Jarec Wentworth Exclusive: His Life In Prison, His Plan To Subpoena David Geffen, And Why He Let Donald Burns Have Sex With His Younger Brother

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jarec wentworth david geffenOne year ago, Str8UpGayPorn reported exclusively that former Sean Cody/Men.com gay porn star Jarec Wentworth had been arrested for extorting Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. Following his trial and conviction last summer, Wentworth (legal name Teo Brank) was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. That sentence is being served at a medium security prison in Victorville, California, and it’s from there that Jarec Wentworth has reached out exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn to tell his complete, uncensored side of the story that made national headlines last year.

In his first prison email to Str8UpGayPorn, Wentworth presented summaries of several theories as to why he was convicted. In his second prison email, he provided greater (yet somewhat inchoate) details on those theories. In this third prison email exchange below, Str8UpGayPorn was able to conduct a brief Q&A with Jarec Wentworth. Here, Jarec Wentworth offers insights into David Geffen, Sean Cody, and his day-to-day life in prison. Plus: the bombshell revelation that Donald Burns paid to sleep with Jarec Wentworth’s younger brother.

For context on key names or details Wentworth discusses below, use the links. ICYMI: The full Jarec Wentworth/Donald Burns timeline is here.jarec wentworth prison email

Str8UpGayPorn: Perhaps the biggest news out of your trial was David Geffen’s involvement with Sean Cody’s Justin and Donald Burns. Did Don ever introduce you to any other famous friends? If so, who?
Jarec Wentworth: Yes. No comment.

Can you tell me more about David Geffen’s involvement with you, Don, and Sean Cody?
David Geffen has the feds in his pocket. L.A. is his domain. Why make me drive from San Diego to L.A. for the arrest, when they could’ve just done it in San Diego? No comment on Geffen’s boys. Geffen never contacts you personally. He has others relay the message, that way nothing ever comes back to him. This is Pandora’s box, Zach. If anything leaks about Geffen’s play, people disappear. But, if you are reading this, Geffen, and I get a re-trial, I will subpoena you. You can pay off any attorney or judge—or make big donations to them so they love you—to make sure things go the way you want, but not me. I will go pro se. I know you put this together, Geffen. You’re only human, and humans mess up. See you in court.

Sean Cody has denied being involved with Don, and they made it clear during the trial that they did not like him interfering with their business. Is this true?
Yes. Also, [Sean Cody employee] Charles told Don directly that he would inform the feds if he continued soliciting Sean Cody boys. And the real question is, what boys did Don request to film in his house? I can guess it’s the ones who wouldn’t escort for him. Don doesn’t take no for an answer.

donsboys2Other than Ashton, Justin, Willis, Peter, Miles, Randy, Stu, Curtis, Jamie, Arthur, and you, which other Sean Cody models did Don hire or attempt to hire?
I can’t think of any off the top of my head; I have a list somewhere. No access to it from in here—and why else would they go to great lengths to make sure I didn’t get bail? The real question is: Are there underage boys involved? Don has a thing for the very young.

Before you went to trial, were you ever offered a plea deal that would’ve given you a lighter sentence?
The last offer was 3-4 years, with deportation. I told [my attorney] Seema to never mention a deal. Ron, the other attorney on my case, kept asking if I’d be interested in a misdemeanor deal. I said, “go fuck yourself, I’m not signing for a crime I didn’t commit.”

Were Seema and Ron up front with you about the sentence you could receive? Did they ever try to convince you to take a plea deal?
Seema kept saying that I was facing a lot of time. I asked how much, and Seema only said “a lot,” but never a number. When it came to lying to me, Seema sent Ron. Ron kept asking if I’d take a misdemeanor deal. They never wanted to go to trial. Their job is to get people to plead out. This was Seema’s very first federal trial.

What will be your main argument in your appeal?
The real question is, will my appointed panel attorney argue anything? Kate Young from the FPD office told me that she can not raise any issue of IAC [Ineffective Assistance of Counsel]. I would have to waive my rights away on raising such an issue if I were to continue with them. She said that if I wanted to raise that issue—which is the main issue—I would have to go with a panel attorney. I’m trying to, but no luck on communication. Even my attorney mail gets RTS [return to sender] in this prison, along with letters, books, and magazines. The people working here do nothing to help with any issues. Kate also said that so far, she didn’t find anything to raise on the appeal. Liar. Seema even said, “Why file for an appeal? It can take years until it gets reviewed.”

jwYou mentioned that some of your phone and text messages to Don were fabricated. Does this mean you did not ask for the $1 million and the condo?
I didn’t ask for the $1 million or the condo. Those texts don’t even exist in Don’s phone. Also, a full page from Don’s text extraction is missing from the exhibit. How is that possible? Why is my phone the only one set on universal time? Fabricated.

Where is your phone now, and does anyone have access to it?
The FBI has my two cell phones. No one can get to them without approval from a judge. Trust me when I say this, the government will do everything they can do to make sure my phones and the contents within don’t get out. I do have the CD of the recorded conversation with Don and the undercover footage at my disposal. That’s available for a forensic examiner right away if I can get one. Help me!

People can contact you via BOP. What is the status of BOP correcting your citizenship status? Has anyone told you they are working to fix it?
Everyone in BOP makes me go in a pointless circle. A says to talk to B, B says to talk to C, C says no, talk to A. I am working through my friend Michael to file for the Certificate of Citizenship. This will be cleared up within this year. The Pre-Sentence Report says U.S. citizen, but no one will change the status in the system. I’m qualified for the RDAP program, which takes up to one year off [my] sentence, but this citizenship issue is preventing me from getting into it, or a halfway house.

jarec brotherIn an earlier email to me, you stated that you arranged for Donald Burns to sleep with your younger brother, and that this was after another model who was hired to fuck Don flaked at the last minute. Can you elaborate on this?
I quickly had to replace [the model] with my younger brother, who barely turned 18. Don hooked up with Sam in New York City, where Sam [lived]. I didn’t fly him out, so there are no records that can trace Don to him. [My girlfriend] Cristina was present with me when I had this conversation with Don.

You said “barely” 18, but was your brother in fact 18 years old when he had sex with Don?
If I had my phone, I could say the exact date when they hooked up. Sam is afraid to come out and speak. So is everyone else. Sam turned 18 a few days before they hooked up, but like the prosecutor said, the FBI looked into it and found out that he was not underage. I’m not sure what his birthday is, but I do know it was right on the line.

What is day-to-day life like in prison? Can you have visitors?
Prison sucks. It’s boring. Just after a few months of being here, I started getting weird looks, and people keep their distance from me. I’m surprised I haven’t been told to roll up. Shit can go down, but I haven’t given anyone any reason to. People in here are haters and will find a reason to start problems. People who want to visit have to fill out a form, mail it to the piece of shit counselor, H. Menvill, and pray that they get accepted. My father and one of my sisters were denied. They won’t tell me why. They got a letter stating they were denied because they gave “false information,” which is bullshit. They have to try again in 180 days. So, if anyone wants to visit, provide your full record. They look for any excuse to deny you.

Any other message for people on the outside reading this?
Let the haters continue to hate. When the truth comes out one day, those who had nothing good to say will regret their comments. But I really need help. All I’m asking for is help to pay for a Certified Forensic Specialist. Those who know me personally know me to be a dork and a nice guy. I’m not a criminal, and I don’t behave like one.

  • TK

    “Let the haters continue to hate” Will do…

  • Zealot

    I”m not sure what I find most disturbing about this interview (and BTW, congrats to Zach for getting it)– the fact that Donald Burns, doughy, pudgy russet-faced Donald Burns “doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer”. What is he, the Godfather of Internet Phone Service? Does he utilize pin-striped goons who show up and make you an offer you can’t refuse?! Hmmmmmm….still digesting that information. Or, that he (Teofil) arranged for his (at the time) underage brother to hook up with this pile of human waste. Even if he had a different view of Burns at the time, who does that? I didn’t get the sense that Sam was asking for the introduction…it was to fill in for another model that flaked out on fucking Burns (and congrats to that guy for his last minute good judgement). The more I read of this the more I want to take a long hot shower and watch a Pixar movie.

    • NickDC

      Teofil sharing the tidbit about pimping out his allegedly underage brother to Mr Burns is one of the smartest things Teofil has done in this whole saga because there’s a good chance that it will help score Teofil book deal.

      Why? Because noted pimp & whore Katrina Powell (who much like Teofil is a double threat — pimping & whoring) of the Louisville Powell’s pimped out her underage daughters (15 & 17) to the University of Louisville Men’s Basketball team. While one would think Miss Powell would face charges for multiple crimes and be shunned by the world, when she shared her story she was hailed as being brave by ESPN, her book continues to be in the top 25 best sellers on Amazon and she’s faced no criminal charges for promoting and facilitating child prostitution. Since her she shared the details of her “brave” act of whoring out her kids, she’s wealthier than she’s ever been before.

      We absolutely live in bizarre world: The pimp & whore in Louisville is lauded by the mainstream media for bravely whoring out her underage kids to a Top 25 basketball team. The pimp & whore whore whored out his allegedly underage brother to Mr Burns is looked down on and met with the disgust of the readers of a gay porn news site.

      • Zealot

        Rules about life and the world that totally suck:
        1. Some people will do anything…and I mean ANYthing for money. Habits stemming from or exacerbating this rule: sex, drugs, fame-whoring.
        2. Rule 1 has no exceptions for family, siblings, husbands, wives or partners. We have this to thank for things like G4P sex workers, contract killers, pimping out loved ones, and insurance fraud/killings.
        3. People vote against their own self-interests out of fear, ignorance and downright stupidity. This explains politicians like George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump.
        4. If you can’t be famous….be Infamous. It basically comes to the same thing. And…may possibly be a ticket back to Rule #1. We have this rule to thank for the Kardashians, Ann Coulter and reality shows where people advance by fucking each other over. Favorite phrase for users of this rule: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.
        5. Men are dogs (which may also be found often listed as” Men Think With Their Cocks”– same difference). We have this to thank for things like open relationships, STIs, lame excuses for not using condoms, nearly any form of debauchery. No other rule need apply to this for it to work effectively (depends more on looks, opportunity, ego and cock size), however in combination with any of the previous 4 rules, can be extremely powerful. Most forgotten unwritten portion of this rule: Better get while the getting’s good. Looks fade and cocks don’t stay hard forever. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aec19b1893ca0b1f042b1b042b6b8ec037d796bbffb8b5cca45d978938a40c05.gif

        • Aklavik Jones

          “It is better to be talked about than NOT to be talked about!” A paraphrase perhaps of Oscar Wilde.

          • Zealot

            That would fall under Rule #4.

        • Wow! That was hard hitting and a totally accurate assessment.

          • Zealot

            Thanks. I had to re-read it as it’s been a minute since I’d originally posted that! Unfortunately it’s wisdom born of too much life experience and working in the fields of social work and substance abuse treatment.

    • robirob

      That gif *ugh. Now I have that image branded in my brain of Teo’s brother wearing a Princess Leia slave costume chained to Don, the Hut.

    • Rod Iron

      Russet Faced! Bwah ha ha ha! Brilliant.

  • John

    I think he needs to stop talking, the more he does the less sympathy he deserves…. he pimps out his 18 yr old brother and says Don is the bad guy smh…..

    • Marcus Collack

      Now wait a minute, that just means there are two bad guys, because Don is “the bad guy,” too.

      • John

        Of course Don is a bad guy but it use to be Don was more of a piece of shit, now not so sure he is anymore…..both are horrendous human beings and should be sharing a cell together…..

  • sxg

    Well it’s nice to know that all it took was federal prison to finally get a proper exclusive interview with him!
    And he sold his brother off to Donald Burns, and he doesn’t know when his exact birthday is? This uncaring cunt deserves to be in prison!

  • moondoggy

    Donald Burns’s lawyers just issued this statement:


  • moondoggy

    BTW, isn’t the age of consent in New York 17? His brother was not a sexual minor whether he’d had his birthday or not.

    • Cubankid

      He still pimped him out though. Whether he was a minor or not is besides the point, I would never sell my brother off to some creepy old fart. Jarec is very greedy and a huge narcissist an deserves everything bad that his happening to him.

      • moondoggy

        I guess I don’t disagree with that. I was just pointing out that his effort to paint DB as a statutory rapist was a waste of effort (as if anyone needed that pointed out).

        In the grand scheme of things though, I don’t see where his pimping out his brother is such an atrocity. If we really think sex work is so dirty and shameful, then why do we consume it? Unless his brother made the decision under duress, he had the capacity to say no. Of course, the anti-sex work argument is that all sex work happens under some form or duress, but I wouldn’t be a porn fan if I ascribed to that theory. I’m not criticizing anyone here, but I’m recusing myself from the Jarec war crimes tribunal.

        • Cubankid

          I just hate that he accuses everybody and point the finger at everybody instead of just owning up to his actions. And i’m sorry but pimping out his brother is a very cruel act, the fact that he had to rely on his 17/18 brother for a quick come up is very cruel. Jarec is a master manipulator , no i don’t know him personally, but just from the court documents and his countless interviews and industry stories he sounds like this guy i know. So it’s no telling what he said to his brother, not to mention he doesn’t even know his own damn brothers birthday. Gay porn is a fantasy all of this is a fantasy, any little thing about one of my favorite porn stars can turn me all the way off. Jarec scum and a criminal. and Donald Burns is scum as well.

        • Aklavik Jones

          Sex beats pick-n-shove. Happier at bank!

          • Aklavik Jones


  • Todd

    What is this Nica Noelle ‘My Gay Hooker’s Barely Legal Brother’ bullshit ??


  • sanfv

    Ok, thats it. We have to start gay porn all over again. Burn it down and start over.

    Why is everyone insane?


    • xmiro

      I have a decade managing big sites and I can tell you it gets even worse

  • asby

    The more he talks …the less sympathy i have for him …So he dragged his brother into this and wants us to be upset at Burns?…And isn’t he a bit old for David Geffen’s taste?

  • Luca

    I see that slut runs in the family…

  • Hereweare

    Mama’s proud of her boy!

  • gaycockluvr

    So he was basically pimping out his (hot) brother too? WTF? Dude, just stop talking.

  • Maximus

    He pimped out his 18 year old brother? That’s it. I’m done. I will never (intentionally) click on another Jarec headline again. His existence does not deserve acknowledgement.





  • Andre

    This is interesting and all, but am I the only one who wants to have sex with his brother? Damn.

  • WillG

    Brother pimping aside, I must say this interview is much more coherent and articulate than any of his other communications. What he says about the ineffective assistance of counsel issue actually makes sense, since lawyers from the same office wouldn’t be able to argue that their colleagues were incompetent.

    Now I’m kind of hoping that his claims about being framed are true, because that would be a much juicier story than the garden-variety extortion. Go Teo!

  • Mike Julius

    You pimped out your barely legal little brother? #TeamNoOne

  • Stephen

    He’s insane…not normal at all. A model flaked out so he “had” to offer his barely legal brother? But he doesn’t even know his brother’s birthday? And then he goes into what is basically Hollywood illuminati craziness…

    Honestly, if I were his legal team, I would have wanted a professional opinion from a psychiatrist. His answers, mannerisms, and the crime he was committed for itself are VERY telling of untreated bipolar type I. He could probably reduce his sentence with this information.

    • kevin

      more like borderline with antisocial flourishes

      • Maximus

        You’re partially right. When people with BPD commit crimes, it’s usually something self-destructive like gambling or illegal drug use. It’s true that a significant number of domestic abusers have BPD, but statistical “significance” just means “greater than chance.” Like I mentioned to Stephen, the majority of people with BPD are dangers to themselves, not to others.

        Jarec’s behaviors and attitudes are definitely characteristic of antisocial personality disorder.

        I apologize if I seem like a know-it-all, or if I’m being overly particular. It’s just that I’ve dedicated years of my life to the study of these specific topics, so the particulars are very important to me.

    • Billy C

      “Hollywood Iluminati” – LMQFAO! Perfect!!!

    • Maximus

      No shade hun, but you’re confusing bipolar disorder with borderline personality disorder. They’re similar in that they feature emotional lability and self-harm tendencies, but individuals with BPD don’t experience mania, or even hypomania. Furthermore, BPD is the diagnosis that’s correlated with criminal behavior, although it’s a relatively weak correlation. The majority of people with BPD are dangers to themselves, not to others.

  • ToxicBrew

    WTF! He sells his little brother to that scum bag and wants sympathy?! Honey, you’re a sick and greedy piece of shit.

  • GN

    Whoring out family members. I’m surprised you did not travel back to the old country to dig up great gramp’s bones and drop’ em off at Donald’s house. Maybe get a fresh set of rims for the Audi.

    • kevin

      “Have you ever been collared and dragged out into the street and thrashed by a naked woman? “

  • Gazzaq

    Interesting Article I look forward to hearing more from Jarec/Teo Brank.

  • robirob

    Nobody’s coming out of this smelling like roses. Except Zach, of course.

    It amazes me how Teo has the nerve or guts to tell about the time he handed his own brother (a brother he doesn’t know that well apparently when he doesn’t know his date of birth, trying not to self incriminate himself any further?) to Don (does Teo’s family know about this? I imagine this could make visits from them very awkward). Then he goes after Geffen who he calls all powerful and able to make people disappear and yet he goes after him anyway.

    But all things aside. Best tea on the world wide web! And in terms of shade StraightUpGayPorn is only surpassed by Michael K’s Dlisted.

  • OverKill
  • kevin

    Dude, you’ve to let it go. He’s a grifter, Eurortrash sleaze, his baby brother’s pimp, and doesn’t deserve a forum, not even this one.

  • John

    I don’t follow the David Geffen story at all. He makes a better case here in general. His brother might have needed the money and he was 18. Many porn companies including Sean Cody use 18 year olds. You have to remember Teo does not see anything wrong with trading sex for money and it is his whole world. He spoke English but was Romanian culturally and they will do anything for money, from what I’ve been told by people who have been there. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here. What I find most compelling is the fact that there was no record of the $1000000 extortion demand made on Don’s text messages. Just playing Devil’s advocate here.

    • kevin

      The only connection of which I am aware is that Jarek was Justin Matthews’ pimp to Burns. Geffen probably reached out to Justin on his own. He doesn’t require a Romanian grifter as middle-man.

    • lordgabux

      Yeah, we forget cultural differences a lot.

    • sanfv
      • John

        Your posting on a porn forum and yet you appear to look down on people who are in the sex business.

        • sanfv

          We are poisonous snakes here with tongues to match.


        • HoratioCaine

          could just be looking down on Romanians. have you ever noticed how much of the criminal element on tv shows comes from that part of the world? there’s a reason for that.

  • kevin

    I have a hard time imagining that Geffen, an old-school New York liberal Jewish Democrat, and Burns have a whole lot to say to each other, much less socialize.

    • JK3

      Old, gay, rich, connected. I’m sure it’s easy to get along with someone that you’re politically different from when shifting presidencies/politics aren’t really going to affect the remainder of your life.

  • kevin

    Little bro’s super cute! I wonder if he’s as gifted downtown as big bro? SC or CF should hunt him down and make him an offer!

    • Stephen

      I don’t care what his size is…he’s hot regardless and I’d gladly get in bed with him.

    • Alex

      He is 😉

  • JK3

    So not only did he pimp out his little brother, but he decided to blab to everyone about it after the fact, just because. Messy.

  • DrunkEnough

    My favorite tidbit in this brother-pimping episode is the way Jarec tagged his Instagram of him and his brother: #powertops and #donttouch. So much that’s gross and arrogant and obviously untrue all wrapped up in two hashtags.

  • Brandon

    I cant wait for the tell-all books on Geffen to start. When he croaks and all the boys from his past come forward for camera time. All his foundation, legacy/name-gifting projects will get erased like a Cleopatra’s hieroglyph!

  • Justin Trenton

    Jarec sounds like he would do anything for money. Burns sounds like he will do anything for some good man meat. Both are sketchy.

    • Dale Bergman

      I used to love Stu until I found out that he let that gross pig have him.

      • snoopyfo

        Stu never hooked up with him, stu ssaid NO to his old nasty ass, https://str8upgayporn.com/donald-burns-prostitution-gay-porn-stars-sean-cody/

        • Dale Bergman

          Thank you so much for the link! I’m new to this site and I missed that information. I knew that Stu was on Burns’s fuck list (I didn’t know that he declined). I like Stu even more now. This news made my night!

          • Caesarimp

            *sigh* Stu was the best. I wish he’d come back.

        • robirob

          Didn’t Don intend to start a gay porn company to get the ones who got away? Guys like Stu probably thank their lucky stars they got out (and all of it blew up in Don’s face and not in a way he likes it) without having to consider the option to work for him.

  • Scrapple


    I’m curious, did this procurement happen before or after the sexual assault? If it was after, that is seriously fucked up.

    “I quickly had to replace [the model] with my younger brother.”

    No, you didn’t. And even if you “had” to, don’t you think you should make sure you’re not breaking any age of consent laws, since you apparently don’t know your bro’s bday? You don’t know when he was born, but you know he’s down to be a last minute replacement fucktoy for a rich older man? Are you a real person, or a fictional character in a V.C. Andrews novel?

    Poor “Justin.” I bet he’s still hiding out at a safehouse.


  • Rick Tan

    Ugh, why couldn’t it have been me having sex with Jarec and his hot brother at the same time :(. I truly envy that pudgy doughy millionaire.

    I am coming baby, I will provide my full info. They can’t keep me away.

    • John

      I had not connected the dots that he was having a 3 way with his brother. That’s wrong…. but HOT.

  • Pertinax


    • MarstRN

      Yes, it’s true, money can’t buy one those things, but it can rent you some interesting acquaintances!

  • nick

    Not this again.

  • paultacoma51

    I’m gonna ignore the other stuff for now because I can’t get past the immigration thing. Sorry for being political, but all we hear about from certain sectors of society (especially during election season) is that we must tighten our borders yada yada, but as far as I can tell, this only refers to black and brown people. It seems that if you’re white, asian, or Indian, you can come here to work and be given citizenship eventually. I missed the story on how Teo came to be here in the 1st place.

    • John

      He was pre grammar school age when he moved here and his family spoke Romanian at home. Can’t tell you where I read this but I remember those facts

  • Dale Bergman

    “When the truth comes out one day, those who had nothing good to say will regret their comments.”

    The “truth”? Yes, you’re a greedy whore that got busted for extortion…

    You also admitted to pimping your younger brother out to that disgusting slob! You’re vile:

    “But I really need help.”

  • erexshawn

    “I have a list somewhere”. of course you do. it should be labeled your “Potential Future Victims” list

  • Colorful Kent

    brother also into exploiting gay men?

  • sans

    My god.

  • I can’t believe this guy was my favorite SC model. Smh, why do I have such bad taste in men?!

    • Rick Tan

      unless you liked him for his personality, your taste is excellent.

      • Mihcael Davies

        What personality even? Its all fake!

      • Billy C

        Exactly – visually, he was appealing . . . as a player/character on screen. We didn’t know he was immoral and a loon . . . and didn’t care as long as he was visually appealing.

      • John

        He still turns me on LOTS and I beat off to him. The threeway where he creampies a guy while getting fucked sends me over the edge everytime. He always seemed to be having a blast in his shoots… so to speak. It is the best bit of porn gossip in history. I am now so ashamed!

      • FancitoP

        hmm i don’t know, i think his personality is entertaining and a bit refreshing. He doesn’t take anything or anyone too seriously and speaks in hyperbole. Obviously a passionate character.

  • Scrapple

    Didn’t Jarec also ask Burns for help with his legal mess, and say he’d name his firstborn son Donald? The brother thing is bad enough, but pimping out your unborn child? The Dark One approves.


  • Maxine Mesmer


  • Myko

    Welcome to the fucked up world and mind that is Teofil

    Pimping your younger brother…. I mean that is some kind of batshit crazy, fucked up, from another world shit. You couldn’t ever make this shit up (although he probably has)

    “I’m not sure what his birthday is, but I do know it was right on the line.” _ You mean to tell me that you don’t know you own brothers fucking birthday???

    I think Teofils problem is he doe not know where the truth starts and the bullshit ends.
    By the time he is released he would have lots his looks, and will be another washed up performer with a criminal record.

    The more I read the less fucks I give about him. There is nothing worse than a greedy whore who will sell his mother ( in this case brother ) for a few dollars.

    • FancitoP

      um he is a prostitute, pimping doesn’t sound that bad when you are selling your chocha…. Brother probably had same upbringing and background of abuse / neglect and was ready and willing like Teo was at that age. Not shocking at all.

  • Atticus

    I’ve always wondered if this blind item was about Jarec’s brother, but at the time, Jarec’s legal troubles hadn’t surfaced yet. That would explain why he was sharing photos of his brother on his professional Instagram account, although logic doesn’t seem to be Jarec’s strong suit.


  • DaddyYankee

    I’ll be honest: I want to be fucked by Jarec’s brother too!

    • FancitoP

      exactly. Jarec obviously doesn’t think being a whore is that big of a deal. He is one. So why wouldn’t he get his brother a job in the same business? Are you guys retarded?

  • ButtFuckZachary

    I can’t read this without laughing Why are we supposed to believe him? He’s a crook, wannabe extortionist, and a scumbag and he’s still getting press. WHY? Let him rot! There are thousands of other hookers you can interview.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Back 20 years ago one of Geffen’s assistant asked for your number (no pagers), telling you who it was for, Geffen called and invited you to the the house. Bring your board and boarides. But maybe things have changed and he is out of his blond period.

  • badgamer1967

    Everything out of Jerks mouth is and AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT! Using your family, let alone a possible underage family member is just pure class…well done low life.

  • badgamer1967

    Everything out of Jerks mouth is an airborne toxic event! Whoring out your family, let alone a possible underage family membe is just pure class…well done sir, low life.

  • Marcus Collack

    Something is very fishy, why would would someone whom has done all this work, and devised all these plans to keep the gravy train going, and appeasing this one man even getting his brother into the sex work, all of a sudden try to blackmail him? What happened is simple, Someone in Donald’s Burns other life, was starting to catch on, like some others have done, probably because he kept bringing his concubines around (note all the pictures of them with Donald, in his houses, and other functions) and like some bloggers (such as zach whom has posted those photos) they started to take notice, and also noticed that his affinity for his “friends,” did not stop in the bedroom, now either his wife, rival, or another family member, used this to get at him. Now either they made him distance himself from Teo, by blaming him for something he didn’t do, and concocting some lame blackmail attempt, or Donald did it as a way to save face. Here’s what you really should be looking for.

    1. Who has the Car now
    2. Where are the text messages
    3. Check for Universal Time,

    4. See if the Time Stamps have been altered
    5. Check with the providers
    6. Does anyone in his family all of a sudden have new property in their name
    7. How did anyone in his family, or friends, bank accounts have been changed.

    • Billy C

      Crazy, party of two (as you’ve obviously joined Teo) – your table is ready.

      • FancitoP

        naw, there are way more than 2. I’m sure Don’s table will have nicer table linens, but our table will have a lot more dick.

    • FancitoP


  • God of knowing…..

    I would be homeless first than have sex with Donald Burns…. ewwww….

  • peter

    Does anyone know if his brother is also doing or did porn?

    • God of knowing…..

      I wish…

  • NoCensorship

    He is a self absorbed, entitled, asshole. Why give this waste of space any space?? ……Maybe so he’s kept in the porn arena’s eyes to make a film when he get’s out? Pathetic. Jarec WENTWORTH MILLER – No prison break for you asshat! http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mej6ouFnD21qeb44so1_500.gif

  • MarstRN

    He has theories as to why he was convicted? The theory is called EXTORTION! Also, you pimped out your baby brother, whose birthday you don’t know?! You need to be on better medications, since the ones that you’re on are not at therapeutic levels. Baby brother is hot though: no doubt about it!

  • Ceeroc

    Lol Someone should make a movie about this. I’d totally pay to see it.

  • T C

    I can not feel sorry for this man. He made a series of very bad and in some cases illegal choices of which he doesn’t appear to have any remorse for his actions (including pimping out his own younger brother). He’s doesn’t regret what he’s done, he just regrets getting caught.

  • kkdd1

    He pimped out his baby brother 4 money 2 a low life piece of SHIT like DB and he is complaining about why he is in prison ? This MOTHER F**KER is where he needs 2 be and hopefully DB will be there soon as well !

  • HoratioCaine

    he will spend his entire sentence in prison. he will not get parole, he will not get early release. he is guilty and is just making shit up in a lame attempt to place the blame for his actions elsewhere. all of this will be used by the government at any hearings he might have in the future.

  • John Iii

    Lol let it go zack

  • Just_Saying_People

    What really matters here is that Wentworth made more that one of my all time favorite porn scenes ever, and now won’t have the chance to make more for my enjoyment, nor will he be able to DO ME like he does, and I totally would have let him.

    What matters is my enjoyment and pleasure is being curtailed by Burns, and Wentworth. All because they share the same self indulgent, slightly psychopathic, narcissistic defective traits, coupled integrity of a vibrating butt plug, who’s battery has died long ago and yet refuses to dislodge !