Exclusive: Jarec Wentworth Speaks Out From Prison, Blames Conviction On His Own Attorneys, David Geffen

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jarec wentworth prison emailOne year ago last month, Str8UpGayPorn reported exclusively that former Sean Cody/Men.com gay porn star Jarec Wentworth had been arrested for extorting Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. Following his trial and conviction last summer, Wentworth (legal name Teo Brank) was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. That sentence is being served at a medium security prison in Victorville, California, and it’s from there that Jarec Wentworth has reached out exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn to tell his complete, uncensored side of the story that made national headlines last year.

What follows today and in the coming weeks will be unedited transcripts of Wentworth’s prison emails to Str8UpGayPorn, published here with his full permission. As you might expect, Wentworth is maintaining his innocence, and he hopes to have his conviction overturned on an appeal, which could be heard as early as this summer.

In this first brief email below, Wentworth summarizes (with further explanations forthcoming) one key aspect of his defense: The incriminating texts presented at trial from him to Donald Burns were fabricated. Upon initially reaching out to Wentworth, I asked if he had any message he wanted to share with the industry and his fans, and he addresses that in this email, too. To help Wentworth financially with his appeal, contact him via BOP. For context on key names or details Wentworth discusses below, use the links. ICYMI: The full Jarec Wentworth/Donald Burns timeline is here.

Here is Jarec Wentworth’s first email:

Ok ill get started on the explaining on the next email after chow. If you can put Men.com on blast for why they didn’t offer to help me. I need help getting a certified forensic specialist to examine the audio tape, my phone and the video recording to prove its tampered with. ask fans for help to find and fund it. I need to get one before the appeal is due by June.

The texts are fabricated. a lot of them don’t even exist in Dons phone extraction, especially the 1mill demand. the recording too, omg really on a new case the fbi uses a used memory card with a min and half of space left to record a convo that never even said anything about demand or extortions. wouldn’t it be easy to record all the calls (which there were many, checked call logs, also about 60 miss texts too) and record me demanding things like they said? Justin did what David Geffen and Don told him to say. Etienne already works with the DEA. He’s a drug dealer. lied and even messed up on the stand. omg the details coming soon. don’t worry, what I’m going to tell you will not hurt me, it will be used in a retrial of which i will go prosay. my attorneys were in on it. fml. Tell everyone I said thanks for the positive hopes, the truth will be out. fabricated. Don had more attorneys then the O.J case. money buys anything.

  • Marcus Collack

    Interesting. Now I don’t know all that is going on, but what I do Know: When Two people “Commit” crimes and only 1 gets punished, something’s not right.

    • sxg

      It’s called a plea deal.

      • Ronaldo

        @sxtcg:disqus you probably mean Etienne, who did receive a plea deal. I think @marcuscollack:disqus was referring to Donald Burns, who was charged with nothing AFAIK.

  • Todd

    Note To Jarec — Parole boards expect prisoners to accept responsibility for their crimes and express remorse. You have some time to work on that !


    Jarec and every other prisoner is innocent.
    Zach — Congrats on another great exclusive !!!

    • Ninja0980

      There is no parole in federal prison so he can basically act like he doesn’t give a damn and get away with it.

  • Todd

    ‘If the condo (or Audi R8) keys don’t fit … you must acquit !!

    …. http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view3/1385581/johnnie-cochran-2-o.gif

  • Dale Bergman
    • sanfv

      I could swear that Donald Burns and Sean Cody’s Tanner are related!

      • sxg

        They only look related due to plastic surgery. And the similarities are far more scarier between DB and Coleman. http://www.seancody.com/tour/model/890/coleman/

        • sanfv

          Dear Lord ! You’re right ?

        • 1234

          I think you’re trying to kill me- I CANNOT undo that image (I like Coleman)

  • WillG

    He doesn’t have time for the “explaining” in this email, but he has time to urgently plead for money from “fans” right off the bat. That’s obviously the agenda here. Kinda surprised they’re giving him internet access so he can continue his scams.

  • sxg

    “ask fans for help to find and fund it”

    Not even prison stops gold-digging pornstars from trying to create gofundme accounts.

    • Ronaldo

      There are no heroes here, but if he could substantiate these claims, and the money went directly to experts (as opposed to some slush fund) then I think that would be a semi-worthy cause insofar as it would be to fight official corruption.

      Also, can we gays lean a little less on gifs gifs gifs. Even buzzfeed knows how played out that is.

      • WillG

        Funny he forgot to mention that all the evidence against him was fabricated during the trial. And if his lawyers were preventing him from arguing that, he could have filed a complaint with the judge. But I’m pretty sure he forgot to mention it to them too.

        • Ronaldo

          He actually did make an effort to discredit the FBI’s forensics. I don’t know whether his claims are true (although there was clearly a sketchy arrangement between Don and the FBI), but one’s ability to do this effectively is limited by one’s legal team. He didn’t exactly have a Barry Scheck.

          • green

            In court, an FBI expert who examined the mobile phone of Jarec and the recipient of his messages, Donald Burns (DB), testified that the blackmail threats did come from Jarec’s phone. So Jarec would have to show that he did not send them. Is Jarec alleging that DB sent an agent to break into Jarec’s home at night whilst he was asleep, send the blackmail messages on Jarec’s phone, and then return the phone to where he found it ? And that Jarec would not have seen these sent messages ?
            If this is the case, what was Jarec and his accomplice doing with a car to collect the blackmail loot, with a gun in the car ? This car and meeting spot had already been arranged over Jarec’s mobile phone, and DB has passed on the blackmail plot to the FBI. If the plot did not exist, what was Jarec doing there with his accomplice, and then arrested whilst accepting the blackmail money ?

            I’m afraid Jarec will never win his appeal. DB was already “out” and stood to lose little if Jarec “outed” him too, as per Jarec’s blackmail threats. So DB would have no incentive to pay a private eye to burgle Jarec’s home and send blackmail threats to DB on Jarec’s phone. Besides, all the FBI have to do is look at the timing of the blackmail threats on Jarec’s phone, and the messages Jarec sent before and after. Were these daytime ? In which case, it can be proven that Jarec was in full possession of his mobile phone all the time these blackmail threats were sent to DB.

            It appears that the root problem here is that Jarec does not have any judgement. He already had an Audi sportscar from DB, and Jarec was treating DB not as a friend but as a sugar daddy. Why was Jarec not thankful for his lot, and leave it at the sports car as a gift ? Jarec should have weighed up the pros and cons of his actions before he even sent the blackmail threats. Maybe Jarec is carrying baggage from the past and his family. He has Romanian parents with 9 children who emigrated to the USA. Anyone who has seen TV footage of Romanian ghettoes will quickly understand that these are lawless communities, and that honesty is a rare commodity. But Jarec had everything going for him in the USA and he did not have to choose crime.

            I fear that Jarec’s basis for his appeal, to blame everyone except himself, will not succeed. Anyone interested in how the human mind works can look up “narcisstic personality disorder” to see the traits. Someone who exhibits most of these does not have to pursue crime, eg. Richard Branson, or the TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

            Having written this, if Jarec sees all the postings on this thread, it is hardly likely that he will continue in his serialisation of his story.

      • Maximus
    • badgamer1967

      I see your gif and I rasie you a

  • Todd


  • sanfv

    I can’t wait until they throw Vadim Black and Owen Michaels in jail as well!

    Netflix original premiering in summer 2016; “Gay for pay is the new black”.


    • Nana Eristavi

      *Hopefully* Can we start from the wife-beating scum Johnny Rapid, please?

  • WebSlinger
  • Zealot

    Here we see a rare but important piece of evidence in Jarec’s defense: A photo surreptitiously taken of his attorney forcing Jarec to extort Donald Burns! It is reported that the conversation sounded something like:

    Attorney: OK here’s the plan. I’m holding your girlfriend hostage, see? And once and for all I’m going to get my revenge on that asshole Donald Burns. He’s wooed the last boyfriend of mine he’s ever going to get. Gone are the days of waiving escorting opportunities to Republican political functions and hot sweaty paid sex with a doughy, pot-faced multi-millionaire under their noses…not to mention free Magic Jacks for life! IT’S OVER DONALD O-V-E-R!!!!!

    Jarec: Well, what are you going to do if I DON’T!

    Attorney: Kiss that girlfriend good-bye right now! Well, blow her a kiss because technically when you’ve abducted someone, I can’t actually take you there to kiss her good-bye in person. Here’s an idea. Do an Instagram of a kiss and a short message good-bye. How’s that?

    Jarec: Uh. Ok. Well I guess I’ll just do the extortion thingy then. I mean…I have to say my girl’s life, don’t I? There’s no other choice.

    [There you have it….Jarec EXONERATED!!]

  • OverKill
  • Pertinax

    He’ll need attorneys with the skills of Miss Marple or Inspector Maigret to help him.

    • Pertinax

      Anyway, darling. These are only bad days not a whole bad life…I hope you’re using your time in jail to think about what you’ve done and find a way to fix all the shit you made…Try to be a better person, my dear…not a moocher.

  • n24rc
  • Ronaldo

    You guys are so quick to be snarky. Have we learned nothing about how police operate? Does anyone disagree that Don has political influence? I hope you’re never on juries. I have no idea about the video and audio tapes, but there were clearly sketchy things about this prosecution. To pick just one, why weren’t all of the texts extracted from Don’s phone?

    • CA

      I agree.

      Had Jarec not been a sex worker and had money for big lawyers, he would not be in prison.

  • Colorful Kent

    David Geffen, when did he get his dick involved.

  • kkdd1

    There are no victims here DB is as much extortionist Jarec / Teo is they should be cell mates

  • Maximus

    It’s true that prosecutors and defense attorneys often have a more cooperative/collaborative professional dynamic outside of the courtroom. The system depends upon the two sides to agree upon plea bargains because our justice system isn’t funded/staffed to accommodate that much traffic. Very few cases actually go to trial, and some defendants—especially those represented by public defenders—later report that they felt pressured into pleading guilty. The fact that Brank’s attorneys did comply with his wish to have a jury trial makes his conspiracy claims especially ludicrous.

    Like a large portion of the prison population, Brank features antisocial personality traits. He violates the basic rights of others, he’s manipulative, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions and instead disparages his victims or makes excuses, and he displays no remorse. He’s clearly trying to use his “charm” to convince gullible gay men—the kind who naturally assume that “good looks = good person”—to give him money.

    If you are wise enough to know a bad person when you see one, but you still want to donate to a legal services charity, please consider one (or more) of the following:

    American Civil Liberties Union

    The Innocence Project

    NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

  • green

    Jarec has given a lot to the world. But doing porn involves big risks. No doubt his family has disowned him, as they did not go to court, so who visits him in prison ? No wonder he is ruminating on how to get out of prison. Is the poster below correct, that there is no parole on his 6 year sentence ? Jarec did try and do a deal with Don Burns that he would name his first born son after him, if he dropped charges. That in itself suggests guilt. But I wonder if Jarec’s girlfriend will still be there, if she has to wait 6 years for Jarec to be released ?