Adrian Hart Becomes The Second Black Model To Appear On ActiveDuty In 22 Years

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Military gay porn studio ActiveDuty was launched in 1998 by the now retired Dink Flamingo, and it was bought out in 2014 by the now also retired Stephan Sirard of NextDoorStudios (Sirard retired last summer, and ActiveDuty’s content is now produced and directed by the same crew that does NextDoor’s content in San Diego). Over the last 22 years, there have been just two Black male performers cast in ActiveDuty scenes: Back in February of 2019, there was Arlington Jones, and now today, gay porn star Adrian Hart makes his ActiveDuty debut.

It’s unconscionably insane that military-themed ActiveDuty chose to go 20 years without casting a single Black model (as if there are no men of color enlisted in the United States armed forces), but given the porn industry’s wellknown issues with racism (and outright inclusion of blatant racists), it’s not a surprise, sadly. At the same time, like with the introduction of Arlington Jones last year, it’s great to see Adrian Hart on ActiveDuty, and criticism of the studio’s disgraceful history doesn’t mean you can’t also support (or at least acknowledge) their efforts to hopefully do better. Now that ActiveDuty/NextDoor are being run by a new production crew (since around July of this year), let’s hope we see more Adrian and a lot more diversity in the months ahead.

Adrian is topping Ryan Jordan in this duo, and here’s the preview:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ActiveDuty: Adrian Hart Fucks Ryan Jordan Bareback]

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