WATCH: Video Shows Convicted Domestic Terrorist “Sergeant” Steven Miles Assaulting Capitol Police And Being Hit With Rubber Bullet

Posted January 30, 2024 by with 18 comments

We’ve seen the footage of Lucas Entertainment gay-for-pay porn star and domestic terrorist  “Sergeant” Steven Miles smashing a window and breaking into the Capitol on January 6th, and we’ve already seen plenty of images of Miles punching officers outside the Capitol, but now Str8Up can share the video of Miles’ violent assault during the insurrection, which of course led to his conviction and upcoming sentencing next week in Washington D.C.

A few things to watch for in the video below:


As a reminder, Miles is in a tan parka and wearing a red MAGA hat, and he’s mostly seen in the center of the entire video. Thanks to moronic Miles’ foolish decision to wear a light-colored jacket in a sea of people in dark clothing, he’s fairly easy to spot in the crowd. At about the five-second mark in the video, Miles can be seen punching an officer, as seen in the gif above.


At about the 11-second mark, Miles can be seen pushing multiple officers before backing off and readjusting his MAGA hat, as seen above.

Finally, pay attention to the yellow streak in the below screencap:

If you watch the below gif enough times over and over again, you can see a yellow rubber bullet flying through the air and striking Steven Miles on the side of the head. Right as it hits, you can see Miles grasping the side of his head in pain. Try not to laugh:

sgtj63 While seeing the racist and homophobic domestic terrorist being hit with a bullet might be enjoyable to watch, the real joy will hopefully come next week when he’s sentenced to prison. Here’s the video, which was posted by Sedition Hunters and tipped to Str8Up by the Twitter user “SeeHimFuck.” Most of Miles’ assault on the officers is at :05 and then again at :37, and the rubber bullet hits him at :50:

Also, Str8Up was sent one more video of Miles at the insurrection, and it includes Miles flashing the White Power sign with his hand as he passes someone filming:

sgtwp Here’s the video:

Sentencing guidelines laid out by the DOJ call for Steven Miles to be sentenced to 24-30 months in prison, but as Str8Up reported last week, Miles begged the judge to only sentence him to probation. Sentencing is scheduled for next Friday, February 9th.