Will Jarec Wentworth Be Released From Prison Tomorrow?

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tumblr_n1rvx32Eiu1rdt3fco4_250Tomorrow morning, a judge in the Jarec Wentworth (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) extortion case will once again decide if the embattled gay porn star will remain behind bars while awaiting trial (which is set to begin July 7th), or if he’ll be released on bail.

After his arrest in March, Jarec’s request for bail was denied. Now, since the prosecution has filed additional charges and a new indictment against him, he’s getting one more chance to try and convince a judge that he poses no danger to his alleged victim, Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns.

tumblr_m9dkw7TcJA1qdot54o1_500[Sean Cody: Jarek Fucks Christian Bareback]

Here’s the defense’s brief filed before the long weekend, which makes several arguments about this being a non-violent crime, that infamous gun found in Jarec’s friend’s car, the fact that because Jarec is an “actor in pornographic films” he is not a flight risk (LOL), and property owned by Jarec’s friends and family being put up as collateral.

After reading this, be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of this page and let me know: If you were the judge, would you release Jarec Wentworth from prison?

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  • TheSagaOf


  • steve adams

    I wonder who this Michael Hattig is? I see there is a 66 yr old person with that name in Dana Point who has about that much equity in his condo. Maybe another trick?

    • WillG

      Probably, and he can rest assured that Brank would NEVER betray one of his johns. What an idiot.

      That said, I voted for granting him bail on the condition he be monitored.

      • green

        Prisoners are not allowed scissors because of the risk of suicide. So I can imagine Jarec’s pubes now must be a real forest. Please can a studio send a car to pick him up from the prison gates, to do a shoot immediately before any styling queen gets hold of him for a trim. What a rarity – completely “au naturel” as the other prisoners would have seen in the washroom.

    • GuyN90068

      From the prosecution to deny bail:
      “It appears that Hattig does not have a close relationship with defendant that would justify the Court’s trust in him as a surety — indeed, it appears Hattig was a stranger to defendant who only began communicating with defendant after defendant’s arrest.”

  • steve adams

    Looks like his parents live in some kind of farm in Tennessee. How the heck did Jarec explain why he needed his dad’s money for bail?

  • Todd

    Well, coverage of The Grabby’s is officially OVAH ……….. Yaaaaaaaasssss !!!

  • Alan Keddie

    Does anyone else on here remember the ye olde days of yore where all a gay porn star actor did was get naked and or hard and then cum?! I do. I truly do. Anyway…

  • Derek

    Let him go free so he can flee to Mexico already.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Yes I would release him. He’s not going anywhere they took all of his money and it’s not like he can go on the run like he was The Fugitive. Every horny gay man would immediately recognize him. I say put him on house arrest… At my house.

  • Zealot

    Will Teofil run?

  • GN

    I bet MagicJack will be thrilled, he misses that dick….

  • n24rc

    He has connections and family in his parent’s home country – this has happened before with other accused people; those that have relations outside of the US can evade prosecution if they have relatives and extended family abroad. The seized funds are irrelevant.

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    Keep him in, even with monitoring, he may run to a Jon outside the country, and then everyone that put up surety will loose it.

  • A.C.

    If I understand correctly, the judge has heard all of the evidence concerning the Defendant as a potential flight risk and based on that evidence denied the Defendant bail. The only reason that the Defendant is being allowed to argue for bail again is because the government has filed new charges against him. These charges, as I understand it, will subject him to greater, not lesser, exposure. If the crush of charges before were enough for the judge to deny him bail, then additional charges should not change that order. The best that the Defendant can hope for is that this bail hearing is heard before another magistrate, but it is doubtful that a judge would be willing to overturn another judge’s order unless he/she heard something new or compelling; and there is nothing of that sort included in the defense paperwork. The Defendant could be granted release under the condition of monitoring, house arrest, and the surrender of his passport and other travel documents, however, even that scenario is unlikely though because that measures was available for consideration by the judge during the first bail hearing and yet bail was denied. I will never try to predict the outcome of a hearing, but if I were the judge I would continue to deny bail as there is nothing new in the papers that would compel me to do otherwise.

    • GuyN90068

      It’s the same judge as in the other bail hearings.

  • kkdd1

    I bet if Donald Burns laid naked on his stomach in the grass he would shed his skin and slither