Michael Lucas And Lucas Entertainment Accused Of Not Paying Performers AGAIN, This Time By Tyler Roberts And Jesse Santana

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ucasrtIf a report about notoriously abusive bigot Michael Lucas and his disgraced gay porn studio not paying performers sounds familiar, that’s because it’s happened at least four times over the last three years (with a New York court issuing a judgment against Lucas last year for not paying performer Beau Reed). And it’s happened again today, as performers Tyler Roberts and Jesse Santana are claiming that Michael Lucas failed to pay them for work they did last year for Lucas Entertainment in New York City. Making matters worse, Lucas actually agreed to pay the real-life couple for their work if Roberts agreed to delete a tweet he posted earlier this month alleging non-payment, but Lucas has now gone back on his word again—even after Roberts deleted the tweet—and he’s still refusing to pay.

Here is the since-deleted tweet, which Roberts sent as a reply to Lucas Entertainment’s advertisement of the scene that Roberts and Santana say they weren’t paid for:

paidHours after that tweet was posted, Roberts says that Michael Lucas agreed to pay him and Santana, so long as the tweet was deleted. Roberts deleted the tweet back on February 9th, and has been waiting for the promised payment for the last two weeks. Today, however, Roberts has revealed that Lucas went back on his word, and he won’t be paying them for their work after all. Here was Roberts’ tweet today:

tyrobAccording to Roberts, Lucas tricked him and Santana into filming the piss scene in New York by telling them that it wasn’t going to be released as a scene from Lucas Entertainment, but rather, it would be used as a quick promo video for toy company Fort Troff. Of course, Lucas was lying, and the scene was subsequently released by Lucas Entertainment’s membership site.

jesetWhile in New York during the same visit, Roberts and Santana did film an additional and separate sex scene that they were paid for. Roberts explained to Str8UpGayPorn what happened when he was filling out paperwork in the Lucas office last year, after filming that sex scene and what he believed was the separate Fort Troff promo.

“When I was signing papers I asked what the extra signature was, and Brian [a Lucas employee] gave me the run around,” Roberts said. “I even asked just before we filmed, is this a promo for Fort Troff, or is this going to go on y’all website?, and made it clear that if it wasn’t a promo, then I needed to be paid for it. They all lied, and assured me it was a promo. Months later, this pops up, and I wasn’t surprised. I should’ve listened to my gut and called my agent before I signed.”

Roberts reiterated to Str8Up that he had no problem doing the free promo video.

“[Lucas] told us that it was a promo for Fort Troff, with whom we were going to be working with in the near future, so we had no problem doing that. We did a shout out for them and everything. I asked him in front of everyone to clarify that it was meant for Fort Troff, and not his site.”

Today, Roberts explained more to Str8Up about Lucas going back on his word and once again refusing to pay.

“So after making an agreement to pay us for the scene—which was contingent on my agreement to not publicly speak out about his actions and removing my tweet—he has now changed his mind and is refusing to pay,” Roberts said. He added, “Lucas says it was all part of the same scene, just shot on separate days in a separate location. Even though there was no continuity and the scenario was completely different. He says he does this with a lot of models, and that it deserves no separate pay.”

After Roberts’ February 9th tweet, Lucas agreed to pay Roberts and Santana $400 each for the separate piss scene, provided that Roberts delete the tweet. But, if Lucas did pay them the $800, Lucas told Roberts that he would not use him or Santana in upcoming Lucas scenes, which Roberts was fine with.

“Me and Jesse didn’t really care to work for him anymore if he couldn’t do right by us,” Roberts said.

Str8UpGayPorn has obtained text messages from Michael Lucas sent to Roberts and Santana’s agent, Howard Andrew, in which Lucas appears to agree to pay the $800, with the reminder that Roberts and Santana wouldn’t be hired to work at Lucas again, and that they agreed to not discuss the non-payment with anyone else. Lucas wrote (as seen below), “Did they promise not to talk about it? They obviously understand that I will never give them work again.”


It’s not clear why Michael Lucas rescinded his promise to pay Roberts and Santana the $800 for the work they did (Lucas Entertainment has not responded to my request for comment). But, whether he’s releasing footage of people without their permission and trying to illegally sell it on OnlyFans (as he did with Ashton Summers), or not paying people for their work, it is clear that Lucas will never stop defrauding and harassing performers. Those who continue to work with or be supportive of Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment are, unfortunately, enablers of this fraud and harassment.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    When will they start a Porn Models Guild?

  • Quinton Jackson

    At this point it’s hard to feel sorry for ANYONE that continues to do business with duckface.

    • Scrapple

      It’s like R. Kelly’s management telling you he wants to make your daughter a star and you’re like “Okay! Let me pack her suitcase.” You know better, so you should be able to do better.

  • FrenchBug

    Sorry but while they should be paid, no sympathy.
    1) They knowingly chose to work for Michael Lucas in 2018. Everybody knows he does this shit.
    2) And they are not exactly newbies. They both have been in porn for, what?, a decade. They know Lucas. They know his reputation.
    3) And, for fuck’s sake, “let’s film this but we are not going to release this!”. Bitch, seriously? I wouldn’t believe this if this was my first porn. No way did any of them – with the long career they have had – believed this shit.

    So, yeah, Duckface defrauded them and should pay them the money. But spare me the wah wah.

    • Zachary Sire

      As much as I’d like to toot my own horn…not everyone reads Str8UpGayPorn, which is literally the only site that reports on Lucas’s abuse. So, I don’t think everyone should be expected to know about all the things he’s done. Or, maybe people do hear things but they choose to give him the benefit of the doubt, idk. At any rate, Tyler told me he was speaking out because he wanted other performers to be aware. He’s not looking for sympathy.

      • FrenchBug

        Tyler has been in the industry for many years. If he hasn’t managed to hear about Lucas from all the folks he has worked with, and if he has never bothered to look up the guy hiring him, well, same reaction from me: tough shit.
        I am not suggesting he is asking for sympathy – and Lord knows you should toot your own horn about how faithfully you document that stuff time after time – but I am saying I am losing patience with those folks who keep that (censored) in business by continuing to work for him. Whether it is out of blind confidence it won’t happen to them, pure stupidity, greed or Lord knows what reason, they are the reason he is still in business.
        I am glad he joined the camp of those who know better, but it is like leaving the Republican Party in 2018. Welcome to the side of the good guys, but you’re not getting a pass for enabling awful awful stuff for many years. Whether it was because they were dumb or cynical is irrelevant.

        PS: And straight talk: I believe him they got stiffed. But the whole “Let’s film it but I won’t release it” story is a fabrication. No way TWO performers with the porn industry experience those both have would have bought this bull. It didn’t happen that way.

        • McM.

          I find it difficult to believe performers exist in bubbles without access to industry news, opportunities, and pitfalls. In one way or another many express they are part of a community, so not knowing what is going on doesn’t track with their numerous in-person interactions and social media connections.

          • FrenchBug

            The irony, of course, being that Tyler Roberts is tweeting this “so that it doesn’t happen to others”, which is exactly what previous performers to whom it happened also did and for the same stated reason.
            And yet… here we are.
            Someone wants to play a game where we figure out how many of those performers who told the exact story on Twitter Tyler Roberts and Jesse Santana follow?
            Right off the bat I see they both follow Beau Reed who went to court to get his $1000 payment just last year. I am sure there are more.

          • Ninja0980

            Yup and if nothing else,there are no secrets in the porn world.
            The idea Jesse Santana is clueless about Lucas is a laugh and a half.
            He just thought he wouldn’t get screwed over like others had.

      • Ninja0980

        No knock on you but I know people that worked in the industry and Lucas being a sleazeball has been known for a long time.
        There is simply no way Jesse didn’t know about Lucas being a sleaze.

  • wdeee

    I have no sympathy & I don’t care. Lucas’ style and antics are well-known and documented. These performers continue to work with him then want an outpouring of support and sympathy when he screws them over. If he can continue to bamboozle these guys into pissing on each other for free, more power to him.

    • Cosmic

      Porn is the only industry where you can be “tricked” into pissing on a coworker for free…I hope.

    • Ninja0980

      Hear hear!

  • Xzamilloh

    Really? A duck quacks at others and you get surprised when the duck quacks at you? Miss me with that “acting brand new” shit like this hasn’t been an issue for years.


  • Xzamilloh

    And see, he better be lucky the wayback machine exists in the form of screenshots and archives… because he was a dumb one for deleting that tweet without getting his money. Last I checked, you wait for a deposit to hit your account before you erase anything.

  • Xzamilloh

    I saw Mike Maverick had done some shit with him, too… what the hell, man? How does he get all of these prime A men in his web?

    • McM.

      No clue! Lucas Entertainment obviously does something right, consistently drawing handsome and skilled men to the studio in ways other sites cannot. Provided it’s ethical, one or two other studios should adopt the method and get these same guys working for them.

    • sxg

      Simple. Most pornstars are too dumb to do their own research or believe the existing stories about working with that awful studio.

    • Jace

      Unfortunately, the opportunities for black performers are limited, and Lucas is one of the few studios that regularly hires black performers.

      • Ninja0980

        It’s why he was able to get away with some of the stuff he did for so long.
        Because he didn’t care if you were black or latino,he’d give you a job,something most other studios wouldn’t dream of doing.

      • Mark Clavecin

        Sean Xavier!

    • Mark Clavecin

      I am in no way defending ML’s behavior, but he gets some really hot men to do really hot stuff.

  • FieldMedic

    This is exactly what small claims courts are for, like Beau Reed found out.

  • sxg

    I’ll give a pass to Tyler Roberts since I think he hasn’t been doing porn as long, but not Jesse Santana. He’s worked with duckface before and may have been screwed by him before. Even if he wasn’t, no way in hell he hasn’t heard about how awful it is working there since he’s returned to porn.

    Also, is the Fort Troff that’s mentioned the online toy store? If so, how fucking stupid are you to believe that duckface is filming something for Fort Troff when they have their own studio and pay you to appear on their site?

    • McM.

      Appears @FrenchBug:disqus was right. Jesse and Tyler’s situation did not go down the way stated in the post.

      Read your comment and was reminded of a Fort Troff bonus scene released by CockyBoys. Tommy Defendi nailing Duncan Black in some sort of fuck-pad on a questionable mattress. It was fuckin’ hot! Anyway, went to Fort Troff’s site and saw this:


      Jesse Santana riding the Fuck Machine 3.0. The Fuck Machine which destroyed preceding fuck machines to reign supreme… in your hole. In the demonstration video, shot by Fort Troff, Tyler Roberts shows how it also functions as a hand-held device. In any case, Fort Troff needs no help producing promotional videos.

      But I’m open to being wrong. Jesse and Tyler may have shot this after the ML situation.

    • FrenchBug

      Tyler Roberts did “Home Invasion” in 2008. He has been in the industry for more than ten years.

  • They should sue his shady ass! Better yet submit the case the Judge Judy’s show!

  • holgerson

    No sympathy. Before I sign a contract (in the real world), I inform myself about the company (there are many ways). The conditions at this studio have been known for years. A look at the current performer? In how many months is the next story here?

  • Scrapple

    Stop. Working. With. Michael. Lucas. At this point everyone should know what the man is about. Why would you ever put yourself in a position to be manipulated and bullied by him for some coins? I wouldn’t have deleted shit. In fact, I would’ve tweeted about him asking to delete the tweet and about the future blackball if they took the money. The only way to beat Lucas at his own game is to play it better. Stop being scared of this bullying charlatan has-been, stand up for yourself, know your worth and stop putting yourself in situations where this bigoted asshole can take advantage of you. And stop letting your friends be put in the same position. It’s not worth the headache, the legal fees or the possible STI.

    Also, read your fucking contracts. If something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem right, contact your attorney and have him/her look it over. If you allow yourself to be taken advantage of, you’re going to get taken advantage of. In porn and in regular life.

  • PaulieP

    Channeling Carrie Bradshaw…

    are porn stars that stupid or that desperate to work for a man who has a notorious bad reputation….?


  • Donkeyteefus

    Wow first off The scene rate is only $400 . And he’s too ghetto to pay that??

  • Shawn

    Whyyyyyyyy is this man still anywhere near the industry. I get that he can find models who don’t know better, but why are there business-type people already established within the industry willing to work with him?

    Also “film but not release”…. isn’t that Czech Hunters whole setup? Who actually falls for that in real life?

  • Tempest

    Nah, not today. Do your homework and use Google, everyone knows what that diseased duck is capable of and y’all aren’t newbies either, if anything you’re astoundingly stupid, much like anyone that keeps going and filming there.

    Being this thirsty for coins is extremely sad.

  • Estelle

    I’m shocked fab scout Howard continues to book talent to Lucas Entertainment. What does that say about him?

    • FrenchBug

      That’s one hell of an excellent question.
      At the very least, if he wants to leave the choice up to the performer, he doesn’t at least tell them about the risks and problems involved with working for Lucas, if we are to believe Tyler “I had never heard of it” Roberts.

      • Well a proper agent after attempting to get payment, would do the right thing and publicly black list Lucas Entertainment with all his clients

        So Howard we are waiting 🙄


      I told Howard to book us with Lucas. He warned me against it, but Lucas was willing to work with both of us. At this point in time no other studios were offering Jesse work.
      Howard is a great agent, and actually cares for his models.

  • buffy2004

    That is what i don’t understand. We have so many of this things happening with him and his studio, why people keeps working for him??? they should be ashamed.

  • Cosmic

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for anyone that still chooses to work for a guy that has been proven to be a crook over and over again.

  • Ruel Lewis

    Wonder what he’ll do when he runs out of people to scam.

  • Ninja0980

    Put it bluntly,I don’t feel sorry for them.
    Anyone who continues to work for Lucas at this point is a fool,simple as that.

  • in the end, everyone will turn away from him


    No body was asking for sympathy or pity or for pointing out the obvious. I only shared what had happened so that other performers can be more aware of the situation. Who asks for pity over 800$s. If you don’t mind please quit thinkin the we care for your approval or your thoughts. This was only meant to help others. Have a blessed day y’all.


    The more people to stand up against him & other corrupt figures in this regard, the sooner their fall will come.