Despite “Indefinite Suspension” Claim, Andrew Christian Releases Underwear Ad Showing Alleged Rapist Topher DiMaggio Physically Assaulting Co-Star

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Despite five men coming forward earlier this year with credible and similar allegations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment against gay porn star Topher DiMaggio, underwear manufacturer Andrew Christian continues to use the alleged rapist to advertise their product, even after the company claimed to have “indefinitely suspended” DiMaggio so they could “look into the matter” back in February. (In one of those advertisements, as seen above, DiMaggio can be seen physically assaulting another model during a staged fight).

Andrew Christian is apparently quite the multitasker, because while he was “investigating” his employee, he found time time to release a promo video on YouTube on March 13th featuring, of course, Topher DiMaggio:

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.41.44 PM

These advertisements (which Andrew Christian calls “Model Behavior 10” in the tweet below) feature skits and fake reality show-style drama with all the underwear company’s models, and Andrew Christian claims that, because Topher DiMaggio’s role is so instrumental to the advertisement’s “storyline,” they simply had to release the video, out of respect to the fans. Because I’m sure fans don’t mind seeing someone accused of multiple rapes parading around half-dressed, so long as it’s being done to honor the integrity of an underwear commercial’s storyline:

ac1 ac2In that second tweet above, Andrew Christian adds that they’re “still investigating” the rape claims against their model, but it sounds like since they can’t find any “legal claims” filed against DiMaggio, they’re just going to move on? While it might be convenient for Andrew Christian to think that claims of sexual assault and rape aren’t true unless there’s a police report, the reality is that only a third of people who’ve been raped report their assaults to police. But, those kinds of statistics probably don’t matter when you’ve got underwear to peddle using an alleged rapist as your salesman. Andrew Christian released yet another video advertisement featuring Topher DiMaggio three days ago:


DiMaggio has a few brief appearances throughout the clip, but most of his work is seen at the end, when he gets into a physical altercation with another model. Here’s that portion of the video:


Regardless of the fact that this is a staged food fight where no one was actually hurt, using someone who’s been repeatedly accused of sexual assault to act out a physical altercation as “entertainment” is equal parts stupid and sick, and it’s something that Andrew Christian thinks is just fine. Don’t worry though, because at the same time, they’re still investigating Topher DiMaggio. Five days prior to the release of the latest DiMaggio video, Andrew Christian tweeted again that they’re still “seeking any info” about the alleged rapist starring in their videos:

ac3While Andrew Christian continues their investigation (apparently, the five published allegations of sexual assault and rape against Topher DiMaggio didn’t provide enough “info” for them), the other brand previously associated with DiMaggio, Fleshjack, quickly removed all of his products from their store, and announced that they had severed all ties with him. Since the first rape allegation was made in January and up until today, no gay porn studio has released new content featuring DiMaggio, and Str8UpGayPorn has not learned of any gay porn studio shooting new content with him.

So, the only company standing with DiMaggio despite his being accused of raping people—two of whom he’s alleged to have met while he was hosting Andrew Christian-sponsored events in nightclubs—is, obviously, Andrew Christian, and DiMaggio posted the below photo last week showing him and several models in what appears to be an Andrew Christian photoshoot. In the caption, DiMaggio acknowledges his role as the company’s “trophy boy,” and he labels the group a “family that flexes together.”

So much for that “indefinite suspension.”


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