Will Jarec Wentworth Be Released From Prison Tomorrow?

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tumblr_n1rvx32Eiu1rdt3fco4_250Tomorrow morning, a judge in the Jarec Wentworth (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) extortion case will once again decide if the embattled gay porn star will remain behind bars while awaiting trial (which is set to begin July 7th), or if he’ll be released on bail.

After his arrest in March, Jarec’s request for bail was denied. Now, since the prosecution has filed additional charges and a new indictment against him, he’s getting one more chance to try and convince a judge that he poses no danger to his alleged victim, Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns.

tumblr_m9dkw7TcJA1qdot54o1_500[Sean Cody: Jarek Fucks Christian Bareback]

Here’s the defense’s brief filed before the long weekend, which makes several arguments about this being a non-violent crime, that infamous gun found in Jarec’s friend’s car, the fact that because Jarec is an “actor in pornographic films” he is not a flight risk (LOL), and property owned by Jarec’s friends and family being put up as collateral.

After reading this, be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of this page and let me know: If you were the judge, would you release Jarec Wentworth from prison?

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