Best Of Summer 2019: Five Of The Summer’s Best Scenes, Starring Dante Colle, Rhyheim Shabazz, Jack Harrer, Jason Vario, And More

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best gay porn 2019Many of you have undoubtedly noticed that several gay porn studios released some of their best content ever this past summer, and all month long, Str8Up looked back at some of the summer’s greatest scenes, studio by studio. Now that the season is officially over (as of Monday), it’s time for one more list of five great summer scenes, but instead of focusing on one studio, this final list is a collection of scenes from five different studios that weren’t covered in previous lists.

Before we get to the final five scenes, here a few honorable mentions from several studios that didn’t quite make the cut on other lists: 8teenBoy’s Paxton Ward and Lucas Burke, Hot House’s Michael Boston and Steven Lee, FuckerMate’s Alejandro Torres and Randy Junior, GayHoopla’s Jayden Marcos, Blake Michael, and Collin Simpson, ColbyKnox’s Colby Chambers Creampies Tannor Reed, and WhyNotBi’s Michael DelRay, Trent King, and Summer Hart.

And here’s the final list of Best Of Summer 2019 scenes:


FamilyDick’s trigenerational series hit its climax on the 4th of July when grandson Bar Addison and son Greg McKeon fucked their grandfather and father (respectively) Dale Savage bareback in FamilyDick’s best and most highly-anticipated three-way of the year. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Family Dick: Greg McKeon And Bar Addison Fuck Dale Savage Bareback]

jason-vario-fucks-dante-colle-bareback-gay-porn-5The absurdly hot pairing of Jason Vario and Dante Colle was one of the summer’s best looking duos, and they fucked last month in “Bareback Crashpad,” my favorite Raging Stallion series of of 2019. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Raging Stallion: Jason Vario Fucks Dante Colle Bareback]


ActiveDuty scenes are hit or miss, but the combination of Blake Effortley and Elye Black made this a no-brainer and a definite hit. Non-stop fucking throughout, with powerbottom Eyle always rock hard, and real-life marine Blake continuing his reign as ActiveDuty’s best discovery in years. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ActiveDuty: Blake Effortley Fucks Elye Black Bareback]

343b96ad7cf1ed7e9cbbac0e5d4306b6My obsession with hunky newcomer Tom Rogers went into high gear after seeing this Freshmen three-way, in which he was tag-teamed raw by thick-cocked tops Jack Harrer and Kieran Benning. How someone can still manage to look this gorgeous while being impaled by 18 inches of dick is beyond all rational explanation, and it’s made me a Tom Rogers stan for life. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Kieran Benning And Jack Harrer Tag-Team Tom Rogers Bareback]


Rhyheim Shabazz has had one perfect scene after another since his debut in February, and now every bottom wants to be fucked by him, while every other top just wants to be him. In Rhyheim’s TimTales scene back in June, he treated John Thomas to some of the best sex of his life, and he treated all of us to one of the summer’s (and the entire year’s) best gay porn scenes. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[TimTales: Rhyheim Shabazz Fucks John Thomas Bareback]

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  • Silver64

    For myself…out of the top 5, I’d have to go with Rhyheim as my #1, which is no big surprise as I’m a massive fan of his. #2 would be Family Dick …that threesome lived up to the expectations and I love me some Dale Savage. Blake Effortley and Elye Black would be my #3…that was a great scene.

    For me though, this was the Summer of Rhyheim. His JFF scenes this summer outstripped pretty well everything from what the studios produced. When your partners are the likes of Jay Alexander, Jack Andy, Francois Sagat, Rico Marlon, Sean Zevran and his latest with Allen King and Andrea Saurez , ya got the Studios wishing they were him.

    I can see him being nominated in several categories at the Str8UpGayPornAwards too. He’s a studio wrapped up in one Man.

    Ok…yeah, I’m that big of a Fan…

    • SteadyNUnremitting

      I agree. Rhyeim Shabazz owned, and dominated this summer. Definitely contended of the year. He pretty much took Amateur porn to another level, in term of quality and scene partners.

      • Ed Woody

        I love his ability to make relentless love to his partners until all higher brain functions are overwhelmed by endorphins and they get that literal “brains fucked out of me” look.

    • stamenpistil

      Yep. Rhyheim and Liam Cyber was pure perfection.

  • Ceecee

    Jason Vario is so goddamn flawless, holy shit.

  • B.C.

    No Missionary Boys? They had quite beautiful and skillful Elders this summer.
    Oh well, it’s Family Savage for the win. I wish there were couple more rounds of incestuous fuckery.

  • Scrapple

    I’d like pic Rhyheim and John Thomas of the rawness of their fuck chemistry and how much fun they were having together. But with the fact TT’s tops are always depicted as being non-reciprocating (even going so far as to cut out moments which disprove that), the constant choppy editing and the bouncing around from spot to spot (I hate that kitchen and that wooden table with a passion) those things edge this scene out of the top spot. I’d pick Jason and Dante. The sexual dynamic doesn’t appear too one-sided, they look great together and look at the set. With that lighting and color palette, I would live in that room. I would have fabulously filthy hookup sex in that room.

    In a perfect world, Jason would mark his return to bottoming with a scene taking on Rhyheim. Surely someone in porn has the wherewithal to make this happen. My powers can only do so much

    • SteadyNUnremitting

      Rhyheim Shabazz & Jason Vario would be the scene!

  • CamCam

    None of these 5 chosen were the best of the summer, not even by a mile. There was better that came from studios like CockyBoys & BelAmi over any of these.

    • Keir Grey

      Zach covered CockyBoys and BelAmi in separate articles.

      • CamCam

        I know that he did, I’m speaking for THIS post about Summer scenes overall

        • Keir Grey

          Family Dick, Raging Stallion, Active Duty, TimTales, and Freshman didn’t get separate top 5 scenes like CockyBoys, BelAmi and the others did. He left links to his top five scenes from the other studios at the bottom of this post about the best summer scenes. All the studios that he wanted to include are on this post.

          • CamCam

            You’re so kind and bless your heart but I’m good. 👍🏽

  • Ty Huber

    I really appreciate this retrospective of the Best of Summer, including the montage pics above. It was a good summer.

  • Happy Camper

    Rhyheim is always a sure bet. He’s so hot.