Gay-For-Pay Insurrectionist “Sergeant” Steven Miles Delays Plea Deal, Citing COVID Infection And Tucker Carlson Propaganda

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Porn star “Sergeant” Steven Miles—who was arrested last year and charged with multiple felonies after assaulting police and destroying government property when he and fellow white supremacists led the January 6 terror attack on the Capitol—has delayed his court proceedings yet again. The gay-for-pay insurrectionist had been scheduled to face Washington D.C. district judge Jia Cobb in person this week for his plea agreement hearing (after which he would’ve presumably been remanded into federal custody), but Miles’ attorney filed a motion asking for more time, and a continuance was granted.

Judge Cobb, a Biden appointee, has given Miles—who was fucked up the ass by xenophobic porn producer Michael Lucas in 2018’s “Ready For Dick,” and recently became engaged to female porn star Misty Miss Demeanor after jumping out of an airplane—two more months of freedom, and his plea agreement hearing has now been rescheduled for June 14th in D.C., as seen in the order below (click to enlarge):

In terms of why the motion for a continuance was requested, Miles’ attorney Ray Lopez claimed that he became infected with COVID-19 in mid-March, and by the time Lopez recovered, he then had a prescheduled 10-day vacation that further prevented him from being able to prepare his client’s mitigation package. Lopez explained:

Recent events have put the negotiations on hold. The undersigned counsel contacted [sic] COVID-19 in mid-March, 2023 and was unable to work on the mitigation package to be sent to the Government. The undersigned’s illness was followed by a brief recuperation and then followed by a prescheduled ten (10) day vacation. The undersigned counsel returned on April 2, 2023.

Whenever I’ve taken vacations in the past, I’ve either had to get someone to cover my shift when I waited tables, or in more recent years at Str8UpGayPorn, I’ve brought my laptop with me so I could catch up on work in my hotel room at the end of the day. Who knew that a criminal defense attorney could use 10 full days of personal vacation time as an excuse to delay a domestic terrorist’s federal conviction? Love that for him.

In addition to Lopez’s COVID and vacation, he also stated that while Miles doesn’t want to go to trial, he’s still “concerned” that he hasn’t seen all possible discovery materials. Some of that discovery, according to Miles, might include “video footage” from January 6th that GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy leaked to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. The footage was universally condemned as misleading (even by Mitch McConnell), as it tried to downplay the deadly riot by showing cherry-picked “peaceful” moments, and it obviously won’t play any role in Miles’ case. Still, Lopez wrote:

The Defendant has not expressed any interest in going to trial. Regardless, the Defendant is still concerned that he has not received all discovery materials that he feels are pertinent to his case. He has also expressed an interest in possibly obtaining recently received video footage of the January 6, 2021 incidents. This footage was released by the United States Speaker of the House allegedly to the national media. The undersigned counsel is unsure if any of this footage is exculpatory or irrelevant to the Defendant’s charges.

It’s not clear if Lopez is merely ignorant or blatantly lying (possibly both), as the footage was not released to “the national media”—it was only released to one MAGA propagandist at a fascist cable news network. In fact, just today, the actual national media (including CNN, the New York Times, and more) filed a lawsuit demanding that the footage McCarthy gave to Carlson be released to them.

Of course, the only relevant video footage for Miles’ case will be the video footage of him beating police officers, smashing a glass window, and breaking into the Capitol in support of cult leader Donald Trump, as we’ve all seen many times:

Here was the motion from Lopez asking for the continuance:

Unless Lopez and Miles can come up with more nonsense to delay the inevitable, they’ll be in D.C. for the plea agreement hearing on June 14th. With all the felony and misdemeanor charges combined, Miles faces up to 55 years in prison, but because he’s taking a plea, his sentence probably won’t be anything close to that.

Just for reference, here’s a video of Miles’ attorney advertising his law firm, which purports to specialize in defense for DUIs and sex crimes:

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