Gay-For-Pay Insurrectionist Sergeant Steven Miles Posts Photo Of Girlfriend Rubbing Feet While Awaiting Trial For Jan. 6 Attack: “Proper Place Of A Woman”

Posted October 16, 2022 by with 22 comments

January 6th terrorist Steven Miles (known as “Sergeant Miles” in his gay porn work for disgraced studio owner and fellow racist Michael Lucas) is still awaiting trial for attacking the Capitol last year, and while he’s on house arrest in Tampa, Florida, he’s keeping busy on Twitter. Yesterday, Miles posted the photo above, left, which shows his miserable girlfriend, Miss Demeanor, completely naked while rubbing his feet. Miles captioned the photo, “Proper place of a woman.”

The proper place for a domestic terrorist is prison, of course, and Miles could be sentenced to over 50 years there if convicted on all six felony charges he’s facing. The white supremacist who was known for harassing his gay porn co-stars and calling school shooting victims cowards before joining the Proud Boys to assault police officers and smash a window at the Capitol has been delaying his trial for several months now, and just last week, he was in court again asking for yet another 90-day continuance. The motion was granted, and the next status conference is set for January 19th, 2023, as seen in the entry below:

Miles has pleaded not guilty, which means he’s practically begging to be locked up for the rest of his life. He could avoid trial and change his plea at his next court date, which would be the only thing that might reduce his sentence at this point, given the overwhelming video and photographic evidence showing Miles committing every single one of the crimes with which he’s been charged.

As a reminder, here are Miles’ felony charges (along with the three Miss Demeanor misdemeanors) that were filed earlier this year when he was arrested. I’ve also noted the maximum number of years in prison that accompany each charge:

18:231(a)(3); CIVIL DISORDER; Civil Disorder (5 years in prison)
18:111(a)(1); ASSAULTING/RESISTING/IMPEDING OFFICERS/EMPLOYEES; Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers (8 years in prison)
18:1361; GOVERNMENT PROPERTY OR CONTRACTS (>1000); Destruction of Government Property (10 years in prison)
18:1752(a)(1); TEMPORARY RESIDENCE OF THE PRESIDENT; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds (10 years in prison)
18:1752(a)(2); TEMPORARY RESIDENCE OF THE PRESIDENT; Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds (10 years in prison)
18:1752(a)(4) and (b)(1)(A); TEMPORARY RESIDENCE OF THE PRESIDENT; Physical Violence in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon (10 years in prison)

Miles has also been charged with three misdemeanors involving violent entry, disorderly conduct, and physical violence on Capitol grounds, and the combined maximum sentence for these is 18 months. So, all together, Miles is looking at up to 55 years in prison. It’s highly unlikely he’ll receive that many years, but it’s reasonable to assume he’ll get at least 10. A former cop turned MAGA rioter—who faced similar charges of assaulting officers—was sentenced to that many years just last month.

In addition to his “proper place for women” tweet, Miles has also been spending his time on house arrest engaging with psychotic fans. Here’s a look at one of those fans and the deranged conversation that took place when the fan responded to Miles:

He’s worried about porn being sent to his family, but have they seen the videos of him committing a terrorist attack? And the complaints of being “canceled” are funny enough, but then, “I don’t like to travel too far away from home”…because it’ll set off the ankle bracelet? The delusion is truly staggering.

On the bright side, Miles won’t have to worry about inflation that much longer, given that food and shelter is free in prison.