings are such a turn off for me I’m glad to see this scene go… and, as sxg said, Brute Club? Do we really have to choose between a schizo g4p narcissist and a racist g4p narcissist?

    • Zachary Sire

      Brute Club isn’t g4p though?

      • Bastian

        He dosn’t suck dick, but loves to east pussy. So he’s pretty much g4p.

      • nick

        Agree, he gets paid but doesn’t act very gay.

      • a b

        His sexuality is Complex (trademark)

  • John

    Wait? is Brute Club the guy who said don’t use his name anymore because he sold it to a punk rock band and they might sue? he got a nice big thick ass in that first pic…..

  • Xzamilloh

    You replace Cameron Diggs with Brute Club? I can’t give props for that. It’s like they shit by the toilet on the floor, and smeared it on the wall, with Cameron Diggs, but this time they shit in the toilet but didn’t flush, with Brute Club. I mean, one’s less gross than the other but it’s still gross.

  • bob80

    The only thing I ask for in a pornstar is to be hot. I really don’t care if they’re bigot TBH. Most of them aren’t probably very bright in the first place (that’s why they ended up in porn). I would have loved to see that white supremacist hunk get fucked in the ass.

  • DPS

    Count me in because of Ken Rodeo and those DSL’s he’s sporting.

  • C A

    YASSSS I noticed it last night. I’m sure they will release it at a later date.

    • Damon is def not white, but who are we to tell him how to identify?

      • C A

        It just brings up issues of “Passing” which I thought was an issue long gone. I see Cameron and Damon are giving it life!

  • Ben

    He doesn’t even look white to me. Is he white?

    • Jason

      I thought he’d fit in one of Lucas’s men of Israel movies.

  • Dev.C

    What do you expect from grabbing random, somewhat desperate, white straight men off the street, getting them naked and throwing a camera in their face? They’re not all going to sound like the most open minded people you’ll ever meet, ironically.

  • McM.

    I like the part where Zach poses the question of Brute Club suing blogs for using a name he supposedly sold to someone else, as though such a case would have legitimacy in a court of law.

    On a side note, Ken Rodeo is giving a good performance in the clip. Hopefully he will be paired with better scene partners in the future.

  • 76disqus

    Was really looking forward to the CD and Mickey Taylor scene.

  • WebSlinger

    If gay porn websites (as well as straight websites) removed all the scenes that showcased an actor breaking the law or with questionable backgrounds…well then companies would close up faster than a Congressman testifying in court

  • OverKill
  • moondoggy

    Thank god they had some white understudies ready to go when the supremacist could not fulfill her duties.

    • lordgabux


  • Hereweare

    Honestly…………….what controversy? What is wrong with what he said? If everyone bred mixed-race, we’d have a world full of mocha-colored people with no variety. What is wrong, like he said, with celebrating what you are without accusations of racism flying?
    Drama Drama created by queens.

    • jon

      I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure saying you want to ”stay in your race” is fucking racist, this isn’t just some drama created by queens. Of course the issue of racism in the gay porn industry goes beyond Cameron Diggs but it is important to point it out when it happens.

      • Hereweare

        He (and I) only spoke of “staying in your race” when it comes to procreating, and even then, not suggesting that EVERYONE do it, just asking what’s wrong with wanting to do it. Nobody is talking about making friends, doing business, creating your inner circle, etc. You’re just reading what you want to read. Like I said……….Queen Created Drama.

        • Maximus

          But that begs the question: WHY does your child have to be of the same race as both you and your child’s other parent? Race is just a bunch of socially constructed, superficial nonsense. It was created centuries ago by Europeans who were looking for a biological justification for killing and enslaving people from foreign societies.

          I can think of only one defensible reason, and it only applies to whites and Asians. However, that reason is based upon knowledge/info of which people who talk about “staying in their own race” are seldom aware.

          • Hereweare

            What part of “not suggesting that EVERYONE do it” did you not get?

          • Maximus

            That’s immaterial to the matter at hand. Murder—I’m not saying that is comparable to what you are suggesting; it’s just an analogy—is not mitigated by a murderer’s disclaimer that he/she doesn’t suggest that everyone commit that crime. That person is still engaging in immoral behavior.

            So again I ask, why stay within your own race when it comes time to have a child?


          • Hereweare

            No, it’s not immaterial. And if you’re going to use murder as an analogy, even with your disclaimer, but then call murder immoral, then are you saying that having a child with someone of your own race to promote and continue diversity is in fact immoral? Sorry, the analogy doesn’t hold up.

          • Maximus

            There’s no such thing as race. You’re promoting nothing. That’s an incredibly shallow—it’s literally skin-deep—and uneducated perspective. Why the fuck would that matter? Who gives a shit what their kid looks like so long as he/she is happy, healthy, and kind?

            I’m sorry, that was too harsh. It took me a minute to realize that you must have somehow manipulated space-time in order to post that comment from your home in 15th century England. I have no way of knowing just how much information from future times and locations your powers allow you to access. Therefore, I really shouldn’t hold you to 21st century standards of knowledge and morality.

          • Hereweare

            Oh for fuck’s sake……….Drama much? I’ll type slower so you can understand. I am not promoting anything! And….of course a happy, healthy mixed-race child is just as beautiful and relevant as any other child! All I have said is that if someone prefers breeding with their same race, that alone does NOT make them a racist.

          • Maximus

            Yes it does. Rejecting someone based solely on race is a blatant, textbook example of racial prejudice.

            I just can’t with you white people who cling to archaic social traditions. Some of us are trying to promote the post-Civil Rights era tradition of not treating racial/ethnic minorities like garbage, and here you all are, undermining our efforts with bullshit like “white cultural pride” and “All Lives Matter.” “Staying within your own race,” psh, bitch please.


          • Hereweare

            Nowhere did I ever say, or even imply, that protecting racial diversity would be beneficial because one race is superior to another, so I don’t know who you’re calling “you all”. I know who I am, how I feel, & how I treat those around me.
            Your GIF says it all, using the supreme drama queen who’s made a career out of twisting other people’s words to create a drama that revolves around her.
            Nene…… that you??

          • Maximus

            Racism isn’t just about a belief in racial superiority. Discrimination based solely upon race is also a form of racism. What you believe to be true about yourself is irrelevant; your promotion of racial segregation for the purposes of procreation is racist. Congrats. David Duke will soon be mailing you a welcome basket including such marvelous items as:
            •A pointy white hood
            •A Confederate flag
            •An “All Lives Matter” bumpersticker
            •A list of the whitest counties in America (according to 2010 Census data)
            •A copy of The Art of the Deal

          • Hereweare

            What about wood? Am I supposed to pay for the wood for all the crosses I’ll be burning?
            F-ing idiot.

          • Maximus

            Don’t get mad at me. I’m not the one who sold you the lie that racial preference isn’t comparable to racial prejudice.

        • Billybbb

          I’ve heard PLENTY of black women say that they have nothing wrong with white guys … have no problem with interracial couples … but THEY are going to have a BLACK baby. Is that another one of those situations where it’s wrong for white people to say it, but black people can’t be racist?

          • Hereweare

            I’m not really sure what you’re asking, because I don’t understand your last sentence, but if you’re asking if I have a problem with black women making that statement, then no, I do not.

          • OhMyClarence

            Well, for starters, of course black people can be racists. The fact that you think everyone else thinks otherwise is both strange and telling.

            Also, how many exactly is plenty, with or without the caps?

            Also, by design, any child they biologically give birth to will be black, because they themselves are black.

        • jon
          • Hereweare

            Duuuuuuuuude! Thank you!!

    • Jer

      You do realize it is far more genetically advantageous to have a darker skin tone than a lighter one, right? If we were breeding from a purely genetic standpoint, we’d be breeding whiteness out of our species.

      • Hereweare

        And you do realize that you’re only making his (and my) point, right? Your facts might be true, but you’re the only one suggesting breeding out a particular race. So…….who’s the racist?

        • Jer

          Well, for one, race is a social construct, not a biological one, so I wasn’t being racist. Two, I think the notion of races based on skin color is completely silly since genetically we are all so common and many white people have more genetically in common with a black person than they do another random white person. Seeing as I have degrees in both sociology and the sciences, I’d say I’m well versed on the subject.

          So I guess the one being a racist is……still you, hunty.

          • Hereweare

            Well, with all your degrees, how is it you can’t make a coherent point? Which is it: Do white people have more in common genetically with a black person than another white person, OR….. It is far more genetically advantageous to have a darker skin tone than a lighter one?

          • Jer

            Uh, I did make a coherent point. It’s not my fault you don’t understand genetics. Those two statements aren’t mutually exclusive. There are thousands about 20,000-25,000 genes in the human genome, of which only about 2-3 have any influence on skin color, meaning a white person could differ with another white person by every single gene except for those for skin color, while only differing from a black person by that many. In fractions, that means 24,997/25,000 > 3/25,000. You’re welcome.


          • Hereweare

            Thank you for the genetics lesson during this racism conversation. Regardless of genetic makeup, of which you certainly know more, there is a topic that I know a little more about — the topic of my feelings. I know that in my lifetime of close friendships, broader circles, and employment, race has never played a factor. I also know I haven’t said anything racist here. But you, internet troll, have called me a racist………in your infinite troll wisdom. Your keyboard kingdom here agrees with you, but in the real world, I know who I am. Fuck you.

    • OhMyClarence

      Okay, first of all, it’s weird that you see bi-racial offspring as a net loss for white people anymore than it is a net loss–or what I think you are trying to imply–a net gain, for people of color. Additionally, there would of course still continue to be variety, as no race is monolithic in appearance, and therefore most certainly not all interracial offspring would be either.

      It’s also weird to preach racial purity under the banner of wanting to preserve diversity. There is no genetic gain or benefit in isolation. If anything there is a detriment in isolation, so and speak with any of the few remaining contacted groups, but don’t actually as you would probably kill them with all of the very common germs you and I carry that they have no defense for.

      No one has ever said white people couldn’t celebrate who they are. At issue is the idea that mixing with other groups is somehow a bad thing.

      • Sed

        Don’t feed the troll.

      • Hereweare

        OK, so……..NOTHING you said is even close to anything I said, so I’m going to opt to sit out of this round. But thank you for playing!

      • sunnyday3000


    • James Withers

      And the Nazi-inspired tats? Just an attempt to reclaim his cultural heritage?

      • Hereweare

        Oh, I’ll easily give you that one. I wasn’t talking about the tats…….only what he has actually said.

  • sanfv

    Trading one lunatic for another.

    That’s like deciding whether to pirate a Lucas entertainment movie or an Icon Male one.

    • lordgabux


  • JellyBelly

    Too much Collagen injected on Ken Rodeo’s lips

  • jimboivyo

    maybe NakedSword will shoot scenes with Sebastian Young now that he has been released yet once again.

  • paultacoma51

    I seriously doubt they will never show the scene or scenes filmed with Diggs. As with other studios, they’ll wait until the heat dies down and release it at a later date. I can’t imagine having paid for the scene they won’t show it at all.

  • Billybbb

    Gotta admit, hearing all this drama made watching him get his ass eaten by Jed Athens on xtube even hotter.

  • Scrapple

    We did it y’all! Time for a victory lap!

    • jon


  • Andrew S.

    Wait – Brute CLub, not Brute Cub?? A. MESS!

    Good on nakedsword for doing the barest of minimum I guess?

  • pangelboy

    I have to give this blog props for breaking this story and achieving results.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Let’s be real, aside from the tattoos, Cameron Diggs is much more physically attractive than his replacements.

    It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 is a reality nowadays. You can’t even have your own thoughts without having your livelihood destroyed. I don’t find what he said to be offensive at all, but even if it was, he isn’t out there practicing any sort of hate towards anyone. Why purposely ruin his career? Because of tattoos? It’s not like Milo, who goes out of his way to piss people off. This guy just works and moves on with his day.

    Whatever. I’m getting way too bothered with all this bullshit.

    • James Withers

      Hopefully Mr. Diggs sends you a muffin basket.

    • A.C.

      It is particularly interesting that you cite Orwell in support of your proposition that Mr. Diggs’ beliefs are benign and that his ‘thoughts’ are therefore defensible. Whenever I teach Orwell in my courses, especially 1984, I ask my students to read Orwell for more subtle commentary on the virtue of free speech and thought; beyond the more superficial ones you allude to like totalitarianism and fascism (of both the right and the left). Orwell’s 1984 was also a subtle appraisal of how a world that values the import of ideas would reject it in favor of these twin scourges. In short, Orwell would never subscribe to the idea that “thoughts” do not matter; humbly, I would suggest he would argue that they too are action and always suggest a consequence.

      More to the point, I reject the notion that Mr. Diggs’ ideas do not have any direct consequence. Consider every person of color, despite their performance acumen, that was denied a job with either outfit just because of his decision not to work with them on the basis of their skin color – not their facial features, not the tone or musculature of their body, or anything more than the color of their skin. The loss of economic benefit is a real harm and it is caused by an idea with no real merit. Respectfully, you also seem to gloss over the fact that he not only wanted to have “white children” but the reason for that was so he could raise them with a sense of pride in their culture and heritage. I am sure the logical absurdity of that is blatantly apparent. Why would his children need to be all white for them to have a sense of pride in his and their cultural heritage? If the children were half black, would they not be able to enjoy the cultural pride that he and it’s/their mother promote? The goals are logically inconsistent and that in and of itself betrays another indefensible motive, which is the support of an idea that really amounts to supremacy. The tattoos taken together with his position suggest someone who wants to promote the preservation of a culture and race that he believes would be lost to miscegenation and if that is the case (as most thinking minds would agree) he only does so because he believes in the supremacy of that culture and race. Unless and until someone is able to explain why his child would need to be white in order to have a sense of the cultural pride he seeks to impart to them, I remain deeply skeptical of the idea that his statement is inoffensive.

      As for Milo, I would have rather enjoyed seeing him continue on twitter. I believe as a matter of principle, in a Jeffersonian approach to free speech – the answer to speech we disagree with is more speech, not censorship. He is great to disagree with, as I have done with him on several occasions (too many to count really) and was set to do in a more formal setting this fall or early winter at my university. Pity that might not happen now. Oh well, that is none of your concern, and no doubt if you were bored with this topic before my response you will be well spent after slogging through this.

      • WhimsyCotton

        My only point of contention with you is that we don’t know that Diggs rejected offers to work with men of color. His comments on procreation could be interpreted as promoting supremacy although I don’t personally belief they must be interpreted as such (he does have tattoos that add extra implications to his though).

        If we were being purely technical, White people have completely recessive features that will, slowly, continue to disappear. Blue eyes, blonde hair, light skin they’ll all still pop up every once in a while (as various members of my family prove), but they’ll become more and more rare as humans from all over the world continue to mix their genes. No one alive now will be around to see any of those features disappear, but it does freak some White people out.

  • Alias74PornReviews

    Bye bye, Shark Dick.

  • MrBrightMK2

    Am i missing something? Why do people hate this Brute guy so much ?

    • a b

      He’s a homophobe and a narcisist, nobody likes that

  • lordgabux

    Craziness aside, Cameron/Mickey could have been a hot scene… a lot better than Brutus/Barbie

  • macko

    Diggs must still be scrubbing himself WHITE, after realizing that Mickey Taylor has Black blood coursing through his veins, and he had sex with him.

  • Rinc

    All i care about is watching this guy fuck hot throats and asses. I don’t care about his brain. It’s fucking porn, not sociological politics.