Andrew Christian Uses Photoshopped, Headless Images Of Alleged Rapist Topher DiMaggio To Sell New Underwear

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Topher-DiMaggio-fucks-Marc-Dylan-at-Falcon-Studios-4-Ripped-Muscle-Bodybuilder-Strips-Naked-and-Strokes-His-Big-Hard-Cock-photoThroughout January and February of this year, gay porn star and Andrew Christian underwear model Topher DiMaggio was accused of raping and/or sexually assaulting five different men, with each of the five men coming forward with similar allegations against DiMaggio over the course of several weeks. Two of those accusers brought their stories to Str8UpGayPorn, with one alleging that DiMaggio raped him in Sacramento back in 2016, and another who accused DiMaggio of sexually assaulting him in Seattle in 2014.

Str8UpGayPorn reached out to Andrew Christian for comment on the status of DiMaggio’s employment with them as a “trophy boy,” and a rep replied that DiMaggio was on “indefinite suspension” while they looked into the matter. A week later, in early February, reports surfaced that Andrew Christian had removed images of DiMaggio’s face from their website, but images of his body (including the recognizable tattoo on his lower abdomen) remained on the site, advertising various pairs of underwear.

Removing DiMaggio’s head was a temporary fix (around the same time, Fleshjack made the permanent decision to remove all Topher DiMaggio sex toys from their website completely, and gay porn studios stopped hiring him, too, as no new DiMaggio scenes have been filmed or released this year), but it soon became clear that despite the supposed “suspension,” Andrew Christian and DiMaggio had not parted ways. In early April, DiMaggio appeared in an Andrew Christian promo video and a new Andrew Christian photo shoot, and Andrew Christian claimed they were still “investigating” the rape allegations. Today, it appears that new advertisements featuring DiMaggio have been added to Andrew Christian’s website.

In addition to chopping off his head like they did last time, Andrew Christian has also photoshopped out the tattoo on DiMaggio’s abdomen in the new images, apparently to try and conceal the fact that they’re once again using an alleged rapist to market their underwear. Here’s one of the new ads featuring a beheaded DiMaggio, with his tattoo photoshopped out:

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.10.39 PMFor those who might not be able to tell that this is Topher DiMaggio, here’s another new ad (below, left) next to an old ad (below, right) with a non-beheaded, tattooed DiMaggio. The three tiny moles on DiMaggio’s arm, chest, and neck have been pointed out in each photo to prove that this is obviously the same person:

molesAnother comparison, with a new ad and an old ad:

oensWhile the failure to adequately camouflage DiMaggio shows that Andrew Christian is either stupid or lazy (or probably both), it’s even more egregious that they’d try to hide his identity in the first place, because it proves conclusively that Andrew Christian believes it’s wrong to use him in their underwear ads. And yet, they’re using him anyway (even if it means doing something bad that they feel they need to cover up?).

Note that literally every other model on the Andrew Christian website has a head, while the headless man in these images is Topher DiMaggio:

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.12.00 PM Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.12.25 PM

Another comparison, with an old Falcon photo and one of the new ads:

troph6Because I’m on the internet all day every day, I have a tendency to suspect everybody of trolling somebody at one point or another, and it almost feels like that’s what Andrew Christian is doing with the headless and tattoo-less photos of DiMaggio. They didn’t get away with it when they only removed the head back in February, so now they’ve removed the tattoo, too, and they’re trolling all of us to see who might notice? Whether or not that’s true (and whatever anyone thinks of the claims against DiMaggio), Andrew Christian going out of their way to doctor images like this makes no sense. Are there no other headless men with nice bodies (or even average bodies, which can be photoshopped?) in WeHo who aren’t alleged rapists, who’d be willing to pose for a picture while wearing some tacky underwear?

  • peter

    Getting rid of that ridiculous tattoo is a good start.

    I see Trumptard Brysen is moving up in the world.

    • Marcus Collack

      It is truly amazing what people will ignore for those they deem aesthetically pleasing.

      • TB

        Ah yes, it’s not like Tegan hasn’t proven himself to be unreliable and fucking crazy.

  • sxg

    And as noted by someone who responded to your tweet, if you compare the photos with AC’s IG acct with Topher’s IG acct, you’ll notice that he’s been hanging around the photoshoots there.

  • Scrapple

    All this trouble just to sell some britches. Each pair using Topher’s image should came with a laminated index card listing the contact info for RAINN.

  • Andrew Christian is rape wear I guess.

  • Rajamani

    These products are so pricey, who buys them?
    I always shop the low end brands at Macys or JCP…🙂

    • sxg

      They’ll for sure last 100 times longer than AC ones. Many pornstars have mentioned they only wear them because they get them for free because they’re so flimsy.

      • peter

        I wonder what 3rd World sweatshops Andrew Christian employs to make his unique garments?

        I suspect Andrew Christian may be another Gay for Trump. How else could you explain Porter’s longevity? He’s not even that hot!

    • Shawn

      i used to like buying the whacky coloured ones because i like that sort of style (also hawaiian shirts) but since the Topher thing happened I feel icky giving them my money

      there are plenty of cheaper alternatives once you get over the brand hype

  • Shawn

    if they’re so desperate for headless torsos then they should just go on grindr and pick the first one they see, there’s hundreds in my area (including me sorry not sorry)

    • hdc2015

      Any company cannot simply just do that. AC is making profit out of the image. Having said that, if they just simply get any headless torso in Grindr, and later, that headless torso give them millions of profit, whoever own that headless torso can have a reason to file a case and take a portion of that profit. In Topher’s case, AC already bought the images, they own the images, they can do as they want.

      • Shawn

        Thank you for explaining business to me, as I have an MBA and a second degree in marketing I am in fact exceedingly stupid when it comes to business matters.

        You start off by saying AC “cannot just do that” and end by saying “they can do as they want”. I don’t know if you just wanted to appear super smart or what, but you contradicted yourself in 3 sentences.

        You are correct that AC can do as they want, and any business with even a modicum of PR savvy would have distanced themselves from Topher as soon as this shit started. By sticking by him they tacitly endorse his behaviour and a consequence of that will be loss of sales to anyone familiar with this story (myself included).

        It’s 2018 Pops, there’s more to running a business now than $$$

        • hdc2015

          Jesus Christ. Did you even understand anything.



          if you have a degree in marketing and business, you probably should go back and learn the issue of COPYRIGHT.

          Let’s keep this even simpler.

          I went to store to buy a dildo. I own the dildo now. I can suck it. Put it in my ass. Put it in someone else ass. Someone else mouth. (THIS IS TOPHER PHOTO BTW IF IT IS NOT CLEAR)

          Now, if I see a dildo in a store, and just simply grab it and use it in my ass, that’s STEALING. You are liable to pay for that dildo. (THIS IS GRINDR HEADLESS TORSO, FYI)

          • Shawn

            You seem to be under the impression I was suggesting they just rip a picture from Grindr when in fact I was implying they would message someone and say “hey, want to make some quick bucks?”

            But again, thank you for being a condescending jackass and explaining something I’ve been studying most of my adult life.

            And again thank you for repeating “they can do what they want” like a 6 year old, I think I already addressed that though.

            I’ll mute this now but feel free to continue screeching in to the void.

          • hdc2015

            Your initial comment suggested that.

            You said they can go to grindr and pick one of the headless torso they see. There is no suggestion of hiring. You never suggested AC to hire a new model – a grindr model. No. Besides, again, if you really have any kind of business degree regardless of how shit the university is, you will know that you prefer not to spend money on something you don’t need. AC has a large collection of body pictures, again all of which they owned and paid for, why would they pay extra for something they already have?

            Sorry (not sorry) but idiots like you can’t just simply understand things like copyright, simple business ideas, and most important of all, comprehension.

          • Shawn

            Insulting me because you made a bunch of bad assumptions is pretty childish

            Just take the L and move on hun.

  • Carrel

    Wiggum: “Hey, I got pictures of you, Quimby.”
    “You don’t scare me, that could be anyone’s ass!”


    I buy AC when they make there way 2 discount stores like Marshall & TJ Maxx and as far as it go to Topher I am sure Mrs DiMaggio will be giving up the ASS once she hits the prison system .

  • Peter

    In some countried being on trial/convicted in the media gets you a lower sentence in court since the Judge sees the media attention as part of the punishment.
    Now I don’t know if that also works that way in the US, but I would suggest to let the system do it’s work.
    Have there been police reports filed and is an investigation on hands?

  • Peter4321

    In some countries being on trial/convicted in the media gets you a lower sentence in court since the Judge sees the media attention as part of the punishment.
    Now I don’t know if that also works that way in the US, but I would suggest to let the system do it’s work.
    Have there been police reports filed and is an investigation on hands?

  • hdc2015

    Meh. That’s reaching now. AC paid for the pictures, so they can use it as they want. If you don’t want to support the product for that reason, that’s fine. AC already chopped off his head, and it’s purely just an image – almost a mannequin. So, I don’t really see the big problem. Unless, of course, AC is paying additional money to Topher, which I highly doubt.

  • pje821

    AC has been using Topher in headless images since the nasty incident occurred and made press (about a year ago?). This way they don’t have to pay another model and photographer to reshoot all that merchandise. I assume they’ve photoshopped the tattoo off his abdomen as well. He’s still recognizable.

  • LinkinVumen

    I don’t get the point of this post as Andrew Christian has stuck with Topher. It is obvious if you check Brysen’s Instagram where he appears with Topher and other Andrew Christian models hiking and hanging out. Some companies just don’t get it.

  • TruthTeller2020

    I never understood why anybody would buy this overpriced trash. The quality is no even that great.

  • Maximus