Johnny Rapid Eats Pepperoni Pizza And Fucks Jack Hunter While A Maid Vacuums Their Hotel Room

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0011Last week, we saw a gay porn scene where gay porn stars were eating burgers and fries.

This week? It’s time for a gay porn scene with gay porn stars eating pepperoni pizza.

0012At least Tanner and Brodie had the decency to eat their hamburgers after they finished fucking.

In this scene, Johnny Rapid eats a slice of pepperoni pizza while he’s fucking Jack Hunter at the same time.


Say what you will about Johnny, but at least he’s a generous top who offers his bottoms a bite of pizza:


No lube? No problem. Just use pizza grease.


What’s the next kind of food you’d like to see gay porn stars eating while they fuck?


As if the pizza weren’t enough, this gay porn scene also features a woman cleaning the hotel room in which Johnny Rapid and Jack Hunter are fucking.

0016They could have easily told the maid to go away and to come back later, but this is, so of course this happens:


Maids, wives, sisters, moms, neighbors…who should gay porn stars fuck in front of next? Someone’s grandma? Someone’s son or daughter? How about a blind person? Someone in a coma or a vegetative state (e.g., Terry Schiavo)?

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Johnny Rapid Fucks Jack Hunter]

  • Elitist

    It really warms my heart to see MEN catering to the underrepresented feeder fetish community. They have gone too long without a mainstream voice to champion their lifestyle

    • Dale Bergman

      This scene is a hot mess!

      • Mike Julius

        Minus the hot. Unless you count Jack. But not even Jack can save this tbh

      • Mike Julius

        Addendum are perfect. Well done.

  • Dale Bergman

    Jack Hunter is a cutie but I’ll pass on this…

    • sanfv
    • Olivebblair

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  • Myko

    Meanwhile over on xtube there is some really good homemade sex videos for free.

    • Stanford White

      Share with the class, if you would..

  • Mike Julius

    Stop it. #MakeGayPornGreatAgain

  • Pertinax

    She has an important message for you:

  • Stanford White

    This FratX/SketchySex aesthetic…

    • Kandel

      YES! My exactly thought when I saw this was “What is this? Fraternity X?”

  • Todd

    Burgers, Fries, Watermelon, Pizza ………. How do gay porn stars keep fit ?

    Gay Porn Star Exercise Handbook

    Chapter One: Cardio

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      Now I want to find Chapter 2

      • Todd

        Hit ‘See More’ under that GIF !!

  • It’s laughable that a maid would just clean the room while they fucked just feet away so it is almost dumb that they use this scenario. At least the sketchy sex one was somewhat possible being a door hid things from view this one the maid would have to be blind and deaf to not know what was going on.

  • n24rc

    Did this need to be made? What purpose did it serve? – The questions the producers should be asking themselves right now.

  • n24rc

    Jack Hunter is totally turned off. You’ve just made the most unerotic or unsexy porn; Congrats!

  • John

    They are both really sexy hot actors, but the pizza ruins the scene. Jack Hunter is the sexiest, most man-beautiful young man in porn today. Please just put the two of them together and forget the fucking gimmicks!

  • OverKill

    Please Tyler Saint and Tristan Matthews did the same thing on Tyler Saint you can actually watch and enjoy.

    • Maximus

      I love Tyler Saint! His series of massage videos for Gay Room were actually quite educational!

      • sanfv

        I remember those videos. He got to do a lot of the stars I liked back than. Dylan Roberts, Alex Greene , Gavin Waters and Tyler Alexander just to name a few.

        • omg yess Dylan Roberts was one of my favs. still is to this day. idc if he was gay for pay, he always performed good in my opinion. I prefered him as a bottom , but he even made the scene he did with Johnny Rapid hot as hell c:

    • beariac

      I actually quite like Tristan Mathews as well as Tyler, but that scene was another waste of talent and m-e-s-s-y.

  • CBW

    The actress who plays the maid is probably a Julliard graduate. Money well spent!

    • Scrapple

      And here I assumed she was another sister of Diego Sans.

  • john

    Stop trying to make “Johnny Rapid is also very good as top” happen…

    • sxg

      He’s certainly at his best as a bottom, but those gifs do highlight his abilities as a top. Hell he’s a much better top than a good number of top-only guys, like SC’s Brandon. And that’s sad, for Brandon lol

  • Badbike

    Dear Jack Hunter:
    You are too good for this. RUN! Run fast run hard away from making anymore foolishness like this at before it ruins you.

  • Maximus

    Oh yeah, that’s what viewers want in their gay porn scenes: women.

    Jack Hunter never should have lowered himself to playing the role of Bitty Bumpkin’s fuck toy/pizza tray.

  • sanfv

    Is mindgeek the skynet of gay porn? Are republican dollars funding this mess? How much does men pay for Johnny rapid to fuck you while eating food off you? John Waters movie indeed.

    Here’s my scene analysis;
    As for Rapid, all believable. It seems something he’d do back in small town Georgia, eat some food off some unwilling , underage creature.
    Jack Hunter : I guess his time with Nica killed him inside. He is a hottie but if he doesn’t have the will to live, I can’t help him.
    Verdict for both;

    As for the maid, the award goes to her for being a. Trooper.

  • beariac

    Whatever could MEN’s next costume extravaganza be?

  • Scrapple

    Johnny offered Jack some pepperoni, sausage, and a reach around. Who says romance is dead?

  • What the hot damn?? i haven’t been checking for Johnny Rapid for a while but that’s besides the point. And who wants to watch some mediocre porn stars eating food while fucking. Praying for this hot ass mess. oh and French fries aren’t on the poll -_-

  • Kandel

    Nothing is more of a turn off than fucking in a mess. I can’t.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    So technically speaking that part of the scene has both fucking and sucking.