Colt Rivers Releases Extended Jarec Wentworth Promo Video: “Don’t You Forget About Me”

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Over a year and a half ago, music video director turned gay porn star Colt Rivers released a brief video of Jarec Wentworth dancing in Andrew Christian underwear on the streets of downtown L.A. Rivers said the clip was “just for fun,” and it was subsequently pulled from Vimeo a few months later.


Now, nearly one year after Wentworth’s extortion conviction, Rivers has re-edited and re-released the full, stunning version of that video. Rivers—who directed music videos for the Backstreet Boys and others before becoming a gay porn star—says he plans on making more clips like this, telling Str8UpGayPorn that he aspires to be a “weird Andy Warhol video artist.” The video is a bittersweet reminder of what gay porn fans have been missing since Wentworth’s incarceration, but it’s also a clear reminder of Rivers’ talent, with each crisp shot popping off the screen:

Via Rivers:

Hi this is Matt McDermitt the director, I’ve been sitting on this footage for about a year – It was intended to be a short form advertisement but it found it’s way into becoming this short film. The shoot was in downtown Los Angeles last winter and Jarec was visibly nervous about the concept but I talked him into it with a lot of moonshine. I think you’ll agree what was captured is haunting and beautiful. This was just weeks before his infamous arrest and one of the last times I saw him.

It’s also worth noting the video doesn’t have a single effect or color process applied – it’s completely raw until the last shot where I pulled the color… I personally think that is magic.


Last summer, Wentworth was convicted of extorting a Republican multimillionaire, Donald Burns (a.k.a. “DB”), for whom he was providing male prostitutes. Curiously, Burns faced no criminal charges in the case, despite testifying under oath that he, via Wentworth, hired multiple male prostitutes and transported them across state lines for paid sexual encounters. Wentworth is currently serving a five year prison sentence in Victorville, California, and has communicated with Str8UpGayPorn multiple times from prison. While an appeal is pending, Wentworth is scheduled to be released from prison in April of 2020.

  • Benjam

    2020 is not that far away. 3 years and some change. He’ll still be viable.

    • sanfv

      Men dot com is salivating at his release and criminal record.

      • Scrapple

        They’re already kicking around some ideas for titles. Alter Sin wants to go for a supernatural vibe, and is thinking about “Halfway House” and the sequel, “Halfway House II: The Second Story.” Marc wants to go for something more simplistic. His pick was “Work Release” with the cover art being Jarec wearing an orange jumpsuit with the ass ripped open, bent over a desk getting fucked by the assistant manager of a Tony Roma’s.

      • Benjam

        I didn’t know he existed until after the scandal broke. Went back and watched his stuff and I am DEFINITELY waiting for his return. Yum.

  • V1

    Beautiful body. Evil mind.

    • Brunneous

      That seems to be how it is, especially in the gay community. As someone who has had quite a few experiences with models (and the ones who’ve actually walked a runway LOL), personal trainers, and social-media attentionistos, I can tell you that the most physically appealing people are, if they don’t have the personality of a store mannequin, are often some of the most shallow, evil, manipulative people you’ll ever meet.

      • Who what where when how…

        we can attest to that…

      • Maximus

        It’s so true. Life has taught me to distrust people in general, but I’ve learned to be especially wary of attractive men.

    • nick

      When you’re pretty (also when you’re rich) the rules don’t apply to you, and if your just slightly intelligent you can get away with it.

  • Scrapple

    You see us as you want to see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a
    Does that answer your question?

    What a perfect song choice/movie reference, since it speaks to Jarec’s absence, and the fact that he falls into four of those five classifications. And that “For DB” intro shade? Iconic.

  • Todd
    • Greg

      “Colt Rivers” should really shut up. Fact is, Jarec wasn’t an innocent flower. The only reason he’s in prison is because he got too greedy. It’s his own damn fault.

      • FancitoP

        True, Jarec wasn’t an innocent flower… because he was deflowered by the millionaire old lady looking dude repeatedly and fundamentally. Once Jarec realized that he was giving everything he had to give in exchange for what is equivalent to the used toilet paper of that millionaire dude (2k here and there), millionaire dude disposed of him like used toilet paper.

  • Tim

    Sometimes one wonders whether Colt/Matt/Ryan is in love with Jarec/Teofil in some small way. I mean, it would be hard not to be. But ya know, whatever inspires it, good art is good art. and this is good art.

  • Dale Bergman

    “Don’t You Forget About Me”? From the truly disturbing revelations (including Jarec pimping out his own younger brother to that slob), and the image of that disgusting pig Donald Burns whenever I see Jarec…

  • Zealot

    Upon viewing this video the villagers of Guilder have something to say about this travesty!

  • Marcus Collack

    Rivers is Talented!
    Shame what happened to Jarec. It was fine as long as “That man” was having his trysts and orgies in private, but as soon as he started bringing his “friends” to events and buying them cars, then it became a problem, so you know somebody had to take the fall, like i said before, find out where the car went, and you’ll find the true puppeteer.

    • erexshawn

      nothing “happened” to “Jarec” – he broke the law. he did this to himself.

    • robirob

      “Rivers is Talented!”

      Totally agree.

  • sxg

    “Don’t You Forget About Me”

    Oh Toefill we can’t forget about you. We can’t forget that you tried to whore your brother to that creepy fucker, we can’t forget what a desperate cunt you are for money that you let that guy fuck you lol. Fingers crossed you do something in jail that will extend your sentence you skanky bitch!

    • alex

      Such vitriol for someone you don’t even know. Who’s actions have nothing to do with your life what so ever! Lmao

      • erexshawn

        he is a “creepy fucker”. I agree that “desperate cunt” is unnecessary but sxg pointed out facts – Toefill did pimp out his brother (creepy fuck) and have sex with DB for money and then extort him. he got other guys to do the same – and probably manipulated them in the process. you don’t call people on their shit they keep doing it. it’s called boundaries.

        • sxg

          Let’s not forget that this cunt cried rape to Zach. And just to Zach. Some people may believe he was, but if it were true why the hell did it never come up in court?

          • Zachary Sire

            I thought this was already addressed in another post, but IIRC, the allegation was prevented from being brought up in court, either because of the judge or Jarec’s laywers knowing it was a dead end.

      • Brunneous

        You pressed by that true tea I see…

      • Who what where when how…

        whose (are you certified as mentally incapacitated?
        ) LMFAO, dumb cunt.

      • sxg
    • Hereweare

      Truth, Truth! And I’m sorry, but if Colt Rivers really aspires to be a “weird Andy Warhol video artist”, then he’s going to have to come up with something more original than a pricey hooker working her corner.

  • DPS

    Brilliant video. All involved deserve a nod. And Jarec, I STILL love you!

  • moondoggy

    “It’s completely raw.”

    Wish I could say the same for your and his most recent porn scenes.

    • sexnando

      he said he is going bareback earlier this year… still waiting.

  • Greg

    All that wasted talent. Whatever. He’s gone now.

    • Mihcael Davies

      who is the cutie in this gif?

  • sanfv

    Dancing? That ain’t dancing.

    • Scrapple

      In my day we called it streetwalking.

  • kkdd1

    I cannot help from thinking of that old saying money talks and bullshit walks

  • snoopyfo

    im here for colt rivers, he is not only insanely hot but also very talented, i miss him in porn but i wish him nothing but the best, and yeah jarec looks good i guess

    • sexnando

      Back in march i think he said he was tired of condoms and shitty studios and wanted to have fun again doing porn, he posted several clips of his Sean Cody days… and said he wanted to be a CumDump (not sure about this one, may be my dick messing with my head)

      Still waiting tbh i’m thristy for it.

  • Futanari-Kisaragi Yagami

    Mmm, Colt Rivers in general. <3

  • robirob

    Still amazing.

    • Pertinax

      He’s scum, but what body, what face and what dick…and he knows how to put in use all of it. A pity he’s scum.

      • robirob

        My apologies. I was referring to the clip itself. Yeah, it features Jarec, but to me it was more about the editing and directing, if that makes sense.

  • Maximus

    Oh good, a video celebrating a straight man. The world doesn’t have enough of those.

    • Badger

      Yes, but according to Ben Carson he’ll come out gay, so it’s a wash.

  • Russell47

    I understand that what Jarek/Teofil did was low, creepy, illegal, stupid, etc, but I still wish Burns were doing time too. Instead, I’m sure the sick creep is still buying guys, & no doubt donating liberally to Trump’s & other GOP homophobe’s campaigns

  • Badger

    Gotta say that was really nicely done.

  • The Anchor

    i already forgot.

  • wholelotanothin

    Jared, while not condoning his actions should not have been the only one held to such a high standard! DM should have been held as accountable as Wentworth! Period!

  • Darrin Moret

    He is an asshole for sure, but he and especially this video are HOTT. I’d pick him up on his release date for sure!

  • CMn702

    This video is everything an Andrew Christian ad isn’t but wishes it was.

  • 1234

    Wow- this song really brings back memories (Simple Minds….Breakfast Club)

  • KingBeaArthur

    Wait, did Colt quit/retire from porn?

  • FancitoP

    this case really disturbs me… The millionaire old dude is not in the closet and indiscriminately surrounded himself with beautiful men that were clearly paid to be there. What exactly would Teo have revealed about him? Gayface old dude is not exactly in the closet or trying to move forward with a presidential bid or keep his wife…. What happened that Teo could have revealed? What was the rich dude afraid of? This shady multimillionaire preying on young, poor people, using his privilege to literally fuck those beneath him and you guys are so quick to blame the hooker/piece of ass. This is some internalized chauvinism and prejudice that no one seems to be talking about. I don’t “know” Teo, but we ALL know Teo much more than we know that other man. We’ve seen Teo, heard him, lusted after him. We’ve nutted with him. We’ve made love to his image, the idea of him. We’ve longed to see him, feel him, taste him, smell him, wake up to him., etc. We’ve spent time with him when we’re bored, anxious, lonely…. We’ve waited for him to stop bleaching his hair orange and to start growing his sideburns out. We’ve read his texts and emails, his typos. We even have an idea of his sense of humor and passionate/emotional nature. His beautiful smile is not only familiar to us but makes us smile as well. Why so quick to throw him under the bus or judge him? Why do we hate ourselves so much? Even if it was extortion, did that grandma looking mofo not already take repeatedly all that Teo had to give and without any repercussion? We need to stop blaming the victims and look at the bigger picture …