Sean Cody’s Tanner Fucks Brandon Bareback Tonight

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Thank God. Not the best, but far, far from the worst. Tanner is a fantastic performer, and Sean Cody has just announced that he’ll be the one fucking Brandon tonight at 9pm PST. I think the main thing most of us wanted was a popular star who’s not known for being a horrible performer, so Tanner should be great.

[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]



As you’ll recall, Tanner was voted by readers as 2014’s Sean Cody Man Of The Year, and he’s recently turned into a raunchy cum-lover, so I’m excited to see what he has in store for Brandon. Video and photos of Tanner fucking Brandon should be out shortly.

[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]

934_02ICYMI, Str8UpGayPorn’s interview with Tanner (the only interview he’s ever done, before Sean Cody made him delete his Twitter) from last year is here.

AND: Remember this post from last year? Who knew…

brandon bottoms

The last time Sean Cody’s Brandon and Tanner were together, it was, of course, Brandon doing the topping. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brandon Fucks Tanner Bareback]

Brandon’s bottoming debut on Sean Cody will be released on Black Friday, at 9pm PST. Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]


  • sxg

    Fuck yes!!!
    And that last second is to all the Tanner haters!!!

    Tanner may not be what I would call a power top, but he certainly isn’t a terrible top either! The dude gets the job done! So long as Brandon isn’t a fussy bottom like the cunt Topher was with his bottoming scene with his then-boyfriend, this scene should not disappoint!

  • Multiverse Inhabitant

    I have adored Tanner from day one. I am so glad that he will be deflowering the King. It looks like I need to stop at office depot and pick up a new keyboard. Maybe even two.

    • McM.

      For a good year – this was waaaay back – I had no idea why a friend’s keyboard was greasy. Well, not exactly greasy. The keyboard was always clean, but there was a slight film on my hands after looking something up or sending off a quick email. Figured it was pledge or some other cleaning product.

      Then I switched over to Gun Oil.

    • sxg

      Why don’t you put a towel over your keyboard??? It’s what I do. Mess-free!

  • bob80

    My dick is already out. Now the wait.

  • Zachary Sire


    • sxg

      So who is that guy in the gif? He’s kind of hot!

      And I bet he must get hell for this all the time lol

      • Pokemon

        It’s Rui Unas, a portuguese comedian/actor/entertainer.

    • Kevin

      Don you have any inside information if this was Brandon’s last scene for SC?

      • sxg

        Lol Don?

      • Zachary Sire

        The way he’s been acting lately on Twitter and Instagram, it feels like he’s done. But that’s just speculation, and he of course can always come back.

        • Kevin

          I think he was trying to get as much money as possible for this last scene and then was done with porn. This is his first scene in four months, if they had more scenes with him they surely would have released one in between his last one and this one.

          • CA

            Idk, he’s taken long breaks before–he was gone for 3+ months earlier this year I think. Especially after so many people on here bitch about him being in only ~5-6 scenes a year.

            I don’t see Brandon finding another revenue line that will afford him the comfortable laid-back lifestyle he seems to live these days. Nor do I think he was working on a degree or certification in anything that will provide him a substantial enough salary to keep him away. Unless he hated bottoming and refuses to do it anymore and SC doesn’t want him back only as a top.

          • Kevin

            Since he is so popular i think SC would welcome him with open arms if he decided to return even if he would refuse to bottom. Maybe he will escort, he could make some good money doing it but he probably would have to have much more sex with guys then if he stayed with SC if he would want to make the same kind of money. Unless he finds a rich sugar daddy. Tbh, i can’t see the whole escort thing happening otherwise he would have taken up DB’s offer (think he thought RR gave DB his number).

          • n24rc

            Ryan Rose did because he is a douchebag. A lot of porn stars (gay/straight) end up escorting, and when they do, the john sometimes asks for details about co-stars to get access to them. Very stalkerish and irresponsible of the escort to give that up for extra money. But it has happened numerous times to women where they solicitations on their cell regardless if they escort.

          • sxg

            Were they bitching about how 5-6 was too much or too little??? I cannot imagine it’s the latter because Brandon has not been well-liked on this site since after a few scenes at SC.

          • CA

            Too much…I always disagreed. It was just enough.

          • n24rc

            he wanted to open his own gym.

        • Alann6

          I’m hoping it depends on how much money SC wants to come up with.

        • paultacoma51

          It’s pretty typical for bottom hold-outs to bottom for their last scene. Sorta like a finale. Shame, tho. I would’ve joined if there’s a chance we’ll see Brandon progress into a power-bottom, or at least decent vers performer.

  • Todd
    • Mike Julius

      Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. One of the best movies ever made!

  • Stanford White

    Yo, I ain’t even mad. I love their previous scene together, so cool beans.
    They both have great asses, so there better be some ace ass eating, is all I gotta say…

  • Todd
    • sxg

      If it’s not too weird for either of them, it could be for Brandon’s 2nd time, Brennan’s first. That’s even if Brennan is even coming back!

  • I told you so

  • Literally me

    • n24rc

      Well, i hope it is as hot as you predict. But the last time Tanner and him were paired, Tanner was barely hard. So I doubt they would have enough chemistry to carry the scene together.

      • I don’t know…with all the hype I’m not that excited anymore. SC should’ve kept this a secret

      • Al

        I re-watched the scene that Brandon and Tanner did together already. They were really into each other and it was hot. I hope they are into each other just as much again. I can’t wait until the scene comes out.

      • CA

        Tanner was hardly hard–pardon the pun–as you predicted.

  • Kavine

    I’m disappointed…!!!

  • The gay green lartern

    Tanner…I love you boo! But no….hell no!…. I wanted Abe or Shaw (a flip with Shaw would have made me a fan for life)… Or Chase!! Yes Chase!!!
    (The disappointment) :-(

  • McM.


    Tanner paid his dues, and is one of the better performers on the site.

  • prestes_antony
  • Azkaban

    Come now, give us a Black Friday membership deal to put the cherry on the top and I’ll be all over this site in a second.

  • elle

    really wanted big dick Randy to tech Brandon a lesson….if you thought porter was running from that dick….

    tanner is cute (hope he shaves0 plus his ass just won’t quit, nice to see it thrust.
    But i want double creampie….didn’t brandon already take a facial?

  • erexshawn

    I was hoping for Abe or Shaw but I am not at all disappointed. Until Brandon proves himself to be a whiny little bitch.

  • Donkeyteefus

    sad trombone. i wanted randy.

  • Jason

    I love Tanner, but I’m so over Brandon.

    • sxg

      You never know this could be an awakening for him and come to the realization that bottoming is the best thing ever! Kind of how Aiden from Corbin Fisher became a better performer after bottoming. Not only did he become a power bottom, his topping greatly improved!

  • Trepakprince

    Tanner has the perfect boyfriend dick and that ass. Where’s my inhaler?

  • moondoggy
  • Kim Davis

  • S .

    Knew it. Best overall choice. Not too big, not too rough, “everyone” likes him, good performer.

    • NG212

      Also, Tanner is really sensual. And now we know for sure that Brandon will be rimmed before he’s fucked. Abe doesn’t eat ass.

    • JohnnyVooDoo

      ….I actually like rough sex.

  • Xzamilloh

    Pretty sure this is going to be my face after being done watching this:

    Satisfied… and tired.

  • DaddyYankee

    Sean Cody wrote on Twitter that Brandon chose Tanner!

  • DPS

    Certainly not a disappointing pairing. Tanner has put in some really hot performances. Tanner and David was an all time favorite SC scene for me.

  • Maximus
  • Okosan

    Go tanner !
    Make sure you make him scream for us good luck and rip him a new one !

  • Jemoen

    “2014โ€™s Sean Cody Man Of The Year”


  • Norminah

    It’s not that I’m not excited by Tanner but I can’t help but feel…

    • Alex

      Feeling the same way

    • CA

      That is how I always feel about him.

      He’s super handsome, but super boring in his performances to me….I’ve never gotten everyone’s hyper interest in him.

      I knew this was going to be the scenario….my only hope is Tanner proves me wrong this time and Brandon comes back to bottom more often.

      • Norminah

        I feel like they’ve waited too long on Brandon bottoming, I think there’s a window to climb through before the interest goes and and you’re just left with a deep feeling of

      • Maximus

        I suspect that Tanner’s popularity is due to tne likability and broad appeal of the porn persona he has created. He’s always agreeable and pleasant, which are universally attractive traits. He’s sexually versatile and adventurous, which gives viewers the impression that whatever it is they’re into, he’d be into it as well. He also comes across as being equally capable of casual fun and intimacy, so regardles of whether one’s sexual fantasies are more hookup oriented or more romance oriented, he will fit in well. Lastly, he embodies that perfect combination of “cute” and “hot” that is not easy to find.

  • ToxicBrew

    Does my happy dance!

  • Lemar

    I don’t know about this, I like Tanner and all but…..

  • Joey

    Tanner’s a decent, non-embarrassing choice. It could’ve been way, way worse, as Zach said above.

    Apparently Brandon did have a say in his scene partner, as suspected. Hmmm.

    Now to actually see how it goes.

    • Kevin

      It’s a save choice and it’s not going to piss to many people of. I would not have expected it to be someone like Randy, Abe or Jack (my choice). Tanner won’t overpower or dominate him (if that makes sense) like the other three guys.

  • Scrapple

    I’m actually okay with this. Tanner is great at putting his partners at ease, and they’ve already built a rapport from working together. Plus, Tanner ain’t shy about chowing down on an ass. I expect him to do a lengthy faceplant in Brandon’s mounds.

    I hope this means the studio has relaxed its policy about repeat pairings. That would be something.

  • Dongasoreass

    OH, I’m as moist as a snack cake down there. Perfect pairing. Wonder if it’ll be a flip fuck?

    • John Iii

      you can see from the trailer it is

      • Erik

        What trailer? No one released yet as far as I know.

  • Ben

    Meh. I am gonna past this. I really wanted shaw, abe or brennan

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    ….Why are all of you making a deal out of this. He has to be the worst pick of them all. He is easily the most feminine and has bottomed the most out of all of them. How could he possibly be the best pick. Disgraceful for Brandon but hey its done now.

    • Clusterfuck

      Hopefully Tanner learned a thing or two about how to make a bottom feel good. Don’t want a repeat of Dan and Randy.

    • Zachary Sire


      • JohnnyVooDoo

        Why u hurt by dat… Its true tho

    • Persevere

      “most feminine”?

      You have ISSUES

  • JT

    So Sean Cody is actually doing a re-pairing. Tanner was definitely a safe choice to not disappoint the masses.

    • John Iii

      agreed. Tanner is a solid performer even if not fav and loves to get down and dirty

  • john

    Cant wait!!

    • sxg


  • andrew

    Go Tanner!!!

  • Philly T

    Sean Cody’s twitter uploaded another tweet shortly after the Tanner reveal, that it was Brandon’s choice of top. He chose Tanner. Hmmm, shortly after he bottomed, he moved to Florida.. Tanner lives in Florida. Maybe they fell in love and are shacked up together. SeanCodyLove.

  • Philly T

    Sean Cody’s twitter uploaded another tweet shortly after the Tanner reveal, that it was Brandon’s choice of top. He chose Tanner. Hmmm, shortly after he bottomed, he moved to Florida.. Tanner lives in Florida. Maybe they fell in love and are shacked up together. SeanCodyLove. Stranger things have happened. lol.

    • Clusterfuck

      Did SC delete the second tweet from their feed?

    • n24rc

      Brandon has said numerous times he is straight. So had tanner, who has a social media page with his girlfriend. It could be bearding for his family, but I doubt it. Even if these two are closeted, like some would argue, I highly doubt they would go from closeted gay guy to openly dating men in a short amount of time. But who knows.

      • John

        My boytoy would tell everyone he is straight, but once or twice a week for 3 years since he was 19 he has sucked my cock;-) Just cause they like pussy doesn’t make them totally straight. Just because he acts straight 98% of the time doesn’t mean he isn’t bi. Same with them. They both enjoy sex with men, even if it takes money to make them justify it.

        • n24rc

          Either way it doesn’t make them any more appealing…a closet case(your suggestion) or someone actually straight.

    • sxg

      Brandon moved to FL? Thought he was still in Nashville. I guess he made the move even with the disaster of his GoFundMe!

    • joe campbell

      Lol ! That’s funny

  • Alann6

    Can’t wait. Love Tanner and Brandon!

  • snoopyfo

    Im ok with this, im happy with this, i like tanner

  • n24rc

    Tanner was barely hard in that video teaser from last time. I can only hope that isn’t a problem this time around.

  • Al

    I was hoping for Randy but Tanner is a great vers performer and can get pretty raunchy. I can’t wait to watch the two in action. I hope its not a flip flop and Tanner tears Brandon’s hole up.

  • sammy1023

    Well i’ve always liked Tanner and he’s made alot of guys shoot from being banged from behind with his straight dick, which you know’s gonna feel good. So hopefully Brandon can get into the groove and blow one out with a dick up his chute.

  • Clusterfuck

    Tanner was deep inside Stu’s mounds, now he pops Brandon’s cherry. Either he sold his soul to Satan or he is…

  • stephen

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Well I would have guessed Tanner simply by the size of his dick and the fact they needed someone who was willing to suck a dick. But like you said he wouldn’t have been my choice but he is not the worst so this should be good.

  • Duke

    I feel like Brandon’s gonna bottom for approximately 2 minutes of video.

  • pje821

    Tanner’s just… OK. The others excite me; he doesn’t. Hopefully there’ll be more topping of Brandon in the near future with a better top.

  • John Iii

    yawn. we already knew that real estate ventor of “tanner” wasn’t going well.

  • Dazzer

    Historic moment in Norwegian Blue history.

    If I could yearn for a fjiord any more right now, you’d have to call me Sven and buy me a horned helmet

  • Justin Trenton

    His body looks like it did in his early videos. He looks scorching hot!

  • dvlaries

    Adding the facial hair helped me get warmer about Tanner, and I don’t expect any disappointment. Like any Cody fan, I have my favorites, but the element that makes every Cody clip at least entertaining is the positive vibes consistently fostered on those sets. Nobody surpasses Cody for life-affirming erotica.

  • Alias74

    “Starter” cock.

    No wonder he “chose” Tanner.

  • Drew Barrymore



  • paultacoma51

    Well, if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time SC has done a repeat pairing, so that’s another first. I’m not over the moon with Tanner as the choice, but I’m not disappointed either. At least we can count on one of the two giving a good performance. My guess is that Tanner will carry the scene.

  • nick


  • BjorkNut

  • Azkaban

    I’m not complaining about this pairing at all. A teeny weeny bit of me just would have liked Jess II to do the honours though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • joe campbell

    for the very first time

  • joe campbell

    For the very first time..,

  • kkdd1

    I cannot stand Tanner that chipmunk looking MOTHER BLEEP I want 2 renew my membership just so that I can have the privilege in canceling it all over again !!!

  • BjorkNut

    My review…

  • Ivanildo Bezerra De Franรงa

    Por favor envie-me esse video pra eu pode baixa-lo