Jarec Wentworth Exclusive: His Life In Prison, His Plan To Subpoena David Geffen, And Why He Let Donald Burns Have Sex With His Younger Brother

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One year ago, Str8UpGayPorn reported exclusively that former Sean Cody/Men.com gay porn star Jarec Wentworth had been arrested for extorting Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. Following his trial and conviction last summer, Wentworth (legal name Teo Brank) was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. That sentence is being served at a medium security prison in Victorville, California, and it’s from there that Jarec Wentworth has reached out exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn to tell his complete, uncensored side of the story that made national headlines last year.

In his first prison email to Str8UpGayPorn, Wentworth presented summaries of several theories as to why he was convicted. In his second prison email, he provided greater (yet somewhat inchoate) details on those theories. In this third prison email exchange below, Str8UpGayPorn was able to conduct a brief Q&A with Jarec Wentworth. Here, Jarec Wentworth offers insights into David Geffen, Sean Cody, and his day-to-day life in prison. Plus: the bombshell revelation that Donald Burns paid to sleep with Jarec Wentworth’s younger brother.

For context on key names or details Wentworth discusses below, use the links. ICYMI: The full Jarec Wentworth/Donald Burns timeline is here.jarec wentworth prison email

Str8UpGayPorn: Perhaps the biggest news out of your trial was David Geffen’s involvement with Sean Cody’s Justin and Donald Burns. Did Don ever introduce you to any other famous friends? If so, who?
Jarec Wentworth: Yes. No comment.

Can you tell me more about David Geffen’s involvement with you, Don, and Sean Cody?
David Geffen has the feds in his pocket. L.A. is his domain. Why make me drive from San Diego to L.A. for the arrest, when they could’ve just done it in San Diego? No comment on Geffen’s boys. Geffen never contacts you personally. He has others relay the message, that way nothing ever comes back to him. This is Pandora’s box, Zach. If anything leaks about Geffen’s play, people disappear. But, if you are reading this, Geffen, and I get a re-trial, I will subpoena you. You can pay off any attorney or judge—or make big donations to them so they love you—to make sure things go the way you want, but not me. I will go pro se. I know you put this together, Geffen. You’re only human, and humans mess up. See you in court.

Sean Cody has denied being involved with Don, and they made it clear during the trial that they did not like him interfering with their business. Is this true?
Yes. Also, [Sean Cody employee] Charles told Don directly that he would inform the feds if he continued soliciting Sean Cody boys. And the real question is, what boys did Don request to film in his house? I can guess it’s the ones who wouldn’t escort for him. Don doesn’t take no for an answer.

donsboys2Other than Ashton, Justin, Willis, Peter, Miles, Randy, Stu, Curtis, Jamie, Arthur, and you, which other Sean Cody models did Don hire or attempt to hire?
I can’t think of any off the top of my head; I have a list somewhere. No access to it from in here—and why else would they go to great lengths to make sure I didn’t get bail? The real question is: Are there underage boys involved? Don has a thing for the very young.

Before you went to trial, were you ever offered a plea deal that would’ve given you a lighter sentence?
The last offer was 3-4 years, with deportation. I told [my attorney] Seema to never mention a deal. Ron, the other attorney on my case, kept asking if I’d be interested in a misdemeanor deal. I said, “go fuck yourself, I’m not signing for a crime I didn’t commit.”

Were Seema and Ron up front with you about the sentence you could receive? Did they ever try to convince you to take a plea deal?
Seema kept saying that I was facing a lot of time. I asked how much, and Seema only said “a lot,” but never a number. When it came to lying to me, Seema sent Ron. Ron kept asking if I’d take a misdemeanor deal. They never wanted to go to trial. Their job is to get people to plead out. This was Seema’s very first federal trial.

What will be your main argument in your appeal?
The real question is, will my appointed panel attorney argue anything? Kate Young from the FPD office told me that she can not raise any issue of IAC [Ineffective Assistance of Counsel]. I would have to waive my rights away on raising such an issue if I were to continue with them. She said that if I wanted to raise that issue—which is the main issue—I would have to go with a panel attorney. I’m trying to, but no luck on communication. Even my attorney mail gets RTS [return to sender] in this prison, along with letters, books, and magazines. The people working here do nothing to help with any issues. Kate also said that so far, she didn’t find anything to raise on the appeal. Liar. Seema even said, “Why file for an appeal? It can take years until it gets reviewed.”

jwYou mentioned that some of your phone and text messages to Don were fabricated. Does this mean you did not ask for the $1 million and the condo?
I didn’t ask for the $1 million or the condo. Those texts don’t even exist in Don’s phone. Also, a full page from Don’s text extraction is missing from the exhibit. How is that possible? Why is my phone the only one set on universal time? Fabricated.

Where is your phone now, and does anyone have access to it?
The FBI has my two cell phones. No one can get to them without approval from a judge. Trust me when I say this, the government will do everything they can do to make sure my phones and the contents within don’t get out. I do have the CD of the recorded conversation with Don and the undercover footage at my disposal. That’s available for a forensic examiner right away if I can get one. Help me!

People can contact you via BOP. What is the status of BOP correcting your citizenship status? Has anyone told you they are working to fix it?
Everyone in BOP makes me go in a pointless circle. A says to talk to B, B says to talk to C, C says no, talk to A. I am working through my friend Michael to file for the Certificate of Citizenship. This will be cleared up within this year. The Pre-Sentence Report says U.S. citizen, but no one will change the status in the system. I’m qualified for the RDAP program, which takes up to one year off [my] sentence, but this citizenship issue is preventing me from getting into it, or a halfway house.

In an earlier email to me, you stated that you arranged for Donald Burns to sleep with your younger brother, and that this was after another model who was hired to fuck Don flaked at the last minute. Can you elaborate on this?
I quickly had to replace [the model] with my younger brother, who barely turned 18. Don hooked up with Sam in New York City, where Sam [lived]. I didn’t fly him out, so there are no records that can trace Don to him. [My girlfriend] Cristina was present with me when I had this conversation with Don.

You said “barely” 18, but was your brother in fact 18 years old when he had sex with Don?
If I had my phone, I could say the exact date when they hooked up. Sam is afraid to come out and speak. So is everyone else. Sam turned 18 a few days before they hooked up, but like the prosecutor said, the FBI looked into it and found out that he was not underage. I’m not sure what his birthday is, but I do know it was right on the line.

What is day-to-day life like in prison? Can you have visitors?
Prison sucks. It’s boring. Just after a few months of being here, I started getting weird looks, and people keep their distance from me. I’m surprised I haven’t been told to roll up. Shit can go down, but I haven’t given anyone any reason to. People in here are haters and will find a reason to start problems. People who want to visit have to fill out a form, mail it to the piece of shit counselor, H. Menvill, and pray that they get accepted. My father and one of my sisters were denied. They won’t tell me why. They got a letter stating they were denied because they gave “false information,” which is bullshit. They have to try again in 180 days. So, if anyone wants to visit, provide your full record. They look for any excuse to deny you.

Any other message for people on the outside reading this?
Let the haters continue to hate. When the truth comes out one day, those who had nothing good to say will regret their comments. But I really need help. All I’m asking for is help to pay for a Certified Forensic Specialist. Those who know me personally know me to be a dork and a nice guy. I’m not a criminal, and I don’t behave like one.